Visible Body for iPhone 4/4S 3D Human Anatomy Atlas USMLEWorld Qbank Baby Connect: track, log, share your child activities DDS GP
Visible Body for ... USMLEWorld Qbank Baby Connect: tra... DDS GP
$9.99 Free $4.99 $399.99
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Dexteria - Fine Motor Skill Development Critical Care Manual 2012 Tarascon Pharmacopoeia IMAIOS e-Anatomy
Dexteria - Fine M... Critical Care Man... Tarascon Pharmaco... IMAIOS e-Anatomy
$2.99 $2.99 $39.99 Free
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Epocrates Naming TherAppy Chicago Plastic Surgery ICN Food List
Epocrates Naming TherAppy Chicago Plastic S... ICN Food List
Free $19.99 Free $0.99
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VonBruno Hearing Aid My Baby Vax Monitor PulsePoint Mosby's Review Questions for the NCLEX-RN® Exam: Medical-Surgical
VonBruno Hearing Aid My Baby Vax Monitor PulsePoint Mosby's Review Qu...
$0.99 $0.99 Free $29.99
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DDS GP Yes! Tabers21 (Taber's Dictionary) Skeletal System Pro II - (NOVA Series) - iPhone edition OsiriX HD
DDS GP Yes! Tabers21 (Taber's... Skeletal System P... OsiriX HD
$499.99 $49.99 $5.99 $29.99
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Visible Body for iPhone 4/4S 3D Human Anatomy Atlas
By Visible Body
Device iPhone
Category Medical
Updated Dec 13, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Visible Body for iPhone 4/4S 3D Human Anatomy Atlas

IPHONE 4 OR 4S REQUIRED. WILL NOT RUN ON IPHONE 3GS OR BELOW, IPOD TOUCH, OR IPAD 1. Visible Body for iPhone 4/4S 3D Human Anatomy Atlas is a human anatomy pocket reference that allows users to see the human body visually and interactively. Over 2,500 anatomical structures make up both the female and male anatomical models.

★ Start by choosing a View from the hundreds of thumbnails organized regionally and by anatomical system.

★ Tap on the thumbnail to launch a 3D model that is pre-set to show the region or anatomical structures of immediate interest.

★ Further adjust the model by using your fingertips to rotate, tilt, zoom, fade and hide to see the anatomy from any angle and with any combination of anatomical structures showing, faded or hidden.

★ Tap on an anatomical structure to identify it by name and to display the anatomical hierarchy to which it belongs.

★ Read definitions for any of the anatomical structures which comprise Visible Body.

★ Search for anatomical structures by name and identify them on screen or add them to the model.

★ Examine the largest organs and the finest vasculature in remarkable detail, taking full advantage of the iPhone 4/4S’s vibrant, high-resolution retina display.

Praise for Visible Body for iPad 2 3D Human Anatomy Atlas:

“Rarely does an app come along and knock my socks off, but Visible Body is one of those apps… Ideal for students and teachers of anatomy, as well as for patient education.” – iMedicalApps, 8/8/2011

“The graphics are nothing short of breath-taking… All-in-all, this is one of the best anatomy applications available for any platform, and is definitely recommended for those learning basic anatomy.” – Medgadget, 7/29/2011

About the Model

Visible Body for iPhone 4/4S 3D Human Anatomy Atlas consists of highly detailed, anatomically accurate, 3D models of all human body systems. The models were developed by an extensively trained team with decades of experience in medical illustration and biomedical visualization. All anatomical content has been reviewed for accuracy by our panel of experts, including physicians and anatomists. Years of modeling and enhancement make Visible Body the most sophisticated and complete 3D model of the human body available.

Contact Us

Email us at Let us know what you like about Visible Body for iPhone 4/4S 3D Human Anatomy Atlas, tell us if the app isn’t performing as expected, or share ideas for making the app better.

USMLEWorld Qbank
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Medical
Updated Dec 14, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link USMLEWorld Qbank

USMLEWorld's Qbank Mobile App allows you to access your STEP1, STEP2 CK, or STEP3 Qbank on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. With Qbank Mobile, you can easily:
- Access and sync your Qbank tests and information across all supported devices
- Customize and create new tests to fit your study preferences
- Review and resume your previous tests
- Track your performance in each main and sub division
- Create and review your test notes

Do you need to sign up for USMLEWorld?
To register, visit

Baby Connect: track, log, share your child activities
By Seacloud Software
Device iPhone
Category Medical
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Baby Connect: track, log, share your child activities

Picked by Apple as a featured App for Busy Moms, Baby Connect is the most comprehensive baby tracking application on the AppStore. It has graphical reports and trending charts, weekly averages, medicine, vaccine and growth tracking, timers, notifications, reminder alarms, emails, .csv export, an easy to use interface and unlimited data.

Baby Connect is the only application available on iPhone, iPad and on the web. It will synchronize information with your spouse, babysitter, nanny or daycare wherever they are. If you change or lose your phone, no information is lost, you can always connect to your account at with a browser or with another phone.

Several thousands parents, nannies and child care centers are using daily Baby Connect, more than 30 millions events were saved with the Application.

