TeachMe: 2nd Grade PLAY123 : Fun and interactive learning activities for kids! Educreations Interactive Whiteboard Write My Name by Injini
TeachMe: 2nd Grade PLAY123 : Fun and... Educreations Inte... Write My Name by ...
$0.99 Free Free $1.99
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Math Fact Master - Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division - Fun flashcards and drills app Articulation Station Microsoft® Powerpoint® 2010 Guide- Mastering in 24h™ TalkTablet HD
Math Fact Master ... Articulation Station Microsoft® Powerp... TalkTablet HD
$0.99 Free $4.99 $59.99
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If you’re happy and you know it - All In One educational activity center and full interactive sing along book for children : HD ! Oh Say Can You Say Di-No-Saur? - All About Dinosaurs Microsoft Office 2010-Mastering in 24h for Beginer Universer Unit Converter Pro HD
If you’re happy a... Oh Say Can You Sa... Microsoft Office ... Universer Unit Co...
Free $3.99 $19.99 $0.99
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Team Umizoomi Math:  Zoom into Numbers HD Rover NASA App HD Foundations Memory Work Tutorials, Cycle 3
Team Umizoomi Mat... Rover NASA App HD Foundations Memor...
$2.99 Free Free $6.99
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Fun & Functional Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning Categories Learning Center TouchChat HD - AAC with WordPower
Fun & Functional Kids Trucks: Pres... Categories Learni... TouchChat HD - AA...
$9.99 Free $9.99 $299.99
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TeachMe: 2nd Grade
By 24x7digital LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Education
Updated Feb 7, 2012
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link TeachMe: 2nd Grade

EXCLUSIVE: Uses TeachTech to read child's written math and spelling answers.

TeachMe: 2nd Grade is the fourth installment in the popular TeachMe series of educational apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. TeachMe: 2nd Grade teaches six age-appropriate subjects to second grade children: spelling, sight words, long addition, long subtraction, fast addition and fast subtraction. TeachMe: 2nd Grade's unique TeachTech character recognition engine interprets a child's written answers, helping to reinforce writing skills while teaching math and spelling.

TeachMe: 2nd Grade keeps children engaged with a unique reward system where children earn coins by playing learning games at the school. They can move around the rest of TeachTown to spend their coins on fun rewards. Children can make fun photos at the Photobooth, collect stretchable shapes at the Shape Store, visit their virtual aquarium at the Fish Store, and decorate different scenes at the Art Store. The simple and intuitive user interface is designed to be child friendly, which allows children to play without help from an adult. An animated teacher (Mimi Mouse) gives verbal instructions and feedback to encourage the child to learn and succeed! In addition, the learning screens are colorful, fun and rotate between six different subjects so children don't get bored.

TeachMe: 2nd Grade is the only iPhone app which reads your child's writing using TeachTech, 24x7digital's writing recognition engine. Children write their answers for math and spelling questions and TeachMe: 2nd Grade reads them using TeachTech. If your child needs help, TeachMe: 2nd grade will show them how to write the correct answer including the proper stroke order.

Each child has an achievements screen which motivates and encourages learning by showing progress and levels for each topic. Parents can use this screen to quickly see progress of their child. Parents can select which subjects they want, set different difficulty levels, and even choose specific questions. Parents can also review performance history for each subject to check how their child is doing.

• TeachTech writing recognition
• Achievement screen show progress and levels for each topic
• Explore TeachTown to spend coins on fun rewards
• Turn ordinary pictures into fun photos at the Photobooth
• Collectable stretchable shapes reward found at the Shape Store
• Virtual Aquarium reward (4 types of fish and 45+ items)
• 6 different sticker reward scenes: playground, beach, underwater reef, pirate cove, city, farm
• Over 150 different stickers for adding to scenes
• Save learning information for up to four children
• Upgradeable to 35 children with in-app purchase
• Select which subjects are displayed for each child
• Turn on/off specific questions within a subject
• Change the number of correct questions to earn a reward
• Change the number of questions in a row to mark a question learned
• Tracks performance for each subject item (last five)
• Export sticker rewards scenes to Photos, for emailing or using as wallpaper

• Sight Words: Dolch Second Grade
• Spelling: 100+ 2nd grade level words
• Fast Addition: practice single digit math facts in preparation for long addition
• Fast Subtraction: practice one's column math facts in preparation for long subtraction
• Long Addition: 2 and 3 digit addition including regrouping (carrying)
• Long Subtraction: 2 and 3 digit subtraction including regrouping (borrowing)

Email us at support@24x7digital for help & suggestions as we cannot respond to reviews.

Try the other apps in the TeachMe series: TeachMe: 1st Grade, TeachMe: Kindergarten and TeachMe: Toddler. Also try out Smiley Sight Words and TimesTables (Multiplication Tables and Drills).

