Daily Workouts Nutrition Menu - Calorie Tracker Calories Counter BMI
Daily Workouts Nutrition Menu - ... Calories Counter BMI
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CalmDown Calories 2 PostureTrack Water Break
CalmDown Calories 2 PostureTrack Water Break
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White Noise Yoga - Asana Dictionary - Intermediate Pocket Yoga Menstruation and Ovulation Calendar - Period Calculator and Tracker
White Noise Yoga - Asana Dict... Pocket Yoga Menstruation and ...
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CalorieBalance Ovulation Calendar Express Get Fit Stay Fit Breaktify
CalorieBalance Ovulation Calenda... Get Fit Stay Fit Breaktify
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ChiroCare Daily Ab Workout Figwee Portion Explorer BpGrapher - BloodPressure+Pulse
ChiroCare Daily Ab Workout Figwee Portion Ex... BpGrapher - Blood...
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Daily Workouts
By Daniel Miller
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Jan 5, 2012
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Daily Workouts

Daily Workouts provides great 10 to 30 minute daily workout routines for men and women that step you through some of the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Daily Workouts combines all of the exercises from Daily AB Workout, Daily ARM Workout, Daily BUTT Workout, Daily CARDIO Workout and Daily LEG Workout. Each workout is different as exercises are pulled at random from the 100+ available exercises to create a great full body workout routine. There are options to do randomly generated routines that target your full body, upper body, lower body or core. You can also choose to create your own custom routine from all available exercises.

These proven exercises, demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, target all major muscles. Spending just minutes a day can strengthen and tone your body.

The routine's simple interface, complete with video and timer, allows you to easily follow along and understand each exercise. Simply select your routine and follow along!

• Over 100 exercises
• Choose a 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 minute workout
• Random workouts
• Create custom workouts

Nutrition Menu - Calorie Tracker
By Shroomies
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Jan 4, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Nutrition Menu - Calorie Tracker

★ Introductory SALE for a Limited Time!
★ Made by the developers of the award-winning Nutrition Menu iOS app with 1500+ 5-star reviews
► No Internet connection required

Advance your diet by having nutritional information for over 93,000 food items right at your fingertips! Whether you go out to eat or cook at home, Nutrition Menu takes the guesswork out of choosing healthy meals and even shows the Food Score. Have the peace of mind knowing that your meal fits within your dietary allowance. Whether you are counting carbs, watching calories, or have diabetes, Nutrition Menu makes it easy for anyone who needs to see what they are eating.

✓ Over 42,000 restaurant menu items of 356 USA and some Canadian restaurants (see website for list)
✓ Over 51,000 entries for common foods like apples, meat, frozen meals, etc
✓ No Internet communication means fast access to information
✓ Nutrition info includes calories, fat (total and saturated), carbs, fiber, serving size, protein, cholesterol, sodium and sugars
✓ Shows Food Score
✓ Search feature

✓ No monthly subscription fee
✓ Free updates

Calories Counter
By Paola Petrelli & Giorgio Vinciguerra
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Sep 12, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Calories Counter

Calories Counter is your personal food diary, a powerful and easy to use tool to track your daily food intake and workouts. It’s great if you want to lose or gain weight.
You can manage not only calories, but also fat, carbs and proteins.
This app calculates your daily energy intake, body mass index and calories burned during an exercise.

✓ Clear and nice interface.
✓ Database of foods with over 7500 entries.
✓ Metric, Imperial/American and SI units.
✓ Determine your weekly weight change.
✓ Take note of what you have eaten in the last week.
✓ Exercise calorie calculator with 60 physical activities. It takes into account your weight and the time spend.
✓ Calculate your BMI and know if you are underweight, overweight, normal or obese.
✓ Estimate your daily calorie needs based on your age, gender, weight, height and activity level.
✓ All your data is stored locally, on your Mac.

By OraMac Consulting Inc
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Aug 26, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link BMI

BMI is a tool to find out if you are in the healthy range of weight compared to your height.

By Adam Mathes
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Aug 5, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link CalmDown

Every day your computer stresses you out.

Maybe it's time it tried to help you relax.

CalmDown is a very simple application to help you focus and relax.

When you feel stressed, click the yin-yang added to your menubar in the top right and and choose "calm down."

Your desktop will slowly fade out and be replaced with colors fading in and out. You can use this to help focus your breathing and calm yourself.

