Point Inside Maps for Airports & Malls - iPad Edition Rocket Man TTC Streetcar Bus schedules Florida 511 AOPA Aviation Summit 2011
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MinnMix UCLA Guide My DAT Trucker Services CNG Fuel Finder
MinnMix UCLA Guide My DAT Trucker Se... CNG Fuel Finder
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UltiMate GPS TransLoc Transit Visualization NYC Subway KICKMap Lite GeoMobile for ArcGIS
UltiMate GPS TransLoc Transit ... NYC Subway KICKMa... GeoMobile for ArcGIS
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EFB - Charts and Weather for Aviation Route4me Scenic Map Grand Canyon Official Guide for MO State Parks & Historic Sites- Pocket Ranger™
EFB - Charts and ... Route4me Scenic Map Grand ... Official Guide fo...
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Kik Maps CarStations Cairo Metro Caltrain Times
Kik Maps CarStations Cairo Metro Caltrain Times
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Point Inside Maps for Airports & Malls - iPad Edition
By Point Inside, Inc.
Device iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Nov 14, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Point Inside Maps for Airports & Malls - iPad Edition


Find hundreds of thousands of deals using Point Inside’s highly intuitive and fun interactive mapping interface. See special offers, deals and coupons available within malls and from millions of other national and local retailers. Complete directories and interactive indoor maps of over 1,250 malls across North America, over 100 airports worldwide and dozens of other attractions including theme parks and museums.

Key Features Include:
. Special deals, offers and coupons from national and local retailers
. Listings of millions of retailers searchable by location and category including clothing and electronics
. In-venue navigation features with routing
. Airport Maps, Mall Maps, Theme Park Maps, Museum Maps
. Complete listing of services including restrooms, ATMs, parking, elevators, escalators, food and more
. Store and shop directory information

Featured in: NY Times, USA Today, Gizmodo, CNET, PC Magazine, LA Times, BNET, GPS World, Technorati, TNooz, Gadling and hundreds more!!!

★★★★★ Here's user feedback! ★★★★★

"Wow… there are literally hundreds of deals available within twenty minutes of my home and the maps show me exactly where the in-mall deals are! This is awesome! – Rachele W.

“I work as a flight attendant and have found this very very useful. The maps load up nice and clear, info is precise, and very helpful. I love showing off this app and saving the day for my crews or people needing info or help. Thank you!” – Esteban G.

“Hi, I LOVE your Point Inside app! It helps me shop in less time because I know where the store I’m going to actually is. Thank you for making it so convenient!” – Lauren B.

“Sweet app, this is a must have for any impatient male like myself! Love access to international airport maps.” – Steve H.

“I love this app! The directional “you are here” arrow is the best! I’ll never ask anyone for directions again!” – Katie S.

“Very useful App. I use it to help me figure out where to park so I will be closer to the store(s) I want to go to.” – Don T.

“Phenomenal iPhone app! I thought it was only for airports but I was wrong. Perhaps the most practical iphone app available.....I will definitely recommend this app to others.” – Charlie H.

Visit our website at www.pointinside.com

Rocket Man TTC Streetcar Bus schedules
By Avisinna
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Nov 7, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Rocket Man TTC Streetcar Bus schedules

Access all TTC buses/streetcars
★ arrival time
★ Real-time locations on iPhone Maps

RocketMan App offers an amazing experience, watching all TTC vehicles realtime location on Google maps is phenomenal, along with arrival count down time in seconds for all buses and streetcars, it's like holding the TTC in your hand. It brings a new incredible experience.

RocketMan is the first and only iPhone/iPad App that provides you with real-time Streetcar locations on iPhone MAPS!

+ Realtime streetcars location.
Yep, just sit and relax no need to stand in the middle of the road looking for that streetcar, let RocketMan do that job for you, simply select a stop, browse to arrival time, then click map; watch all selected route streetcars on your iPhone Maps.

+ GPS support
Use GPS service on your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad to find nearest streetcar stop, check schedules and find out the streetcar locations on the map. Click my location button to zoom in on your location on the map.