PLAY123 : Fun and interactive learning activities for kids!
By CJ Educations
Device iPad
Category Education
Updated Feb 9, 2012
Price Free
Download iTunes app link PLAY123 : Fun and interactive learning activities for kids!

Shapes, colors and numbers are alive!!!
Are animations the only things on the pad for your kids?
Have you been waiting for the perfect educational play?
Download CJ EDUCATIONS’ PLAY123 now and offer your kids a brand new learning experience.


Shapes, colors and numbers are my kids’ new friends!

PLAY123 is a learning application where your kids can play with all shapes, colors and numbers of their imagination, using various functions of the pad. They can throw, draw, roll, stack, turn, and more.

Forms, shades and sounds make kids play with their senses of sight, hearing and touch in such creative ways that help their imagination run freer.
Kids can learn about shapes, colors and numbers autonomously as well as enjoying the time with the parents.

It doesn’t hit you yet?
Try PLAY123 with your kids now!

More about PLAY123

- It’s never difficult or boring.
- It helps kids learn shapes, colors and numbers effectively through entertaining activities.
- Names of shapes, colors and numbers are presented in interesting and amusing ways.
- Its warm and delightful graphics help foster kids’ sensibility and concentration.
- Its simple interface and instructions allow kids to learn and think for themselves.
- Its kid-friendly language is easy to understand.

PLAY123 - Exquisitely designed for your kids’ wider horizons and abundant sensibility!
Get together with your kids and have a great time playing PLAY123!


Did you like it?
Don’t forget to leave us a review. :-)


Educreations Interactive Whiteboard
By Educreations, Inc
Device iPad
Category Education
Updated Dec 12, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. Explain a math formula... Create an animated lesson... Add commentary to your photos... Diagram a sports play...

With voice recording, realistic digital ink, photo imports, and simple sharing through email, Facebook or Twitter, now you can broadcast your ideas from anywhere.

• Help students with homework by working through an example problem.
• Put your lessons on the web so students can watch them before and after class.
• Tutor someone from afar.
• Showcase your video tutorials on educreations.com and share your knowledge with the world.
• Add your commentary to famous works of art.
• Diagram football plays, John Madden style.

• Record and replay your voice, handwriting and drawings
• Add photos from the iPad camera, Photo Albums or Dropbox
• Animate images by dragging them around while recording
• Pause and resume recording anytime
• Create multiple whiteboard pages
• Undo and redo your actions
• Choose from 10 different ink colors
• Create a free account on educreations.com and choose who can view your lessons
• Share your lessons via email, Facebook and Twitter
• Embed your lessons on your blog or website

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us: educreations.com/about
Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/educreations
Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/educreations

Write My Name by Injini
By NCsoft
Device iPad
Category Education
Updated Feb 11, 2012
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Write My Name by Injini

***** Special introductory price for a limited time only.

Write My Name by Injini

Developed by experts and endorsed by parents and teachers, Write My Name by Injini is a fun way for children to practice writing letters, words, names and phrases. Write My Name supports children ages 4 through 6 to learn how to write their name, trace uppercase and lowercase letters, and write over 100 familiar sight/Dolch words. Write My Name meets some of the basic reading and writing Common Core State Standards for kindergarten such as the introduction and mastery of print and word recognition concepts.

How to Play

Embedded within a child’s beautiful wood desk space there are three activity areas that preschoolers and kindergarteners can explore as they practice and master writing their alphabet, name, and common sight words.

·ABC alphabet book focuses on learning and tracing the individual uppercase or lowercase letters.

·Word cards introduce over 100+ common sight words where children trace words in uppercase or lowercase letters. Once the word is traced, the word card comes to life with vibrant colors and animations. Trace the word a second time and a star stamp is added to the student’s word journal. These rewards encourage children to keep progressing through all the words provided.

·My Name allows parents and teachers to create over 36 nametags, including the child’s name with a picture for children to practice writing words that are especially meaningful for them.

Students with Special Needs

In the same tradition as Injini and My First AAC, Project Injini was inspired to create Write My Name for children with special needs to help them practice emerging writing skills in a fun and playful way. Children with name writing as one of their IEP (individual education program) goals will especially benefit from the Write My Name learning application as it makes this task accessible and achievable to children with fine motor delays and sensory processing issues.

***Write My Name Highlights***

- Alphabet book to practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters

- Word cards to practice tracing over 100 common sight/Dolch words

- Create 36 individualized name tags or phrases with pictures

- Fingerpaint mode to write with blue paint and see the letters exactly as traced

- Calm background music that can be turned off or on in the options screen

- Designed for school and home use

- Superb artwork, music and real voice files

- Educational discounts for volume purchases

- Intuitive game design promotes independent play

Project Injini also offers My First AAC, an alternative and augmentative communication application, and Injini Child Development Game Suite designed specifically for young children with special needs. Learn more at www.injini.net

** Follow us @ProjectInjini on Twitter || Like us at www.facebook.com/ProjectInjini **

Project Injini is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

Recommended Ages: 4-7

Categories: Early Learning, Reading, Sight Words, Vocabulary, Special Needs

Math Fact Master - Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division - Fun flashcards and drills app
By TicTapTech, LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Education
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Math Fact Master - Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division - Fun flashcards and drills app

Featured in the App Store's "New and Noteworthy" section for Education!