Calories 2
By danholt4mac
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Oct 31, 2011
Price $29.99
Download iTunes app link Calories 2

Calories 2 – your personal coach for an active and healthy lifestyle!

➤ CALORIES 2 LOGGING: Calories 2 records your eating history, your calorie consumption, and your weight and body analysis data.

➤ CALORIES 2 ANALYZING: Calories 2 collects all your diet and exercise information and puts it into one clear and simple picture.

➤ CALORIES 2 MOTIVATING: Calories 2 helps guide you to weight loss success. It shows your progress towards your goal and highlights those areas where you may need to work a bit harder.


➤ Tracks your daily nutrition:

• Calories is easy to use. It has a simple, clear user interface.
• Calories makes tracking your daily nutrition a snap using the integrated food database.
• Calories includes the USDA Food Database for Dietary Study 3.0 (U.S. Department of Agriculture), that covers more than 10,000 foods
• Calories includes 44 different built-in nutrition per food.
• Calories lets you import additional food databases (Canadian, english/french and a swiss, german, french, italian for free)
• Calories includes a food editor to rename, add custom portions etc. and that lets you combine existing foods or enter new foods that are not in the database.
• Calories allows to track data for up to five people (family members)

➤ Organizes and improves your nutrition:

• You can create custom meals for specific times during the day
• Search using smart filters to find foods with specific nutrients and ingredients
• Calories’s Info-Panel lists foods and meals nutrients and consumed nutrients for selected time intervals
• See how many calories you have consumed, sorted by carbs, fat and protein.

➤ Measures body analysis data:

• Quick entry of your of daily weight data with the balance panel
• Automatic calculation of BMI in real time
• Daily tracking of body analysis data (fat, water, muscle, bones)
• Support for dimensions in both pound/inch and kilogram/centimeter units.
• Adjustable components for body analysis data. Fat, water, muscle and bones can be activated separately.
• Direct integration of the WiThings body scale (weight and body-analysis data is tracked wirelessly and imported automatically)
• Support for the dual fat/lean-mass analyzing model of the WiThings body scale.
• Support for assigning a dedicated WiThings user to a Calories user account

➤ Tracks your calorie consumption:

• Calories tracks your activities and sports.
• Database with standard activities and their calorie consumption adjusted for your personal body profile
• Calories lets you add custom activities.
• You can also directly input your burned calories

➤ Analysis:

• Calories shows you a graphic representation of your calorie consumption and calories burned as well as calculation and representation of the net balance.
• Clear graphical presentation of your calorie intake for the day, week, month and year.
• Charts: Weight, body analysis data, intakes and energy consumption are shown with their relation and dependencies
• Chart graph data is clickable for instant editing

➤ Motivation:

• Your user profile shows your weight-goal, personal limits for consumed calories and nutrients.
• Calories show you your optimal BMI-range, aims and limit.
• Calories shows you a visual indication when you have gone past your limits
• The new credit indicator gives you a quick overview. It tells you if you can go eat more now or if you need to exercise first.

➤Calories is your daily companion, at home and on the road:

• Calories has a convenient calendar panel for fast navigation
• Calories can export your data as a CSV file for printing or further processing
• A companion iPhone app, Cal2Go with Sync-Feature, is available!

By J2 Health
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Sep 26, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link PostureTrack

Monitor Your Posture Electronically

If you spend hours hunched over our computer, there’s a good chance that you will eventually suffer from neck, back or shoulder pain due to poor posture. Healthy posture is fundamental to physical health and vitality, while poor posture, unfortunately, is habitual and usually very hard to change without help. That’s where PostureTrack comes in...

PostureTrack utilizes patent pending technology to provide feedback that allows you to see in real-time how well you’re able to maintain your desired posture. Utilizing your camera as a sensor, PostureTrack sits in the corner of your screen while you work and shows you how you're doing moment to moment, gently reminding you when your posture isn’t meeting your target. This program also displays how well you’ve been able to successfully maintain your desired posture over time. Running in the background, PostureTrack avoids distracting you from your work. Better posture means less pain and increased work efficiency. Avoid costly disabling healthcare problems that chronic poor body mechanics can cause. Healthy posture feedback can help us to build better habits and live more comfortably and naturally.

Warning: A healthy posture may be habit forming!

Note: PostureTrack utilizes your camera solely for providing posture feedback. Images are never saved or transmitted.

