Data Usage Pro Money Journal HD Currency+ (Currency Exchange Rates Converter) J&L Financial Planner
Data Usage Pro Money Journal HD Currency+ (Curren... J&L Financial Pla...
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Stock Chartist Bill Keeper Daily ETFs Poker Income Pro - Bankroll Tracker
Stock Chartist Bill Keeper Daily ETFs Poker Income Pro ...
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Tip Bucket BA Financial Calculator for iPad Stock Chart Patterns Account Tracker
Tip Bucket BA Financial Calc... Stock Chart Patterns Account Tracker
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Car Calc Pro Loan Calculator + Bookkeeping Tapfolio for Stocks
Car Calc Pro Loan Calculator + Bookkeeping Tapfolio for Stocks
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Portfolio mobile - Stock Tracking & Market Analysis for iPad UsedAutoGraph Glossary of Economic Terms DebtMinder
Portfolio mobile ... UsedAutoGraph Glossary of Econo... DebtMinder
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Data Usage Pro
By sigterm
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 15, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Data Usage Pro

Data Usage Pro monitors cellular (3G/Edge/GPRS) and Wi-Fi data usage real time from your device.

This is Pro version of Data Usage app which adds following features:

✔ View past data usage by billing cycle on a chart.

✔ Email billing cycle history & Export to CSV

✔ Visualize daily usage breakup on a chart

✔ Unlimited custom counters
✔ Create one for tracking roaming usage or pre-paid usage or billing cycles that are not monthly or weekly or to track cellular downloads.Set data quota and billing cycle information and let Data Usage worry about making sure you don’t pay for overages again.

App runs in background on finding new cellular tower, shows used, remaining or predicted % as application badge and sends you alert when you exceed specified usage level.

With this most precise tool, you are always in control of data plan limit and save hundreds or thousands on data overages by investing just $2!

★ #1 paid utility in UAE & Malaysia; top 10 paid utilities in Canada, U.K., Spain & Hong Kong; top 50 paid utilities in New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, United States, China, Mexico, Jordan & Dominican Republic and 50 other countries.

★ "Data Usage is great for those who run the risk of exceeding their limit. If you fall into that category, Apple’s Settings application no longer makes the cut. That makes it a great buy!"

Pro version of Data Usage app that has
★★★★1/2 avg. rating on over 5000 reviews on AppStore

Cool feature competitors don't have:


✔ monthly, weekly and daily quota limits
✔ separate cellular and Wi-Fi billing cycle and quota settings
✔ custom counters/meters for flexible billing period, pre-paid billing, yearly billing, roaming usage etc.
(NOTE: this monitoring is not automatic. You have to manually turn counters on/off)
✔ auto reset on billing period end*
✔ notification to reset on billing period end for non-multitasking device**
✔ simple setup – just enter billing period and quota
✔ reads data usage from device no carrier login needed
✔ works with ANY phone carrier around the world


✔ monitor used %, remaining % or projected use % as app badge without ever opening app again
✔ customize progress bar, data unit and launch settings
✔ progress bar turns yellow indicating caution on crossing ideal usage
✔ strikingly unique user interface and awesome icon
✔ billing period data usage and ideal usage on same progress bar
✔ predictive data usage analysis – estimates likely billing cycle usage based on current usage and shows it as badge too
✔ shows remaining days, quota and quota per day in easy to read format
✔ calculates ideal daily usage based on current consumption


✔ track data hog application by checking since last run counter
✔ continuous background data usage monitoring & geo-tagging*
✔ real-time customizable alerts on exceeding certain usage**


✔ History of data usage by billing cycle and day
✔ Chart visualization for daily usage and billing cycle usage


✔ universal application – don’t need to buy iPad version separately
✔ most precise data tracking engine
✔ last place data used
✔ works with iphone/iPod running iOS 3


✔ email support from within app
✔ full user help included with app

* this feature is supported on devices supporting multitasking.
** this feature is supported on iOS 4 or later

Money Journal HD
By Aesthology Inc.
Device iPad
Category Finance
Updated Sep 24, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Money Journal HD

Money Journal HD is an organizer-style money management application that allows you to manage income and expenses. Your cash flow is always graphed out so you can easily see whether you spend too much on credit card or which expense is higher than last month. You can use this application in various ways such as planning your monthly budget in order to increase your savings.

