Longform Caffeinated Tech Junkie Podcast Player Pro
Longform Caffeinated Tech Junkie Podcast Player Pro
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Headlines Zipline Fire Radio Scanner NewsTweet Reader
Headlines Zipline Fire Radio Scanner NewsTweet Reader
$1.99 $9.99 $2.99 $0.99
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FeedBoard Tremors BeyBlade Public Radio - iPad Edition
FeedBoard Tremors BeyBlade Public Radio - iP...
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LDS News Paranormal - A Serious Look At The Paranormal with Jim Harold NORML News Doctor Who WhoNews
LDS News Paranormal - A Se... NORML News Doctor Who WhoNews
$1.99 $1.99 $0.99 $2.99
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BEST OF THE LEFT APP Pocket Casts Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration HD POM Alert
BEST OF THE LEFT APP Pocket Casts Buzz Aldrin Porta... POM Alert
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Page 1 Page 3
By Longform
Device iPad
Category News
Updated Feb 1, 2012
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Longform

Longform delivers all of the latest in-depth articles from the world's best magazines, plus unmissable reads curated from across the web by the editors of Longform.org. Perfect for commutes, flights, or Sunday afternoons.

There has never been more incredible writing available online. Now there is a central place to find it.

Stop browsing, start reading.

• The first reader designed exclusively for longform writing
• Elegant, reader-friendly design
• All articles fully accessible offline
• Toggle between original web page and a reading-optimized view
• Comes with a Readability Reading List: bookmark articles in-app and from across the web then read them back later in Longform
• Bookmark articles directly to read later in Instapaper and Read It Later
• Share articles via email, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr
• Customize the reading experience with adjustable fonts, margins, and text size
• Powered by the Readability API

By GeekyGoodness
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Feb 23, 2012
Price $8.99
Download iTunes app link Caffeinated

Caffeinated is a beautiful Google Reader client that seamlessly syncs with your Google Reader account.

Caffeinated supports sending to your favourite social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter and also bookmarking / read it later services such as Instapaper and Read It Later.

Caffeinated also allows customisation of the reading view, you can create themes or modify existing ones for your viewing pleasure.

Some other features include:
- Plugin architecture for developers
- Find and subscribe to feeds
- Basic "resume", start off where you left off
- Basic click for flash
- Readability mode to see the full article
- Fully customisable shortcuts
- Subscription organisation
and much more.

Please note: If you are only get old items, please check the preferences and increase the unread sync mac count.

Please note: There are a few issues with 10.6 and a build will be submitted to the App Store on the weekend of the 25th Feb to resolve these issues.

Not convinced? There is a 15 day trial version available on our website: http://www.caffeinatedapp.com

Also great developer support, any questions or bug reports please just email bugs@caffeinatedapp.com, i normally reply within a few hours or am on IM to instantly chat or help fix anything ( unless I'm asleep ).

Please note: Caffeinated requires a free Google Reader account to use ( linked from within the application login screen ). For more information please visit: http://www.google.com/reader/

Tech Junkie
By EZ Apps, Inc.
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Mar 7, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Tech Junkie

Go to Techjunkieapp.info for more information & additional screenshots! Click on the "EZ Apps, Inc web site" link on the right to get there!

*On Sale Through Today!*

√ Tech Junkie for Mac is now here! Use Tech Junkie as your one-stop Tech news browser and share any article via Facebook, Twitter or Email!

√ Tech Junkie is now available for your MAC! Have a handy browser where you can quickly read and share tech articles from 24 major tech sites. Stop searching for tech and have all the best places in one app. Spend more time reading the latest tech news! Share articles via Facebook/Twitter & Email! Add/delete your own tech sites as well!

√ Tech Junkie delivers 24 of the best tech news sites/blogs into ONE app. Just select your favorite tech site and start reading/sharing! Add sites to make it your own custom tech news browser! Come see why Tech Junkie has become loved by thousands of users!

