Office Pool Picker 2012 Basketball Radio Soccer coach's clipboard Nascar Calendar 2012
Office Pool Picke... Basketball Radio Soccer coach's cl... Nascar Calendar 2012
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Paintball Guns: Fully Customizable Builder! Extra Innings Mobile Instructor Tiger Woods: My Swing HD Orvis Fly Fishing – The Ultimate Fly-Fishing Guide
Paintball Guns: F... Extra Innings Mob... Tiger Woods: My S... Orvis Fly Fishing...
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Harry's LapTimer Pro Shooter (Ballistics Calculator) Hockey Goal Horns and Ringtones March Brackets HD
Harry's LapTimer Pro Shooter (Ballisti... Hockey Goal Horns... March Brackets HD
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Fantasy Monster Pro - Yahoo/ESPN football,basketball,hockey & baseball Bracket Maker for the iPad March Madness Mania Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine
Fantasy Monster P... Bracket Maker for... March Madness Mania Jiu Jitsu Style M...
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Volleyball Ace Golf SwingPlane HD Dive Log Running Coach's Clipboard
Volleyball Ace Golf SwingPlane HD Dive Log Running Coach's C...
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Office Pool Picker 2012
By Three Brothers
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Feb 28, 2012
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Office Pool Picker 2012

Want to fill out your office pool brackets but don't know the difference between a Hokie and a Wahoo? Pool Picker is here to help -- it's the eHarmony of March Madness! Just answer a few pop culture questions, and Pool Picker will fill out your ready-to-print brackets based on your own personality! Hoosier daddy now? (If you don't get that joke, you desperately need Pool Picker).

Basketball Radio
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Dec 15, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Basketball Radio

★★★★★ - The Most Stations Anywhere
★★★★★ - Designed for all iOS devices
★★★★★ - Automatic Updates
★★★★★ - The Best Reviews


Listen Live in the Background to All Games.

Contact us about any game and we will correct it ASAP!

*** Listen to games from:
Atlanta Hawks
Boston Celtics
Charlotte Bobcats
Chicago Bulls
Cleveland Cavaliers
Dallas Mavericks
Denver Nuggets
Detroit Pistons
Golden State Warriors
Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers
LA Clippers
LA Lakers
Memphis Grizzlies
Miami Heat
Milwaukee Bucks
Minnesota Timberwolves
New Jersey Nets
New Orleans Hornets
New York Knicks
Oklahoma City Thunder
Orlando Magic
Philadelphia Sixers
Phoenix Suns
Portland Trail Blazers
Sacramento Kings
San Antonio Spurs
Toronto Raptors
Utah Jazz
Washington Wizards

Soccer coach's clipboard
By J Plus Corporation Limited
Device Mac
Category Sports
Updated Sep 13, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Soccer coach's clipboard

Soccer coach's clipboard is perfect tool for you to diagram and demonstrate plays on your mac. No need for messy clipboards and markers. Use this app to save unlimited of plays and load them instantly whenever you need them. Animate the plays and watch your players pay extra attention as the play develops on your screen.

- Animate your plays (players move across the screen)
- Save and load plays
- Display/change player number/position
- Display/change player names
- Add cones for practice plans
- Draw lines on the field
- Full/half field mode
- Change number of players per side
- Change animation speed
- Change line width and color
- Email plays as PDF
- Change line strokes (dotted line and arrow head)
- Change player/ball size
- Change player colour
- Change text colour

How to use cones:
- Click on the cones button then click on anywhere on the field to add a cone.
- Select cone button and then double click on cones to remove them

Nascar Calendar 2012
By Haviking
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Feb 17, 2012
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Nascar Calendar 2012

Get all the Nascar races in your own calendar with just one click.

✔ All the Nascar races right in your own calendar!
✔ Supports Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck series.
✔ Custom alarm time
✔ Update settings afterwards if you want to.

1. Switch on the types of events you want to add (Sprint/Nationwide/Camping World).
2. Select the time for the alarms.
3. Press sync races.
4. Watch the magic happen.

