Desktopr New Age Stone And Crystal Guide SecureHome Cookiza!
Desktopr New Age Stone And... SecureHome Cookiza!
Free $3.99 $1.99 $9.99
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Osciroi - Offline weblog Memories Red Alarm Jewish Calendar
Osciroi - Offline... Memories Red Alarm Jewish Calendar
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Clox Booxter Clarus You
Clox Booxter Clarus You
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Easy Thai Cooking MyDiary 2 Audiobook Builder Cookiepix Lite
Easy Thai Cooking MyDiary 2 Audiobook Builder Cookiepix Lite
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Paprika Recipe Manager Garden Tracker Kuvva Wallpapers Wake Up Light
Paprika Recipe Ma... Garden Tracker Kuvva Wallpapers Wake Up Light
$19.99 $4.99 Free $4.99
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By Sandwichlab
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Oct 27, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Desktopr

Desktopr is simple way to extend your desktop with any content you can even imagine.

With Desktopr you can set any website, quartz composition, flash movie or other content as your desktop background.

Imagine your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or favorite blog or magazine as a background of your desktop. You can switch currently showed content from desktop level to front anytime from menu bar and start browsing immediately.

All content items (websites / animations / movies / …) are easy configurable and for all of them may be set specific duration from 10 seconds to unlimited. Count of content items is unlimited.

Youtube and Vimeo movies are played in fullscreen automatically (optional).

Flash or other plugins can be optionally disabled.

New Age Stone And Crystal Guide
By August Hesse
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Jan 5, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link New Age Stone And Crystal Guide

New Age Stones and Crystals Guide provides metaphysical property information for hundreds of stones and crystals. Search through indexes of stone names or property types to find the exact stone needed for your self development. The most extensive virtual stone and crystal guide available, this application identifies stones helpful for improvement of spiritual, mental and psychological aspects. This application is a great new age resource and a lot of fun!

By Stephen Arrowsmith
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Oct 20, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link SecureHome

SecureHome lets you use your Mac as a home security system. Using either your Macs built-in microphone, or an external microphone, SecureHome will listen for potential intruders. If an intruder is heard, SecureHome will sound an alarm to scare them off and email an alert, with a recording of the sound, to your smartphone. A video taken with your built-in webcam is also uploaded to your free Dropbox account!

Features include:
Alarm Sound: SecureHome Sounds an alarm to scare off intruders
Email Alerts: SecureHome sends an alert to your smartphone with an audio file that enables you to hear the sound that triggered the alarm
Movies: SecureHome uploads a movie to your Dropbox folder so that you can view the intruder via your smartphone
Remote Control: You can disable your alarm using your smartphone
Calibration Plots: View audio levels in real-time to help tune the sensitivity
Numerous customizable features: Control the alarm settings, sound settings, video settings, and email settings using an intuitive interface.

Features include:
• Sounds an alarm to scare off intruders
• Sends an alert to your smartphone with an audio file that enables you to listen to the sound that triggered the alarm!
• Numerous customizable options including sound threshold level, sound file format, and more.
• View audio levels in real-time to help you tune the sensitivity

By ITnovis
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Sep 13, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Cookiza!

The "More than a cookery book" cookery book is now also available for the Mac.

Manage your own Recipes with Cookiza! for OSX...

Cookiza for OS X is not only a recipe collection incl. community, no it also manages your own recipe collection.

In addition, Cookiza! is also a shopping list, menu planner and cooking community, to mention just a few.

AS TASTY AS EVER - some Cookiza! functions:

- compiles and manages your own recipes
- neatly arranged and attractive recipe overviews
- more than 10 categories
- neatly arranged ingredient lists
- menu planner - gives weekly and daily plans in daily schedules
- divides recipes via Twitter, Facebook, email
- shopping lists
- easy portion calculation
- search and filter functions
- new community recipes by way of integrated update function
- publish recipes (public or private) making them retrievable at any point in time or directly via Cookiza! iPhone or iPad App
- recipe importation (YummySoup 2.0, Mac Gourmet 3, CSV, Web, RecipeCast) (more follow)

Wishes and feedback please to

Osciroi - Offline weblog
By DOTAPON Software
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Aug 8, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Osciroi - Offline weblog

Weblog has many eye-catching themes, and useful features.
Osciroi is a weblog-like stylish diary for personal use.