Water Break
By iLifeTouch & Co.
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Dec 5, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Water Break

Water break allows you to set your desired water intake intervals during your busy day. Simply set up your schedule and the app will remind you in an elegant way to consume your desired water requirements.

If only our lives could be this simple.

White Noise
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Sep 28, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link White Noise

The extremely popular White Noise app for iOS is now available for the Mac!

White Noise provides ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax or sleep. Are you in a hotel and miss the familiar sound of your fan or air conditioner? Flying on a plane and just want to nap? Includes high quality looping noises such as ocean waves crashing, hard rain pouring, and flowing stream water.

Relax. Sleep better. Feel better.

- Beautiful cover flow interface allows you to swipe to your favorite sound.
- Digital Clock is the perfect bedside sleep companion. Swipe left or right to change colors. Drag up and down to adjust brightness.
- Sound timers that slowly fade audio out so you don't suddenly awake.
- Multiple alarms that slowly fade in so you wake up feeling refreshed.
- Full screen mode supported!
- On-screen media and volume control
- Create custom playlist of sounds and mixes with different playback durations
- Favorites view for quickly accessing your preferred sounds and mixes
- Includes beautiful images that match the high quality of each sound

Air, Airplane, Amazon, Beach, Blue Noise, Boat, Brown Noise, Car Rain, Cars, Cat Purring, Chimes, City, Clock, Clothes Dryer, Crickets, Crowd, Extreme Rain, Fan, Fireplace, Frogs, Hair Dryer, Heavy Rain, Heartbeat, Light Rain, Ocean, Pink Noise, Rain Storm, Shower, Sprinkler, Stream, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Thunder, Train, Vacuum, Violet Noise, Washer, Water, Water Drip, White Noise, Wind

White Noise is available for the iPhone and iPod touch:

White Noise Pro is available for the iPad:

Fan us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/tmsoft

Follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/tmsoft

Contact us at our forums at http://www.tmsoft.com/forum/

Yoga - Asana Dictionary - Intermediate
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Dec 2, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Yoga - Asana Dictionary - Intermediate

In this series of yoga demonstrations, we will learn how to safely and effectively move in and out of each asana (posture), using the pranayama (breath) as our guide. With the teacher/student setting, we can explore the intricacies of correct alignment, and at the same time, observe the options for modifications available in each pose. In our Yoga practice, it is also important to understand how the asana's effect our bodies, as well as when we should and should not approach each posture. A list of benefits, and contraindications accompany each demonstration.

The 26 asana's covered in this application are considered to be intermediate to advanced poses. The postures found here apply to many of the different styles of yoga; Ashtanga, Kundalini, Power, Iyengar, Yin, Moksha, etc, and can be used as a reference for questions pertaining to each style.

Most importantly we wish to emphasize the significance of listening to our breath and our bodies throughout our practice. True understanding of the self can only be found by following and learning to listen to the knowledge and wisdom of our physical being.

Table of Contents:

01 Dirgha Breath
02 Kapalbhati
03 Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold
04 Dancing Cat
05 Ballet
06 Thread The Needle
07 King Cobra
08 Upward Dog
09 HalfMoon
10 High Lunge
11 Exhalted Warrior
12 Standing Wide Legged Forward Fold
13 Balanced HalfMoon
14 Revolved Triangle
15 Plank
16 Side Plank
17 Low Lunge
18 Crow
19 Frog
20 Boat
21 Camel
22 Wheel
23 Shoulder Stand
24 Fish
25 Plough
26 Shavasana

Pocket Yoga
By Rainfrog, LLC
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Jul 15, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Pocket Yoga

The practice of yoga becomes beneficial when done on a regular basis. With Pocket Yoga you can keep up with your practice at your own pace and schedule in the comforts of your own home. Simply set your Mac in front of your mat, start a practice, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

Choose between 3 different practices, 3 different difficulty levels and 3 different durations. A total of 27 different sessions!

Practices in Pocket Yoga are the unique and original creative design of the world-renowned school of Gaia Flow Yoga.


• Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose, including each inhalation and exhalation.
• Over 145 beautifully illustrated pose images with correct posture and positioning.
• Practices designed by experienced yoga instructors.
• Built-in soothing music relaxes you while you practice.

Menstruation and Ovulation Calendar - Period Calculator and Tracker
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Nov 8, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Menstruation and Ovulation Calendar - Period Calculator and Tracker

This application allows to keep track of your menstrual cycles in a calendar and to automatically predict menstruation periods and probable ovulation days.