+ Favourites!
A must for commuters and TTC regular riders, mark your frequent route stops as favourite for quick access.
You can add/remove multiple stops.

+ Extensive Maps support
Locate any streetcar stop to check arrival time on the map, you don't need to be nearby the stop to check schedules. No need to remember that stop name just look it up on the map.

+ Very accurate
Arrival time and Streetcars location on the map are accurate within 30 seconds.

+ Universal App
App is universal it's designed specifically to work on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

This is a little over view of this app can do, but there is nothing like using.
★ it's terrific.
★ super fast.
★ super responsive

Developed by avisinna.com
Find us on Facebook

Have question, suggestion or need help using this App? email us at iPhone {at} avisinna.com

>> artwork and icons by
Shaun Cooke / shaun@shauncooke.ca

>> info icons by Joseph Wain / glyphish.com

Florida 511
By LogicTree Corp
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Oct 9, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Florida 511

Florida 511 – Florida’s 511 Traveler Information App

Florida 511 is a new application that provides users with fast and friendly traffic updates in their vicinity. The app offers text and audio updates on congestion, incidents, construction and more. Users can get information in their area, along a personalized route or in most Florida cities or metro areas. All Florida 511 traffic data is provided by the Florida Department of Transportation.

- Get Traffic Information based on
-- GPS location
-- a Florida city or metro area
-- a personalized My Florida 511 route created at www.FL511.com
- Traffic updates can be provided in a text, map-based, and audio format
- Show cameras for surrounding traffic incidents
- Get Travel Times based your location and current direction of travel
- Use Feedback to submit traffic incidents in your location or provide general comments
- Select a Traffic Range and define the size of the area in which you want traffic alerts
- Filter out Construction alerts
- Select AutoPlay to hear all current incidents at start up

We’d love to hear your feedback. Record it in the app under General Comments or email us at fl511@dot.state.fl.us.

Know Before You Go with Florida 511

AOPA Aviation Summit 2011
By Sporty's Pilot Shop
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Sep 21, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link AOPA Aviation Summit 2011

With Sporty's free AOPA Aviation Summit app for iPhone and iPad, you'll have convenient access to all the information needed to get you ready to fly and attend this exciting aviation show in Hartford, Connecticut.


• Show Information
-Exhibit Hall and Airportfest Hours
-Registration Information
-AOPA Summit News Updates
-AOPA Twitter Feed

• Airportfest Information
-Main Stage Event Planning
-Learn to Fly Center
-Shuttle Bus Information

• Show Maps & Facility Guides
-Interactive Downtown Hartford Map
-Convention Center Exhibit Floor Map
-Official Air Traffic Procedures & Fly-in NOTAM
-Hartford-Brainard (KHFD) Airport Information
-Bradley Int’l (KBDL) Airport Information
-Event Ground Transportation & Shuttle Bus Services

• Schedules
-Summit Schedule at a Glance
-Learning Pavilion
-Keynote Presentations
-Social Events
-AOPA Live

• Exhibitor List
-Alphabetically arranged with booth location
-Easily reference each exhibitor to its location on the airport
-Allows ability to group the exhibitors you want to see in a favorites list

The AOPA Aviation Summit 2011 app is a Universal app, designed for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 4 and the iPad.

Developed by Sporty's Pilot Shop – The Best Pilot Supplies for Over 50 Years!

By iRadioFun
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Nov 8, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link MinnMix

MinnMix is easy access to Minnesota's most popular websites.

UCLA Guide
By Javier Gonzalez Sanchez
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Aug 2, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link UCLA Guide

Lost at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus?, Visiting the campus for the first time?, Not idea where is the place you need to go?, Does not find a direction map when you really need it?

"UCLA Guide" is your answer. This is a free version iAd supported app for all of those who want to know where they are located inside UCLA campus.


- It shows in real-time your current location.

- it shows the linear distance from your current location to your selected destination.

- You are able to see all the buildings around your location and navigate around the map to find your destination.

- Use our directory to find the place you want; our directory includes admin buildings, halls, labs, sport and art areas, and parkings.