Quotes from recent reviews:
★ "It's a very straightforward app, and the flash cards are better than several apps that I've seen before..."

★ "This is a great app! It's simple and easy to use. My 6 year now thinks he has a super brain..."

★ "...This is well worth the $0.99 which is cheaper than a single pack of flashcards..."




This app's core concept was to create a flexible solution that a grade school child can easily navigate and that is robust enough to grow with your child as they grow their math knowledge.

Overview –
★ FLASHCARD mode (practice) – Allows children to practice specific number sets and operators in the proven learning style of flash cards

★ CHALLENGE mode (exam) – Lets children test what they have learned

☆ Simple enough for your child to set and use
☆ Flexible - Choose ANY combination of operators and number sets

★ PROFILES - Add profiles to monitor your child's progression

★ PROGRESS REPORTS! - Flexible reporting allows you to filter on numerous items to see your child's progression


★ NUMBER SETS 0’s through 12’s

★ RESULTS menu – Results screen displays after completing a set:
☆ Summary by operator and number set shows the number of items answered right and wrong
☆ Detailed listing of any actual problems missed
☆ Timed results – Gauge your child's aptitude by reviewing the time to complete a number set. Encourage your child to “beat their time".

Articulation Station
By Little Bee Speech
Device iPad
Category Education
Updated Nov 17, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Articulation Station

Learn how to pronounce and practice the sounds in the English language with 6 fantastic and engaging articulation activities!


Created by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Articulation Station is a full featured articulation application to help children as well as adults learn to speak and pronounce their sounds more clearly. Beautiful high quality images represent target words to be practiced in fun-filled activities with the assistance of a Speech-Language Pathologist, teacher or parent.

Articulation Station is the first and only articulation application offering practice at the WORD, SENTENCE and STORY levels! These activities are so fun your kids will love practicing their sounds and forget they are actually "working" on their articulation. 

With this FREE download you'll receive the full /p/ sound program with the option of buying additional sound programs from our store within the app. Each of the 22 sound programs target sounds in the initial, medial and final positions of words, sentences and stories. The majority of sounds (p,b,m,d,n,t,k,g,f,v,ch,j,z,sh,th) have 60 target words each. Some sound programs (l,r,s) are targeted in blends as well and have even more target words! All together Articulation Station has over 1,000 target words!


✔ Quick tips for teaching each sound
✔ Over 1,000 target words
✔ Consistent number of target words throughout
✔ Beautiful high quality images
✔ Flashcard activity
✔ Matching activity
✔ 93 Rotating Sentences
✔ Over 1300 Unique Sentences 
✔ 93 Level 1 stories with picture prompts
✔ 58 Level 2 stories
✔ In depth Scoring and data tracking for each child/student
✔ Multiple users for group sessions (Up to 6 students at one time!)
✔ The ability to shuffle multiple sounds
✔ Voice recording and playback feature for monitoring responses


✔ Flashcard Activity
Not your typical flashcards! These beautiful, easy to interpret, real life images are attention grabbers! Children and adults will love swiping through them and therapists will love the consistent number of flashcards throughout the entire application.
✔ Matching Game
Exciting matching game that will keep everyone entertained!

✔ Rotating Sentences
Repetitive sentences where only the target word changes for every sound position. For example the rotating sentence for the /p/ sound in the initial position is, “Put the (target word) in the pink purse.” Each rotating sentence has picture prompts and an average of three target words in each sentence. So much fun!

✔ Unique sentences
A new sentence for every target word with an average of three targets per sentence for increased practice. For example the unique sentence for the word “panda” in the in the initial position of the /p/ program is, “The panda played in the pen.”

✔ Level 1 Stories
Short and often silly stories for each sound position with pictures, multiple target words and comprehension questions. These are intended to be be fun and are not always logical, but to include as many target sounds as possible. Laugh together when you read about the "Purple peacock taking a bath."

✔ Level 2 stories
Longer stories for each sound position with multiple target words and comprehension questions.

We hope you enjoy using this app with your little ones and would love to hear your feedback and experience. Your input is very much appreciated as we want to make this the best articulation app possible! Help us create more speech and language applications by purchasing Articulation Station today!

Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter!
 - http://www.facebook.com/littlebeespeech
 - http://twitter.com/#!/littlebeespeech

Microsoft® Powerpoint® 2010 Guide- Mastering in 24h™
By Hoang Nam
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Education
Updated Jan 28, 2012
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Microsoft® Powerpoint® 2010 Guide- Mastering in 24h™

★★★★★ Best App For iPhone & iPad
★★★★★ MICROSOFT® Powerpoint® 2010

TalkTablet HD
By Gus Communications, Inc.
Device iPad
Category Education
Updated Feb 22, 2012
Price $59.99
Download iTunes app link TalkTablet HD

Introductory Price: $59.99US - TalkTablet HD (iPad) is a full-featured communication/speech solution for people who are unable to communicate clearly as a result of Autism, Aphasia, Down Syndrome, Stroke, Laryngectomy or other condition that adversely affects a persons ability to speak.

TalkTablet HD (iPad) uses a breakthrough interface design that simplifies button and page customizing, yet it provides a wealth of features and flexibility not seen in current symbol based speech apps. Every button and every page (folder) in TalkTablet has its own settings, allowing different colors, fonts, page layouts and more on any button or page (folder).

TalkTablet includes nearly 12,000 SymbolStix communication symbols, or use the iPad’s camera to take a picture or choose one from your iPad’s photo album.

TalkTablet HD is the only symbol based communication app to include Neospeech premium voices (male and female), providing natural sounding voices that sound like a human and not a robotic sounding voice. Or if you prefer, you can record words and phrases with the built recording function.

Note: ALL TalkTablet updates are FREE.

* Absolutely SIMPLE button and page setup and editing

* Multiple vocabularies - Create separate page sets for multiple users, with password protection.

* 12,000 high resolution SymbolStix communication symbols.

* Neospeech Premium HD voices, including English AND Latin American Spanish.

* User defined button properties. Each button has it's own colors, border, fonts etc.

* User defined page (folder) properties. Each page has it's own colors, backgrounds etc..

* Individualized page layouts from 1 to 200+ buttons/page....on any page.

* Made and supported in the US...with a toll free phone number to REAL people!!!

* upcoming features include free wireless page sharing....and, of course, all updates are FREE

TalkTablet HD is developed by Gus Communication Devices (USA) a company with over 20 years of experience creating world class speech apps at very competitive prices. TalkTablet HD includes free telephone, email and live Chat technical support. Yes! There are actual living people at the end of our phone number. If you want to talk to us, give us call, toll free, at 866-487-1006 (US only) or 360-715-8580 (Outside the US) from Monday - Friday, 10am-5pm PST.

TalkTablet HD can be purchased by educational institutions at a 50% discount under Apple’s Volume Licensing Program. Available on orders of 20+ copies (US only).

Buy American and support the US economy!

View video demonstrations and tutorials at TalkTablet.com

Note: TalkTablet HD requires an iPad and is not compatible with an iPod or iPhone. Future versions will add compatibility for those devices.

If you’re happy and you know it - All In One educational activity center and full interactive sing along book for children : HD !
By Kids Games Club
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Education
Updated Dec 12, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link If you’re happy and you know it - All In One educational activity center and full interactive sing along book for children : HD !

★★★ From the creators of award winning educational applications and games ★★★
★★★ Full Interactive Song +6 Amazing educational games inside ★★★
★★★ Top HD graphics and superb musical sound track ★★★

Animated, Interactive Sing-Along story book for children - The famous “If you’re happy and you know it” song comes to life in an engaging rich song and dance experience. Each page presents an activity to see, touch, interact and even dance. Learn the moves with the dancing cartoons, follow them your self and dance to the fun music.
✔ Interactive, dancing cartoons in every page
✔ Engaging animations
✔ Sing along lyrics
✔ High quality sounds

Where are the animals hiding? Look behind the moving objects on screen and find it. Something is always happening, a joyful interaction of animations and sounds creates a fun educational activity for babies, toddlers and children. Practice fine motor skills, improve concentration and memory in this simple and addictive hide and seek game.
✔ Adorable sounds, graphics and animations
✔ Vocal instructions
✔ Popping hints
✔ Learn animal names

All aboard! Join the animal train and take a ride with +20 animals. Learn about animal names, voices and vocabulary as you spell the names of each animal on the train. Enjoy interacting with the train, let it ride forward and back to reveal all its cute passengers.
✔ Fabulous graphics
✔ Spelling and words
✔ Vocabulary school

In the magical kingdom each animal has its own special story to tell, slide your finger on the drawing to magically color the animal it’s story is being told. Drawing the animals in magical colors is more fun then ever before, in an interactive, intuitive and fun drawing environment.
✔ Magic Draw activity
✔ Amazing animations
✔ Narrated stories in each page