If you don't want to miss any of the Nascar races this season you should definitely get this App!

Paintball Guns: Fully Customizable Builder!
By Apps 4 Fans
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Jan 5, 2012
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Paintball Guns: Fully Customizable Builder!

★ The #1 Paintball Gun Builder ★

Do you love paintball guns, are you tired of cheap apps that just allow you to change the color of a few paintball guns?

Look no further, Build and fully customize your very own realistic Paintball guns. This app allows you to fully customize Paintball guns, then use them on a cool FPS shooting range.

Discover the countless combinations, realistic paintball experience, and Endless fun!


✔ Pure Paintball experience and design
✔ Edit saved guns
✔ Realistic sounds and graphics
✔ Millions of different combinations
✔ Test fire your saved Paintball guns
✔ First person shooting range to practice Shot Per Second and accuracy
✔ Unlimited saved guns

★ The Most Realistic Paintball Experience on your iPhone, period. ★

From the makers of the TOP 50 Hunting Gun Builder app.

Extra Innings Mobile Instructor
By Extra Innings
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Oct 3, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Extra Innings Mobile Instructor

Improve your baseball and softball player technique with the state of the art mobile video analysis tool, the Extra Innings Mobile Instructor App.

Analyze Player Video:

Mark up your player’s video with a full set of professional tools, including scaleable shapes, freehand drawing, ball icons, full screen grid and text notes.

You can save the analyzed video and send it to the player, complete with titlecard and summary screen, with customizable voice over.

Professional Analysis feature:

For professional analysis, sumbit your player’s videos to the instructors at Extra Innings right from the app. Using in app purchase, you can submit your player’s videos and receive a fully analyzed video - from your local Extra Innings instructor within 48 hours.

One Free Professional Extra Innings Analysis comes with your Mobile Instructor app purchase. (limited time offer)

The Mobile Instructor App is brought to you by Extra Innings.
Established in 1996, Extra Innings is recognized as the premiere indoor baseball and softball organization. Extra Innings' state of the art Training Centers and Locker Rooms are dedicated to covering all the bases and fulfilling the needs of players of all ages and abilities.

Tiger Woods: My Swing HD
By Shotzoom Software
Device iPad
Category Sports
Updated Sep 1, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Tiger Woods: My Swing HD

Tiger Woods: My Swing helps golfers of all levels improve their golf swing through video analysis and instruction from golf great Tiger Woods. Compare swings against every club in Tiger's bag and against friends.

Tiger Woods says, “I believe practice and analysis are the keys to improving your game. I directed the development of My Swing based on the routine I’ve used throughout my professional career. It provides instant feedback whether I’m playing a tournament or practicing at home. The App also includes all the tools necessary to analyze and break down your swing, and best of all you don’t need another set of eyes or expensive equipment to do it. I really hope fans enjoy it.”

• Enhanced video capture
• Side-by-side swing comparison with Tiger Woods
• Advanced swing analysis and how-to demonstrated by Woods
• Swing comparisons, sharing and feedback tools tied to friends and community members
• Video updates from Tiger, exclusive for members only

• High quality video of each club from both Face On and Down the Line angles
• How-to video directly from Tiger covering swing analysis
• Video clips from Tiger when he’s on Tour, exclusive for members only

• Time delay to allow for self-recording
• Record voice and text notes that save with your swing

• Overlay “Tiger Lines” that demonstrate proper technique
• Compare your swing side-by-side with Tiger, a friend or one of your own
• Exclusive how-to from Tiger on use of video analysis and proper technique
• Draw custom lines and see progress over time

• All saved videos stored to free personal profile at
• View on your personal computer at home or work
• Get feedback from friends, community members, coaches

Orvis Fly Fishing – The Ultimate Fly-Fishing Guide
By Green Mountain Digital
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Sep 14, 2011
Price $14.99
Download iTunes app link Orvis Fly Fishing – The Ultimate Fly-Fishing Guide

❖ $10.00 ORVIS gift card with purchase and registration ❖

"...this is some real forward-thinking from ORVIS, and one of the most useful and practical fishing apps we've used." - Fly Fish America, Editor's Choice Awards, 2011

