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ParticleCreator Lite Hoot Reducticon Retrofit
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ParticleCreator Lite
By BuBuCompany
Device Mac
Category Developer Tools
Updated May 23, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link ParticleCreator Lite

Description(English & 한국어)

!!Save/Load function support is available only Full ver.
Using Particle Creator you can easily produce particle effects for use in COCOS2D games. If you use particle effects you how many variable it can take to get what your looking for. It is very slow and time consuming work. ParticleCreator is a graphical tool to help quickly produce the effect you are looking for. Just set values and save, then add to your projects resource folder

CCParticleSystem *particle=[[CCParticleSystemQuad alloc]]initWithFile:@"particlefile.plist"];
[self addChild:particle];

Localization : English Ver. / 한국어버전

1. Auto making cocos2d code.
2. Many Particle template.
3. Many Particle Texture template.
4. iPhone resolution/iPad resolution
5. changeable device orientation
6. provide base particle template.
7. full screen mode
8. various action test
9. image & backgroundcolor test
10. share file with friend (Available only Fulll ver.)


COCOS2D로 게임을 제작하려면 여러가지 효과를 구현하게됩니다. 특히 파티클을 이용한 효과를 구현하려면 설정해야할값들이 매우 많으며하나하나의 값들을 설정할때마다 시뮬레이터나 디바이스상에서 테스트해가면서 한다는것은 너무나도 번거로운 작업입니다.
파티클 크레이터는 아이폰/아이패드 해상도와 같은 화면을 보면서 여러가지 값들을 설정하여 파티클을 제작할수있는 간편한 툴입니다. 제작한 파티클을 파일로 저장하여 프로젝트의 리소스로 추가만해주시면 됩니다. 프로젝트에 추가시키는방법은 프로그램의 도움말부분을 살펴보십시오.

Localization : English Ver. / 한국어버전

1. 코코스2디의 파티클 코드 자동 생성
2. 많은 파티클템플릿 제공
3. 여러가지의 파티클 텍스쳐 템플릿 제공
4. 아이폰 해상도와 아이패드 해상도지원
5. 디바이스의 방향설정기능
6. 파티클입자 이미지파일을 진행중인 프로젝트에 개별적으로 추가할 필요가없음
7. 여러가지의 기본적인 파티클 템플릿 제공
8. 도움말 문서 제공
9. 전체화면모드 제공
10. 파티클에 여러가지 액션을 적용할수있는 기능
11. 이미지와 배경색을 바꿀수있는 테스트모드 제공
12. 파일로 기록한 파티클을 서로간에 공유(풀버전에서만가능)

By Mr & Mrs
Device Mac
Category Developer Tools
Updated Jul 27, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Hoot

Convert sound files using apples lovely afconvert tool. Especially useful for when converting multiple sound files to be used on the iPhone using OpenAL.

By Gen Kiyooka
Device Mac
Category Developer Tools
Updated Apr 13, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Reducticon

Are you an iOS Developer? Do you find it labor-intensive to create 7 different PNG Icon files for your app's Info.plist?

Then Reducticon is for you. It's a batch processing tool which you can use to automate the creation of your icon resources from high-resolution artwork.

Reducticon automagically resizes your artwork and creates output Icon files in all the resolutions required for iOS iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad applications.

With one click output Icons and iTunesArtwork images and updates the project Info.plist file.

It works in batches, so you can update all your artwork for all your projects in one convenient step:

Drop original (512x512) artwork in the left-hand pane. One entry for each XCode.project. In the right panel, select the output resolutions and the Info.plist file.

Click the Build... button and all the Icons are converted in a single step.


Gen Kiyooka is a multimedia artist and comedian. He’s been developing “apps” for Apple computers since the 64KB Apple ][+ with 5.25" floppy drive arrived at his grade school in B.C., Canada. His first Apple programs were published in Creative Computing magazine and he later vexed readers with his magazine columns in BYTE and Computer Language.

By mcgarrybowen
Device Mac
Category Developer Tools
Updated Aug 16, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Retrofit

This application is built to help designers automate the creation of assets suitable for non retina mobile displays. Simply select a folder containing your @2x assets and this program will create a new set of downsized assets without the @2x ready to add to xcode so your app will look crisp on both retina and non retina displays!

By FaloApps
Device Mac
Category Developer Tools
Updated Aug 5, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link HexToRGBPercent

This is a very simple app that converts Hex-color-codes to percent values (from 0.0 to 1.0) for red, green and blue.
These percent values are sometimes needed in Cocoa, e.g. [NSColor colorWithDeviceRed: 0.025 green:0.5 blue:0.85 alpha:1]. So if your graphic designer just provides you with Hexcodes, it is now a bit faster to make the values ready for implementation.

By John Holdsworth
Device Mac
Category Developer Tools
Updated Nov 3, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link DBExplorer

DBExplorer is a simple web based interface to Sybase and SQLServer databases that have a JDBC interface. A brief overview of the functionality of the application is available at the support URL. It is currently free to celebrate it's arrival on the AppStore.

Based around an interactive SQL interface, the entire server can be browsed as a web site and is parsed to find dependancies between database objects. Links are inserted into Transact-SQL source to allow you to browse quickly between objects. Natural joins are detected from meta-data and can be used to insert links into data when it is displayed. This allows you to browse data in a fast and intuitive manner.

DBExplorer works by running a small local web server inside the application while it is running to serve pages to the user interface. This allows it to have a rich DHTML user experience while being portable across OSX, Windows and Linux, an architecture I term "server-client".

As it uses JDBC, DBExplorer also provides limited support for Oracle, DB2 and MySql servers and will require a Java JVM on your machine. Also available in the form of an Eclipse plugin windows binary and browser applet, for more information, go to or