High quality, super fun and simple to master puzzle game. With +20 different animal puzzles in different locations around the world: wild, ranch, forest, savanna and farm. Connect the puzzle pieces and construct your favorite animal images. Each animal breaks to pieces, drag and drop with your finger to complete the puzzle and learn all about the animal. Animal puzzles come with a unique “magic complete” button to help resolve the puzzle easily for even the most beginner and young puzzlers.
✔ +20 different interactive puzzles
✔ 5 different categories
✔ Unique “Magic complete” feature

A collection of 5 unique preschool math games. Presented with adorable animals that make learning basic concepts of math so much fun. Lean about counting, numbers, larger, smaller and more. A constructive environment where your child can’t go wrong and gets continues positive feedback to push forward and improve.
✔ 5 different math games
✔ Constructive environment
✔ Intuitive learning process

✽ Carefully designed for babies, toddlers and children of all ages this application is a unique, new and high quality production of the song and games. All with fabulous animated activities and sounds.
Ideal for an engaging, educational, visually and audibly exciting experience. Turn up the volume and let the family fun begin.

Note: The Animal train game is completely free and so are the first song page, and first 2 stage of all other games. Get many more fun screens, activities and features with easy to use in-app purchase inside the app.

Oh Say Can You Say Di-No-Saur? - All About Dinosaurs
By Oceanhouse Media
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Education
Updated Feb 22, 2012
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Oh Say Can You Say Di-No-Saur? - All About Dinosaurs

★ Special Introductory Price! ★
Put on your digging caps and join the Cat in the Hat on an expedition millions of years back in time to find dinosaur fossils. Then travel to the modern day Super Dino Museum, where you'll discover amazing facts and stunning visuals of some of your favorite dinosaurs!

As children explore this animated omBook they will learn interesting facts about the dinosaurs and details of their prehistoric lives. Search each page for hidden information cards from Thing One and Two, tap images to extend a ladder or measure the length of a brachiosaurus, and access an instant glossary by tapping on special bold words. Want to know even more? Simply tap the dinosaur name on any page to uncover information like this:

Ankylosaurus: This 30-foot-long dinosaur had an armor-covered body and a club tail it could swing from side to side. A well-placed blow with its tail could break the leg of a T. rex!

The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library is a nonfiction series that introduces youngsters to basic science concepts. The titles explore a range of subjects, including dinosaurs, pets, marine life and nature subjects such as trees and outer space. Written in rhyme, these stories feature the classic characters from The Cat in the Hat book — The Cat, Sally, Dick, Thing One and Two, and even the fish! Look for more Learning Library omBooks coming soon!

New features introduced in this omBook include animated objects and instant glossary words. To promote reading in young children, individual words are highlighted as the story is read and words zoom up when pictures are touched. By combining the original text and artwork with features that educate, entertain and promote reading, this omBook appeals to readers of all ages.

This app only supports iOS 3.2 (and higher) and iPod 3G and iPhone3GS (and newer) devices.

Two ways to read this omBook (Oceanhouse Media digital book):
★ "Read to Me" — listen to the narrated story with words highlighted as they are read. still allowing you to explore the interactiveness.
★ "Read it Myself" — read the book in its traditional form and explore the interactive qualities

Additional Features:
★ Picture / Word association — words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched
★ Individual words highlight and are read aloud when tapped
★ Tap on glossary words throughout the story and learn their meaning
★ Interact with the animated objects on each page
★ Professional audio narration
★ Custom background audio for each scene
★ This 'Universal App' is optimized for Retina displays and the iPad
★ Pages pan & zoom to accentuate the original artwork


omBook™ - "Beyond the eBook"
Learn more about Oceanhouse Media digital books at www.ombook.com

Follow us: twitter.com/oceanhousemedia
Like us: facebook.com/oceanhousemedia

Gift this app! - Click the "Buy App" arrow on the iTunes® App Store


Official Random House licensed app: www.randomhouse.com

Microsoft Office 2010-Mastering in 24h for Beginer
By GiaLinhsoft
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Education
Updated Feb 11, 2012
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link Microsoft Office 2010-Mastering in 24h for Beginer

Microsoft Office 2010-Mastering in 24h for Beginer
Application includes video guide help you master in 24h

Universer Unit Converter Pro HD
By Easeware
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Education
Updated Nov 4, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Universer Unit Converter Pro HD

Universal Unit Converter Pro HD

The most powerful unit converter in the market.

Helps you make easy conversion between more than 897 various units of measure in more than 48 categories. Discover a universal assistant for all of your unit conversion needs.


√ 48 Categories
√ 897 Units of Measure
√ Full HD designs
√ Backspace key
√ Extremely Easy-to-Use

Save Your Time. Quickly & Easily!

Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers HD
By Nickelodeon
Device iPad
Category Education
Updated Nov 17, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Team Umizoomi Math:  Zoom into Numbers HD

Team Umizoomi, ready for action! Your child will use mighty math powers to explore Umi City, uncover hidden surprises, and play five Umirrific math games:

•Toy Store – A counting game
•Number Bubbles – A number identification game
•Race Around Umi City - A number comparison game
•Up! Up! And balloons! – An addition/subtraction game
•Rolling Toy Parade – A number line game

Each game teaches fundamental math concepts critical for preschoolers: identifying numbers; one-to-one number correspondence; rote counting; reading number symbols; associating symbols with quantity; and basic addition and subtraction. Games are leveled, and designed to increase in difficulty. Appropriate hints are provided to support your child as they practice and build their math skills.

Children will also earn badges and trophies through out the game. These badges and trophies are tracked in Team Umizoomi’s Headquarters and earning enough badges and trophies will grant kids a special key to Umi City!

With Milli, Geo, Bot, and your child’s mighty math powers, they can do anything! Welcome to the team, UmiFriend!

Team Umizoomi: Zoom into Numbers includes:
•5 leveled games focused on fundamental preschool math skills
•Curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education expert
•A rich, exploratory environment filled with surprises and added layers of math discovery
•Game instructions delivered by the voices of Milli, Geo, and Bot
•Player profiles that allow more than one child to play and save their progress
•Kid-tested appropriate games

By iSwifter Learn Inc.
Device iPad
Category Education
Updated Dec 12, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Rover

Locked out of online learning content because the iPad doesn’t support Flash or Java? Rover is the only free education browser for your iPad designed for teachers and students of all ages. Rover brings you the best K-12 online learning content, including access to content ordinarily unavailable on the iPad (e.g. Flash content).

We have partnered with major education brands to make sure you have access to leading educational content on the iPad. Use Rover to transform your classroom into a fun, easy to use, and exciting learning lab!

Rover is powered by the iSwifter platform (the world’s first cloud-based Flash streaming platform for mobile devices). We have specifically designed Rover based on feedback from teachers, IT directors and administrators from schools across the country.

Features include:
* Content-filtering in the cloud ensures students are protected from inappropriate content
* No personal data about users is tracked or saved
* Firewall-friendly solution works with existing IT standards and systems in schools
* Easy-to-use and intuitive for teachers as well as students

Note: Rover requires a Wi-Fi connection.

Education has no limits, so why should your education browser!

We would love to hear from you if you have suggestions or feedback on how to make Rover better.

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By NASA Ames Research Center
Device iPad
Category Education
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link NASA App HD

Come explore with NASA. Now on your iPad.


• Thousands of images from NASA IOTD, APOD and NASAImages.org
• On demand NASA Videos from around the agency
• Live Streaming of NASA TV
• Current NASA Mission Information
• Launch Information & Countdown clocks
• Current Visible Passes for the International Space Station (ISS)
• ISS and Earth Orbiting Satellite Tracker
• NASA Twitter Feeds from around the agency
• Facebook® Connect and Integrated Twitter™ client for easy sharing
• Map and links to all of the NASA centers
• Quick links to the NASA topic areas
• Featured content section

-- WiFi or 3G network connection required. --

For tech support, please send an email to: arc-dl-iphone@mail.nasa.gov, with an explanation of the problem.

Foundations Memory Work Tutorials, Cycle 3
By Classical Conversations
Device iPad
Category Education
Updated Feb 15, 2012
Price $6.99
Download iTunes app link Foundations Memory Work Tutorials, Cycle 3

Strengthen the brain by memorizing quality content with art and song in a beautiful, interactive format in six subject areas.

Classical educators know the importance of memorizing the grammar⎯basic facts and vocabulary⎯of a subject. Now you can memorize the foundational knowledge of six subjects in a fun, interactive iPad application.

In Cycle 3, Classical Conversations® students memorize: 24 history sentences; 24 sites or features of U.S. geography including the states and capitals; 24 science questions and answers on anatomy, chemistry and origins; multiplication tables (1 through 15), squares, roots, and cubes, and basic math laws and conversions; Latin vocabulary and translation of John 1:1-6; and English grammar rules.

Cycle 3 American History is presented in an interactive application with songs and artwork designed to make memorizing enjoyable.

In addition, each history sentence links to a History Highlight and each science question links to a Science Snippet, which are helpful teaching tools for classical educators and will expand your memory work in depth and breadth.

No matter your age, you can build a firm foundation of knowledge by memorizing these building blocks of education.

Classical Conversations® students ages 4 through 12 have been using these tools in our online subscription service, Classical Conversations Connected. Our iPad application offers these additional features:

• Touch screen slides horizontally to reveal memory work by subject
• Touch screen slides up or down to study each subject by week
• Easily navigates back and forth and home

Classical Conversations® empowers homeschooling parents and establishes classical, Christian communities that equip children with a biblical worldview and the classical tools of learning in order to impact the world for God’s glory.