“Very neat stuff…. This app contains some of the best fly fishing geeks & gurus giving you step-by-step instructions and on-time, pertinent information. So if you have to have the latest & greatest apps in your iPhone, this is one you don’t want to miss.” - Joe Demalderis,

Introducing the Orvis Fly Fishing App, a complete guide with casting lessons, video and animated knot instructions, a guide to the top trout flies, and updated fishing condition reports for more than 200 of the best fishing locations in North America. With more than an hour of instructional video and dozens of pictures and animations, it is by far the most useful and information-packed fishing application available. And it is now optimized for iPad.

The application includes:

Animated Knots
❖ Over 20 different fly fishing knots, everything from the Bimini Twist to the Blood Knot. Knots can be chosen by name or by use.
❖ Each knot is detailed in step-by-step text, detailed narrated close-up video by Orvis tackle guru Steve Hemkens, and animations that can be stopped and rewound or played at any speed desired.

The Basic Fly Casts
❖ Basic fly casting, from how to hold a fly rod to the Double Haul.
❖ Text descriptions plus videos of Truel Myers, director of the Orvis Fly-Fishing schools

Top 10 Fly Casting Mistakes
❖ Truel Myers gives the top 10 fly-casting mistakes and how to correct them.
❖ Videos demonstrate each mistake and how to correct it, backed up with text descriptions.
❖ Everything from shooting line too early to correcting tailing loops.
❖ It’s like having a casting instructor on the water

Field Guide to the Top 100 Trout Flies
❖ Pick a fly by name or by type
❖ Each fly has an image for identification, description, and tips when and where to use it and how to fish it
❖ You can search for recommended flies by type, season, hook size, color, or region or use a combination of search terms to narrow down your choices.

Orvis Fishing Reports
❖ Over 200 of the top fly-fishing destinations in North America
❖ Real-time fishing updates on your iPhone or Touch
❖ Tips on hot flies, rods, lines and leaders to use, fishing tips, and outlook for the next week on each fishery
❖ Hatches, baitfish, and water temperatures
❖ Real-time flows for rivers and tide charts for each saltwater fishery

Fly Fishing Podcasts
❖ More than 100 podcasts by renowned fly fishing author Tom Rosenbauer are at your fingertips. Find the topics you are interested in, save them, and listen to them anywhere.

Fly-Fishing Glossary and search
❖ Confused by any of the lingo? A glossary is available on each page
❖ Looking for a particular fly or knot or cast? Just use the search, available on each page

➤ When you register the app, Orvis will send you a $10 gift card (subject to terms and conditions of issuer).

Harry's LapTimer Pro
By Harald Schlangmann
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Oct 20, 2011
Price $18.99
Download iTunes app link Harry's LapTimer Pro

Harry‘s GPS LapTimer is the advanced and most elaborated iPhone tool for lap timing. Offering extensive data recording, it is the ideal companion for amateur racing. Utilizing GPS, LapTimer automatically records your laps and intermediate times - a unique feature on the iPhone platform. With laps stored in a database, drivers can track their progress while improving lap times. Recorded laps can be viewed and analyzed graphically. In addition to 'on device' analysis, LapTimer has several export interfaces to convert recordings to PDF, CSV, and KML (Google Earth) files.

There are two versions for 'in car' data recording available - LapTimer and LapTimer Professional. The professional version includes all available features and receives special support. The Standard version can be enhanced using InApp Purchase. Starting with 10.2, a third version designed for Apple's iPad is available: LapTimer Trainer uses the large iPad screen for extensive and beautiful display of data recorded. LapTimer and LapTimer Professional transfer laps recorded to LapTimer Trainer using Bluetooth. Please note: Trainer is for analysis and comparison only. Data recording is done with the other versions.

