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Pulp Conservative Talk... News Ticker Gossip Junkie
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Tab for Google Reader Cyndicate Aves MeNews
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NewsLife MiniReader for Go... Too Much Coffee Nuper
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GlobalClockz RSS Ticker for Go... Feed Me News! LittleCal Pro
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By Acrylic Software
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Sep 1, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Pulp

Pulp is a unique and innovative news reader that turns your favourite news sites into your own personalized newspaper, making scanning through the news quicker and more enjoyable than ever before. By putting multiple news feeds onto a single page, Pulp lets you quickly browse through headlines, previews, and photos to find the stories that interest you most. With a beautiful and refined user interface, one-click sharing, and a companion app for your iPad, Pulp is the ultimate news reading experience.

★ Totally Customizable

Pulp is fully customizable. Create unique categories to separate your feeds by. Then, modify the layout of each page by adding, removing, and resizing columns. Finally, add feeds to populate each column, change each feed's appearance style, rules, and more. Forget the boring, concrete layouts you're used to seeing on the web. With Pulp, you are your own editor.

★ See Everything, Magically

Tired of feeds that only publish short text previews? Introducing Magic Reader - with a tap of a button, it lets you see the full story formatted into a clean and easy-to-read format, regardless of where it's from. Best of all, Magic Reader often presents an article faster than it takes to load the web version, making it essential for users on the go.

★ Cloud Syncing

Now you can seamlessly sync your pages, feeds, articles, and more to multiple Macs and iPads (Pulp for iPad sold separately on the iOS App Store). Simply sign up for a free Pulp Sync account, and watch all of your data move over the air between your devices.

★ Ready for OS X Lion

Pulp is even better on Lion. Take advantage of great new features like the beautiful, distraction-free full screen mode, natural multi-touch gestures, instant resume, push sync support, and more.


– Beautiful hand-crafted interface that turns your feeds into a virtual newspaper
– Add new feeds just by typing in a name or keyword
– Quickly save interesting articles to read later using the shelf
– Instantly see full articles with Magic Reader
– Sync with multiple Macs and iPads using Pulp Sync
– Import your favourite feeds through Google Reader, OPML, and more
– Share articles on Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper, Read It Later, and Readability
- Enhanced & ready for OS X Lion

Conservative Talk Radio
By Bluewater Publishing
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Oct 21, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Conservative Talk Radio

Conservative talk radio on your Mac! Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage access included!

Plus Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.

Use this app for one-stop access to all your favorite conservative talk radio shows. Two airtime's for Michael Savage at night plus access to Coast to Coast AM.

Includes live access to these favorite radio streams:

- Rush Limbaugh
- Michael Savage
- Sean Hannity
- Glenn Beck
- Dennis Miller
- Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
- Neal Boortz
- Mark Levin
- Laura Ingraham
- Rusty Humphries
- Jim Bohannon
- Billy Cunningham
- Rush Limbaugh weekend in review
- John Batchelor
- Lars Larson
- Handle on the Law

Plus Financial Shows
- Ric Edelman
- Money Talk with Bob Brinker
- Wall Street Journal Weekend


- Turns your Mac into a radio
- All your favorite talk shows accessible in one app
- One click access to live streaming
- Works on Lion and Snow Leopard
- View program schedules inside apps
- Multiple stations to choose from

News Ticker
By Nobody LLC
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Apr 27, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link News Ticker

News Ticker allows you to keep an eye on the news, while working/browsing/...

It scrolls headlines from right to left across its minimal and translucent window. Clicking these headlines will open the associated article.

The displayed headlines by default are world news. You can change the displayed headlines via News Ticker's Preferences.

News Ticker updates automatically.

Visit our website by clicking on "News Ticker Support" on the right side of this page.

url: http://www.no8ody.com/Apps/NewsTicker.html
email: nobody@no8ody.com

Gossip Junkie
By EZ Apps, Inc.
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Apr 6, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Gossip Junkie

Go to GossipJunkieapp.com for more information & additional screenshots! Click on the "EZ Apps, Inc web site" link on the right to get there!