√ Get Access To All Your Tech News In ONE PLACE! One Click access to these 24 tech news sites:

> 9to5 Mac
> Ars Technica
> Boy Genius Reports
> CultofMac
> Digg
> Engadget
> Geek.com
> Gizmodo
> iPhone Alley
> iLounge
> iPhone Freak
> Lifehacker
> Mac Observer
> Mac OS Ken (Apple News Audio Podcast)
> Mac Rumors
> Macworld
> Popular Science
> Reuters Technology
> Techmeme
> The iPhone Blog (TiPb)
> Touch Arcade (iPhone/iPad Game Reviews)
> TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog)
> Yahoo! Technology News
> ZDNet

√ "WHAT Features Do I Get?":

→ Icon view to quickly recognize and access your favorite tech sites.

→ List View

→ Ability to add your own sites, just press the "+" button and enter the web address. User-added sites will be placed in their own category on the left side of the app.

→ Set A Default Site For Fast Loading. Click the pin button on the bottom right to selected the site you are viewing as your default startup site!

→ Share any article via Email, Twitter or FaceBook

**Don't forget your gossip on the go! Grab Tech Junkie for iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch Today!

*Internet connection is required


Web: www.ezappsinc.com

Email: support@ezappsinc.com

Twitter: @ezappzinc

Thank you for your interest in our iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad & Mac Apps!

~ EZ Apps, Inc.

Podcast Player Pro
By StarvingMind
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Aug 16, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Podcast Player Pro

Stream audio and video podcasts live off the net with this simple and effective podcast player app designed for serious podcast listeners. Designed from the ground up as a podcast player, not a media player that can play podcasts. In Lion, try the full-screen experience!

Search our growing and constantly updated database of 27k podcasts.

Please email me if you encounter problems with any feeds! I can almost always resolve the issue, but can't easily respond to comments left on the App Store.

By ilia
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Oct 8, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Headlines

Headlines brings together all of the news you are interested in and displays it on one page for quick and easy reading. To help with readability, the news items are split into columns, and images are kept to a minimum. No longer will you spend every morning opening stacks of browser tabs just to keep up with the today’s headlines, and no longer will you be bombarded with advertising imagery.

When you click on a news item on Headline's home page, the actual webpage of the article will appear. Using the Headlines button or the back navigation control will take you back to Headline's home page. Touch pad users can also perform 3 finger swipes left and right to navigate backwards and forwards and a swipe up or down will navigate back to the Headlines page.

By default Headlines grays-out read articles. If you prefer that read articles are hidden or always visible, this can be changed in the preferences.

To mark an article as read, hold down the Cmd (Apple) key whilst clicking on an article's link. To mark an article as unread just repeat the steps.

Right mouse clicking or control-clicking on an article's link displays a context menu that allow the article to be marked as read or unread. You can also open the article in Safari or copy the link.

An additional 7 pages can be added to Headlines allowing you to group news by categories. You can quickly jump between pages using the shortcut key Cmd+1 - for the first page, Cmd+2 - for the second, etc.

To display the news you are interested in, just open Headline’s preferences window and replace the list of default RSS news feeds with those of your favorite websites. You can also import your RSS feeds from Mail or Safari, and even import subscriptions from third party news readers (that support exporting in the OPML format).

By default when a new headline arrives and you are not viewing the Headlines application, you are notified by a notification window that appears in the top-right corner of the desktop. If you do not wish to see notifications you can turn this option off in the preferences.

The URL of the article you are viewing is shown in at the bottom of the application's window, a context menu allows you to open the article in a web browser.

There is an option in the preferences to display the time/date next to each article's headline.

The keyboard shortcut combination Shift+ increases the default font size. Shift- decreases the default font size.

The keyboard shortcut Delete navigates backwards. The keyboard shortcut Shift+Delete navigates forwards.

By Stuffed Iggy Software
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Jul 2, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Zipline

Zipline is a plugin-based news and information ticker for your desktop. Pulling events and information from Facebook, RSS feeds, iCal events and todos, Twitter and other sources, Zipline lets you passively keep an eye on whatʼs going on on your computer and in your life. With its highly customizable interface, Zipline makes it simple for you to make it an integral and beautiful part of your desktop.