"Baby Connect is comprehensive and well-designed" - The New-York Times

A top 5 Family & Fun App for Mom -

"This is an absolutely fantastic tool for learning what’s going on with your baby when you’re away" -

"Baby-Connect is just what you need to keep all the stress, anxiety and guilt at bay" -

"This app is truly the most comprehensive way to log a child's daily activities" -

You can record feedings, nursing, naps, diapers, milestones, pumping, but also the baby’s mood, temperature, what kind of game he’s playing, his gps location, and attach pictures. A web interface is also accessible for free, so your nanny doesn't need an iPhone to view and enter information about your baby.
You can compare with previous day and previous week averages, and view the data on graphs to identify trends. You can view when was the last medicine or vaccine. You can also track weight, height, and head size, compare with the US or International percentiles and display the growth chart.

With Baby Connect, you have access to the updates from the caregiver while you're away. You can also setup notifications to be immediately informed when something happens, and set a reminder alarm and be notified when it's time for the next feeding, diaper change, medicine, ... Your baby will receive much better care thanks to all the detailed information automatically transmitted to each family member, and to the nanny.


* Easily track feeding (bottle, nursing, solid food), diapers, sleep, activities, mood, milestones
* Track pumping and expressed milk
* Track medicines, vaccines, sickness, weight, height, head size.
* Setup reminder alarm to alert for the next event, for instance: alarm 3h after the last feeding (iOS 4+ only)
* Automatically synchronize data between accounts over the Internet
* Display graphical charts of the baby's activities
* Display growth charts with percentile comparison.
* For Preemies, percentiles are calculated with the birth date or with the due date.
* Display all entries on a graphical Timeline view.
* Timer to track naps, activities, feeding session, mood and nursing duration. The last nursing side is indicated as a reminder.
* Easy to use! Log entries with just a tap
* Easily view past entries
* Email formatted reports, graphs and Excel-compatible .csv files to spouses, doctors and nannies/sitters.
* Enter free-form notes
* Upload child photo, indicate birthday, blood type and allergies
* Track as many babies as you like, setup as many parents and caregivers as you like
* holds unlimited data
* Send entries to Twitter or Facebook
* More than 100 built-in activities descriptions. Descriptions can be customized, new descriptions can be added
* Setup Push notifications
* Send your gps location, display the location on a map
* The application has been designed for maximum security. Everything is password protected.

Visit for more info.

By Kick Your Apps, Inc.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Medical
Updated Oct 19, 2011
Price $399.99
Download iTunes app link DDS GP

***Rated BEST chair side case presentation software/app by Gordon Christensen's CR (August 2011; reprints available)***

***Awarded Five Stars by Dental Product Shopper reviewers, best rating of any product ever tested***

DDS GP is for dental professionals to show conditions and treatments to their patients.
TAP and DRAG to easily show severity of decay, periodontal disease, cracks, and numerous other conditions and procedures.
DRAW right on the screen with your finger... then save your drawings.
ADD your own images or photos from your photo library.
SEND OR PRINT custom treatment plans to your patients.
OVER 200 unique demonstrations!
No more waiting for videos to load. No unknown voice-over artists talking to your patients.
DDS GP is all you’ll need for patient consultations.

Dexteria - Fine Motor Skill Development
By BinaryLabs
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Medical
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Dexteria - Fine Motor Skill Development

******* NOW A UNIVERSAL APP. BUY IT ONCE, RUN ON ALL YOUR iOS DEVICES -- iPad / iPhone / iPod touch

Dexteria is a set of therapeutic hand exercises (not games) that improve fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in children and adults. Dexteria’s unique hand and finger activities take full advantage of the multi-touch interface to help build strength, control, and dexterity.

For best therapeutic results the exercises should be done on a regular basis in short sessions. The exercises are designed to be repeatable and engaging, and when used on a regular basis will help fine motor skills improve over time.

The automatic tracking and reporting feature makes it easy for parents, teachers and occupational therapists to identify time on task and progress. You can email the progress reports right from the app itself.

"Very impressed with this app. I've been looking for something like this for a very long time." - from Apps for Children with Special Needs

"For occupational therapists, the one huge benefit is the ability to track the child's progress." - from

Editor's Choice Award from Children's Technology Review

"Outstanding app and I highly recommend it. Children are very motivated to use it. I’m a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and I use it to work on fine motor integration, fine motor precision, hand exercises, handwriting, writing speed, etc." - Authentic app store review

• Increases coordination and motor control in the hands and fingers

• Easy to use, even for toddlers

• Works for kids and adults

• Great way to get kids ready for kindergarten

• Automatically creates performance and usage reports that can be emailed

• Speeds recovery from injuries

• Designed in consultation with Occupational Therapists

• Turns the iPad into a therapeutic tool

• Less expensive and more reusable than workbooks

ATTENTION LICENSED OTs: If you are a licensed OT and have comments about Dexteria, please submit a review and tell us what we did right and where we can improve. We will respond to your comments in the form of free upgrades with product improvements. You can influence the evolution of Dexteria!