- Use the view that fits better for you: regular, satellite or hybrid.

- Auto-rotate the interface orientation

Download it, navigate and enjoy!

This is a universal app, ready to go on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

We will love to hear your comments, suggestions or feedback. Please email us at contact@iosproject.com

My DAT Trucker Services
By TransCore/DAT
Device iPhone
Category Navigation
Updated Oct 31, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link My DAT Trucker Services

Find nearby truck stops, diesel prices, Walmarts, rest stops, scales & DAT loads.

My DAT Trucker Services is a free application for truck drivers showing nearby truck stops, diesel prices, Walmarts, rest stops and CAT Scales – as well as 25 nearby loads from the DAT Load Monitor network – also seen on monitors in over 1,000 truck stops nationwide. The DAT Load Monitor Network displays a subset of the millions of loads found annually on TransCore 3sixty load boards and TruckersEdge, powered by DAT.

Truck Stops – get details and directions to nearby truck stops from our directory of thousands of truck stops nationwide, including Petro, Flying J, Pilot, TA, Love's as well as AM-Best, Roady's and other independents. Sort on nearby truck stops by distance, diesel price and parking spaces.

Truck Stop Amenities – see how many parking spaces, showers, fuel lanes, services bays and whether there is WiFi, laundry and a truck wash.

Diesel Prices – where available, see nearby diesel prices at nearby truck stops, including Petro, Flying J, Pilot, TA, Love's and AM-Best locations.

Walmart – find nearby Walmarts with maps and directions.

Rest Stops – find nearby rest stops with maps and directions.

CAT Scales – find nearby CAT Scales with maps and directions.

DAT Loads – see up to 25 nearby freight loads and a maximum of 100 per day from the DAT Load monitor network.

- All users must agree to the TransCore/DAT Terms & Conditions.
- While TransCore/DAT endeavors to be as accurate and timely as possible, we make no warranty or guarantee concerning accuracy, reliability, completeness, or suitability, and provide all information AS IS. Use of My DAT Trucker Services is at your own risk.
- You agree that You will not use My DAT Trucker Services while driving.
- © 2011 TransCore. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

CNG Fuel Finder
By Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Device iPhone
Category Navigation
Updated Nov 17, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link CNG Fuel Finder

CNG Fuel Finder helps you locate compressed natural gas filling stations for your natural gas vehicle.
•Check prices, pressure and ratings before you go
•Map routes and see nearby stations
•Share information and photos with other users
•Get CNG news, blogs and video

CNG Fuel Finder has the most up-to-date, accurate information available about CNG filling stations from coast to coast.

Join the CNGnow movement to help spread the word about CNG and its power to boost the economy, end America’s addiction to foreign oil and secure our nation’s future. Members of the network can earn rewards for checking in whenever they fill up and providing information about stations.

UltiMate GPS
By Emprum LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Oct 26, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link UltiMate GPS

*** The UltiMate GPS accessory is now available for sale from www.emprum.com and amazon.com ***
*** The UltiMate GPS App requires Emprum's UltiMate GPS accessory for full functionality ***

Emprum's UltiMate GPS App is the ultimate resource to control and interact with Emprum's UltiMate GPS accessory. It provides the following functionality:
* GPS View: displays GPS data from Emprum's UltiMate GPS accessory (if present) or from the CoreLocation framework (lat, long, alt, speed, bearing, GPS fix mode, dilution of precision, GPS time and date).
* Satellite View: displays GPS satellites in view and their signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) as reported by Emprum's UltiMate GPS accessory.
* Hardware View: displays settings of the UltiMate GPS accessory and utility buttons to interact with the UltiMate GPS accessory (hot/warm/cold restarts, factory reset, firmware updates).
* Preferences View: allows customization of the settings of Emprum's UltiMate GPS App and shows version information as well as Emprum's Business Philosophy (going green and a humanitarian cause).

