FractalWorks Trackpad Magic Appfall HotMouse
FractalWorks Trackpad Magic Appfall HotMouse
$9.99 $1.99 $2.99 $1.99
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, Top 100
PRANK ME! Panoramic View RiffSync Funny Reader
PRANK ME! Panoramic View RiffSync Funny Reader
$2.99 $0.99 $9.99 $0.99
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Talk To Me Desktop Poet Fire HD for Mac X-Memory
Talk To Me Desktop Poet Fire HD for Mac X-Memory
$0.99 $19.99 $0.99 $1.99
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Fractacular Funny Pages for Mac Radical Comic Reader Coral Reef Aquarium
Fractacular Funny Pages for Mac Radical Comic Reader Coral Reef Aquarium
$1.99 $0.99 $0.99 $2.99
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Aquarium Live HD Virtual Fireplace
Aquarium Live HD Virtual Fireplace
$2.99 $0.99 $0.99 $13.99
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By WareTo
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Sep 29, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link FractalWorks

FractalWorks is a high performance fractal renderer. It creates stunning images of Mandelbrot and Julia sets. It will create 3D renderings of your fractal images, and can generate stereo images for viewing as parallel or cross-eye, or anaglyph images. You can rotate, pan, and zoom your 3D images in real time on the screen, as well as adjust the texture and lighting of your fractal images.

Its unique and powerful color scheme system gives you great looking image colors that adapt automatically to different plots, highlighting the "interesting bits" and using subtle color changes in visually busy areas.

FractalWorks has been in development for almost 4 years, and is a mature, sophisticated program. It has been available during development as a free trial, and has thousands of users.

Trackpad Magic
By Joseph Neuman
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Oct 3, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Trackpad Magic

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need a Multi-Touch trackpad for this app to work. All unibody MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs have this build in. It is the one without the button. This will not work with the trackpads that have a button at the bottom! You can also use Apple's Magic Trackpad with this application.

Top Selling Paid-Application in over 40 countries worldwide! Including being the number 15 Top-Paid app in the US!!

This is a never-been-done-before application that eliminates the mouse, and brings direct fun to the screen of your mac by the touches on your trackpad. All touches correlate directly to moving particles on your screen, and are independent of each other.

Not only that, but with sound based on where you touch. With 7 instruments included, you can make music your way and enjoy the show at the same time!

To parents: imagine the entertainment this can bring kids! With all of the cool effects and the direct interaction into the app, they will be hooked instantly and will stay entertained for hours!

- Direct control via the trackpad!
- 17 different particles.
- Fully intractable environment.
- 7 Different instruments that activate based on where you touch. Make music your way!
---- Piano
---- Marimba
---- Bleepy Machine
---- Drum Kit
---- Acoustic Guitar
---- Caribbean Metal Drum
---- Theremin
- Different musical scales
- Sounds follow your fingers. As you move around, the sounds will play for each new location.
- Ability to mute the sounds and just enjoy the show
- Image that can be toggled to show each notes location for each scale
- Fullscreen capabilities


Want Trackpad Magic for your iPhone/iPad? Check out Trackpad Magic Mobile in iTunes! Out Now!!


By Majic Jungle Software
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Jul 20, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Appfall

Appfall is an interactive screensaver just like the app wall at WWDC. It includes two mini games that can be played using app icons as giant pixels.

Appfall downloads app icons from the App Store top 400 charts for any region, category, or chart type, and drops them from the top of the screen laid out in a colorful rainbow. It can be set to display either Mac apps or iPhone or iPad apps.

It can also be set to display the more popular apps more often, can be set up to run as a screensaver, and supports multiple screens.

Appfall is also a great way to find new apps. Point at any icon to see the app's name, then click to see more information and a link to the App Store.

In the blocks mini game, the goal is to get as high a score as possible by clearing lines. Clearing more lines at once gives a higher score bonus. Use the arrow keys to move, rotate, or drop the blocks.

In App Command you must defend towers made out of the number one app, by sending missiles to destroy the attacking app icons.

By KelNishi
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Aug 15, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link HotMouse

HotMouse brings high fidelity screen effects to your desktop. With a graphics engine specially designed to take advantage of your multicore Mac, HotMouse renders silky smooth, lag-free special effects around on your mouse pointer.