- Keeps full history of your menstrual cycles.
- Allows to track up to four different symptoms (e.g. migraine or abdominal pain: low/medium/high).
- Allows to track body temperature (Fahrenheit, Celsius).
- Displays basal body temperature charts.
- Notes (e.g. about period, taken medications, mood) may be attached to each day.
- Automatically predicts menstruation periods.
- Automatically predicts probable ovulation days.
- The user interface is easy to use and looks good.
- Password protection.
- Full screen mode.

Why should you choose our application?
- The user interface was designed by a woman.
- We constantly add new features.
- We listen to our users.

Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Dec 16, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link CalorieBalance

This application will help you to calculate your Calorie balance.
Enter your personal details.Hit select activity Category button> Hit select activity button scroll through activities table and select activity > enter duration of the selected activity > add the activity to the activities list.Any number of activities can be added to the list. Hit select food Category button>Hit select food Item button>scroll through food items table and select food item>add the food item to the food items list.Any number of food items can be added to the list.
Hit calorie balance button to find the calorie balance.A negative value indicates you are going to loose weight.A positive value indicates you are going to gain weight.

Ovulation Calendar Express
By Dynadel
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Oct 26, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Ovulation Calendar Express

The Ovulation Calendar Express helps you determine your fertile days of the month, so you can either achieve or avoid pregnancy. The calendar is based on the date of your last period, the average Period Length and the Luteal Phase. With this information a calendar is created for each month, including details such as the next period date, the best days to conceive a boy or a girl, your ovulation day and when you should abstain from intimate relations to avoid pregnancy.


If you need to save your whole calendar history, you have irregular periods, keep track of your BBT, weight, mood, etc, check out our Ovulation Calendar for Mac which gives you a very rich feature set.

Get Fit Stay Fit
By TapMedia Publishing
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Dec 21, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Get Fit Stay Fit

THINK yourself FIT! Getting fit and maintaining a fitness regime can be a laborious business. In this recording you will learn that it is not just physical exercise that creates health and fitness – a major part of it is mental attitude. By applying the powerful hypnotherapy techniques and motivational psychology contained in this track, you will become more energised and confident of achieving your fitness goals. You will literally change your attitude towards exercise.

Each track in this app is a combination of words spoken by certified hypnotherapist David Ridgeway D.Hypn., M.N.C.H. and soothing, uplifting "binaural" music.

By BeeDream Studios
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Dec 22, 2011
Price $6.99
Download iTunes app link Breaktify

Breaktify is a simple yet very effective break reminder that help you take break regularly to avoid many types of health problems related with sitting too much, reduce stress and improve productivity by bringing back your focus.

We're sitting down average 9.3 hours a day with TV, computers, and the desk job, even more than we spend sleeping. Our bodies weren't built for that.

Sitting 6+ hours per day makes us to 40% likelier to dies within 15 years than someone who sits less than 3:
+ It makes us fat. Obese people sit for 2.5 more hours per day than thin people. Obesity overtaking smoking as America's number one killer.
+ People with sitting jobs have twice the rate of heart disease as people with standing jobs.
+ Many Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) (injuries caused by repetitive tasks to the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems) occur when we sit & work too long.


The recommended 30 minutes of activity a day is NOT enough. The only way to help us to avoid this is to interrupt sitting whenever you can.

What Breaktify actually can help us?
- The no. 1 reason for people to not take break regularly: like standing up, stretching, or small walking is most of people FORGET to do that, not they don’t want to. And Breaktify helps to solves this effectively.
- Many small exercises is actually much better for our health, not only Breaktify remind us to take break, but also it provides helpful exercises that we can easily do during those tiny breaks, like how to stretching effectively, how to relax your eyes, what simple tools can be used in the office.
- It’s proven that people who use Breaktify regularly are much more productivity. The reason is people who are regularly take small exercises are less stress & pressure and more freshness during their working hours.

Can Breaktify run in OS X Lion? Yes.
Does it allow me to skip break? Yes.
Does it has operation mode that prevent me from skipping break? Yes.
Does it allow me to change the break & working duration? Yes.
Does it have pictures to show how to exercise effective? Yes.
Is it right that I don’t need to read any manual or any help to use Breaktify? Yes, it’s simple & intuitive.
Does it notify me before force me to take break? Yes.
Will Breaktify help me to be more focus? Yes.
Can Breaktify help me to lose weight? Yes.
Can Breaktify make me healthier? Yes.
Will Breaktify make me happier? Yeah.
Will it change my habit or sitting hours in front computer? Definitely.