Money is your lifetime partner. Manage your money well with Money Journal HD and use it to improve your life planning or fulfill your life.

Major features include:
- Passcode protection at start-up
- Monthly budget settings
- Income and expense management
- Search and display a list of income and outgo
- Weekly and monthly recurring income and expenses
- Data entry with the application’s built-in calculator
- Quick entry of multiple data
- Record goods and bills by taking a picture
- Carry-over function
- Chart display
- Add, edit or delete payment methods, categories and currencies
- Export as CSV files
- Backup data to Mac or PC

And more!

Currency+ (Currency Exchange Rates Converter)
By Jump Gap Software
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Currency+ (Currency Exchange Rates Converter)

Whether you're a business or leisure traveler, hopping from country to country is a breeze when you have Currency+ in your hands! This Universal currency conversion application for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch shows you what you're paying instantly and is easy to use even when you have jet lag.

"The simple interface and easy functions make Currency+ a nice addition to your iDevice." - See review here -

✓ Support For Over 150 World Currencies
✓ Real Time Currency Conversion Between All Your Currencies
✓ Historical Charts
✓ Editable Calculator Tape
✓ Inverse Currency Calculations
✓ Factor in Transaction Fees or Taxes
✓ Integrated Online Help
✓ 100% Ad Free

What Makes Currency+ stand out from other Currency Apps?

★ Support For Over 150 World Currencies ★
Most other currency apps only let you see the rates of two currencies at a time - Currency+ is different. You can create a favorites list from 150+ world currencies (powered by Selecting your base currency is as easy as touching it with your finger and using the built in calculator to enter your value. All the other currencies on your favorite list will convert in real time.

★ Historical Charts ★
Currency+ has historical charts. You can view historical currency conversion charts for any two currencies. Touch the chart with a single finger to see data from any period in the past. Touch the chart with two fingers to compare currency exchange rates from any two past periods. Rotate the chart to landscape view to see the chart in even greater detail.

Show charts for 1 day (real time intraday), 5day, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 2 years and 5 years.

★ Editable Calculator Tape ★
Currency+ has an integrated calculator tape that keeps track of everything that you do. You can send any value from the tap to any of your favorite currencies. You can edit/delete/insert tape values and your calculations will automatically update. Finally, you can put comments on any of your tape values to help you keep track of what your numbers stand for.

★ Inverse Currency Calculations ★
Need to do inverse or reverse currency calculations? Currency+ can switch between standard and inverse currency conversion modes on the fly.

★ Transaction Fees or Taxes ★
Currency+ can factor in transaction fees (or tax) automatically. Individuals rarely convert money at published exchange rates - most banks and exchange offices charge a fee. Enter the transaction fee percentage to give you a better estimate of your 'real' conversion rates.

★ Integrated Online Help ★
Currency+ has a built in help. You don't need to memorize everything at the time you buy Currency+. Use the help to get quick access to everything about Currency+.

Make the leap with Jump Gap Software's Currency+, the currency converter that takes you around the world and back.

J&L Financial Planner
By J&L Software LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Sep 21, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link J&L Financial Planner

Plan for your future retirement from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with the J & L Financial Planner, the mobile version of J & L Software's top-rated desktop financial planning software. The app provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use way to approach financial planning and your retirement.

From the planner you can create a customized financial plan based on your individual financial circumstances. You can plan for current and future financial events, such as selling a house, and track your investment, tax free, retirement, and equity accounts.

The J & L Financial Planner provides detailed annual reports, complete with graphics. It lets you upload your current account balances, run your customized scenario based on current and future financial events, and download or email the results and reports.

It provides the tools to answer and find solutions to such questions as "How will this financial decision affect my ability to retire at age 62", "How does this purchase affect my future net worth", and "Will I outlive my investments and if so what changes do I need to make."