TransLoc Transit Visualization
By TransLoc Inc.
Device iPhone
Category Navigation
Updated Oct 28, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link TransLoc Transit Visualization

See the real-time location and arrival information of your bus while on the go with the TransLoc app. Enjoy less time waiting at the stop and more time in the comfort of your apartment, dorm, computer lab, or coffee shop. Up to the minute announcements about situations that impact the buses can also be viewed, meaning fewer unwanted surprises when catching the bus.

The TransLoc app is available for the following agencies. If your agency is not listed, please contact your transit provider and request TransLoc.

Atlantic Station - FREE RIDE
Auburn University - Tiger Transit
Boston College - BC Shuttle
Boston University - The Bus
Children's Hospital Boston - CHB Employee Shuttles
Columbia University - Shuttle
Eastern Connecticut State University - University Transportation
Emory University - Emory Shuttle
GAP Inc. - Corporate Shuttle
Harvard University - Harvard Shuttle
Jacksonville State University - Gamecock Express
Jacksonville University - JU Shuttle
Kennesaw State University - KSU Shuttle
La Salle University - University Shuttle
Louisiana State University - Tiger Trails
MASCO - Boston, MA - LMA Shuttle
NAIPTA - Mountain Link
Nantucket Regional Transit Authority - The NRTA Wave
New York University - University Transportation
NC State University - The Wolfline
Northern Arizona University - NAU Transit
Princeton University - TigerTransit
Savannah College of Art & Design (Savannah and Atlanta Campuses) - The Bee Line
Southern Illinois University Carbondale - Saluki Express
Texas Christian University - TCU Shuttle
University of Alabama - CrimsonRide
University of Chicago - The Bus System
University of Florida - Regional Transit System (RTS)
University of Kentucky - Cat Tracker
University of Maryland, BC - UMBC Transit
University of New Haven - UNH Shuttle
University of North Florida - Osprey Connector
Yale University - Yale Transit

NYC Subway KICKMap Lite
By KICK Design Inc
Device iPhone
Category Navigation
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link NYC Subway KICKMap Lite

The NYC KickMap Lite is a simple scrollable/zoomable (no internet connection needed) subway map of the New York City subway system. It's the only subway map that shows ALL of the subway lines, stops, and connections so at a glance you know exactly where your train stops - or doesn't stop. Its innovative design has been featured in The New York Times and Time Out New York.

Also available: The "24 Hour KickMap" - the only NY subway map that also shows the NIGHT service cutbacks. It is fully interactive with Google street maps right in the app, an on-the-map station finder and push notifications for service alerts.

For a comparison between the KickMap and the MTA map visit kickmap.com

Keywords: New York, NY, NYC, Subway, Map, New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island

For technical support visit kickmap.com/support

GeoMobile for ArcGIS
By WebMapSolutions
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Oct 28, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link GeoMobile for ArcGIS

GeoMobile for ArcGIS is a free ArcGIS mobile viewer. It is highly customizable, and allows analysis and visualization of spatial data in ArcGIS. The application lets users load their own map layers via a Web hosted configuration file. It also includes a range of tools including annotation/measure, interactive overview map, geo-coder, search, routing and a geolocator.

EFB - Charts and Weather for Aviation
By GlobalNavSource
Device iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Nov 20, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link EFB - Charts and Weather for Aviation

GlobalNavSource is excited to announce EFB (Electronic Flight Bag). This app supports paperless operations, and give pilots access to charts, plates, weather, and other data.

*****Free 2-Month Subscription*****
Use EFB free for two full months. After the trial period has ended, you may purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.

*****Focus on Design*****
EFB is designed with extensive user testing, to allow for an easy operation. All functions are just one touch away so last minute runway or approach changes are a breeze. EFB's intuitive design utilizes iPad's gesture-based interface and makes for very pilot friendly operation.

* cache all charts, plates, and airport data for in-flight use
* fast, autocomplete airport search
* quick-swipe between airport plates
* pre-download upcoming data so you are ready to fly when you need to be
* extensive worldwide facility and weather information
* geo-referenced airport plates

All chart & plate data comes directly from GlobalNavSource, no 3rd party subscriptions required. The GlobalNavSource plates leverage FAA & ICAO symbology in a database that covers the world. GlobalNavSource provides seamless compilations of VFR and IFR chart sources, for the easiest chart-browsing experience.

