We are looking for skills in the following areas. Please send your resume to

Business Development/Marketing Manager
Develop and implement strategies for user acquisitions
Define acquisition goals and targets
Participate and present at important events
Experience in following is required
- Building and managing an early stage startup team
- Online and social media marketing and sales
- Building relationships with developers and adverstisers

Frontend Designer
Design and development of front-ends for presenting search results on different form factors
Javascript, jQuery development
Experience with CSS3, HTML5, iPhone development

Research Engineer
Background in following areas with a strong commitment to developing practical applications
- statistical natural language processing
- machine learning
- information retrieval
- crawler design
- large scale data modeling
- map reduce using Hadoop

Deployment Architect
Experience with scalable rails deployment using
- Amazon AWS EC2
- MySQL Administration
- Version control using Git
- Capistrano/Chef