√ The biggest selling Gossip app of all time is now available for your Mac! Have a handy browser where you can quickly read and share gossip articles from 22 major gossip sites. Share articles via Facebook/Twitter & Email! Add your own gossip sites as well!

√ Gossip Junkie delivers 23 of the hottest celebrity news sites/blogs into ONE app. Just select your favorite gossip site and start reading/sharing! Add sites to make it your own custom gossip browser! Come see why Gossip Junkie has become the #1 Gossip app!

√ Get Access To All Your Gossip In ONE PLACE! One Click access to these 23 celebrity news sites:

✪ But You're Like Really Pretty
✪ Celebuzz
✪ Celebrity Gossip
✪ Coco Perez
✪ Daily Fill
✪ dListed
✪ E! Online
✪ Evil Beet Gossip
✪ Gossip Bucket
✪ Lainey Gossip
✪ Media Takeout
✪ OK! Magazine
✪ MSN Wonderwall
✪ New York Post Page SIX
✪ Perez Hilton
✪ Radar Online
✪ Star Magazine
✪ Superficial
✪ The Hollywood Gossip
✪ US Mobile
✪ X17 Mobile
✪ Yahoo! OMG

√ "WHAT Features Do I Get?":

→ Icon view to quickly recognize and access your favorite gossip sites.

→ List View

→ Ability to add your own sites, just press the "+" button and enter the web address. User-added sites will be placed in their own category on the left side of the app.

→ Set A Default Site For Fast Loading. Click the pin button on the bottom right to selected the site you are viewing as your default startup site!

→ Share any article via Email, Twitter or FaceBook

**Don't forget your gossip on the go! Grab Gossip Junkie for iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch Today!

*Internet connection is required


Web: www.ezappsinc.com

Email: support@ezappsinc.com

Twitter: @ezappzinc

Thank you for your interest in our iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad & Mac Apps!

~ EZ Apps, Inc.

Tab for Google Reader
By Applest
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Sep 7, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Tab for Google Reader

Tab for Google Reader gives you the quickest way to access your news in your google reader.
#Access all items
#Access stared items
#Access read items
#Access shared items

By Cynical Peak Software, LLC
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Apr 16, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Cyndicate

Cyndicate is a easy-to-use, next-generation, RSS/Atom syndication feed reader that gives you command over your news. Cyndicate will fetch, organize, and display news and articles from millions of websites and weblogs, giving you complete control over your day's news.

Cyndicate Features:
-Mail-like interface - If you've ever used an email client, you'll feel right at home.
-Full RSS and Atom Support - No need to worry about the feed's format, Cyndicate has it covered.
-StyleSheets - Customize the look of articles using standard HTML and CSS or use any of the included styles.
-Organize your news
Folders - Sort and save articles any way you like.
Smart Folders - Create lists of articles automatically based on criteria you set.
Filters - Automatically sort, label, and mark articles as they are downloaded.
Flags - Flag important or articles you need to come back and read for easy reference.
Labels - Assign articles a label for more organizing power.
Persistence - You have full control over the life of each article. Save it for as long as you like.
-Share This - Easily share articles through email, blogging or one of the many social websites like Digg, del.icio.us, Technorati, or StumbleUpon.
-Podcasts and Enclosure - Manually or automatically download podcasts and enclosures. Podcasts can even be added to iTunes automatically.
-Search - Easily find the information you're looking for.

By Arts of Code
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Aves

The simple RSS/Atom reader.