LapTimer has NMEA support for external GPS devices. This direct sensor access is unique on the iPhone platform and enhances accuracy by magnitude. Combining LapTimer with an external sensor makes this solution an extremely inexpensive option compared to standalone solutions. Finally, LapTimer utilizes internet access in two remarkable areas: #1 LapTimer features an international repository of tracks. Just download and start lapping, its so easy! #2 The Professional and Trainer versions include Online Racing. Online racing allows the user to monitor other drivers 'on track'.

Please visit for detailed information on versions, future development, FAQs / documentation, GPS background information, online racing, and supported GPS device configurations.


Special features are: real time lap to lap comparison providing a 'shadow mode'; extensive display of GPS information (position, speed, height, heading, slope, receiver update rate, accuracy, etc.); top speed recording; real time detection of last straight’s top speed and last curve’s lowest speed; define and refine Points of Interest / triggers to assemble POI and track sets; full integration with Google Maps(tm); automatic accelerator calibration; fancy acceleration view including peak values and zooming.


LapTimer family is enhanced continuously. Our ambition is to provide you with the best GPS tools available for the iPhone platform. LapTimer on iPhone is based on the robust GPS Engine known for years on the PalmOS platform. This GPS Engine was enhanced to use and fully integrate iPhone's acceleration sensors. LapTimer's user interface is complete new development featuring a perfect, and beautiful iPhone look & feel.


LapTimer supports all iPhone and iPod touch devices. iPhone OS 3.1 or higher is required. Good news for all owners of first generation iPhones, and all iPod touch devices missing an internal GPS sensor: adding an external GPS device brings all LapTimer features to your hands. LapTimer Trainer is supported on iPads only. Please head to LapTimer's homepage on to get information on supported configurations.

Shooter (Ballistics Calculator)
By Sean Kennedy
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Shooter (Ballistics Calculator)

Shooter is a highly accurate ballistics calculator with a clean, intuitive and polished user interface with excellent management of your firearms and ammunition. Shooter makes it easy to input your data and then gets out of your way and delivers accurate solutions fast. Shooter has been used repeatedly to win shooting competitions and by police snipers across the globe.

* Extremely accurate, fast and proven ballistics solver created by Berger Bullet's chief ballistician and champion shooter Bryan Litz

* Save firearm and ammo data as profiles so you don't have to keep entering the same data over and over each time you want a calculation

* You probably have several firearms and loads. It's tedious entering all this data on a handheld device. With Shooter, you can login to a web interface using your PC at and enter/manage all your firearm/ammo data then simply sync it to your device and you're ready to go.

* Online profile backup included at no extra charge

* Built-in large bullet library to make it simpler to add your ammo profiles

* Supports Coriolis Effect and Spin Drift calculations; Can get your Latitude and Azimuth for Coriolis Effect using GPS and compass.

* Automatic-atmosphere input using your GPS location and nearest weather station

* Zero-atmosphere support. This will auto-account for changes to your zero when shooting in a different atmosphere

* Solution screen which allows for extremely quick and easy changing of shot distance, wind or lead speed

* Graph bullet path, drift and velocity with ability to compare up to 6 loads at once

* Email trajectory table output

* Full metric support

For more information and operation manual, please visit

Hockey Goal Horns and Ringtones
By Red Hammer Software
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Oct 28, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Hockey Goal Horns and Ringtones

Hey hockey fans!! Goal Horns is an app featuring 30 goal horns and team songs of your favorite hockey teams.

* You can create your owns goal horns. You can choose from 6 goal horns, crowd cheers, air sirens, 12 melodies and create your own combinations. Not only create, but save them to play later.

All you have to do is open the Soundboard and tap on any of the 24 sounds that you would like to combine together. While they are playing, open the Save&Play controller, switch to Save mode, and tap on any of the 9 buttons to store your selection. Now you can switch to Play mode, tap on the same button and enjoy your custom sound.

* Every featured goal horn is available as a ring tone for your iPhone. Impress your friends by sending them one or all of the available Goal Horns. Imagine how cool it will look when every time your phone rings you can proudly announce to everybody around you that you are a hockey fan and what team you support. Instead of paying 99 cents for every ring tone like most companies, buy the Goal Horns application and have access to all of the available goal horn ring tones from the all of the available hockey teams in the list.