The first bundle of effects includes:
* Fire: Stream flames across your screen!
* Grow: Your basic giant pointer. Great for the over 40 crowd!
* Decal: Attach any image to your mouse pointer.
* Attractor: A streaky particle system for people who love string.
* Trails: The classic pointer effect, with a new twist.

And, there's more effects to come! Stay tuned!

Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Jan 3, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link PRANK ME!



One of the funnest games ever. Check out the screen shots and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed!!!

**Top 100 Mac App Store App**
**Top 10 Mac App Store Entertainment Category App**

Thanks to All Who Gave Us Our 500th+ 4.5 Star ☆☆☆☆ Rating (iPhone Version)

✪✪Reached the Top 14th App in US Entertainment Category✪✪ (iPhone Version)

✪✪Reached Top 94th Overall App Out of 300,000+ Apps✪✪ (iPhone Version)

As FEATURED in our KBTX TV Interview!!!

☺☺ Are you usually the Laugh of the Party and Love to get people Laughing? ☺☺

PRANK ME! is a one of a kind, out of this world app that has 48 hilarious characters and over 1100 audio says included! You are sure to find one or all for any of your pranking needs.

We took the suggestions and complaints of other mediocre pranking apps and we ran with it....
✔ We added tons of professionally dubbed male and female character voices
✔ We added a number of essential & efficient features
✔ Included highly detailed instructions on how to use the app and get the most out of it
✔ Better overall, more easy to control user interface
✔ And we added stellar graphics to back them all up.

No need to disguise your voice either, with our prerecorded character scripts PRANK ME! does it all for you! Hide your caller id and even your closest friends will never know it is you!

You can simply dial a number and use your Mac as a speakerphone, then use our voice activating buttons to guide a prank conversation that is immensely funny and easy.

You can have the power of an exhilarating comedian for PRANK CALLING with monstrously silly character voices.

✵Al Pacino
✵Ms. Cleo
✵Joe Pesci
✵Judge Judy
✵Sgt. Hartman
✵Random Guy
✵Lottery Commission
✵Census Bureau
✵George Clooney
✵Regis Philbin
✵German Actor
✵Parcel Delivery
✵Mad Driver
✵Ball Maker
✵Russian Bride
✵Adult Website
✵Adult Store
✵Phone Company
✵Car Salesman
✵Bill Collector
✵Missed Appointment
✵Male Coach
✵Female Coach
✵Animal Control
✵Middle Eastern
✵Old Boyfriend
✵Call Girl
✵Contest Winner
✵Feminine Man
✵Massage Parlor
✵Mile High Club
✵One Night Stand
✵Tree Hugger Society



The feature allows you to select certain audio clips that you want to play and then play them consecutively without having to click each individual audio clip.

This feature comes with an already built pre-packaged set of audio clips, great to use when you get the callers voicemail.

This feature allows the user to “re-arrange” the sequence of the listed audio sayings, so to have easier access to the ones the user wants to use.

This is an audio option that allows you to leave a # for them to call back. When they call this number back, it lets them know they have been PRANKED! Dial it to hear the voicemail greeting (585)209-0149, it is Hilarious!!!



✔ Special Thanks to:
Mike Elmore
This Guy is Awesome, Take a Listen!

Panoramic View
By Coffee Break Studios
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Oct 21, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Panoramic View

This interactive screen saver shows beautiful panoramic pictures and uses face detection to adjust the panorama view based on your face position. Pan, tilt and zoom the picture simply by looking at your screen! (Please visit the support page, which shows how it works)

Shows the whole panorama across your screens.

Save as real screen saver file.

- Use any panoramic picture from your local computer or the web
- Select the order and interval for the pictures to be shown
- Shuffle mode

Particles buzzing around to enhance the viewing experience.

Simply drag & drop images from your local computer or directly from your web browser into the image list.

No need to search for great pictures, simply load our current favorites.

- Build in or external camera
- Snow Leopard or Lion

Face detection may not work as well in either very dark environments or in environments with a bright light source in the background. In such cases it helps to adjust the lighting conditions or the camera position slightly. High res images (~​ 4000 x 2500px and up) deliver the best viewing experience.