* IFR High
* IFR Low
* VFR Sectionals
* VFR Terminal Area Charts

Professional users will appreciate the tailored plates for low visibility/SMGCS, Deice, Ramp/Gate, Special Approaches, RNP SAAR, tailored minimums and more.

Updates are a breeze. Data updates are handled in the background, while using the app, so using the app is not disrupted. In addition, EFB caches upcoming plates and charts before they are needed, so you are ready to fly.

Updates are accomplished wirelessly and only plates that change are updated. This greatly reduces bandwidth and speeds the update process in comparison to NACO based apps.

* METARs and TAFs - view information from thousands of weather stations around the world

* Chart overlays - display METAR weather layers on all chart types

*****Part 135 & Part 121 Operators*****
Part 135 & Part 121 operators require controlled software for FAA approval of paperless ops. EFB 121 is the controlled version of this app. Operators requiring EFB 121 for paperless operations may contact sales@globalnavsource.com for more information.

After the 2-month trial period, you must purchase an auto-renewing subscription to continue using the app. The subscription provides you with access to full US charts, plates, and weather for the duration of the subscription.

• One month ($24.99) or one year ($99.99) - auto-renewing

• TURN OFF auto-renewal via the main Settings app: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098

• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.

• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase

Privacy Policy: http://globalnavsource.com/privacy.php

Other Terms: http://globalnavsource.com/policies.php

By route4me.com
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Nov 15, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Route4me

Route4Me's navigation app makes multi-destination trips quick and easy. Unlike most navigation systems, Route4Me gives you the most optimal route when you need to go more than one place. Save time, money, and miles by optimizing your routes.

The application is great for house hunters, real estate agents, deliveries, technicians, van or taxi pickups, airport routes, or any other type of multi-destination trips. Enter addresses, zip codes, cities, states, or airport codes and Route4me will optimize the route for you.

Route4Me presents your route in multiple formats and offers a map interface as well.

Airport Shuttle Service
API Software Provider
Asset Recovery
Beverage Machine Refills
Federal Gov.
Food Services
Heating & AC
Ice Deliveries
Law Enforcement
Meter Reading
Municipal Gov.
Paper Shredding
Pest Control
Propane & Energy Delivery
Process Serving
Real Estate
Retail Furniture
School Busses
Service Calls
Snow Removal
State Gov.
Waste Collection
And Others!

Scenic Map Grand Canyon
By GrangerFX
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Scenic Map Grand Canyon

Discover true 3D terrain mapping with Scenic Map as you explore the rich landscapes around the Grand Canyon and Arizona.

Scenic Map is simply the best 3D moving map available for a mobile device. Use it as you drive, fly or hike to show a digital version of the world around you. With its birds eye view you can see what lies beyond your local horizon. Scenic Map works anywhere because all of its data is contained within the app so no internet connection is needed.

As you move, you will generate a track file which you can replay or export as GPX. You can also import GPX tracks generated in other programs and play them. While recording or playing a track, the map will be centered on the current location and rotated towards the direction of travel and rendered in 3D with silky smooth animation. When playing a track, you can speed up, slow down, pause, restart or skip to the end.

Most mobile terrain apps must transfer their maps from servers on the internet. This can be slow in areas with only 2G coverage or completely unavailable in wilderness areas where a map would be most useful. Scenic Map solves this problem by storing all its maps inside the app as vector data and rendering them on your mobile device.

Scenic Map's combination hardware/software 3D map renderer is the first of its kind. It is so fast, it can display every road in a city the size of Los Angeles while animating in real time. While most mapping apps hide smaller roads as you zoom out, Scenic Map can display every road at every zoom level. This is helpful when you are exploring an area with few roads because you can zoom out and see all the roads, not just the major highways.

Scenic Map can store more than 1/3rd of the country in a single app because it uses its own map compression technology. The detail contained in the maps is simply stunning. You can zoom in until small terrain features only a few meters in height can be easily seen. You can zoom out until entire states are visible.