- You have the option to show your results, reports and graph values in todays purchasing power.
- Email your results and reports.
- You can change the Inflation Rate at any age with the Rate Event.
- You can change the Effective Tax Rate at any age with the Rate Event.
- You can change an Accounts Return Rate at any age with the Rate Event.
- You can easily create a financial plan for your retirement and other personal financial planning.
- It provides the financial planning tools you need to create a comprehensive financial plan for you, your spouse and other family members.
- You can plan for your current and future financial events.
- You can track your investment, tax free, retirement, and other asset and equity accounts.
- It gives you a year by year detailed results report as well as the corresponding graphics.
- You may import your current account balances from other financial software, data bases and spread sheets.
- You can export the results and reports to spread sheets and data bases.
- Provides a baseline platform to see how proposed financial decisions affect future net worth.
- Provides a number of currency options, including Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, Rupee, Rand, and Won.

Stock Chartist
By Tony Jansen
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Sep 23, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Stock Chartist

✱✱✱ Featured by iPhone Life Magazine, Top iPhone Resource, TouchAholics, and more! ✱✱✱

Track the price of your favourite stocks, monitor your portfolio, and have a powerful, easy to use set of charting and technical analysis tools at your fingertips.

Stock Chartist provides clear, fully customizable charts of the most popular technical indicators that can be easily browsed with the swipe of a finger.

From Moving Averages to MACD, Bollinger Bands to RSI, Stochastic Oscillators to Swing Charts, it's all there.

Do you prefer candlestick charts? OHLC bars? A simple line chart of the closing price? They're all available at the touch of a button.

Do you want to zoom in on a chart and get detailed information about each day? With Stock Chartist it's easy.

Do you want the power to choose the parameters for your favourite indicators? You've got it.

The perfect solution for traders who are on the move.

Make money by evaluating trades with the best technical analysis at your fingertips. And all for less than the commission on a single trade.

- Watchlist functionality so you can save and easily track your favourite stocks
- Portfolio functionality so you can easily keep track of your positions
- High quality charts
- Candlestick, OHLC Bar, and Closing Price Line chart types
- Daily, Weekly and Monthly charts (using end-of-day data)
- Zoomable charts
- Draw trend lines and support/resistance lines on charts
- All charts can be viewed in Portrait or Landscape mode

- Moving Averages (Simple and Exponential): Up to 4 per chart to show crossovers
- MACD Indicator
- Average Range and Average True Range (ATR)
- Volume data (including Volume Moving Average)
- Relative Strength Indicator (RSI)
- Bollinger Bands
- Fast and Slow Stochastic Oscillator
- Rate of Change (ROC) Momentum Indicator
- Directional Movement Index (DMI/ADX) Indicator
- Swing Chart overlay
- Williams %R
- Parabolic SAR
- All indicator parameters are fully customizable

Multiple exchanges across several countries are supported (using the Yahoo! exchange suffixes).

- NYSE (no suffix required)
- NASDAQ (no suffix required)
- Australia (.AX suffix)
- London (.L suffix)
- Toronto (.TO suffix)
- Paris (.PA suffix)
- Oslo (.OL suffix)
- New Zealand (.NZ suffix)
- Singapore (.SI suffix)
- Spain (.MC suffix)
- and many others

For most exchanges, quote data is typically delayed by 15 or 20 minutes.

Note: This application makes no recommendations about what securities to buy or sell. Data provided by this application is "as is" and on an "as available" basis. The developer assumes no responsibility for inaccurate, erroneous or unavailable data.

Bill Keeper
By BlueTags
Device iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 3, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Bill Keeper

We all have bills to pay. This application helps you pay your bill on time and manage future payments. With Bill Keeper you’ll never late for another bill. It simplifies your financial life by managing and tracking your bills, and reminding when a bill is due.

Bill Keeper has a friendly user interface. You will know at a glance which bills need your attention and you can also track your expenses with beautiful charts and graphs.

4 ways to never forget a due bill:

√ Instantly see what bills are quickly approaching or past due in the upcoming module.
√ Calendar and bill list page visually represent all of the paid and unpaid bills of each month.
√ Set alerts to remind you of when your bills are due.
√ Badge icon also serve as a reminder of due bills.