Fire Radio Scanner
By Christopher Coudriet
Device iPhone
Category News
Updated Jul 19, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Fire Radio Scanner

Looking for the ULTIMATE, Most REALISTIC FIRE SCANNER App? You just FOUND IT! GET yours TODAY!


Support for Metadata Tags (This means you can now see which department is talking each time a call goes out! Bringing you closer than ever to a real scanner) this is a unbelievable awesome new feature only found in Fire Radio.


Fire Radio is brought to you by the developers of the VERY popular Police Radio application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Fire Radio is also brought to you in collaboration with LiveFireFeeds.com

Fire Radio allows you to listen to "Live" Fire and EMS frequencies at the fraction of the cost of a real scanner. In addition you can use the integrated high resolution maps to pinch and zoom your way to every call. Fire Radio also supports stereo bluetooth A2DP audio output for listening in your vehicle or wherever you may have bluetooth & network connectivity.


✓ iPod controls (pause & play everywhere)

✓ Sleep timer!

✓ Support for alpha tags / metadata!

✓ Realistic LCD scrolling text!

✓ High resolution retina display graphics!

✓ Ability to save your favorite stations!

✓ Ability to add and edit custom stations!

✓ Intuitive & easy to navigate interface!

✓ Background audio support via iOS 4 multitasking or safari!

✓ Auto updating database built in! We add it! You get it!

✓ Ability to disable auto lock!

✓ Integrated high resolution and location aware maps!

✓ Fast & excellent customer support. (Just read the reviews!)

Below is a list of current available frequencies.

Maryland - Anne Arundel County
Maryland - Anne Arundel County Fire Ground
Maryland - Baltimore City
Maryland - Baltimore County
Maryland - Baltimore County Fire Ground
Maryland - Calvert County
Maryland - Carroll County
Maryland - Cecil County
Maryland - Frederick County
Maryland - Harford County
Maryland - Montgomery County
Maryland - Ocean City
Maryland - PG County
Maryland - Queen Anne's County
Maryland - St. Mary's County
Maryland - Upper Maryland ESC
Maryland - Wicomico County
Maryland - Worcester County

Delaware - Kent County
Delaware - New Castle County
Delaware - Sussex County
Delaware - Wilmington City

Pennsylvania - Berks County
Pennsylvania - City Of Reading
Pennsylvania - York County
Pennsylvania - Westmoreland County

Washington DC - Washington DC

New Jersey - Gloucester County
New Jersey - Salem County

Virginia - Accomack County

Please note that not all locations are available at this time. Available locations are subject to change at any time. Crushed Box Software does not own or operate any of the available feeds. Feed content is provided under license from LiveFireFeeds.com

Having Problems? We can solve 99% of all issues you may be experiencing. Just send us an email with your concern and we will promptly address your situation.

NewsTweet Reader
By Intelligent Hand
Device iPad
Category News
Updated May 6, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link NewsTweet Reader

NewsTweet Reader for iPad brings you web feeds and Twitter mashed up in a fresh Scandinavian design. Read your favorite news feeds & blogs in style. Or simply follow the latest news by creating your own Twitter feeds based on keywords of interest, without even needing a Twitter account. Discover what other readers think of the article you're reading with just a tap on the StoryBuzz! button, thanks to NewsTweet's deep Twitter integration.


*Twitter feeds*
• Create your own Twitter feeds by searching for keywords or hash tags of interest – No Twitter account required!
• Near Me brings you the latest tweets from people in your area and lets you view links they are sharing – No Twitter account required!

*Web feeds*
• Simply search for web feeds (RSS) and blogs using names or keywords (No URLs required)
• Preview the latest stories in a newspaper inspired sleek design
• Tap the StoryBuzz! button to discover what people on Twitter are saying about the article you are reading right now
• Share stories via e-mail or Twitter
• Read stories in offline mode when data connectivity is unavailable

We are constantly improving NewsTweet, please send us your feedback using the 'Feedback' feature in the app.