Never before have maps been this customizable. For example, you can turn on or off the roads. You can change the lighting direction or remove terrain shading entirely. You can display contour lines. You can even step through the months and watch the seasons change. Preset

Want to learn more about a map feature? Click the target icon to display its name, feature type, urban area, state, elevation and coordinates. You will also see a bearing line back to your current GPS location or from your location to a selected waypoint. The status will display the bearing direction and distance along with the map and GPS elevation, the track length, and your current speed and direction of travel.

Scenic Map Grand Canyon covers northern and central Arizona and parts of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

If you enjoy Scenic Map Grand Canyon, imagine how fun it will be to explore the rest of the country. Available now:
Scenic Map Western USA
Scenic Map Central USA
Scenic Map Eastern USA
Scenic Map Alaska
Collect them all!

Documentation, detailed coverage maps, installation guide and blog are available on ScenicMap.com
Note: The street data may be inaccurate in some areas and is for reference only.
Map data © OpenStreetMap and contributors, CC-BY-SA.

Scenic Map supports GPS tracking while the app is in the background.
Caution: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Official Guide for MO State Parks & Historic Sites- Pocket Ranger™
By ParksByNature Network
Device iPhone
Category Navigation
Updated Nov 9, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Official Guide for MO State Parks & Historic Sites- Pocket Ranger™

Created in alliance with and approved by Missouri State Parks

This FREE version offers enhanced user navigation, detailed high-res facility maps with micro zoom and interactive GPS mapping guide for on/offline use with Point of Interest for each park.

The urge for an adventure or a quiet retreat comes from within, but the perfect outdoor wonderland to satisfy whatever getaway you crave is at Missouri’s State Parks. Discover nature at its finest and follow forested trails of rugged terrain leading to high scenic views, or follow gently sloping paths lined with wildflowers and open woodland. Planning your visit is easier than you think with Missouri State Park’s official app.

As you embark on your ideal Missouri getaway, feel confident that The Sanctioned and Approved Mobile Guide for Missouri State Parks will be there to enhance your visit. Gain access to the most up-to-date park information, upcoming events, news, alerts, weather conditions and geographic landmarks before and during your trip to the park grounds with the app’s many features.

Choose a park to visit by location, or by activities such as camping or fishing. Find that perfect spot with access to state park maps. Wake up to the sounds of birdcalls by making overnight reservations through the app. As you bask in the sun or sit adrift on a kayak, let family and friends know what they’re missing by using the social networking feature to post photos and share comments. Open-air and undisturbed natural beauty awaits!

Interactive GPS Feature for on/off line use 

The enhanced features of the Pocket Ranger™ apps combine the functionality of an advanced hand held GPS device with State surveyed and supplied Geographic Information System, commonly called “GIS”.

If that isn’t enough…continue reading and you’ll discover why!

With this FREE App you get features that allow you to keep track of your friends, mark waypoints, record tracks, cache maps and share your activities with others.

GPS features:
Work with content, maps & features on/offline.*
GPS mapping options include Road, Satellite or Hybrid maps.
Easy-to-cache Interactive GPS Terrain Mapping tiles for on/offline use.
Interactive GPS mapping guide with individual Park Points of Interest.
The GPS Parks Nearest Me feature will help locate parks nearest you.
The Friend Finder feature lets you keep track of companions while on a trail.
A built-in compass can help point your direction.
Use the Longitude/Latitude and Altitude positioning to navigate with ease.
Whether it is during or for future visits, you can Record, Save and Recall tracks or waypoints at your convenience.
Mark & personalize landmarks such as campgrounds, trailheads, fishing spots, parking areas & other points of interest.
Share photos, tracks, waypoints or current position with registered recipients through Facebook, Twitter or email.
Export tracks and waypoints in .KML and .GPX formats by email.
Let your family & friends know your whereabouts with the Alert Communication feature.