Visit us online to learn more:
ClassicalConversations.com ClassicalConversationsBooks.com

Fun & Functional
By Smarty Ears
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Education
Updated Feb 10, 2012
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Fun & Functional

Fun & Functional is an application developed by author and Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) Rosie Simms to improve language comprehension and expression in individuals of all age groups. The ability to identify and describe the function or use of real-world objects is a key language and life skill. Fun & Functional provides SLPs, parents and others with a tool to develop categorization and descriptive skills by interacting with pictures and audio.

Fun & Functional is based on research around vocabulary and word meaning development in students. Improving vocabulary, describing ability and associations between words assists students in language comprehension and reading skills (Bromley, 2007). In particular, students have more difficulty acquiring verb-based vocabulary (Loeb, Pye, Redmond & Richardson, 1996), a skill that is targeted by Fun & Functional. The application allows for a focus on identifying and describing words within essential categories such as vehicles and household items, consistent with research indicating that categorization improves word storage and retrieval (Miller & Eilam, 2008). The application is designed to provide visual supports shown to be helpful for students with autism spectrum disorder and also targets suggested goals for this population such as expansion of word knowledge and action words (ASHA, 2006). Fun & Functional is also applicable to the instructional goals of children with language learning disorders, whose difficulties with vocabulary acquisition and descriptive language put them at risk for difficulties with reading and writing (Chanly, 1994; Gray, 2003, 2006; Stahl & Fairbanks, 1986).

Fun & Functional can be used to:
-Help children identify items that have a particular use or function.
-Develop understanding and auditory comprehension of Wh-Questions and verb forms.
-Target categories of items such as clothing, school items, and occupations.
-Elicit and score students’ verbal descriptions of items.
-Measure treatment effectiveness and skill growth over time through reported data.

Fun & Functional has the following Features:
-Receptive Activity in which students identify items that perform a certain use or function (presented visually and with audio).
-Ability to customize Receptive Activity according to number of choices presented (2, 3, or 4) to modify level of difficulty. Receptive Activity can also be customized according to level of similarity within “incorrect” items.
-Choice of application responses when child selects incorrect item (move to next question, incorrect item disappears from screen, or “Try Again!” message)
-Selection of specific or all categories to target.
-Expressive Activity in which students verbally describe the function of items (e.g. “What do you do with a broom?), so that SLPs, parents or others can score their response as “Missed it!” “Almost” or “Got it!” within the application.
-Quick Play and Receptive-Expressive combination activities.
-Report presented at conclusion of activity; can be emailed to parent or for record-keeping.

Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning
By Scott Adelman
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Education
Updated Feb 20, 2012
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning

What is Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning? It is a lot of truck learning fun packed into one app. This app works with toddlers and preschoolers on learning their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. It provides a lot of positive encouragement and incentives to help motivate children to learn and to feel good about their accomplishments (including celebratory fireworks!). The app also provides fun modes when your child needs a break from learning.

Learning Modes: There are currently four learning modes for preschool children and toddlers to use: letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. The child is asked to identify a certain item. When they pick the correct one, they are showered with praise. Help is provided if they have trouble picking the correct response as well. When the child earns five stars, a fun truck animation is provided. When they reach ten stars, they can then use the stars they earned to shoot off their own fireworks!

Free Play Mode: In free play mode, your child can act like they have their own phone or just continue to explore numbers. Touch the numbers and hit the call button to play your recorded messages! Also, they can play with the fun truck animations and sounds.

Record Messages: You can record your own messages both for the free play modes and learning modes. Personalize your own positive encouragement statements for your child or have fun recording silly messages for them to hear while they play.

* Bright, fun animations that are high resolution for iPad and iPhones with retina displays.
* Trucks with personality!
* Easy for toddlers and preschoolers to use independently or with an adult.
* Lots of positive praise and encouragement to help kids learn their letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.
* Record your own positive encouragement and messages.
* Fireworks!!!

The free version contains the Free Play Mode (no jackhammer or dump truck) and the Shapes Learning Mode. It also allows for limited recordings. You can unlock all modes and features easily via in-app purchase!

If you don't want your child to accidentally buy the full version, then be sure to disable in-app purchases via the settings menu of your device.


If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear them. Please email us at orionsmason@gmail.com

Construction Alphabet and Kids Trucks: Numbers & Counting - Check out two other great educational construction app.

If you enjoy Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning, please take a moment to leave a great review. Thanks!