Critical Care Manual 2012
By Current Clinical Strategies Publishing
Device iPhone
Category Medical
Updated Nov 2, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Critical Care Manual 2012

Critical Care Manual is an essential guide to evaluation and management of diseases encountered in the critical care unit and intensive care unit. It includes diagnostic evaluation, invasive interventions, and intensive management.

Critical Care Manual is essential for medical professionals who treat critically ill patients, including residents, interns, medical students, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses.


Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Critical and Cardiac Care Patient Management
Critical Care History and Physical Examination
Critical Care Physical Examination
Admission Check List
Critical Care Progress Note
Procedure Note
Discharge Note
Fluids and Electrolytes
Blood Component Therapy
Central Parenteral Nutrition
Enteral Nutrition
Radiographic Evaluation of Common Interventions
Arterial Line Placement
Central Venous Catheterization
Normal Pulmonary Artery Catheter Values

Cardiovascular Disorders
Acute Coronary Syndromes
Heart Failure Caused by Left Ventricular Dysfunction
Atrial Fibrillation
Hypertensive Crisis
Acute Pericarditis

Pulmonary Disorders
Orotracheal Intubation
Nasotracheal Intubation
Ventilator Management
Inverse Ratio Ventilation
Ventilator Weaning
Pulmonary Embolism
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Pleural Effusion

Tension Pneumothorax
Cardiac Tamponade

Hematologic Disorders
Transfusion Reactions
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
Thrombolytic-associated Bleeding

Infectious Diseases
Bacterial Meningitis
Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia
Antiretroviral Therapy and Opportunistic Infections

Gastrointestinal Disorders
Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Esophageal Varices
Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Acute Pancreatitis
Hepatic Encephalopathy

Toxicologic Disorders
Poisoning and Drug Overdose
Toxicologic Syndromes
Acetaminophen Overdose
Cocaine Overdose
Cyclic Antidepressant Overdose
Digoxin Overdose
Ethylene Glycol Ingestion
Gamma-hydroxybutyrate Ingestion
Iron Overdose
Isopropyl Alcohol Ingestion
Lithium Overdose
Methanol Ingestion
Salicylate Overdose
Theophylline Toxicity
Warfarin (Coumadin) Overdose

Neurologic Disorders
Acute Ischemic Stroke
Elevated Intracranial Pressure
Management of Status Epilepticus

Endocrinologic and Nephrologic Disorders
Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Acute Renal Failure
Disorders of Water and Sodium Balance

Commonly Used Formulas

Commonly Used Drug Levels

Tarascon Pharmacopoeia
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Medical
Updated Oct 19, 2011
Price $39.99
Download iTunes app link Tarascon Pharmacopoeia

The Tarascon Pharmacopoeia continues its tradition as the most popular and most trusted portable drug reference. Now available for the iPhone, this must-have resource contains vital drug information on thousands of drugs to help clinicians make better decisions at the point of care. The Tarascon Pharmacopoeia iPhone App is part of the popular Tarascon® series which is an imprint of Jones & Bartlett Learning.

The new iPhone Application includes:
* Free and continuous content updates for one year after purchase.
* Expanded drug information from the Deluxe Edition of the print Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia.
* A fully integrated tool for multiple drug interaction checking.
* Complete customer privacy. We never sell your personal data or product use patterns.
* A fully integrated “Herbal & Alternative Therapy” section.
* 47 invaluable drug reference tables and 15 dynamic calculators.
* Both convenient relative pricing codes ($ to $$$$$) and exact prices from
* Extensive pediatric drug dosing.
* Unique Canadian trade names and drugs.
* Consumer Reports best buy drugs.

With every Tarascon product, our drug information is meticulously peer reviewed by drug information experts and practicing clinicians of multiple specialties. We include typical drug dosing (both FDA approved and off-label uses), available trade and generic formulations, metabolism, and safety in pregnancy and lactation.

The Tarascon Pharmacopoeia iPhone App is powered by USBMIS, Inc.

IMAIOS e-Anatomy
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Medical
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link IMAIOS e-Anatomy

IMAIOS e-Anatomy is an atlas of human anatomy for physicians, radiologists, medical students and radiographers. Try before you buy: visualize more than 5,000 medical and anatomical images for free before purchasing the detailed anatomy atlas.

e-Anatomy is based on award-winning IMAIOS' e-Anatomy online atlas.
e-Anatomy allows you to carry around the most complete reference for human anatomy on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
It requires to have a paid online subscription to IMAIOS e-Anatomy or to buy additional packages within the app. (More information and demo available on

- Scroll through images with the flick of a finger
- Pinch to zoom in and out
- Tap to display anatomy labels
- Toggle anatomy labels on and off by category
- Locate any structure identified in a module using the search indexer
- Auto-screen rotation
- Change languages in the app
- iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch compatible


PRICE of application with all modules enabled is $69.00 per year (through IMAIOS online subscription) or $ 213.96 (one-time fee through In App packages).

SIZE of application is 400 Mb. Downloading from a high-speed internet connection and installing from iTunes is highly recommended. 

The information in this application is provided as a tool and reference for use by licensed medical professionals, competent healthcare professionals and no others, and it does not and should not be construed as any form of medical diagnosis or professional medical advice on any matter.