By wavecoders
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Feb 13, 2012
Price $29.99
Download iTunes app link ChiroCare

Get the software Chiropractors have long been waiting for.
The first treatment planning software for Chiropractors.


This software has been designed to maintain patient charts of problematic areas to be treatment. The software help motivate patients in understanding the complexities of the nervous system and the affects on the bodies organs.

Interactive, 3D Animation
Printing of vertebrae chart for treatment
File management for patient records

Daily Ab Workout
By Daniel Miller
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Sep 26, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Daily Ab Workout

Daily Ab Workout contains two 5 to 10 minute daily ab routines for men and women that step you through twenty of the best ab-sculpting exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. These proven exercises, demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, target all major abdominal muscles. Spending just minutes a day can strengthen your core and tone your abs.

The routine's simple interface, complete with video and timer, allows you to easily follow along and understand each exercise.

*Three workouts
*Randomize feature for different daily workouts

Figwee Portion Explorer
By Density Limit LLC
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Jun 17, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Figwee Portion Explorer

Figwee Portion Explorer is a stirring way to discover the actual calories and nutritional value in food.

This app is visual, using over 28,000 photos of meticulously weighed portions.

And it’s really simple.

Just type a few letters to search, browse the matching photos, and then click to select the food you want to check out.

Use a slider to adjust how much is in the bowl, on the plate, or in the glass, and Figwee animates the photos and updates the nutrition information on the fly.

If you use a calorie counter, and you don’t guess the portion correctly, are you getting the most out it?

Figwee visually answers question like: How many calories are in a “yea high mound” of pasta? What does “4.0 ounces” of hamburger look like? How many “servings” are in the bowl of cereal I eat every day?

Figwee works on MacOS 10.6 or higher, and requires a network connection.

The Figwee Portion Explorer is not in itself a calorie counter, nutrition tracker, or a weight loss system, but is great when used in conjunction with them.

Figwee also does not have a bazillion items trying to cover all of the brands on the planet. Figwee is simple and visual by design. If you type apple, steak, wine, bread, breakfast, cheese, or any one of 1500 other of the most common foods, you’ll find exactly what you need…quickly.

If you are serious about counting calories or evaluating nutrition, the most important thing to get right is the portion.

Figwee: Learn. Have Fun. Enjoy.

BpGrapher - BloodPressure+Pulse
By Michael Heinz
Device Mac
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Mar 14, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link BpGrapher - BloodPressure+Pulse

Please note: Please read the instructions at the end of the description, and provide a fair review. If you encounter any problems or don't understand any particular points, or if you have any suggestions for improvement, please contact us at:

An invaluable Medical App for anyone who wants to maintain a comprehensive record of their blood pressure and pulse readings. Take care of your health and buy it today! Up-to-date values you can retrieve months later. This unique Medical App allows you to see a chart of your pulse and blood pressure readings on any day in any month, as well as generating a chart from a filtered list, that can help you to detect any irregularities quickly.

- record and store your blood pressure and pulse readings several times a day
- add your own personalized notes
- edit and delete entries
–easy, customizable search function, depending on your user interface
– keep detailed records using specific criteria to generate daily and monthly graphs like those commonly used in the medical field: in addition to graphically displaying a selected day’s values, a monthly view is also available: as well as viewing a chart of your minimum, maximum and average blood pressure and pulse values for a selected month, the print function allows you to generate a list of values (filtered according to specific criteria, like a specific date range) and generate a PDF document that you can either print, or Email directly to your Doctor
– generate/store multiple reports

Instructions for printing chronologically (Print View):
Note that the Table is not organized at first. From the headings in the Table, locate “Time“, and click inside it once. You’ll then see the arrow pointing upwards (latest time at the bottom), and after another click (arrow will be pointing downwards) downwards (with the latest time at the top). Choose the order according to your own needs. Then follow exactly the same procedure for the Date.
Descending Chronologically by Date and Time -> 2 x click on Time, followed by 1 x click on Date.
Ascending Chronologically in Date and Time -> 1 x click on Time, followed by 2 x click on Date.