By Vlad Alexa
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Sep 15, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link FeedBoard

FeedBoard cycles a news feed on the screen, top to bottom, zooming each item in the middle of the screen, each item zoomed or not can be clicked and the list can be scrolled trough.*

Feed list** is retrieved from your Google Reader*** settings.

* also includes a MagicPrefs plugin with the same
functionality as in the standalone app.

** introductory price for launch, eventually more vehicles for getting a list of news will be added.

*** a Google account with Google Reader is required.

By Michael Jones
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Jun 27, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Tremors

*** If you experienced issues with Tremors not loading, this was due to our server being down. The problem has been corrected, we apologize for the error. ***

Did you feel that? Tremors allows you to keep tabs on seismic activity from around the world, right from the comfort of your Mac.

Using data compiled by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and other sources, Tremors gives you up-to-the-minute details on the latest rumblings, and plots every quake on a map for easy reference.

Whether you're a casual observer of nature's devastating phenomenon or an avid follower, Tremors is designed to satisfy your curiosity.

By Climax Entertainment
Device iPhone
Category News
Updated Oct 27, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link BeyBlade

This App keeps you one tap away from the latest in the world of BeyBlades! We've got your exclusive front row pass! This App transforms the latest news, videos, events, and more, into a beautiful and interactive experience.

Features include the latest News, Videos, Tour Dates, Pictures, Facts, Biography, Latest Tweets, Interviews, and more!

Socialize gives you power to:

- Like and comment on articles, blog posts, images, audio, and videos.

- Follow the activity stream of other users within the app
track their own footsteps across the app.

- Sharing media to outside networks such as Twitter and Facebook

- Emailing their favourite content to friends

Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch running OS 4.0 or later, and an internet connection (such as WiFi for the iPod Touch).

All trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective owners.

Public Radio - iPad Edition
By Intersect World LLC
Device iPad
Category News
Updated Aug 17, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Public Radio - iPad Edition

The best selling Public Radio for iPhone comes to the iPad!
Listen to over 360 public radio stations!

Now with Twitter and Facebook support: tell your friends what public radio station you're listening to, "live", without stopping your audio to invoke an external Twitter or Facebook client!

Includes all Public Radio stations broadcasting online in MP3 format. Public Radio is the favorite application to listen to your local NPR station. Public Radio allows users to select from nearby audio streams by US State and station call letters, or add your own favorite audio stream.

You can also pick from your favorites or your recently played public stations. You can even share with your friends iTunes and Radio links to a station stream using your iPad Mail application. And you can also post your favorite links directly to Twitter or Facebook.

Supports nightly dynamic update of the public stations database.

Full multi-tasking with background audio: Public Radio keeps playing after you tap the home button. You can go surf the web or use Facebook or Twitter or send and E-mail and the music won't stop.

Double-tap the home button to bring up the multi-tasking UI and slide over the remote controls to pause/resume playing. In addition, you can lock the device, bring up the remote controls on the lock screen and pause/resume playing. It will also show the "playing audio" icon besides the power icon, when audio is playing. And it responds to pause/resume from external microphones as well.

These features are available only on multitasking capable devices with iOS4.

LDS News
By LateNightProjects
Device iPhone, iPad
Category News
Updated Oct 5, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link LDS News

Read. Watch. Listen.

• Read the latest news as well as numerous other current stories, blogs, and messages of inspiration, all from official Church and Church-owned sources.
• Watch the Church's The World Report videos.
• Listen to the talks and music from the latest General Conference.
• Listen to live streaming radio like FM100's Soft Sunday Sounds. Or follow the Cougars and Utes on KSL Newsradio and KALL 700!

Over 15 different services from which to choose and you never have to leave the app!

LDS News even remembers which stories you've already read and which Conference talks you've already heard while using it.

• No iOS app banner ads (in accordance with Church guidelines regarding the use of their content).

Like a story you read? Post it to Facebook or send it out to your Twitter following! Or it's easy to send an email with its link to yourself or somebody else.