Please visit our support page for the FAQs and more info.


By Serious Tree LLC
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Jul 21, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link RiffSync

RiffSync stores, organizes, and plays in perfect sync your RiffTrax® files. It is designed to be used with audio-only commentary files you purchase from RiffSync can sync with a movie played in either iTunes or DVD Player, even those purchased or rented from the iTunes store.

RiffSync can also do a few neat tricks. Like ducking, which reduces the volume of the movie whenever the Riff-masters are talking. Also, thanks to a built-in way to share sync settings, many times you won't have to do anything to get the sync just right.

** Not familiar with Movie Riffing?

If you were fortunate to have watched Mystery Science Theater 3000, then you already get the main idea. In that show, people (and robots, in fact) would sit in a theater and watch a movie, telling jokes all the way through. This is sometimes called "riffing" on a movie. As the viewer, you sit behind these guys and watch the movie but also hear their commentary.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (aka MST3K) is no longer on the air, but many of the same folks behind the show have started the website They record and sell audio files with this commentary, carefully timed to be played back along with the movie being riffed. You can then rent or buy the movie any way you want, and simply play this audio file back in sync.

Unfortunately this creates a problem. The audio commentary file needs to be played back in perfect synchronization with your movie. If they are off by even a fraction of a second, the comedic timing of the jokes will not be right.

This is where RiffSync comes in. RiffSync helps you keep the sync, even if you pause the movie for a bathroom break.

** Works with MP3 audio commentaries from other sources too, like the Basic Cable Commentary series by Adam Carolla.

RiffSync is built to work with the audio tracks made by the fine folks at and other riff providers. If you have any problems or questions related to RiffSync, please contact us directly. The providers of these riffs are not able to assist with RiffSync-specific questions or issues.

Serious Tree is an independent company and not affiliated with these providers.

Funny Reader
By Wicked Bytes UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Apr 18, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Funny Reader

Fascinate your family and friends, and make them laugh with Funny Reader.
Funny Reader is a simple to use speech synthesizer. Type in any text you want and Funny Reader will read it for you. Choose from more than 20 different voices including Bells, Boing, Bubbles, Deranged, Pipe Organ, Princess and from many different speech rates.

Talk To Me
By Alex Wasserman
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Sep 22, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Talk To Me

A simple, enjoyable app that will automatically talk back whatever you write, in a voice of your choosing.

This was written to play with my young daughter who delighted in being able to have a conversation with the computer. It's now a friend.

Either use the suggested sentence starters, or write your own, then click Talk to Me, and your computer will talk to you. Choose from the voices to pick your own computer friend.

This is targeted at parents and young children.

Desktop Poet
By Mariner Software
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Dec 30, 2010
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link Desktop Poet

Desktop Poet is the ONLY magnetic poetry software on the
market. Desktop Poet increases the available vocabulary and
decreases the number of tiles by allowing a single tile to have
multiple word forms. Desktop Poet excels in visually helping
the brainstormer or novelist with clearer thinking,
more imaginative projects, and better organized writing.
Break through writers’ block by easily expanding on your free
flowing thought process. Move around words and pictures to
"see" what you are thinking. Desktop Poet helps younger kids
grasp simple sentence structure and grammar while older
kids can showcase their poetic genius.

Fire HD for Mac
By Hurryforward Ltd
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Mar 7, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Fire HD for Mac

Fire HD. Set the mood with the best collection of fire videos.

- 2 fireplace videos,
- 1 bonfire video,
- 1 candle video,
- 1 fireworks video

Unlike other apps which are decimating the rain forests, we only use wood from eco-friendly sustainable forests.

Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Apr 15, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link X-Memory

***Featured by SOFTPEDIA***
***"100% CLEAN" Softpedia award***

X-Memory is a memory challenging styled game but different with this type of games on the market. It is providing a new and funny way of challenging your instant memory. Physical moving and various items are added to make the memorizing process interesting. More than 200 graphics are included with different difficulties. Unlimited and different levels are developed, to always give you different experiences.
Let’s start to challenge our capacity of instant memory!!!