** Share your theme with everybody in the world! **
Now you can create your own theme using HTML, and CSS.
If you create, please let me know.
I'll introduce your cool theme in the official website!

By e-mail: hk (at)
By twitter: @dotapon

Wouldn't you try it, If you think that:
"I want to try a weblog, but I'm afraid to be shared my personal facts with general public..."

Example of use:

- For your travel story
- For business diary
- For software development diary
- For summarizing your thought
- And so on!


- Internet connection not required
Osciroi doesn't require the internet connection.
You don't have to worry about leaking of your personal information with careless mistake.

- 8 unique themes
You can fit your theme to your moods.

- Supports images and hyper-links
You can add images and hyper-links to your journals.
Decorate with them, and make it favorite!

- Tags for grouping
You can group a lot of journals using tags, and access them effectively.

- Human readable format (XML)
Are you worry about the compatibility with other applications?
No problem.
You can view, edit the diary using other general text editors.

By Juicy Cocktail
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Oct 5, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Memories

Memories is the easiest to use diary app for OS X.

Write a journal, include images, videos and sound. Keep your diary at one place and browse through your precious happenings. Rediscover the greatest moments in your life.

Your thoughts look great from the beginning. But with just a couple of clicks you can change fonts and text alignment. Use the easily accesible menu or keyboard shortcuts to underline important parts of your life. Color your thoughts to make them stand out. Customize every entry and let your imagination thrive. You can even set your mood.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Movies even more. Add images just by dragging & dropping them on an entry. Top them off with your thoughts. Add images, sound, videos and even PDF files and include them into your journal. All common media files are supported and float naturally with your text.

Your data is the most important thing. Every diary is encrypted by default. You can set a password for even more protection. We use the industry-proven AES-256 encryption standard for the highest security of your personal data.

Did you forget when something happened? No problem. It’s our job to find past thoughts. Search for everything in the most easiest and fastest way possible and rediscover your memories.

Print your memories and take all of your customizations like styles and colors to paper. With just a few clicks, you can go from viewing something on the screen to holding a printed copy in your hands.

With one click all clutter disappears and you can write your journal without distractions. The gorgeous full-screen view uses every inch of your display and makes it easy to go back.

Your diary gets saved every two minutes, so you don’t have to think about it. Just focus on your writing. Forget to press Command-S after every change. You’ll never lose hours of your time again.

We don’t like if you feel locked in. That’s the reason why we preserve your memories in a standard-based SQLite format and let you export all of your entries in ten different formats.

Memories integrates perfectly into OS X. Check your spelling and grammar while you type. Substitutions make your links, quotes and dashes beautiful. The built-in speech feature even reads your thoughts.

★★★★★ USER REVIEWS ★★★★★

“I have been looking for a simple and inexpensive app to keep a daily journal, and I found that in Memories. It is intuitive and has all the features you need for a journal application! I highly recommend this program.” — Stumpy762

“Fast. Easy. Clean. Simple. Just how I like my apps.” — AbuNow

“This is a great way to document your private memories. I needed help so I emailed customer support and heard back within 30 minutes. Problem was solved in 2 minutes.” — GDC51

Red Alarm
By smartieAnts Inc.
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Nov 5, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Red Alarm

Go to sleep and wake up with Red Alarm.

Red Alarm is a power alarm clock for your Mac. Use the easy interface to create unlimited number of alarms. Quickly and easily create and customize alarms however you like. You can change the background from a choice of eight different colours. Red Alarm also works in the menu bar, which makes it fast to create custom alarms or alarms with 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes in the future. Red Alarm comes with 18 default alarm sounds and iTunes playlist integration.