In order to activate the anatomy modules, you have to buy an online subscription to IMAIOS e-Anatomy ($69.00 per year) or In App packages.

Three In App packages are available:

- Head and Neck In App Module (69.99 $)

Head and Neck In App module contains over 1,300 images, with 2,300 anatomy labels, including: Brain MRI anatomy and diagrams, Petrous bone CT, Face CT, Face and neck MRI, Spinal cord diagrams.

- Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis In App Module (69.99 $)

Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis In App module contains over 1,025 images, with 1,176 anatomy labels, including: CT anatomy and lymph nodes for oncology, Chest CT, Coronary CT, Heart anatomy diagrams, Abdomen CT and Pelvis MRI, Spine MRI and radiographs.

- Musculoskeletal In App Module (69.99 $)

Musculoskeletal In App module contains over 1,800 images, with 3,200 anatomy labels, including: Upper and lower limbs MRI, radiographs and diagrams, Lower limb vascular anatomy, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle and foot MRI.

Screenshots are taken from the full e-Anatomy application with all modules enabled.

By Epocrates
Device iPhone
Category Medical
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Epocrates

Get quick access to reliable drug, disease, and diagnostic information at the point of care. Epocrates is the #1 mobile drug reference among U.S. physicians. Trusted for accurate content and innovative offerings, 50% of U.S. physicians rely on Epocrates to help improve patient safety and increase practice efficiency.

You’ll need to verify your account with Epocrates to use this app. To create an account, please visit:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

What does Epocrates offer?

- Clinical information on thousands of prescription, generic, and OTC drugs
- In-depth formulary information
- Pill ID: identify pills by imprint code and physical characteristics
- InteractionCheck: check for adverse reactions between up to 30 drugs at a time
- Dozens of calculations, such as BMI and GFR
- Current medical news, research, and information

- Evidence-based treatment info for hundreds of diseases and conditions
- Specific/empiric treatment guidelines for hundreds of infectious diseases.
- Lab prep, interpretation, and follow-up for hundreds of tests & panels
- Medical dictionary (over 100,000 medical terms)
- Over 20,000 ICD-9 and CPT® codes

Review app pricing, features, and more at:

Naming TherAppy
By Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Medical
Updated Aug 4, 2011
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link Naming TherAppy

**20% Off Sale for ASHA Convention 2011 and A4CWSN**
***ALL Tactus Therapy Apps discounted Nov 17-30***

Naming TherAppy is another powerful speech therapy app for aphasia rehab from Tactus Therapy Solutions. Stroke and brain injured patients can now practice word-finding on their own or with a therapist with this easy-to-use app designed by a SLP. Full-color photos with real recorded voice for over 500 nouns are included in the app. Self-scoring in test and practice modes allow for easy documentation with a report-ready score report sent via email.

**Video Demonstration & Reviews:

Goal Areas:
Word-Finding, Verbal Expression, Confrontation Naming, Responsive Naming, Cued Lexical Retrieval, Semantic Memory, Repetition, Circumlocution, Describing, Semantic Feature Analysis

Useful for Helping:
Expressive Aphasia, Non-fluent Aphasia, Anomia, Broca's Aphasia, Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Cognitive-Communication Impairment, Brain Injury, Expressive Language Delay, Autism, Language Learning Disability, English as a Second Language Learners

***4 Modes:

1) Naming Practice: 400+ pictured nouns with a cueing hierarchy and optional scoring

Cueing Hierarchy:
- Description: a short definition for a semantic cue
- First Letter: the initial grapheme appears with or without number of letters indicated
- Whole Word: the complete written word appears on the screen
- Phrase Completion: a common phrase is heard that ends in the target word
- First Sound: the initial phonemes are heard for a phonemic cue
- Repetition: hear the word

* Scoring allows a therapist or partner to indicate when the word is correct or incorrect.

* The app records which cue was used to get the correct answers and produces a score report for email.

* Evidence-supported treatment technique for naming

2) Describe: 480+ pictures with 4-6 question prompts for semantic feature analysis

* Hear questions prompting for information about the appearance, category, function, shape, size, color, taste, location and more!

3) Naming Test: a set presentation of 30 pictures with scoring and a report

*This is a non-standardized test intended for screening a person's ability to name common items. It contains common and less common items of the categories contained in this app.

4) Flashcards: all 500+ pictures; touch to hear the spoken word

* Clear full-color photographs selected by a Speech-Language Pathologist

* 10 categories of nouns including animals, foods, objects, concepts, places, people, body parts and more

* Select one or more categories to practice

* Child-friendly mode turns off references to alcohol and violence for worry-free use with all ages

* Aphasia-friendly interface avoids use of professional jargon and features clear symbols for independent use by clients and families

* Real recorded male voice provides neutral North American English accent in slow, natural speech for easy comprehension

* Results can be e-mailed in report-ready format so clients can keep their therapist informed of their progress and therapists can send results to themselves for charting later, using the copy-and-paste ready format to decrease documentation time