-Physical movement of the graphics
-Various items designed to give you fun
-More than 200 graphical objects to memorize
-Screen touch enabled to interact with game
-Unlimited levels with score recording
-New game or continue with your previous record
-Award concept with different items in different levels



By David Barnhardt
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Aug 13, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Fractacular

Fractacular has 200 beautifully rendered fractal images using the awesome SAM (Stripe Average Method) coloring scheme. The vast majority of them are from deep inside a one pixel square location at the seventeenth node of the northwest side of Seahorse Valley.

After creating the software and gradients to achieve this distinctive style of shallow-depth-3D fractals, the final 200 fractal images were culled from thousands of fractal images that I created over many months. This app is the culmination of about nine man-months worth of time.

Fractacular has a dynamically animated, futuristic GUI that's completely interactive. Access the fractal database to pick a fractal image to view, or just click the FRACTAL button to go the next fractal.

Click the RUN button to automatically cycle through all the fractal images in sequence (with a fade transition animation after 20 seconds). It will automatically rollover back to the start after showing the last fractal. This works great as a quasi-Screensaver when in Full-Screen Mode.

Whenever you choose a new fractal, the app will target the Fractal Coordinate in Fractal-Space and then simulate scanning Fractal-Space to retrieve the fractal and bring it into view. The position of the current fractal is shown in the full Mandelbrot image of both the large viewer and the Nano-Viewer in the bottom-left of the window, via the white targeting arrows. The coordinate values, diameter, and render magnification are also displayed to the right of the Nano-Viewer.

IMPORTANT: This app does not allow you to create your own fractals. To do that, please check out my FractalMaker app.

Click the MODE button to toggle between Full-Screen Mode and Windowed Mode.

To extend the usefulness of this app, in version 3, I've included a large digital clock that can be optionally displayed. It's primarily intended to be used when you are running the app in quasi-screensaver mode, to check the time from a distance. The clock can run in 12-hour or 24-hour mode, and the seconds readout can be turned on or off.

Additionally, I've added a MUTE button so you can turn off all of the sound effects.

Live Long and Prosper. \\//


• 200 Fractal Images
• 28 Color Themes
• Fractal Space Targeting
• Fractal Space Coordinate Readout
• Clock
• Big Clock
• System Version Readout
• Full-Screen Mode
• Titlebarless Windowed Mode
• Millennium StarDate
• Cool Sound Effects
• Mute Sound Effects


If you have any questions, send them to

Use the same email address if you have suggestions for new features, general feedback, or if you discover a bug in the app.

Feedback is both welcome and encouraged. It helps me make the app as awesome as possible.

Funny Pages for Mac
By DJ MacIntosh
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Aug 4, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Funny Pages for Mac

Over 220 Comics on your Mac Desktop.

Funny Pages is the easy way to get comics the way you want, quickly and easily. Simply click the name of a comic on the left hand side and a large version of the comic for that day will appear on the screen. Choose any date on the calendar in the lower left hand corner and you can go back in time and view comics from the past.

- Create a favorites list of comics you read often
- Add the comic to iPhoto
- Save the comic to disk

For more information including the list of comics included visit

Radical Comic Reader
By Bryan Lunduke
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Oct 17, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Radical Comic Reader

*** Radical Comic Reader is only 99 cents between now and December 1st. Technically Black Friday will occur during this sale. But this isn’t really a “Black Friday Sale”. Think of it more as a “It’s Cold Outside, And Raining A Bit More Than We’d Like, So We’re Having A Sale” sale. ***

Radical Comic Reader does one thing: Read digital comic books.

And, boy howdy, does it do it well.

- Open and read .CBR and .CBZ Comic Book archives.
- All the reading options you'd need (full screen, rotation, scaling, zooming).
- Easy page navigation with toolbar buttons or arrow keys.
- Save any page as an image file (or even print the page).
- Read as many comic books as you like at the same time (multi-tasking is important in comic book reading!).

Looking to get started with digital comic books? You can find many public domain and creative common's licensed comic's at (search for "cbz AND mediatype:texts").

You can also purchase DRM free comics from (click on the "Comic Store" link on the left).

Coral Reef Aquarium
By Michael Schneider
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated May 15, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Coral Reef Aquarium

This app is the most beautiful, realistic and professional aquarium experience that you can have on your Mac.