* Not only will you get to hear each goal horn in its entirety, but we also have included an interesting link to a “Wiki” page for additional information about the goal horn.

*The Wakeup Timer allows you to awake to the sounds of your goal horn. Just set the time and your favorite sound.

* As there is a large number of goal horns, we have included the Favorites page where you can add your preferred goal horn sound.

* You will find it simple to navigate within this application. We have made it easy to select your favorite team, just tap on an icon and enjoy!

March Brackets HD
By KC Gadgets
Device iPad
Category Sports
Updated Mar 21, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link March Brackets HD

Create your own NCAA® March Madness® Basketball Championship tournament brackets with updated scoring results on this HD iPad version! Choose your own scoring system. Practice creating brackets with last year's teams until the tournament starts. To update your App to this year's teams tap 'Add Bracket' in the 'My Brackets' screen.

-Create as many 2011 brackets as you want as soon as the bracket is announced on Selection Sunday
-Share brackets on E-mail, Twitter, Facebook
-Team Stats for all teams in the tournament
-Faster team picking with option to select favorites
-Push Notification support

Use the "Team Stats" option on the Main Screen to get team statistics when new teams are announced for the tournament.

Also use the Refresh button on the Current Bracket or the "Update" button on the 'My Brackets' screen to update the results of your bracket throughout the tournament. Your brackets will be updated with the correct score based on your chosen system. Winning teams will be highlighted in green and losing teams highlighted in red.

After teams are announced on Selection Sunday, there will be two team names indicated for the 4 play in team slots. The two team pairing will remain indicated this way throughout the tournament.


"Great for b-ball."

"Great app. Can't wait for March madness this year when I can keep track of my bracket with my iPhone any time and any place!!"


Choose the ‘My Brackets’ option to create your own brackets. You can give your brackets their own unique names and decide on your own scoring system. After naming your brackets and selecting your scoring system, complete your bracket by tapping on the team names to pick the winners for each game.

For faster team picking you may tap the 'Pick Favorites' button in each region. After tapping 'Pick Favorites' button you may override pick favorites by tapping on specific teams and making your own choices.

After picking all your teams, tap the 'Save' button to save your bracket for the tournament.

Tap the ‘Current Bracket’ to see an updated look at the correct picks throughout the tournament.

Tap the 'Team Stats' option to get team statistics when new teams are announced for the tournament.

NCAA® and March Madness® are separate associations from March Brackets and are registered trademarks. March Brackets is not affiliated with these associations.

Fantasy Monster Pro - Yahoo/ESPN football,basketball,hockey & baseball
By Bignoggins Productions LLC
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Fantasy Monster Pro - Yahoo/ESPN football,basketball,hockey & baseball

Tired of using multiple apps to manage all of your fantasy teams? Fantasy Monster is the only app that lets you manage all of your Yahoo, ESPN!, and fantasy teams (football, basketball, baseball, and hockey) in one place! With a killer UI and tons of features, Fantasy Monster is the last fantasy sports app you'll ever need.

--- Reviews ---
"There are a handful of fantasy apps out there, but none that are quite as comprehensive as Fantasy Monster." -

"In Godzilla-like fashion, Fantasy Monster - Pro Edition pretty much burns all the competition to the ground and admirably fulfills our fantasies." -

"FantasyMonster is the most usable app we’ve seen for managing your Yahoo! Fantasy sports teams on the iPhone" -

--- Features ---
✔ Drag and drop to quickly edit your lineups
✔ Automatically set your lineups
✔ Quickly search for players using auto-complete
✔ Add and drop players
✔ Trade players
✔ Check live NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB scores
✔ Check weekly matchups
✔ Read and post to the message board
✔ View latest transactions
✔ View Team Notes
✔ View standings and rosters
✔ Check player news
✔ Check injury reports
✔ View sports headlines

Disclaimer: Fantasy Monster and Bignoggins Productions LLC are not associated with Yahoo or ESPN.