"Naming TherAppy raises word retrieval apps to a whole new level. It felt like a mini-Christmas morning that day we finally downloaded the app and ran it. Naming TherAppy is a one-of-a-kind app that has a specific audience and a specific set of goals in mind, and is obviously designed so well that we could not find anything remotely lacking in it. Apps like these makes one wonder if Apple specifically had the special population in mind when they released their iOS devices. Whether they actually did or not, Naming TherAppy took everything that technology has to offer and streamlined it to meet the needs of individuals with word retrieval difficulties." review

Chicago Plastic Surgery
By Otto Placik MD
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Medical
Updated Feb 21, 2012
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Chicago Plastic Surgery

Welcome to the iPhone and iPad App of Body Sculptor! Dr. Otto J Placik, MD, FACS is proud to bring Body Sculptor to Apple's exciting mobile platform! Download our app to receive special “app only” offers, to easily request an appointment, to learn more about the procedures Dr. Placik performs, and to view our before and after photos instantly.

We and our staff are focused on exceeding the expectations of each patient. We believe in not only providing the best possible medical and surgical care, but also in achieving a sensitive understanding of each patient’s aesthetic goals. Time is taken to answer the questions for each patient so that the best possible cosmetic surgery decisions can be made.

We have extensive experience in breast enlargement (augmentation) as well as liposuction, laser and endoscopic-assisted lift, tuck and implants of the face, ears, eyes, cheeks, chin, nose, neck, body, breast, abdomen (tummy), thighs and legs. We also now offer labiaplasty. Patients may also select from a number of specialty procedures or skin rejuvenation therapies such as face peels, BOTOX, Collagen injections, Restylane, Radiese, Juvaderm and skin needling.

Dr. Placik is certified as a diplomate by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc.® and is an active member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is an active member of several local and national professional organizations.

Dr. Placik received his medical degree from Northwestern University where he also completed residencies in general and plastic and reconstructive surgery. He completed a fellowship in the aesthetic reconstruction of complex nasal and facial deformities at St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago and an additional fellowship in microvascular and hand surgery at Davies Medical Center, an affiliate of the University of California, San Francisco.

ICN Food List
By Interstitial Cystitis Network
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Medical
Updated Jan 26, 2012
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link ICN Food List

The Interstitial Cystitis Network Food List App is designed to help patients struggling with urinary discomfort choose foods that will soothe rather than irritate their bladders. Ideal for use when shopping or eating out, it contains a searchable database of more than 250 foods broken out into three categories: bladder friendly, try it and caution. For the first time in any IC food list, wine, beer and spirits are also included. This is the first release of our new 2012 IC/BPS Food List.

VonBruno Hearing Aid
By Von Bruno
Device iPhone
Category Medical
Updated Feb 15, 2012
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link VonBruno Hearing Aid

The VonBruno Hearing Aid is designed give you a comfortable and easy-to-control listening experience. Just plug your headphones in and tap the on button. Adjust the volume to the right level using the volume wheel or the rocker buttons on the side of your device. VonBruno Hearing Aid will use the built in device mic if you have plugged in regular headphones, or the headset mic if you are using earbuds with an integrated mic. VonBruno Hearing Aid incorporates multitasking and lets you browse through other non-audio apps on your device without interrupting your listening experience. You can also lock your screen to save battery life without interrupting your audio stream.

My Baby Vax Monitor
By Kevin Collins
Device iPhone
Category Medical
Updated Dec 9, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link My Baby Vax Monitor


KNOWLEDGE + (good record keeping) = EMPOWERMENT as you advocate for your child’s healthcare. The importance of your role as a healthcare advocate, can never be underestimated.

No more trying to recall specific medical events and the dates they occurred with your child, as these can fade with time. By using this App., the important details will be recorded (with dates) at the touch of a button. These recordings can then be readily e-mailed to you. The creation of this App. has been designed to document your child's medical history (including a vaccine log) in an easier fashion, to enhance communication and record keeping for you and your child's physician(s).

Keeping accurate records (medical, educational, financial, etc...) is important. Healthcare is no exception. This App. will help you monitor your child’s health and development, while navigating the numerous medical decisions you will face after your baby is born. Due to the increasing number of vaccines being added to the CDC schedule, (with several vaccines being administered at the same time), it is vital for parents, family, & caregivers to do independent research on this topic. FACT: Vaccines do harm SOME people. Reactions (also known as adverse events) can range from minor to severe. The exact number of individuals injured by vaccines is not definitively known. You may wish to ask the physician to furnish you with a copy of your child's vaccine administration record. (1-2 pg. document). This record is not just a general “list,” “log” or “charting” of vaccines administered. It should specifically list the vaccine manufacturer, expiration date, and Vaccine Lot number for your child's vaccines. You may then record this info. On this App.