More Features:

√ Supports iOS5.
√ Create any number of accounts, categories and bills.
√ Flexible design allow customization of any number of recurring bills and unknown amount.
√ Add multiple payments per bill.
√ Allows for the paying of individual bills in full or in part.
√ Convenient Calendar View.
√ Export to CSV & HTML.
√ Auto Pay Bills.
√ Provides payment history to check your payments.
√ Supports multiple currency.
√ Passcode Protection.

If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to, you’ll get the response in a short time.

Daily ETFs
Device iPad
Category Finance
Updated Jun 29, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Daily ETFs

Daily ETFs is an ETF analysis tool that scans the market for ETFs with greatest potential for profit. The newly developed application provides 104 technical scans, and delivers your options to you in a list of ETFs to further analyze.


➤ 104 technical ETF scans
➤ Customizable charts with technical indicators
➤ Chart user defaults
➤ Watchlist
➤ Price and volume filters
➤ Dashboard for most popular ETFs
➤ Instantly updated ETF specific news
➤ Fast and user friendly interface

What this app is not?

➤ This app is not a portfolio tracking tool
➤ Even though the app has the best charts on iPad, it is not a charting tool
➤ Currently the app only scans US market

We promise

➤ We will evaluate all your feedback and make this app better and better
➤ We will answer all your questions, even if you are just learning technical trading

Please feel free to email us at with your questions and suggestions.

Poker Income Pro - Bankroll Tracker
By Poker Chang Ltd
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Poker Income Pro - Bankroll Tracker

"The Best Poker App!" -- Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi

"No.1 Poker Tracker!" -- Matthew Affleck

Poker Income can help you win more in poker by answering these questions:

* What is my hourly rate for playing poker?
* Am I better at Texas Holdem, Black Jack or Omaha? Cash games or tournaments? Limit or No Limit?
* Do I make more money in Casinos or home games? Which casinos?
* Are there more fish on Friday or Saturday?
* Am I better at short handed or full table?
* ...

Unique features include:
1. Poker Income is the first graphical live HUD tracker with post flop in the world! You can take pictures and notes on your opponents and track games played against a particular player. You can easily track every hand you played in the past and your opponents' statistics such as VPIP, C-Bet, Check-Raise and Aggression Factor. You can profit from the history of their styles and tells, which gives you a huge edge over your opponents.
2. Backup and restore your data in the cloud at Access from any computer or smartphone. Your data are safe even if you lost or switch phones.
3. Track and post sessions and hands to facebook, twitter or email.

You won't find these feature in other clones!

With Poker Income, you can

1. Find the most profitable games, opponents, time and locations
2. Quickly look up your opponents' styles, tells and even previous games you played with them
3. Track earnings and withdrawals
4. Improve your skills
5. Look at each possible angle of your games from charts

Other features include:

* Track all aspects of cash games and tournaments (game format, stake, location, time, profit, notes etc)
* Sift through all poker logs to find the most profitable game, opponents, time and location
* A timer for live games to conveniently track game hours, break-times, and rebuys
* Export data in a tab separated format to your favorite spreadsheet program
* Bankroll and withdrawal management
* Fully customizable: Texas Holdem, Stud, Omaha, Black Jack, Razz, HORSE and your own games!

Poker Income will turn beginners into winners, amateurs into professionals and professionals into superstars!

Please contact for questions/comments/ideas. Also check out free web version at from any computer or smartphone.

About Developer
Chang is a big fan of discipline bankroll management rule. From 2007 to 2009, Chang has built his live bankroll from zero to twenty thousands in 20 months. In 2007, he started his poker career by playing freeroll cash games and tournaments in local poker clubs in Seattle, Washington, USA. Then he gradually moved up stakes. In the summer of 2009, after building up enough bankroll, Chang took his first stab at World Series of Poker. He successfully cashed in his first two WSOP events back to back.

Finally, Chang has turned all this expertise and experience into the development of Poker Income. He is also working diligently on a few new ideas. Keep an eye on future releases! Don't forget to email him if you have ideas to improve Poker Income.