Sleep Mode
- Click on the alarm icon located in the menu bar in the top right corner of your Mac to open a drop down menu.
- In the drop down menu select "Go To Sleep". This will dim your screen and allow your Mac to fall asleep naturally.

- Wake up from sleep
- iTunes music integration
- Menu bar integration for creating and managing alarms
- Shuffle music
- Fade in
- Create custom playlist using iTunes library
- Snooze
- Set repeat days

Background colours:
- Red
- Blue
- Purple
- Pink
- Yellow
- Green
- Orange
- Chrome

Default alarm sounds:
- Alarm Clock
- Beach Waves
- Bell
- Bird
- Cow
- Fireplace
- Machine Gun
- Rooster
- Sunny Day
- Traffic Jam
- Drill
- Error
- Growl
- Howl
- Jump
- Shotgun
- Siren
- Whistle

Jewish Calendar
By digitalfibr SAS
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Aug 31, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Jewish Calendar

JewishCalendar is the easiest way to follow all the jewish events for the year.

JewishCalendar enables you to convert every gregorian day format into the hebraic calendar. For the month, you have an overview of all upcoming shabbats and holidays. Clic on an event to see a short description or a Parasha, print the page or learn more on

Select your city and get all the shabbats dates and times. Search within all the events and show the link on the calendar.

With JewishCalendar, you can also upload every event into your iCal or select each separate item you would like to see.

By Eltima
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Sep 7, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Clox

WE MISSED SOME STYLE YOU'D REALLY WANT? Describe it in a comment and we will add it in the next version!

Clox helps you keep an eye on time and never miss important thing. Wherever your friends, clients or even competitors are - just one look at the desktop, and you know what time is there where they are. Clox is a convenient app that allows adding a clock (and not just one, you can add many!) to your desktop and setting an individual style, timezone and many other things for each clock. Among the options you will find:

- 26 various individual styles;
- Possibility to create several clocks with different timezones;
- Customizable size and opacity;
- "Always on top" option;
- Export the clock with your individual settings and import them on your other Mac;
- Set the clock to click-through mode to make every spot of your desktop accessible easily;
- Autostart with the computer, and many many other captivating conveniences.

By Deep Prose
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Nov 7, 2011
Price $29.99
Download iTunes app link Booxter

Booxter helps you track your collections of books, music, movies and comics on your Mac. It is powerful, fun, and easy to use.

Don't forget to download the free iPhone companion app that will scan barcodes into Booxter and also let you export your collections to your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Booxter has 3 viewing modes to make it easy to manage your items:
-List: A standard list of items, row-by-row, with columns that you can customize.
-Filter: Lets you drill down by various attributes to quickly and easily find what you are looking for.
-Tag: Illustrates item counts by their sizes in a large grouping of tags.

There are 3 ways to scan barcodes and have items added to Booxter.
-Video: Use your iSight video camera (or other webcam or camcorder) to scan in barcodes visually.
-Wireless: Use a Bluetooth barcode scanner to scan in barcodes wirelessly.
-USB: Use a tethered USB barcode scanner to enter barcodes quickly and easily.

(Barcode scanning can be done with books, music and movies; comic book barcode scanning is not currently supported).

Booxter can search many different online sources. More are being added. If you would like a certain source supported, let us know.
-Amazon US, UK, FR, DE, IT, JP, CA
-Library of Congress (US)
-British Library (GB)
-Bibliothèque Nationale de France (FR)
-Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DE)
-National Diet Library (JP) (CA)
-Dymocks (AU)
-National Library of Australia (AU)
-Koninklijke Bibliotheek (NL) (NL) (IT)
-Internet Bookshop Italia (IT)
-National Library of Poland (PL) (PL)
-National Library of Norway (NO) (NO)
-National Library of Sweden (SE)
-National Library of Denmark (DK)
-National Library of Brazil (BR)
-Submarino (BR)
-Grand Comics Database (US) (US)

There are 3 ways to print from Booxter.
-Single item: Print out a single item per page.
-Multiple items: Print out multiple items per page, like a spreadsheet.
-Labels: Print out labels that you can attach to your items.