The services currently being offered are:

• General Conference streaming audio -- talks and music. Can play in the background on iOS 4 devices while you do other things on your iPhone or iPod.

• The World Report streaming video podcasts.

• 5 Church news feeds:
- LDSChurchNews.com
- LDS.org Home Page
- Newsroom
- Newsroom Blog
- LDS Tech

• 2 Mormon Times daily news feeds:
- Main page
- Today in the Bloggernacle

• 4 Deseret News feeds:
- Utah stories
- BYU Sports
- U of U Sports
- Utah State Sports

• 3 Live streaming radio stations:
- FM100 Soft Sunday Sounds
- KSL Newsradio
- KALL 700

• Arrange in your preferred order.

• Keeps track of stories you have already read or which talks you've already heard and indicates how many remain unread.

• Indicates when the most recent story was posted.

• All times and dates displayed in your local time zone.

• Item caching to limit network traffic and for quicker loading of stories at launch.

Note that this application has no affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All content is offered through RSS feeds and is owned or provided by the respective service and presented here according to the rights outlined by the Church.

Paranormal - A Serious Look At The Paranormal with Jim Harold
By Wizzard Media
Device iPhone, iPad
Category News
Updated Oct 26, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Paranormal - A Serious Look At The Paranormal with Jim Harold

Serious interviews with the movers and shakers of the paranormal world! Since 2005, guests have included legendary best selling authors and experts in the area of all things supernatural and unexplained (UFOs, Ghosts, Cryptozoology, Psychic Phenomena, Conspiracy Theories and more). It is paranormal radio on demand! The Paranormal Show is hosted by Jim Harold.

With this app listen to over 100 episodes of Paranormal for FREE, and access extra features (Jim's Journal, Call The Show Link, Email Jim, and Follow on Twitter).

(Please note, not all features are available for all episodes. This app is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, but the call-in feature is only available on the iPhone)

Device iPhone
Category News
Updated Mar 5, 2010
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link NORML News

Get the latest news and opinion on marijuana law reform from NORML. Check recent posts of NORML's blogs, action alerts, podcasts, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Handy links help you share important articles with your friends.

Doctor Who WhoNews
By Paul Gee
Device iPhone, iPad
Category News
Updated Oct 4, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Doctor Who WhoNews

WhoNews brings you the latest news from over 120 of your favourite Doctor Who websites in one easy to use application. Visit www.who-news.com

✔ One universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch buy once and use on all your devices.
✔ Most recent news, blogs and podcasts view - time ordered and drawn from over 120 websites.
✔ Off-line browsing - read the latest news at your leisure.
✔ Super fast search of all news articles by using a keyword or phrase.
✔ News is downloaded in bulk from over 120 sites. A resilient server compiles the latest news every 15 minutes ready to be downloaded by WhoNews.
✔ Bookmark your favourite news for rapid access.
✔ Email and post articles or DVDs,Games,Books,CDs on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Delicious, Tumbler, Pinboard, Read It Later
✔ Merchandise Search, the cheapest Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures DVD/Blu ray prices in the UK & US from all your favourite internet stores.
✔ Search for Doctor Who/Torchwood/SJA Games, Books and CDs using the built-in price comparison engine. Order by release date, search on actor.
✔ Over 30 UK retailers compared including Amazon, Tesco, Zavvi, The Hut, SendIt, LoveFilm, Asda, Woolworths, HMV, Play, BBC Shop, DVD Source, MovieMail, Game, Waterstones, Book Depository, Game Station, Foyles plus many more.
✔ US price comparison from Amazon US, Betam Online, Deep Discount, DVD Magnet, CD Universe, Music Import, DVD Empire and Yes Asia

Take the hard work out of keeping up to speed with your favourite show.

For the latest news visit:

If there is a site you would like to see included contact me and I can dynamically update the list of news feeds available. If there is a feature you would like to see, please let me know.

Written by a fan for fans.

Further development is to come, so check for updates on a regular basis.