Note: If you are having issues, please e-mail us at We have no way of responding to app reviews. Thanks.

Bracket Maker for the iPad
By Jacques Romano
Device iPad
Category Sports
Updated Oct 21, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Bracket Maker for the iPad

This is a great portable program to help you create a bracket for tournaments (for the classroom, for friendly competition, for small leagues, parties, ping pong tournaments, bowling tournaments, drinking party games, beer pong, fantasy football, scout derby races, Tennis, etc.). It's quick and easy to use.

1) Easy to advance the winners. Just touch the player/team.
2) Pair the players using seedings or by random assignments or by manual assignment
3) You can pair 4 to 16 players/teams.
4) Title your tournament
5) Email your bracket display
6) PRINT your bracket display
7) You can enter scores
8) Create single or double elimination tournament or Round Robin tournament
9) Load or Save tournaments
10) Add players from your contact list.
11) Edit/erase mistakes

Having this program on your iPad makes it perfect for on-site and real time updating of the brackets. No wi-fi or 3G needed. If you have an iPad 2, you can show your bracket on the big screen. Print or email the results to participants when the competition is over.

You can try experimenting with real world tournaments such as march madness picks, fantasy football, or world soccer competitions. Try out different pairings.

The Round Robin style is limited to 8 players but is a great way to keep track of wins and losses. The iPad does it for you!

The program automatically adjusts the brackets for the number of players. Instead of showing "bye", it will automatically advance a player when the tournament is first setup. So, you can have 4 to 16 players. More players can be hosted by breaking them down to groups of 16. Load players from your contact list. Just use your favorite contacts program like GMAIL contacts and sync them to your ipad. Use the action button at the bottom of the player list to add players to your tournament player list. When done, select CANCEL. You can also save each tournament set.

The program starts with a default set of eight players for demonstration. You can start a new tournament by selecting New Tournament from the action menu on the right. Add new names by entering them in the textfield. Remember, brackets are limited to 16 players/teams but you can start copying with as little as 4 players/teams.

Enter the names/teams (note: keyboard will stay up to allow easy entry of all sixteen players). You can enter 4 to 16 players or add them from your contact list.

In the players list, you can re-arrange the order or delete an entry using the edit button.

Select the copy method from the settings pull-down.
a) If you selected copy by seedings, when you hit COPY, it will put the names on the bracket based on seeding. (For example, Player ranked #1 plays player ranked #16)
b) if you use the random option, it will randomize the pairings using your list of players/teams.
c) if you select copy one by one, it will put the selected player/team on the bracket in your selection order.
d) if you select "Copy using top 4 seedings" will place top 4 seeds on separate bracket sections (so they meet in the later rounds) while randomizing the other player placements.
e) You can advance the player/team by touching the player/team.
f) Enter score when prompted (if you selected that option)

Please review this app. Reviews will help get this app updated. Features are constantly added. I want this to be the best tournament bracket program in the app store. Email me if you want to see a particular feature added.

SEE how nice the program is before buying it by checking out the Youtube video. See this version 4.0 in action on YOUTUBE at

March Madness Mania
By Rob Satterlee
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Feb 25, 2012
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link March Madness Mania

Disclaimer: This app is in no way affiliated with the NCAA® or March Madness® or any of its sponsors. This is simply an app created for fans of college basketball.

Download this app for either your iPhone or iPad to extensive access the latest news, tweets, photos and videos for the college basketball March Madness®. Stay in touch with your team through your wireless provider or your local wireless network.

Get in-depth analysis from respected college basketball analysts Dick Vitale, Fran Fraschilla, Jimmy D, Andy Katz and others. Stay in touch with late breaking stories from multiple news media sources. Read exclusive tweets from head coaches, such as Bill Self, John Calipari, Matt Painter, Bob Huggins, Bruce Pearl, Billy Donovan and Bruce Weber. In addition, Top 30 program tweets from Syracuse, Duke, Ohio State, Kansas, Michigan State, Villanova, Texas, North Carolina and other elite programs.