Wait, there's more!

Smart lists: Create dynamic, intelligent lists to help you keep track of things easily.

Import: Import from comma or tab-delimited text files, or from a number of other products.

Export to files: Export to a variety of formats, including CSV, XML, HTML, BibTeX and more.

Export to iPhone/iPod Touch: With the free companion app, conveniently carry your collections with you.

Export to iPod Classic: Export to an older iPod Classic.

Lending: Keep track of items that you've lent out, integrated with your Address Book.

Game: Play a quiz game based upon the items in your collection.

Localization: Localized in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

Check out the Tips and Tricks section from the Help menu to learn more about the many great things that Booxter has to offer.

By KennettNet Software
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Jul 6, 2011
Price $24.99
Download iTunes app link Clarus

Owning a pet is a wonderful experience. However, keeping track of their important paperwork is not. You probably have folders full of insurance documents, medical records, vet bills, expense receipts and more. Your calendar is littered with little reminders to give a flea treatment or to go to the vet for a checkup. No matter how organized you are, there's always that worry that you've missed something.

Well, worry no more. Clarus is a Mac OS X application designed to manage the life and paperwork of your pets for you - no matter how many you own, and includes a free iPhone and iPod touch application to take that information with you.

Keep track of the things most important to your pet:

- Contacts
- Photos
- Insurance
- Vet visits
- Medication
- Expenses

This information is automatically maintained in iCal, so your Mac and any devices synced with it will alert you when something important is coming up for your pet.

You can also use Clarus to quickly and easily share your pet's information with others.

- Going on holiday? Print an "Up and Coming" page to give to your kennels or sitter.
- Moving vet? Print out a comprehensive medical history in a few clicks.
- The worst happened and your pet has gone missing? Print a missing poster in seconds so you can go out searching as fast as you possibly can.

By iLifeTouch & Co.
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Oct 5, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link You

"You" is not just an alarm clock. It is meant to make your life easier one day at a time. "You" will help you wake up informed and in a good mood to start your new day. Everything you could hope for to make your day at home or at the office run smoother is at your finger tips. Don't be surprised if you constantly discover more features that have been built into this "loaded" app. The app has so many features that they all have to be discovered.

Alarm clock with multiple settings and functionality, time display, alarm notified day planner, event planner, special date reminder with display and search functions, feeds, up to date local weather. The weather uses first clock location. Features will be added as requests are received. This is your app. Please tell us immediately if you want new features or improvements.

This is your app. The iLifeTouch team is always ready to help you improve the functionality of this app. We are here to make your life easier with You. You will find more improvement in upcoming version. Please visit our website for more info.

iLifeTouch making apps that make your life easier one day at a time! TM.

Important Note: The first city chosen will display the weather of that city. So if you want local weather simply chose your current location as your first choice of cities and you will have local weather. That simple. We have provided a location for users to enter their favourite feed. We are updating the app and providing information on our website. Set up correctly this will be your go to breakfast app after You wakes You up.

Easy Thai Cooking
By Ramen Shoppe
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Aug 12, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Easy Thai Cooking

In Easy Thai Cooking, we bring you Thai food as it's eaten in the countless restaurants of central Thai cuisine found in and around Bangkok.

Though this cookbook is in every way authentic to Thai cuisine, we've presented Thailand's favorite foods without fuss and in a way that anyone can make.

This cookbook guides you through an endless variety of multi-dish dinner parties and it also gives you quick everyday meals that will breathe new life into your kitchen.

To help you shop, our ingredients list will show you what those items look like as they're likely to be found in Asian markets. We've presented substitutions for common ingredients when possible.

Our step-by-step explanations of the cooking process come from countless hours of cooking these dishes in our own kitchen. These tried and true recipes are accurate recreations of the dishes cooked everyday by central Thailand's myriad chefs, parents and spouses.