This application is neither endorsed or associated with the BBC. Doctor Who is copyright © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 1963, 2011.
No infringement of this copyright is either implied or intended.

By Wizzard Media
Device iPhone, iPad
Category News
Updated Oct 17, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link BEST OF THE LEFT APP

This biweekly show is a beautifully executed compilation combining the absolute
best in left-leaning political news and commentary with great music to glue it all
together. Each edition we choose a political theme and bring you a variety of
stories and perspectives from an array of sources on that theme.

This application provides instant access to the entire back catalog of this
award-nominated show stretching back in the archives to 2006 without taking up
space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Sources for this compilation show include Countdown with Keith Olberman and
The Rachel Maddow Show from MSNBC. NPR shows such as On the Media,
Radio Lab, This American Life, Wait wait don't tell me!, Fresh Air, and All things
considered. Air America Radio shows such as Break Room Live, Ring of Fire
with Bobby Kennedy and The Inside Story with Ana Marie Cox. I also include The
Young Turks, Thom Hartmann, Democracy NOW!, Counterspin from FAIR.org,
Mother Jones Radio, Slate magazine, Alex Jones, Randi Rhodes, Radio
Ecoshock, Le Show, Real Time with Bill Maher, and Green.tv.

If you like any of the above programs it's almost certain that you will love Best of
the Left! Even if you already listen to all of the sources above you'll still like BotL
because it is a show that is truly greater than the sum of it's parts.

(Please note, not all features are available for all episodes. This app is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, but the call-in feature is only available on the iPhone)

Pocket Casts
By ShiftyJelly PTY LTD
Device iPhone
Category News
Updated Nov 17, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Pocket Casts

Stay up to date with all the latest podcasts (or netcasts if you're Leo) with one easy to use app. Simply add your favourite podcasts, and you'll be able to stream or download new episodes as they become available.

- Instant refresh (our server monitors your feeds, so your phone doesn't have to. Save your data & your time!)
- Stream or download without file size limits, over 3G or WIFI.
- Background downloading on supported devices (so you can do other things while your podcasts download)
- Push notifications when new episodes are available
- Quick skip feature, one tap of the screen and you can jump forward or back through your podcasts
- Supports Air Play for both audio and video podcasts (so you can stream them to your speakers, or Apple TV)
- Supports headphone controls & multi-tasking toolbar
- Playlist for continuous playback
- Watch video podcasts as video or audio
- Variable playback speed
- Podcast chapter support
- Automatic cleanup of old episodes, which you can choose per podcast or globally (or both!)
- Download two files at once, and feel like you're from the future!
- Share your podcasts, episodes or even your position in an episode with anyone who cares
- Maintains where you are up to in each of your podcasts (streaming or downloaded) and restarts from there next time you play that episode

At Shifty Jelly we're die hard podcast fans, and this is the app we use every day, so why not join us?

Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration HD
By The App Company
Device iPad
Category News
Updated Nov 17, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration HD

The #1 Science and Education App has gotten even better with this new iPad HD version. You will love the new interface and our treatment of great science and space news, video, photographs and multimedia content. The world of space comes to life for the first time on your iPad!

*** If you are an existing user, please download the latest version 1.1 update which is required for the new iPad iOS 4.2.

- #1 in Education
- featured in Every App Store in the World
- Gizmodo Best Apps of the Week
- featured on Howard Stern, Larry King, Greta Van Susteren, Fox and Friends, and more...
- Buzz and President Obama used the App on Airforce One!

Hi. I’m Buzz Aldrin. I have created this new iPad version of my popular Portal to Science & Space Exploration App to unite people and technology for the purpose of educating and entertaining the world on this interesting and critically important subject.

I am really excited about the iPad version of my App as it truly showcases the wealth of content we include. The App brings together a huge wealth of new, important and historical information about science and space exploration. I have gathered a network of scientists, physicists, astronomers, astronauts and many others of the world’s great minds to help me out and keep this app timely and relevant with lots of original content.