Doing independent research while observing and recording your child's medical info. will help you make INFORMED choices. This should facilitate thoughtful & productive dialogue with your child’s physician. It's also handy to have your child's medical history documented and readily available for visits with the pediatrician, specialists, ER, or Acute Care facilities. This App. includes many functions & features, described below:

•Children's medical history (including birth history)
•BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator
•Illness log, (include chronic conditions such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc.)
•Vaccine log
•Photo your child’s illnesses/symptoms such as reactions to foods, medications, vaccines or other substances.
•Monitor/Track child’s physical & developmental progress
•Monitor/Track child’s growth/weight trends
•Bar Chart depicts number of illnesses and number of vaccines administered.
•Line Trend Chart depicts dates of illnesses and date(s) of vaccine administration.
•Weight History Trend chart to plot a child's weight by their age.
•BMI History Trend Chart to plot a child's BMI progression by age.
•Vaccine Trend Chart depicts vaccines administered in chronological/date order.
•VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Report) form (to report serious vaccine reactions)
•Vaccine List, Manufacturer, and package insert info.
•Vaccine Component (ingredient) List
•CDC Vaccine Schedule
•E-mail capability for data & reports above
•2011 U. S. Supreme Court Ruling, reinforcing “no liability” for pharmaceutical companies when injuries caused by vaccines occur. Claims of vaccine injury must be made through the federal, National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. (NVICP)
•Vaccine exemption provisions by state
•Vaccine Injury Compensation Table and other info.
•Help feature for further guidance on the functions of the App.


Wishing you and your baby a happy, healthy future.

By PulsePoint Foundation
Device iPhone
Category Medical
Updated Feb 13, 2012
Price Free
Download iTunes app link PulsePoint

PulsePoint empowers individuals, within covered communities, the ability to provide life-saving assistance to victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Application users who have indicated they are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are notified if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR. If the cardiac emergency is in a public place, the application uses sophisticated location-based services to alert citizens in the vicinity of the need for CPR. The application also directs citizen rescuers to the exact location of the closest public access Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

The PulsePoint app (previously named “Fire Department”) provides a virtual window into select 911 emergency communication centers worldwide and real-time access to emergency activity as it is occurring.

Users can view active incidents, including the current response status of dispatched units and instantly pinpoint incident location on an interactive map. Curious as to where that fire engine or ambulance that just passed is headed? Is there an accident up ahead causing this traffic tie-up? Just tap the application to quickly find the incident location or plan an alternate route. A log of recent incidents and a photo gallery of significant events can also be easily accessed.

Additionally, users can choose to receive incident notification according to type when they are dispatched and listen in on live emergency radio traffic via this modern version of the traditional fire scanner.

Don’t live or work in a covered community? Stay tuned, many more cities and countries worldwide are working to bring the app to their citizens. In the meantime you’ll still find listening to the live action of dispatchers, firefighters and paramedics informative and interesting.

The app currently covers the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District and the San Jose Fire Department service area both in Northern California. The San Jose deployment along with future implementation in the Santa Clara Valley was made possible by El Camino Hospital.

The app is absolutely free, so give it a try.

Mosby's Review Questions for the NCLEX-RN® Exam: Medical-Surgical
By Modality Inc.
Device iPhone
Category Medical
Updated Mar 27, 2009
Price $29.99
Download iTunes app link Mosby's Review Questions for the NCLEX-RN® Exam: Medical-Surgical

** From the only medical developer highlighted by Apple in every WWDC Keynote since 2008 **

Mosby's Review Questions for the NCLEX-RN® Exam is a powerful quiz building and assessment application designed to help nursing students maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their test prep. Carry more than 1100 subject-specific Q&A and short-answer style questions in the palm of your hand for anywhere, anytime studying.

Browse questions by category, select a pre-set quiz or design a custom question set to drill yourself on the content you need to know. Tap the screen to submit your answers or work in the Reference mode, with correct answers to each question automatically displayed. Each question features detailed rationales and difficulty rankings to provide broader context for pre-test quiz performance. Built-in assessment tools track your progress on every question, providing cumulative stats that highlight areas of mastery and those requiring further review.

1150 questions in Mosby's Review Questions for the NCLEX-RN® Exam are organized in the following sub-sections:

Categories of Concern:

• Nursing Practice

• Growth and Development

• Emotional Needs Related to Health Problems

• Blood and Immunity

• Cardiovascular

• Endocrine

• Fluid and Electrolytes

• Gastrointestinal

• Integumentary

• Neuromuscular

• Respiratory

• Reproductive and Genitourinary

• Skeletal

• Drug-Related Responses

Features include:

• 1150 questions designed for comprehensive Medical-Surgical subject review

• Quiz and assessment tools that allow you to track progress and success

• Question browser for unscored review of any and all content sections

• Reference mode provides correct answers immediately for quick review

• Ability to bookmark and save difficult questions for future study

• Shuffle questions within sections or for all sections

• Detailed Rationale and Difficulty Classification for each question


Modality's line of nursing education and test prep applications includes:

• 6 Volumes of Saunders Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN

• 4 Mosby's Review Questions for the NCLEX-RN Exam, including Mental Health, Pediatrics, Women's Health, and Medical-Surgical

• Interactive anatomy atlases with custom annotation tools

• Basic sciences flash cards

Search "Modality, Inc" on iTunes or visit to view our entire collection.


Modality is a premier developer of digital learning, assessment, training and reference applications for Apple iOS devices. In November 2010, Modality was acquired by Epocrates, Inc., (, a leading provider of point-of-care tools and interactive services to healthcare professionals and the healthcare industry.