We hope it brings you many joyful meals and new insight into one of the world's most cherished cuisines. Enjoy!

What's included:

- Over 30 step-by-step recipes of authentic and delicious Thai food
- A visual guide to over 40 common Thai ingredients and possible substitutions
- A handy email function that will help you write or email a shopping list for each dish

*** Limited Time Launch Sale ***

Easy Thai Cooking is normally $14.99 but you can get it for a limited time at $9.99 for our launch sale.

MyDiary 2
By My Diary, Inc.
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Jul 14, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link MyDiary 2

*Feedback: MyDiary 2 only save data locally and will never send anything to any server over the Internet*

*Sync with MyDiary 2 for iPhone/iPod*

Keeping a traditional, private diary is different from blogging on the web,It's about finding your inner-most feelings instead of sharing stories with your friends.

Writing down your true feelings and reviewing them later will allow you to get to know yourself more and act as a memory of your experiences to look back on in the future.

My Diary is a great tool for keeping your diary private, anytime, anywhere. Whenever you get an idea or feeling, just tab on My Diary and write it down, and you will find keeping a diary has never been this easy.

Most successful people keep a private diary to improve themselves. Want to know more about yourself and make yourself better?Get started now with My Diary!

1.Sync with MyDiary 2 for iPhone/iPod (available on the iTunes App Store)
2.import diary entries from MyDiary
3.automatically backup for each day and keep it for 7 days
4.automatically backup before sync been performed
5.restore from backups
6.paging by months
7.export as text file
8.change font size by pinching
9.tagging by color
10.Passcode lock protection
11.AES-256 encryption during data transfer

*the app icon was created by Little Star Cindy (

*the rest of the icons was created by Fat Cow(

Audiobook Builder
By Splasm Software, Inc.
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Jul 20, 2011
Price $5.99
Download iTunes app link Audiobook Builder

Traveling to and from work, while exercising, or waiting in line - find your smile in a book with Audiobook Builder!

Audiobook Builder makes it easy to turn your audio CDs and files into audiobooks for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Join audio, create enhanced chapter stops, adjust quality settings and let Audiobook Builder handle the rest. When it finishes you get one or a few audiobook tracks in iTunes instead of hundreds or even thousands of music tracks!

Cookiepix Lite
By Fabrice Leyne
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Jan 6, 2012
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Cookiepix Lite

Cookiepix lets you bake, easily, magical Desktop Backgrounds full of beautiful memories.
Just Drag and Drop your photos in Cookiepix and have fun baking. It is as simple.

Cookiepix professional designer created exclusively for you, 5 beautiful themes of frames and background patterns, for you to easily bake your personal magical WallPaper.
- Classic -
- Simple -
- Kawaii -
- Techno -
- Christmas -

You can have fun tweaking your photos with our 7 predefined photo effects.

You want to share your Cookiepix Pictures with your Friends and Family ? Share them directly from Cookiepix on your Facebook Wall, Flickr Photostream, or by Email…

Export easily to iPhoto. Cookiepix will create, for you, one special Cookiepix Album for all your Cookiepix. Then just sync your Cookiepix Album with your iPad, iPhone… and use it as WallPaper as well on your iPad, ... ;)

Browse your photos with Cookiepix Photo Browser, and have easy access to your iPhoto Library (including your Facebook and Flickr album), Aperture Library, Picture Folder, …

and more ...

Good Baking,

The Cookiepix Team.

NB: Cookiepix Lite has only 1 Theme. For 5 Themes go to the Full Version.

Paprika Recipe Manager
By Hindsight Labs LLC
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Oct 24, 2011
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link Paprika Recipe Manager

Delightfully simple recipe management for everyone: from aspiring cooks to professional chefs. With ingredient scaling, grocery lists and meal planning, Paprika is the perfect kitchen companion. If you love to cook, Paprika will be most useful app you've ever downloaded!