Tip Bucket
By Brand ERP, LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Oct 25, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Tip Bucket

Are you in the service industry? Do you keep track of your tips on paper? Are you not sure your company is paying you all the hours you worked? Not anymore....

Tip Bucket is an app for the service industry. This app allows you to easily track your daily tips and hours! Not only does it display your current month totals in an organized fashion but it also has a view for easily reviewing your past months totals too! Only YOU know how much in tips you've made.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

You can follow us here:

BA Financial Calculator for iPad
By Vicinno Soft LLC
Device iPad
Category Finance
Updated Sep 1, 2011
Price $5.99
Download iTunes app link BA Financial Calculator for iPad

*half price for a limited time only*
★Featured in" What's Hot" by Apple App Store
BA Financial Calculator for iPad best emulates FULL VERSION of Texas Instruments BA II Plus financial calculator for iPad.

Built with identical algorithms and formulas of original, BA Financial Calculator provides exact same capabilities and operation sequences, with BETTER user experience.

As the original BA II Plus, this app comes with easy natural algebraic input other than RPN used by other financial calculator apps, including HP 12C.

★ Features include:

• Time Value of Money calculations.

• Amortization schedules.

• Cash flow analysis, Net Present Value (NPV), and Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

• Mortgage and Loan calculations.

• Depreciation with four different methodologies.

• Breakeven, Profit, and Percent difference calculations.

• Bond prices and yields “to maturity” or “to call” calculations.

• Statistical analysis.

• 10 Memories for storage.

• Choice of Chain and Algebraic Operating System methods.

• Scientific capabilities, including log, sin, cos etc.

• Option to enable/disable key click sound.

• Automatically save/restore format settings.

• multiple wallpaper options.

• Clean, Shining User Interface.

• More ...

★ Support

Please submit your questions in our website or just email us at We can't track and answer questions in review here since no way to contact you from app store.

Stock Chart Patterns
Device iPad
Category Finance
Updated Jul 24, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Stock Chart Patterns

Get the edge you have been looking for with an award winning analytics covering.

"Stock Chart Patterns" is an intuitive and easy-to-use technical analysis tool for the iPad that analyzes all US and Canadian stocks for the most common chart patterns. This app makes it easy for busy traders to add sophisticated Technical Analysis perspective to their daily-decision making routines on the iPad.

We're proud to announce that "Stock Chart Patterns" is completed in partnership with Recognia.

Recognia is a leading Investment Research Company that provides a suite of actionable investment research products. Recognia has a proven record for more than 10 years.

App Features
➤ Chart patterns such as "head and shoulders", "double bottom", "triangle", "triple top", "diamonds" and many more.
➤ Quick view of all bullish and bearish stock chart patterns
➤ Detailed stock charts that shows selected chart patterns
➤ Pattern details

About Your Purchase
➤ The download entitles you to one week free access.
➤ At the end of one week, if you would like to continue receiving this service, you can purchase one month access for $6.99 or six months access for $29.99
➤ Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
➤ Your account will not be charged for auto-renewal.
➤ No cancellation of the current service is allowed during active period.

Account Tracker
By Graham Haley
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Account Tracker

An easy to use account tracking, budgeting and expense management application that helps you keep track of your money.

Best personal accounting app, "The Top 500 Apps In The World", The Sunday Times, 13th Feb 2011

"Top 10 iPad Financial Apps",, 26th Jan 2011

"iTunes Rewind 2010, Top Paid iPhone Finance Apps", 2nd in the UK and Ireland

"10 top money saving iPhone apps", Which? magazine, 19th Oct 2010

"Making the most of your mobile - Best for keeping track of cash", Daily Mail Online, 14th Oct 2010

"Apple Staff Favourite" in the UK, Jul/Aug 2010

Account Tracker is designed to help you track activity across multiple accounts, e.g. your current or checking account, savings, credit cards, expense accounts ... etc.