* Just add feeds and read them
* Syncs with nothing
* No account needs
* Automatically delete the older messages

By Tom Harunatsu
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Aug 15, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link MeNews

The most up-to-date news is delivered to your menu bar in a manner of electric bulletin board. (Demo movie- http://youtu.be/JCxM76_9dx8)
Any RSS can be chosen as a news source. News containing your favorite words can be delivered with an alert sound and those with unpleasant words can be eliminated.
Your Twitter timeline can be displayed.
The news appears in a floating animation on the menu bar, which is not interfered by other windows, so that you will not miss any interesting news even during the work.

By ThinkMac Software
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Mar 22, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link NewsLife

*** Summer sale - half price until August 1st! ***

NewsLife 2 is the smart way to keep track of what's on your favorite websites. No more days spent glued to your browser — with NewsLife handling your RSS and Atom feeds, it's easy to keep up-to-date.

Get notified when new content is published. Track what you've already read. Share stories with your friends. Group feeds, and view all their articles together. Want to see everything published today, or by a certain author? It's just a click away.

For fans of Flickr, we've developed the new Photo Mode: NewsLife 2 detects when you're viewing a Flickr RSS feed and optimises the user interface for photographs, giving you a great view every time.

Wall of text? Give yourself a richer experience: NewsLife 2's Picture Tile mode correlates images published by your feeds, letting you browse through your news stories visually.

Incredible news? The News Clippings feature makes it easy to keep track of interesting or important content in your feeds, giving you fast access to the articles you add to it and making it easy to show your friends. Share stories by e-mail, or via Instapaper, Digg, Delicious – and more – all with a simple click.

MiniReader for Google Reader
By Diigo Inc.
Device Mac
Category News
Updated May 17, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link MiniReader for Google Reader

MiniReader is the easiest way to check your news in google reader quickly.

1. Access all Google reader features, including starred items, comment, share, note etc.
2. Open links in browser window when necessary.
3. Change icon color when new items arrive.

Too Much Coffee
By iLifeTouch & Co.
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Oct 10, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Too Much Coffee

Special Offer.
On Sale for - $0.99
Regular Price is - $1.99

"Too much Coffee" has only one purpose and that is to help keep track of your coffee drinking habits. How much coffee do you really drink in a week? The simplicity and functionality of this app will take you only seconds each day to keep track of your coffee consumption habits. The app doesn't need explanations or guidance to understand, as a mater of fact "Too Much Coffee" doesn't even require words, simply look at the screenshots and you will understand how simple simplicity can be. The best way to understand "Too much Coffee" is to simply try it out.

Please don't ask for additional features. We want "Too Much Coffee" to be this simple. We want users to reflect on the amount of Coffee they have consumed during the day. We want this process to take seconds not minutes.

If you want an extreme water/coffee app that keeps track of absolutely everything then grab Absorb Water on the iPhone/iPod.

Drink More Water on this App Store is the perfect compliment to "Too Much Coffee" since water is the best way to reverse the effects of coffee.


App features include:

* Ml or oz setting
* Realistic sound effects and animation of glasses emptying
* A daily consumption chart for the entire week
* Red quantity trackers that help you keep track of your consumption
* A coffee tip page explaining the most important facts about drinking coffee
* The dock icon shows the daily amount of glasses of coffee
consumed for quick reference.

By Line Thirteen
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Sep 30, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Nuper

Nuper lets you subscribe to your favorite blogs and keep tabs on all the latest headlines. A single click on any entry instantly opens a new browser window and loads the chosen site for you. All of the headlines from all of your favorite sites are instantly at your fingertips.

No more wondering if a blog has been updated or not, no more visiting sites that haven't changed in days. Nuper lists your favorite sites based on the time they were most recently updated.

This is RSS pared down to its leanest, meanest form. No unread counts to keep track of, no dock icon badges to interrupt your work, just the latest and greatest headlines. Nuper lets you read at your pace without pressuring you to stay on top of anything.

On top of all this, Nuper doesn't keep you in the app for reading - click on an entry and a new browser window opens, automatically loading the selected blog. Read articles on the original website as was intended by the author, not in the confines of a news reader that makes everything look the same.