Whether your on the road, at work or just enjoying the weekend you can gain access to March Madness® tournament brackets. Predict who your favorite team will play next or in days to come as they take the road to the Final Four and to the championship game in Indianapolis.

And if that is not enough, an extensive collection of March Madness® replays, highlights and featured videos. Watch your favorite game changing slam dunk, last second buzzer beater, amazing upset or unforeseen Cinderella team celebrate their win.

Wanna share the excitement? Post your favorite team info with friends, family or tournament buddies through your Twitter, Facebook or email account.

This March Madness® college basketball app will keep you informed non-stop, while you are on the go or just relaxing. Every serious college basketball fan needs to have this app on their iPhone or iPad. Cheer on your favorite college basketball team today.

Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine
By Tri Active Media Ltd
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Nov 20, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine

Jiu Jitsu Style is Europe’s first magazine dedicated solely to what we love – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! Get every issue of JJS, in digital, via this awesome App.
The magazine is packed full of gripping interviews, reviews and special features, making it a definitive read for lovers of BJJ and grappling.
Guest edited by Jiu Jitsu sensation Roger Gracie, JJS is sure to keep you informed of the goings-on in both the European and World Jiu Jitsu scene.

Features include:
•Full digital editions of Jiu Jitsu Style print magazines
•Interactive Content
•Easy to use page turning technology
•Easy content navigation and Skip-To-Page features
•Remembers the last page you were viewing
•View on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
•Order back dated issues
Jiu Jitsu Style magazine powered by

Paid-for application downloads include one issue of the user’s choice.
Further future issues and back issues can be purchased within the app.
Subscriptions are also available within the application. A subscription will start from the next released issue.
Available subscriptions are:

12 months: £14.99/ US$20.99 [6 issues]

-The subscription will renew automatically unless cancelled more than 24 hours before the end of the current period, you will be charged for renewal within 24 hours of the end of the current period, for the same duration and at the current subscription rate for the product.
-You may turn off the auto-renewal of subscriptions through your Account Settings, however you are not able to cancel the current subscription during its active period.
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Volleyball Ace
By Dimensional Software
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Oct 11, 2011
Price $89.99
Download iTunes app link Volleyball Ace

Volleyball Ace records and reports statistics for volleyball. Featuring fast, "one-tap stats", Volleyball Ace is designed for live, court-side stat keeping. It records all stats, including serves, digs, passes, attacks, sets and blocks, and includes ratings, hit charts and hitting efficiency. Volleyball Ace keeps very accurate score, and tracks rotations and substitutions (including use of the libero). In addition to reporting stats on the iPhone, Volleyball Ace game files upload to desktop computers for additional analysis and reporting, including points per rotation, side-out percentage, hitting efficiency, earned vs unearned points and more. Volleyball Ace has been in use since 2001 and over four thousand teams currently use it. Please see our support web site for important details. Available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Golf SwingPlane HD
By Golf Apps LTD
Device iPad
Category Sports
Updated Jun 15, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Golf SwingPlane HD

33% discount for a limited time to celebrate the release of our new iPhone Golf hypnosis app, NLP Golf!! See our website for details...

Featured by USA Today in Golf and Gear 2011 and Golf Monthly UK (April Edition) in must have apps:

SwingPlane is an advanced video swing analysis program on the iPad.

####Includes FREE sample Pro videos of Phil, Ernie and more...####

* Record videos with the built in camera with no restriction on the length of the recording.
* Side by side compare
* Export/Import videos and shapes to another iPhone/iPad running SwingPlane (requires local WIFI with Bonjour enabled)
* Import Shapes from another video
* Trim videos within app and on import
* Folders
* Angle indicators on lines
* Updated info
* Click and hold a shape to move it after creating it, or move a previous shape (or all at once)
* Email videos or upload to Facebook or Twitter.
* Import previously recorded videos from your photos app with the option to play and review then trim the video before import.
* Playback the videos and add lines, rectangles and circles in three colours.
* Frame by frame advance and rewind.
* Slow motion
* Fast forward and rewind and slider to move to any part of the video.
* Repeat playback.
* Any analysis (lines or other shapes) you add to a video are saved and reloaded when you play the video again.
* Add notes to a video that are accessible direct from the video player (useful for when you finally have worked out what was wrong with your swing, and want a record of what it looks like!).