Categories Learning Center
By Smarty Ears
Device iPad
Category Education
Updated Feb 21, 2012
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Categories Learning Center

Categories Learning Center is a multi-level, multi-player application designed by Speech-Language Pathologists to improve language comprehension for individuals of all age groups. Categories Learning Center is based on research surrounding language development and language processing in children; however, categorization skills may prove useful for individuals of all ages with word finding, memory, and reading comprehension difficulties.
The ability to identify and categorize an object by associating common features is critical for building the semantic networks needed for reading comprehension (Partyka & Kresheck, 1983). Poor categorization skills can influence word finding, comprehension, and language processing. Children with language disorders often have difficulty explaining a relationship between items, forming word associations, and building the semantic networks needed for speaking and writing (Semel, Wiig, & Secord, 2003).
As an individual’s language grows, he or she typically uses categorization skills to aid memory storage and retrieval. If categorization skills are faulty, the individual may demonstrate poor expressive language, limited vocabulary, poor word retrieval, and memory difficulties (Richard & Hanner, 2005; Partyka & Kresheck, 1983).
Categories Learning Center can be used to:
•Help individuals sort items that belong to a certain category
•Increase receptive and expressive vocabulary through picture stimuli
•Measure treatment effectiveness and progress monitoring through reported data
•Help individuals name items belonging to various categories
•Increase reading comprehension through semantic knowledge gains
Categories Learning Center has the following features:
•Multi-player options – up to 4 players
•Multi-level Receptive (non-verbal) activity:
oLevel 1 - sorting dissimilar objects
oLevel 2 - sorting similar objects
oWhere does it go - placing an object in the correct category (of 3)
•Multi-level Expressive Activity
oCategory Naming - providing the correct category name for a group of objects without prompts
oCategory Selection - identifying which category name (of 4) a group of objects belongs
oInformally provide opportunities for naming additional items within a category
•Ability to customize receptive activities between 2 or 3 category choices
•Progress Monitoring for treatment effectiveness – a report is presented at the end of each session which may be emailed, printed, or stored for later use

TouchChat HD - AAC with WordPower
By Silver Kite
Device iPad
Category Education
Updated Oct 19, 2011
Price $299.99
Download iTunes app link TouchChat HD - AAC with WordPower

TouchChat HD for iPad is a full-featured communication solution for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice. TouchChat is designed for individuals with Autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, stroke, or other conditions that affect a person's ability to use natural speech.

Please note that TouchChat HD contains NO MATURE OR SUGGESTIVE CONTENT. Current App Store policy requires that applications at a certain price point have a 17+ rating. This is intended to restrict the purchase of these applications by children. However, TouchChat contains NO ADULT CONTENT and is intended to be used by people of all ages including children.

This version of TouchChat HD is bundled with the WordPower series of AAC vocabularies designed by Nancy Inman. WordPower24 is a word-based vocabulary that allows for easy and intuitive communication. WordPower24 with Phrases incorporates phrases for easier language generation.

TouchChat fits into the category of assistive technology known as Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and includes features that were previously only available in much more expensive dedicated devices. Words, phrases and messages are spoken with a built-in voice synthesizer or by playing recorded message. Five US English and 2 British English synthesized voices are available, allowing the user to choose a voice that fits their own personality. TouchChat also has a unique feature whereby one can simply tilt the device to make the message expand to fill the screen in large letters. This feature allows a person to communicate silently or in a noisy environment. TouchChat gives an individual the ability to navigate through page sets and speak messages. Page sets are linked pages, each of which is divided into a number of buttons. The buttons are programmed to have specific actions. For example, buttons may be programmed to speak a message, navigate to a different page, change the volume or clear the display. Four page sets are included with the TouchChat: VocabPC, MultiChat-15, Primary and Spelling. Each page set targets individuals with different communication needs. Additional page sets including Essence are available as in-app purchases.

Text generated with TouchChat pages can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or via text message and email. It's simple too, just generate a message, push on the text and choose a service. Touch send and the message is automatically posted.

Text from other applications can be copied to TouchChat so that it can be spoken out loud. Also, text generated in TouchChat can be copied to other applications.

The pages, grid layout, buttons, messages, and symbols are fully customizable. Buttons can be easily rearranged by simply dragging them to the desired new location. Buttons can be copied and pasted into a different location. The styling of a button (colors, borders, fonts) can be copied and pasted into another button.

Provided page sets can be modified to create new custom page sets. Select from over 30 button actions when creating new buttons. Over 10,000 Symbolstix symbols are included for customizing buttons. Use any image or take a photo with the built-in camera. Gestures can also be used to navigate to new pages, speak messages, etc.

Button activation timing can be adjusted to meet the needs and capabilities of the user. Adjustments include button dwell time and button release time. Also buttons can be configured to activate on release.

Users can program buttons to play audio files such as music from the media library or video files from the Photo Roll.

Great measures have been taken to protect custom files. Vocabulary files can be imported and exported to a computer using the iTunes file sharing feature. TouchChat also enables users to subscribe to iShare and store custom files for safe keeping, or choose to share customized pages with an online community.

Note: iPhone and iPod users should purchase TouchChat-AAC for iPhone and iPod.