✔ Create an account in the app for each account you want to track
✔ Import any historical transactions using the CSV import feature, perhaps downloaded from your online bank accounts or from another app
✔ Set up all of your recurring transactions using powerful, calendar-like repeat intervals (e.g. weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, the last Friday of every month ... etc)
✔ Enter each transaction as its happens. You can quickly copy existing transactions to today, e.g. if you regularly withdraw cash, or shop at the same store or garage. Once you get the hang of it, entering transactions usually takes seconds

✔ Full multi-currency support, both per account and per transaction
✔ Group accounts into one or more account groups, for example to separate business accounts from your personal ones
✔ While it is useful to see where your money goes, you can also look FORWARDS, showing all of your future commitments up to a year in advance
✔ If an account is likely to go overdrawn, or hit its overdraft limit, an alert can be displayed, either when you start the application or while running in the background (supported devices only)
✔ Set up bill reminders for non-automatic transactions
✔ Set spending, income and transfer budgets, to track your cash flow over time
✔ View detailed and powerful reports showing account balances, and cash flow, as well as a breakdown of spending, income and transfers by category
✔ Budgets and reports can be viewed per account, per account group or across all accounts
✔ Local backup and restore (on your device), plus transfer of backups by email, Dropbox, Bluetooth, WiFi and iTunes file sharing

✔ The default currency is the one local to your device, i.e. $ in the US, £ in the UK, € in Europe ... etc, but this can be overridden
✔ Add details and categories to each transaction to track where you are spending your money and on what
✔ Split a transaction across multiple categories
✔ Search for transactions that match a category, transaction details, notes or amount
✔ Reconcile your account data with your statements, either manually or automatically (based on transaction date)
✔ Hide or show reconciled transactions
✔ Export data in CSV format, for offline processing (e.g. in a spreadsheet)
✔ Account data can be secured using a PIN code

Search for Account Tracker Free on the AppStore. It has all the functionality of the full version, but is limited to 25 transactions. If you buy the full version, you can quickly transfer your settings and transactions from the settings screen.

Please don't leave support requests on iTunes as these are anonymous and I have no way of contacting you if I have questions. Instead there is a link to my support page from iTunes and from the app itself (or simply go to Alternatively, PLEASE contact me directly via my support pages and you will get a quick response.

Car Calc Pro
By Eamonn and Ian llc
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Oct 13, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Car Calc Pro

An "Outstanding" review from the Mac Observer.
A Summer's Top Ten iPod Touch app by Appolicious.
Included in iSmashPhone's "10 Apps That Will Help You Buy and Sell Cars With Your Smartphone", with this as the only auto loan calculator listed.
A "New and Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" iPad and iPhone Finance application.

Calculate monthly payments for auto loans.
Loan terms from 1 to 7 years, rates up to 25.9%.
Compare 2 loans side by side.
Enter a loan amount, rate and number of months, and immediately see your monthly payment.
Compare buying vs. leasing.
Also, calculate the total cost of buying a car, including purchase price, trade in, down payment, any outstanding loan and other fees, and sales tax.
Discover total cost of owning the car, by including insurance, maintenance and fuel costs.
Also, double-check the dealer and calculate your own lease payments.

Email any and all results.

Create a summary report of purchasing and operating the car.

Loan Calculator +
By MH Riley
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Sep 28, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Loan Calculator +

*** Featured by Apple as 'What's Hot' ***

Loan Calculator has one aim - To SAVE YOU MONEY on your loan!

If you're taking out a loan, looking to organise your loans, or want to pay off your loan early, then this is the perfect app for you.

Try out various 'What-If' scenarios and quickly see how extra payments can save you a whole lot of time and money. You can enter any number of Monthly, Yearly or One Off extra payments, at any period during the loan. Then watch the total length and cost go down. You may be surprised by just how much!

Easily visualise your cost savings in the simple and interactive charts. Just slide your finger along to see the costs for each year.

★★★★★ "...beautiful, simple graphs which make tricky decisions a whole lot easier."