** Who is this App for?

Our Team has designed the App to appeal to both young minds who are just now eager to learn about science and space exploration, but at the same time, we have aimed to appeal to seasoned industry experts.

** Some of the many features of the App include:

- Live NASA Streaming TV
- Hundreds of Videos and Photos of every important space initiate, both current and historic
- News Feeds, Podcasts and Video from NASA, JPL, International Space Agencies, Important Space and Science Websites and News Sources such as NASA Watch, Space.com, SpaceRef, MSNBC, Universe Today, Space Weekly, Science Daily, Space Wire, Space Politics, Collectspace, Spaceflightnow, New Scientist and more added regularly.
- Comprehensive treatment of the Apollo Program including actual audio from the mission between crew members and mission control as well as incredible video footage. I give my own “Takes” on what it was like to be a part of this historic event in our history.
- Detailed Treatment of hundreds of NASA and International Missions, Projects and Programs. Background information (including important web-references), Current News, Twitter, Facebook, Photo Galleries, Videos and more.
- My unique "Takes" on all important space initiatives including my blogs, journals, twitter feeds.
- Dozens of Important Twitter feeds that relate to Space Exploration.
- Roundtable discussions moderated by the top minds in the Science and Space community.

** What are some of the areas that we cover?

- Mars Exploration
- Hubble and all the other space telescopes
- Deep Space Exploration
- Moon Exploration
- International Space Station
- Space Tourism
- Private Space Ventures
- International Space Race


To make this App fresh and dynamic, I will be regularly commenting on every major section in the App, especially when new and interesting discoveries happen in space exploration.

I have brought together dozens of the world’s great minds who will participate in numerous roundtable discussions only available in this App.

Roundtable participants include Anthony Colaprete/NASA Ames, Louis Friedman/The Planetary Society, Dr. Steven Maran/ AAS, Padi Boyd/Kepler, Carolyn Porco/Cassini, Tod Lauer/National Optical Astronomy, John Logsdon/GW University, Nilton Renno/U of Michigan, Dava Newman/MIT – BioSuit Developer, James Cameron/Writer-Director, Elon Musk/Space X, veteran Space Shuttle/Hubble astronaut John Grunsfeld, Peter Koh/Moon Society, Alan Dressler/Carnegie Institution of Washington, Steven Landeene/Spaceport America and many many others.

POM Alert
By ThinAir Wireless
Device iPhone
Category News
Updated May 20, 2010
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link POM Alert

Stay informed of important public alerts and information in your area and be instantly notified as these events happen. POM (Peace of Mind) Alert is based on our patent-pending alert system which is intended to keep your family safe with location-based alerts and real-time notification of these alerts. This application was designed to be easy to use and take full advantage of advanced push notification and GPS capabilities of the iPhone, iPhone Touch and iPad.

- Simple, intuitive interface
- Displays near real-time information in your area from 9 different alert sources
- Relevant images and time since publication for every alert
- Customizable Push Notification from each alert source
- Built-in email capability to alert your friends
- Customize Location from which alerts are based. Set to anywhere in the world and change at any time (Settings)
- View more detail for each alert with links to outside web sources and relevant applications
- Works around-the-clock to keep you safe and informed even when you are not running the application!

Combines information from the following alert sources:
-Disease Control (US)
-Earthquakes (worldwide)
-Homeland Security (US)
-National Weather (US)
-Sex Offenders (US)
-Traffic (110 cities in US and Canada)
-Wildfires (US)
-Volcanos (worldwide)

Like having 9 applications in one! We plan to add more location-based alerts and expand coverage of existing alerts in the future.

Please visit www.govision2020.com (A division of ThinAir Wireless, www.thinairwireless.com) Try our popular Offender Locator and check out our GPS Tracking System.

Each of these three products are designed to give you Peace Of Mind about "Who Lives Around You" (Offender Locator), What's Going On Around You" (POM Alert System ®), and "Where Are Your Loved Ones" are located at any given time (POM Guardian GPS Tracking System ®).

Also, please visit our partner website www.stopchildpredators.org for details on legislation and sign-up for their FREE newsletter.