SwingPlane is for avid golfers and golf professionals alike, but any sport or activity where analyzing motion and tempo is important would benefit from SwingPlane. Baseball, Softball, Cricket, Rugby, Football, Swimming, Wrestling, Bowling and Hockey, to name a few, are all sports where you can benefit from SwingPlane.

SwingPlane captures video using the built in video camera. You can easily analyze your swing with its playback and drawing tools. We are confident that this tool will greatly improve the effectiveness of your practice sessions and will result in lower scores.

Check out our website for further info, and other iPhone golf apps to improve your game.

Some comments by reviewers:

Easy to use app. Excellent pro videos to compare yourself to. No excuses for incorrect siwng path now - Spaceman...

Easily the best golf swing app available at the moment - Hadders...

####Check out iStimp, a Stimpmeter for the iPhone by iGolfApps!####

###Don't forget to rate the app if you like it: You can do this from your iPhone by going back to the App Store and find SwingPlane then go to the reviews section where it is possible to write a review. Thanks!!###

Dive Log
By More Mobile Software
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Oct 22, 2011
Price $11.99
Download iTunes app link Dive Log

Dive Log is designed to work either as your primary SCUBA diving logbook application or in conjunction with compatible 3rd party desktop logbook applications. You can use Dive Log at the dive site or on the dive boat to capture the information about the site while it is fresh in your mind (or your dive guide's mind). You can even capture the GPS coordinates of the dive site using the built in location services of your iOS device. Details about your actual dive can be added immediately after your dive or at the après dive event and later be saved to your desktop computer. The dive buddy feature is fully integrated with Contacts on your iPhone or iPad, letting you capture information about your newest dive buddy or quickly add an existing buddy to a particular dive. The dive data and statistics features let you have an immediate answer the next time your dive guide asks how much weight you used on your last dive or have all the information you need about your dive history when you fill out that next dive waiver. You can even explore detailed dive profiles from popular dive computers that you download with your desktop software and later upload to Dive Log on iPhone/iPad. Metric and Imperial values are supported for all appropriate logbook fields. You can easily enter values using the appropriate units for the situation and view them in your preferred measurement system.

On Windows, Diving Log 5.0 ( is fully integrated with Dive Log on iPhone/iPad and has built in synchronization. Diving Log 5.0 has extensive support for importing data from dive computers and other dive log applications.

On Mac OS X, logbook information can be imported to Dive Log on iPhone/iPad from a number of compatible applications using the free Dive Log Manager application available from More Mobile Software ( In addition, MacDive ( has built in synchronization with Dive Log and supports a wide range of dive computers.

Running Coach's Clipboard
By Ethan Whitaker
Device iPad
Category Sports
Updated Sep 21, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Running Coach's Clipboard

The Running Coach's Clipboard (RCC) allows coaches and spectators to time and track splits of up to 100 athletes across multiple events in any race, meet or workout. This clipboard of results can be stored, printed (with Airprint compatible device), e-mailed and/or retrieved for later review or reference.

Gone are the days of paper, pencil and multiple stopwatches. With RCC for IPad, a few touches retrieve athletes from an internal database; events and associated splits are quickly dialed; and a running printout tracks splits as runners go by.

The Running Coach's Clipboard is ideal for anyone interested in Track and Field, Road Racing, Race Walking and/or Cross Country.

RCC allows Coaches to setup all athletes for all events prior to a meet and then load them with a tap of a button.

Events are selected using the fast/fun picker (spin) control. Predefined race distances include all standard metric and yard distances from the indoor sprints to ultra-marathons; runs, walks, relays, XC, tri and biathalon; and gender support (boys, girls, men, women, mixed)

RCC's intuitive interface requires no training . . . if you can use an IPad and a stopwatch . . . you already know how to use the Running Coach's Clipboard.