Enjoy the beauty and calm of an aquarium on your desktop. We have partnered with amazing cinematographers to bring you this screen saver app featuring three realistic tanks.

Aquarium Live HD
By Voros Innovation
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Aquarium Live HD

Turn your screen into a beautiful aquarium! Run as a video or a screensaver.


+4 beautiful, long HD Videos to choose from
+Featuring Sharks, Clownfish (Nemo), Blue Tang (Dory) and many other colorful fish
+Videos run in full screen or resizable window mode (always on top)
+Screensaver option
+Looped playback with smooth, almost unnoticeable transitions

The developers of this app are committed to quality and providing a great user experience. All feedback is taken on board and we try to respond to all emails within 24 hours. We keep the app up to date so you can expect new features and added content in the future.

Note: HD video resolution is optimal for 11, 13, 15 and 17 inch screens.

Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Jan 13, 2012
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link

★★★★★ ¡¡¡OFERTA DE LANZAMIENTO!!!: 0.79 € !!! ★★★★★
App TOP 1 de pago y TOP 1 Entretenimiento!!! Calidad asegurada por las valoraciones de nuestros clientes.

TV España TDT te permite ver en tu Mac todos los canales de televisión nacionales y locales SIN UN SINTONIZADOR TDT USB.

Es la única app creada para España, actualizada con nuevos canales.

➤➤ Lista de canales disponibles:

TVE 2 (En pruebas)
Antena 3
laSexta 2 ¡NOVEDAD!
La Siete (En pruebas)
Divinity (En pruebas)
Marca TV
TVE 24h
Kiss TV
Eurosport (En pruebas)
Eurosport 2 (En pruebas)
Aragon TV
Canal Nou 24h
Ceuta TV
El Dia TV
Canal Sur
Solidaria TV
Telemadrid Sat
TVG Europa
TVG America
TV3 Cat Internacional
TV3 Cat 24h
7 RM
TVN Chile
Al Jazeera
Direct 8
BBC World News
France TV 2/3/4/5
Y más...

¿Echas algo en falta? Envíanos tus sugerencias en la App (Ayuda/Sugerencias)

✽ ATENCIÓN: Si tienes problemas viendo la mayoría de canales, contacta con el soporte técnico. Buscaremos una solución para tu problema.

✽ ATENCIÓN: La calidad de los canales depende íntegramente de las cadenas, nosotros buscamos la mejor señal disponible y la ofrecemos.

✽ ATENCIÓN: Algunas cadenas bloquean su señal fuera de España, por lo que puede que fallen algunos canales si entras desde el extranjero.

✽ ATENCIÓN: Algunas cadenas no retransmiten por internet las 24h y puntualmente cortan su emisión en la red o se dedican a repetir unos pocos segundos,programas/películas/series/partidos, estos casos suelen ser temporales, por favor, entienda que es una incidencia que escapa a nuestro control.

✽ NOTA LEGAL: Todas las emisiones provienen de los servidores de las cadenas, TV España TDT no almacena ni distribuye material con Copyright. Todas las imágenes y logotipos son propiedad de las cadenas. Esta aplicación únicamente gestiona los enlaces a las emisiones que realizan las propias cadenas.

Virtual Fireplace
By Tillmania Limited
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Feb 11, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Virtual Fireplace

Virtual Fireplace is the perfect solution for any cosy night. It simulates a real life fireplace right on your computer screen! The highest quality looping fire video currently available on the Mac Store.

- Simple interface. No button clicks, just pure fireplace!
- Highest quality video!
- High quality looping video of a fireplace that can last forever!
- High quality audio!
- Many more ambient videos on the way!

Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Jan 20, 2012
Price $13.99
Download iTunes app link

An animated, 3D Music Visualization with thousands of unique scenes.

Comes with four fun effects, easy navigation controls and on-screen menus. Play your music and watch Morphyre respond to the sounds received by your computer's microphone (or line in)...

Navigation controls:
"F" = enter fullscreen
"Spacebar" = change scene
"L" = lock scene/unlock
Down/Up = Next Scene/Previous Scene

"N" = negate
"S" = strobe
"H" = high dynamic range
"B" = radial blur