iApps.in stands for "Intelligent App Search"

As the number of apps in the Apple's App Store keeps growing, it has become a challenge for many of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to find the most relevant apps, games or books for their needs. We hope to provide a solution to this problem through iApps.in interface.

Semantic Technology

iApps.in uses an advanced natural language processing algorithm called SMOKE (Semantic Model Of Knowledge Embedded) detector to provide the best quality app search and discovery experience to a mobile user. The beauty of the algorithm is that it solves both the search and the discovery problems in one go leading to a semantic search engine and a semantic discovery engine.

Quality Content

iApps.in's database stores only the quality apps that have achieved a performance benchmark of reaching the top N ranks in any category of the iTunes App Store in the past year. This eliminates most of the spammy apps and ensures quality. The database is refreshed at a regular interval to best capture the changing dynamics of app user's preferences.

Intuitive User Interface

iApps.in is planned to be a universally accessible solution. We are starting with the web based solution that has an intuitive user interface. Its "think different" approach of presenting the search results in a horizontal list greatly enhances a user's ability to perform a comparative analysis of the apps in a quick glance. It uses the most minimalist approach to "information rendering" such that the end users receive the information they are looking for without being distracted by other contents.

So, there are triple quality filters : a robust semantic technology on top of a human intelligence curated database, presented in a most intuitive interface. Watch the Preview of iApps.in action.