It's also easy to subscribe to a blog - just type in the address of the RSS feed and Nuper will automatically subscribe you. Don't know the address of the RSS feed? Just type in the address of the blog itself (something like http://brooksreview.net/) and Nuper will figure out the RSS feed for you (http://brooksreview.net/feed/). Nuper takes care of the rest, automatically tracking the site for you and displaying the most recent headline as well as the time since the most recent update.

By Tomoyuki Okawa
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Mar 24, 2011
Price $29.99
Download iTunes app link GlobalClockz

Run as many as 10 real-time clocks along with many other features.

GlobalClockz is a Mac software title that will allow the user to run multiple real-time clocks. You can run as many as 10 real-time clocks across different time zones simultaneously. You can also set alarm clocks across different time zones. Of course, you could use 10 alarm clocks or 10 Macs instead of running one copy of GlobalClockz.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 ~ 10.6.8, 10.7.x

RSS Ticker for Google Reader
By mobileFlavour
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Sep 1, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link RSS Ticker for Google Reader

RSS Ticker is a lightweight RSS Reader for your desktop which can sync with Google Reader. It lets you keep an eye on news anytime and it provides variety of settings for customizing the ticker.

Start picking your favorite feeds by today and RSS Ticker will deliver news to you!

Key Features:
◆ Sync with Google Reader[optional]
◆ Using OAuth authentication
◆ Ticker View and List View.
◆ Search Keywords on Item's Title.
◆ Shuffle Items.
◆ Preview each item without leaving the app
◆ Built-in Article Viewer.
◆ Multiple Feeds Support.
◆ Easily share any items on Facebook, Twitter and others.
◆ Export / Import of feed list (OPML) from other apps.
◆ Star Items on interesting news.
◆ Show unread item count in Dock Icon.
◆ Beautiful, yet simple user interface that comes to life.

Customizable Appearance and Settings:
◆ Opacity / Font Size and Color of Ticker and Item List.
◆ Time Format (24/12 hours).
◆ Ticker Scrolling Speed. (Speed up by hovering cursor on arrow icon of ticker)
◆ Auto Fade out.

Much more:
◆ Auto Hide under menu bar. (Show again by hovering cursor on menu bar)
◆ Always on top.
◆ Show in All spaces.
◆ Auto Start at Login.
◆ Auto Refresh.
◆ Expand ticker to screen's max width by double clicking Ticker's left/right handle.
◆ Read content in internal/external browser.
◆ Easily drag and resize the ticker.

Feed Me News!
By Friendly Shopping LLC
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Mar 22, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Feed Me News!


Feed Me News! uses RSS feeds to deliver news headlines to your desktop. It provides a simple way to keep up with the news without the burden of managing unread counts. Subscribe to RSS or Twitter feeds and stay up-to-date with all that is going on in the world.

LittleCal Pro
By Tomoyuki Okawa
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Sep 11, 2011
Price $11.99
Download iTunes app link LittleCal Pro

LittleCal Pro is a simple application with which you can schedule events in a virtual calendar quickly and easily. Schedule events, and LittleCal Pro will even remind you of them ahead of time like 10 days or 30 minutes before events are supposed to occur. Maybe, you want to get your Mac to remind you that you need to pick up your kids at 03:35 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays? That can be done with LittleCal Pro.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 ~ 10.6.8, 10.7.x

By Tomoyuki Okawa
Device Mac
Category News
Updated Mar 16, 2011
Price $11.99
Download iTunes app link Text2Mail

Use a document file (.rtf, .rtfd, .txt) to send the same message to any number of e-mail addresses.

Text2Mail offers an easy and quick solution to sending the same message to a number of e-mail addresses quickly through Apple's Mail. Text2Mail uses a document file to compose multiple documents on Mail. So simply drag and drop an existing document file containing a message with pictures and hyperlinks onto application's drop box.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 ~ 10.6.8, 10.7.x