★ Automatically download recipes with a single tap from more than 100 supported sites. Supported site list:
★ Innovative clipboard tools let you copy and paste recipe information from any website..
★ Quickly scale recipe ingredients to your desired serving size.
★ Add personalized notes to each recipe.
★ Track nutritional information (automatically saved from sites which provide it).
★ Easily manage your grocery list: add recipes with a single click, as well as your own items.
★ No-hassle meal planning: add specific recipes or custom entries into the weekly meal planner.
★ Customizable categories: assign recipes to multiple categories.
★ Powerful search tools help you easily find any recipe by source, ingredient or name.
★ Full printing and emailing support for recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans.
★ Share recipes via email (that other Paprika users can automatically import).
★ Backup and restore keeps your recipe collection safe.
★ Import from popular desktop apps such as MacGourmet, YummySoup! and MasterCook.
★ Cloud sync between Mac OS X, iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches.
★ Offline access. All of your data is stored locally, no internet connection is required.
★ Bookmarklet. Capture recipes from your web browser straight into your Paprika Cloud Sync account.

Questions? Thoughts? We're here for you! User manual: or email us at

Garden Tracker
By Portable Databases
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Dec 5, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Garden Tracker

Garden Tracker lets you size and plan your garden plots, plant your vegetables, and then track your garden’s progress, including days to harvest, days since watered, and days since last fertilized. All this info is conveniently referenced in a grid you design.

NOTE: To plant your vegetables, click and drag on the squares in your garden grid, then select one of the vegetables in the popup, and then click on the "Plant Seed" or "Plant Seedling" buttons.

* Create a garden: Choose the number of rows and columns in your garden. The dimensions are up to you. Create and track as many gardens as you want!

* Fill in your garden grid by choosing from the available, pre-loaded vegetables.

* Track vital garden statistics including days to harvest, days since watered and days since fertilized. Logging watering and fertilizing dates is quick and easy.

* Garden Tracker comes pre-loaded with over 50 common vegetable/herbs and general planting information including spacing, water needs, ideal soil temperature, recommended planting season, and recommended planting depth. Any of this information can be edited.

* Fully customizable to your plants: add your own vegetable, herbs, or even flowers! Add an unlimited number of plants that you can then add to and track in your garden.

* Keep notes on your gardens, log actual harvest date, and update your garden through the season.

* Handy reference tools useful for any gardener:
- Garden Zone map with first and last frost dates for your USDA planting zone.
- Visual pest database with common pests and a focus on organic solutions to help tackle intruders in the field.

Kuvva Wallpapers
By Present Plus BV
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Oct 7, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Kuvva Wallpapers

Kuvva is a utility that offers a weekly selection of curated images streamed straight to your desktop.

Kuvva selects a new surprising artist each week and they in turn offer a new image for your desktop wallpaper for every day of the week. Rotating throughout the day.

Kuvva will help style your digital life.

* Features *

A new artist every week and a surprise every time you see your desktop.

The ability to skip forward, backwards or pause on an image you love.

The ability to share with your friends via Twitter.

An exceptionally easy application to install and use.

* Support *

We believe in keeping things simple. But in case we haven't and something has gone wrong. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Wake Up Light
By Rocky Sand Studio
Device Mac
Category Lifestyle
Updated Nov 5, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Wake Up Light

Wake Up Light is a special alarm clock for your Mac. It wakes you up with gradually brightening light to help you feel more energized all day. The beautiful sunrise effect is a natural cue for your body to increase the level of cortisone, which is also referred to as the energy hormone.

Wakeup Light simulates sunrise at the speed of your choice, so you can adjust it to suit your personal preference. The light will be at it's brightest at the alam time you set and a natural alarm sound will start to play at a selected volume.

- personalized sunrise time
- 3 natural alarm sounds
- adjustable clock position at full screen
- snooze by pressing any key
- 24hour mode, depending on your system clock settings
- alarm can be set using the keyboard

Please rate the app and also let us know about your feature requests, so we can roll them out in our next release!