All content © Mosby, Inc., an imprint of Elsevier, Inc.


“I love Modality and would not want to go back to life before Modality apps.” – Michelle W., Modality Facebook Fan (

Please post a review here on the App Store to assist others who are interested in Modality's line of educational applications.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact us immediately at Most issues can be resolved quickly and easily!

We read your emails every day and respond quickly to ensure an exceptional user experience for our customers.


For more information and to learn what’s coming when, visit

By Kick Your Apps, Inc.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Medical
Updated Oct 19, 2011
Price $499.99
Download iTunes app link DDS GP Yes!

***Rated BEST chair side case presentation software/app by Gordon Christensen's CR (August 2011; reprints available)***

***Awarded Five Stars by Dental Product Shopper reviewers, best rating of any product ever tested***

DDS GP, is the #1 iPad app for dentists worldwide. It is designed for dental professionals to improve your presentation of dental conditions and treatment to patients. It makes treatment plans easy for patients to understand, thus leading to greater case acceptance.

DDS GP Yes!, consists of ALL of the content of DDS GP... PLUS... adds 37 audio tracks – over 80 minutes – written and narrated by the internationally known speaker Dr. Paul Homoly, designed to be listened to by the dental professional (not the patient).
It teaches the best way to explain conditions and treatment plans, and methods to help influence patients to make good health care decisions.

While the audio is playing, the corresponding demonstration from DDS GP is displayed and all of the functions (slider, photos, drawing, treatment planning, etc.) are active. This way the dental professional can practice his case presentation skills while listening to Paul’s explanations.

LEARN from Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP
DRAG to easily show severity of decay, periodontal disease, cracks, and numerous other conditions and procedures.
DRAW right on the screen with your finger... then save your drawings.
ADD your own images or photos from your photo library.
EMAIL or PRINT custom treatment plans to your patients.
OVER 200 unique demonstrations!
No more waiting for videos to load. No unknown voice-over artists talking to your patients.

Please note: The Yes! with Paul Homoly audio content is available only in English.

Tabers21 (Taber's Dictionary)
By Skyscape
Device iPhone
Category Medical
Updated May 30, 2011
Price $49.99
Download iTunes app link Tabers21 (Taber's Dictionary)

Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 21st Edition has been updated to meet the ongoing needs of health care students, educators, and clinicians, as well as interested consumers.

This Skyscape Trusted Resource is created in partnership with F. A. Davis Company. Authors: Donald Venes, M.D., M.S.J.

Key Features Include:

- Brand new to the 21st edition are audio pronunciations for almost 30,000 new and current terms.
- 56,000 definitions with 3,500 brand new to the 21st edition. Almost 50% more than the nearest competitor.
- More than 6,000 revised terms.
- Almost 790 illustrations and full color images, 90 of which are new to this edition.
- 650 Patient Care sections.
- Appendices include 12 valuable health care tools.
- Can be fully cross-indexed with all of Skyscape's 600+ nursing and medical references through Skyscape's SmartLink technology.

For more than 68 years, Taber's has provided students and practitioners with the definitions and information they need to provide superior care for their patients.

Skyscape introduces the 21st edition of Taber's with Sight (words and images), Sound (audio pronunciations) and Action (SmartLink in context). The new and revised terms in Taber's 21st Edition give you the answers at your fingertips, such as: Laparoscopic gastric banding, Coronary artery calcification, Film speed, Pulmonary interstitial emphysema, Magnetic resonance angiography, and more.

Content updates for 12 months and 90 days phone support (chat and email for a year) are included with your purchase.

ABOUT SKYSCAPE on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

This app will install your new resource into the Skyscape Medical Resources environment. All Skyscape titles (over 600 of them, for all professions and specialties) and services like MedAlert™ and CME-STAT™ (coming soon) are accessed from within this environment.

Using our award winning technologies, including the patented SmartLink, Skyscape coordinates resources for drug information, interactions, clinical information, calculators, tools, clinical trial and research updates. We provide a single point of entry and seamless integration of resources, providing the best user experience for point of care decision support and research needs.


Skyscape has partnered with more than 50 of the most highly regarded publishers in health care content as well as major medical associations, leading health care institutions, government agencies, and well-respected clinicians. The result is the largest and most trusted portfolio of mobile medical resources available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

From within the Skyscape Medical Resources app, choose the Store page to see the full range of titles and tools for your profession and specialty.

Skeletal System Pro II - (NOVA Series) - iPhone edition
Device iPhone
Category Medical
Updated Oct 27, 2011
Price $5.99
Download iTunes app link Skeletal System Pro II - (NOVA Series) - iPhone edition

NOTE: This app will not work on older devices such as iPhone 3G or iPod 2nd generation.
For a 1 minute overview of the features of this app - please press the support link below or refer to this video on this page:

The Skeletal System Pro II - (NOVA Series) is a cutting edge app built on our NOVA technology. It is a completely new app, but in recognition of our loyal customers we are providing this application as a free update to the previous original Skeleton System Pro. Every detail has been re-designed from the photo-realistic 3D model to the quick navigation. There are thousands of changes - including the most in depth 3D skeleton ever developed, the ability to rotate, cut and get superior/inferior views all with the simple stroke of the finger.