★★★★★ "...really helped me to compare the different loan deals"

★ Features ★
Visualise loan costs in simple, interactive charts:

✔ Organise any number of loans
✔ Support for mortgages, car loans, credit cards and many more
✔ See money saving effect of regular or one off Extra Payments
✔ Calculate the 'True Cost', by including Tax, Insurance etc
✔ Email a PDF or HTML of the loan details
✔ Takes into account PMI for mortgages
✔ Monthly breakdown of costs (Amortization)
✔ Full support for fixed 'Initial Rates' e.g. interest free for 6 months
✔ Try out various 'What-If' scenarios
✔ Charts allow easy visualisation of the costs
✔ Make an informed choice by comparing loans
✔ Extra payments can 'Reduce Term' or 'Reduce Payments'
✔ Support for 'Repayment' or 'Interest Only'
✔ Set of quick calculators for instant answers
✔ Elegant, simple and powerful user interface

By Warby Software Pty Ltd
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 18, 2011
Price $14.99
Download iTunes app link Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping - Your multi-currency financial accounts in your pocket.
- Universal iPad/iPhone/iPod app. Buy it once, run it everywhere.

Bookkeeping is not a simple expense tracker, it is a fully featured bookkeeping program for individuals and small businesses. The extensive capabilities of Bookkeeping mean that there is no longer a need for an expensive desktop accounting package for many people and businesses.

Bookkeeping has got you covered regardless of whether you are trying to balance your home accounts, have a small business that sells products and services around the world, or are a jet setting professional that needs their finances in their pocket at all times.

We have spent more than 8000 hours of development and testing time on the program so far and 19 releases of improvements and fixes to bring you the most capable bookkeeping program for an iOS device.

Here are some of the capabilities of the program:
Full double entry bookkeeping (Journals and Ledgers)
Multiple sets of accounts
Cash or accrual accounting
Customers and Suppliers
Use contacts details from your AddressBook on the iPod, iPhone, and iPad
Sales, Receipts, Purchases, Payments, Returns, Refunds
Multi-line Invoicing, Quotations and Purchase Orders
Adjustment Notes (GST compliant)
Import iTunesConnect weekly or monthly sales files
Calculate point of sale taxes (VAT, GST, etc) automatically
Apply multiple sales taxes to each line item: (e.g. GST + QST)
Perform bank reconciliations
Import bank transactions
Built-In Calculator and expression evaluation
Enter Salary Payments for employees
Calculate wage tax automatically
Calculate salary entitlements automatically
Define multiple income tax scales to suit your location (supports both flat and stepped taxes)
Simple inventory management
Job tracking
Multi-currency support
Automatically calculate foreign exchange profit/loss
Enter transfers between foreign currency bank accounts
Define currency codes
General Journal: (supports splitting)
General Ledger
Import/export functionality (Check the website for details)
Transfer books (set of accounts) between devices without needing a computer
Backup/Restore via WebDav (e.g. MobileMe), Dropbox, Email, or to the local device
Backup/Restore directly without iTunes
Remembers previously entered details to save time
Define defaults for customers, suppliers, inventory items
Quick entry screens for commonly used functions. (Sales, Purchases, Salaries, Transfers, Dividends, Payments, Receipts)
Quick access buttons for fast navigation
Numerous Reports to meet all your reporting needs
Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Wage Statement, Tax Statements, and many others
Customisable summary accounts to provide subtotals on the reports
Security on a per book basis and a master pin code for when you forget your individual pin codes
Lock records in prior periods to prevent accidental modification
Make an entire book read-only
Integration with Dropbox
Print from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Built in help
300+ page user manual downloadable from our website.

Please visit our website for full details of all program capabilities.

Tapfolio for Stocks
By Paperlabs
Device iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Tapfolio for Stocks

★ JUST-LAUNCHED SALE ★ Tapfolio is the easy way to visualizing your portfolio on iPad. We just launched so bear with us as we add capacity and expand our features. Thank you for making us #1 app in Finance - let us know what you would like to see in the coming updates.

Tapfolio is a new breed of stock app, truly optimized for iPad: swipe, pinch and zoom graphs with ease. Compare stocks with a single tap. Build and visualize your portfolio like never before. Easy and addictive - a great way to feel connected to your portfolio.

This app is not for you if you're an advanced trader, want features such as importing of trades from your brokerage account or advanced analysis. We are here to help casual traders visualize and understand their portfolio and the markets.