Standard Features:
Access information with ease
Search for Activities of interest on-the-go
Locate Sites by Park or State Region

Cache and view detailed maps of park facilities, trails 
and campgrounds
Access up-to-date park info 

Get directions to each site

Stay current on park calendar of events 

Access online reservations
Interactive facility contact (phone, address & email) info

Receive news, alerts, and weather update feeds
Accessibility, pet policy, tide charts, ozone and/or water quality information

Share you experience through Facebook and Twitter

Flickr Photo share

The enhanced pro features on the app are designed to function in areas with little to no mobile reception, however some of the features require mobile data reception in order to function properly.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Kik Maps
Device iPhone
Category Navigation
Updated Sep 2, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Kik Maps

Kik Maps is the best way for Kik users to send and share locations with each other. It shows your current location on a map, lets you search for addresses and other points of interest, and makes it easy to share locations with your friends via Kik Messenger.

Kik Maps features:

★ Show your current location
★ Search by any address or point of interest
★ Fetch addresses for any geographic location
★ Share any location via Kik Messenger
★ Open any location in Google Maps
★ Clean design and nifty animations

Kik Maps is also perfect for anyone who wants a simple, clean location app.

Enjoy! :)

By Darwin 3D, LLC
Device iPhone
Category Navigation
Updated Oct 10, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link CarStations

Find and help update electric car stations all over the world. At CarStations, we are EV drivers too! We work with manufacturers and drivers to help provide the most reliable data, latest locations and up to date information. This depends on us all! Tell everyone about a great charging location or favorite coffee shop nearby an electric car station. Where is that station in the parking garage? What are the hours? What is the cost to park or charge?

This is the info you need and the info that creates a community. Remember, anywhere can be a charging station - Public J1772 stations, campgrounds, 110 plugs. If the business is willing to offer a charge spot, it’s a charging station!


-Find stations near you. Use your current location to find stations or plan your trip to another city near you.

-Add a station. Found a station not on the map? Got a new business with a 110 plug willing to let drivers plug in! Tell the world and add it from your phone.

-Filter by charge type.

-User Comments. Add and view up to date comments on each station.

-Favorites. Create a favorite stations list.

Also, visit our website http://carstations.com for a more enhanced experience to plan your trips.

Cairo Metro
By Lifetime Development
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Nov 3, 2011
Price Free
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أول تطبيق لمترو الأنفاق في مصر

يحتوي هذا التطبيق علي العديد من الخدمات التي تساعد مستخدم مترو الأنفاق و يوفر معلومات عن خطوط المترو و المحطات

خدمات التطبيق :

معرفة أقرب محطة مترو الأنفاق بالنسبة لموقع المستخدم -
خريطة محطات المترو -
خدمات مميزة أثناء ركوب المترو و معلومات عن المحطات -

مميزات التطبيق :

لا يحتاج الوصول بالإنترنت -
متوفر باللغتين العربية و الإنجليزية -

Cairo Metro is the first iPhone application for the subway Metro lines in Egypt.

This application provides a lot of useful services which help the Metro users and provide them with information about the Metro lines and stations.

Application services:
- Information about the location of the nearest Metro station.
- Maps for the Metro stations.
- Very useful services for the Inside Metro passengers and information about stations.

Advantages of the applications:
- No need for internet connection.
- Available in 2 languages: Arabic / English.

Caltrain Times
By kaigames.com
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Navigation
Updated Oct 28, 2011
Price Free
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Interactive train schedule for the Caltrain system in California, USA.

Easy one page navigation allows you to select the "From" and "To" stations, allowing to quickly see train times. Selecting just the "From" station provides quick view of next northbound and southbound train times.

Caltrain Times also includes include:
- Supports English, Chinese, and Spanish.
- Find nearest station with GPS integration.
- Get alerts from @caltrain and @bikecar twitter accounts for trains included in your selection.
- Full schedule details with fare amounts.
- Supports showing times for routes that require a transfer.
- Select between weekend and weekday, app knows which day it is by default.
- Reverse selected stations by clicking North/South icon.
- Shows changes to train times for Holidays.

Caltrain provides commuter rail service along the San Francisco Peninsula, through the South Bay to San Jose and Gilroy.