This app’s primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used as a fast and innovative reference tool by utilizing the index function which allows the user to select an item and the app will automatically zoom in and identify it.
Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas of the bone system to their patients or students - helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments and injuries.

•Tap and Zoom - zoom into and identify any region, bone, skeletal area or ligament by tapping on the screen
•Horizontal Rotate 360 - rotate a bone, ligament or skeletal area 360 degrees
•Vertical Rotate - rotate a bone, ligament or skeletal area for inferior and superior views
•Cut - slice skeletal areas for a coronal, sagittal and transverse cut view (where applicable)
•Scalpel - add or remove up to 4 layers of connective tissue
•Labeling - both English and Latin
•Pinch and Zoom - useful when there are multiple pins
•Dual Index - search in both English and Latin
•Quiz - test yourself with a fun multi- choice Quiz
•Customize Pins - add your own pins and notes or add notes to existing pins
•Quick Navigation - jump to a different skeletal area by tapping or dragging the white box on the body thumbnail
•Lateral Navigation - move laterally between the skeletal areas
•Customize - using the settings function the user can choose which pins appear within the app - customize to different levels, i.e. high school, nurses etc…
•Images - Over 5,000 high-quality 3-Dimensional images of the bones and ligaments.
•Detail - full anatomical descriptions of all 2,000 labels.

The user is presented with a high-quality 3D model of the full skeleton. The user can zoom in to any area - by tapping on it. The user can rotate, get inferior or superior views, cut (where available) or label an area with a simple stroke of their finger. The user can navigate up and down within the skeleton at absolutely any angle. The user can also use the scalpel button to add or take away layers of connective tissue.

Each label is in English and in Latin and by pressing on the 'i' icon the user can access additional information for that part.

Select an item from the index list in either English or Latin and the application will automatically zoom in and identify that label. This function enables the application to be used as an innovative visual reference tool.

Access a different view (anterior, lateral, posterior, medial, inferior or superior) at anytime and in anyplace within the application using the 'Views' function.

This is a unique testing function developed from user feedback. The user selects an area to be tested on and then the app randomly zooms into and labels a part that the user must identify from 6 possible multi- choice answers. For incorrect answers, immediate feedback is given.

OsiriX HD
By Pixmeo SARL
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Medical
Updated Nov 1, 2011
Price $29.99
Download iTunes app link OsiriX HD

OsiriX HD is a DICOM image viewer for iOS. It supports standard DICOM communications.

★ Awards ★
- Mobie Awards 2009: Winner - Best Medical App
- RSNA 2008: Excellence in Design
- RSNA 2008: Certificate of Merit

OsiriX HD is a companion application to OsiriX for MacOS which is an interactive visualization program designed for display and analysis of medical images. The iOS version allows downloading and manipulating series of images directly on your iOS device. OsiriX HD is capable of displaying images from most common imaging modalities (ultrasound, CT scanner, MRI, PET etc…) in their native standard DICOM format used by the medical/scientific industry. OsiriX HD is a fully DICOM-compliant listener that can receive images from any DICOM imaging device through WiFi/3G network. It supports these DICOM protocols: C-STORE SCP, C-MOVE SCU, C-FIND SCU, C-GET SCU, WADO.

The iOS application is designed to work seamlessly with the MacOS version of the software (, but it doesn't require it. It's compatible with any DICOM-compatible software, including PACS servers, that support DICOM protocols. Transferring images from a DICOM compatible software to OsiriX HD is done through standard DICOM protocols. It also supports communications through the iOS built-in VPN for secure and encrypted connections.

OsiriX HD provides fast interactive image manipulation tools such as zoom, pan, cine and contrast adjustment of images through the multipoint touch screen interface. It can handle remote query and retrieve of DICOM images directly from a list displayed on the device itself.

The convenience of being able to access DICOM images remotely added to the fact that images can be previewed on the iPhone/iPad screen in a very effective and convenient way offers a new perspective for mobile teleradiology. The performance of image manipulation on the device itself instead of traditional web-based interface adds a degree of freedom and robustness in case of network interruptions or poor wireless signal.

★ Key features ★
-Display and browsing through large sets of images through an interactive slider
-Zoom and Pan and rotation of the images through two-fingers drag and pinch
-Contrast and intensity adjustment of image window and level through single finger drag
-Rapid switch between image series through single finger screen “swipe”
-Reset to image default size and setting through double tap
-Measurement of object sizes using a line measurement tool that can be set and adjusted by two fingers
-Measurement of image content data using a circular region of interest tool that can be drawn and moved with two fingers
-DICOM compliant Listener (C-STORE SCP)
-JPEG2000/JPEG DICOM support
-Preference setting for user DICOM communication settings
-Access to desktop database through web-based portal for retrieving image data
-Built-in help

★ Requirements ★
-Access to a DICOM source of images (PACS, DICOM-compatible software) through WiFi/3G network

★ Limitations ★
-Images are limited to 1024x1024 pixels, bigger images are down-sampled.
-No suitable for primary diagnosis.