Tapfolio has been designed for interactivity and performance. It lets you directly manipulate your graphs, not hunt for buttons with artificial time limits like 5 days or 3 months. Compare two or more stocks over any arbitrary time period just by swiping your finger.

Use Tapfolio to track stock performance or track your portfolio. Setting up your portfolio is a snap: just tap on the graph to add transactions for that day. Tapfolio will even track your cost basis and accrued gains or losses in separate outlines on the graph.

To examine graph details just tap and hold for a closer look at any day's numbers.

Keep track of Gold or Silver spot prices and compare their performance with other stocks and even your portfolio. Tapfolio supports most North American exchanges.

Portfolio mobile - Stock Tracking & Market Analysis for iPad
By Bare Reef LLC
Device iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 14, 2011
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link Portfolio mobile - Stock Tracking & Market Analysis for iPad

Featured in Apple's New & Noteworthy August 2010!

** Portfolio mobile is now on all your favorite platforms. Visit the us at to demo our new Mac version. **

Portfolio mobile for iPad has all the features you're looking for. Portfolio tracking, technical analysis, foreign trading, price alerts and more.

• serious technical charting with line drawing capabilities (not just Yahoo charts)

• view portfolio value and performance history graphed against major market indices

• quotes, charts and news from Euronext, Google, MSN and Yahoo

• view portfolio distribution charted by sector

• automatic syncing with your broker (OFX required)

• integration with our web portal, Mac and iPhone versions (and Stox)

• PUSH-based price alerts

• import and export your positions for use in other programs

• online backup and web-based entry

• advanced features for tracking atypical instruments like insurance policies, real estate and more

• settings and options for everything from interface color schemes to how often quotes are updated

• ad free

• and the BEST and MOST RESPONSIVE support

Visit for more information on our incredible portfolio tracking apps. If we've missed something, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to get it included right away.

Follow us on Twitter @barereef for product announcements and release dates.

By UsedAutoGraph
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Oct 20, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link UsedAutoGraph

Buying a used car? Don't haggle over price. Stop the endless research.
Learn the RIGHT price directly from your iPhone or iPad. This app delivers a graph of the actual sales price vs mileage for tens of millions of cars across the U.S.

Narrow you search by year, mileage or price range. See analysis by year for the cars which make up your selection, average price and numbers of cars in each model year.

Selling a car, use the app to be sure you get the best price for your car.

It's so simple...

Glossary of Economic Terms
By ColaKey LLC.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Aug 12, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Glossary of Economic Terms


Currently on Sale! 50% Off, Don't miss it!


Glossary of Economic Terms is an application containing over 6,000+ economic-related glossary terms and jargon. It is one of the most completed glossary of economic terms on iPhone & iPad, and it is an excellent reference tool for students, economists, journalists, bankers as well as stock traders.

The application is optimized for iPad, iPad2, iPhone4, iPhone 3G/3GS & iPod Touch.



This application has the following features:

◆ An interface to preview all glossary terms in one view
◆ The ability to bookmark selected glossary for easier reference
◆ Cross-referencing links to other glossary
◆ A economic terms glossary search engine
◆ Offline browsing


This application is proudly presented by ColaKey LLC.

By return7
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link DebtMinder

Featured by Apple in "New and Noteworthy"!

Take charge of your debt!

DebtMinder helps put you on track to becoming debt free. It gives you a clear picture of your progress and lays out your payoff plan using the debt snowball method.

DebtMinder works in collaboration with BillMinder. Simply link your accounts and any payment you add in either app will be mirrored in the other.

❖ Key Features ❖

➊ Sync
Keeps everyone in your household up to date on your payoff progress. Sync between all of your iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).

➋ Automatic Backup
Your data will be seamlessly backed up to our secure cloud so it can be recovered even if your device lost or stolen!

➌ Payoff Plan
Choose between Highest Interest or Smallest Balance to personalize your plan to becoming debt free.

➍ Charts and Reports
See where your money is going and where you can save with charts. You can email a PDF of each chart or even print them using AirPrint!

❖ Other Features ❖
• Passcode Protection
• Email Backup and Restore
• Multi-Currency Support
• Export to CSV
• Account History

Take charge of your debt and download DebtMinder today!