Calculator for iPad Free Battery Boost Magic App, free Boingo Wi-Fi Credits Timer+
Calculator for iP... Battery Boost Mag... Boingo Wi-Fi Credits Timer+
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Alarm Clock HD - Free Calculator++ Emoji Free! Adobe® Content Viewer for iPad
Alarm Clock HD - ... Calculator++ Emoji Free! Adobe® Content Vi...
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Night Stand HD Lite - The Best Alarm Clock WiFi Touchpad HD Free Secret Browser QuiltingCalc
Night Stand HD Li... WiFi Touchpad HD ... Secret Browser QuiltingCalc
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Ranger Browser - Safe Internet Filter with Customizable Parental Controls and Puffin Web Browser Free Buscapé Mobile 911 Police Radio HD
Ranger Browser - ... Puffin Web Browse... Buscapé Mobile 911 Police Radio HD
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Graffiti Draw FREE WebDAV Navigator Ambient Soundscapes CHALK DRAW FREE!
Graffiti Draw FREE WebDAV Navigator Ambient Soundscapes CHALK DRAW FREE!
Free Free Free Free
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Calculator for iPad Free
By International Travel Weather Calculator
Device iPad
Category Utilities
Updated May 5, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Calculator for iPad Free

Calculator for iPad Free combines the normal and scientific calculator for free!

* Advanced mathematical/scientific buttons in landscape view.
* Basic calculation buttons in portrait view.
* Calculate with degrees or radials.
* Percent button will behave just like the original calculator.
* Memory buttons will also behave just like the original calculator.
* Button sound is mutable
* Invisible backspace button by sliding/swiping the result screen with your finger.

With 7 skin designs the upgraded Calculator for iPad will offer you much more than the original calculator. No advertisements and a bigger screen. The user experience will be even better. With the included HD images and skins your calculator will be ready to roll at all times.

* Standard Theme
* Silver Keyboard Theme
* Retro Grey Theme
* Sticky Notes Theme
* Pink Keyboard Theme
* Happy Pink Theme
* Wooden Theme

This is the best calculator for iPad. Just see and be amazed by the simplicity and functionality of this application.

Battery Boost Magic App, free
By Heavy Duty Apps
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Oct 26, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Battery Boost Magic App, free




▶ Professional Battery Performance Utility
▶ Over 2 MILLION happy users
▶ 100% Fully Automated, 100% User friendly

Battery Boost Magic lite provides the fullest set of battery performance stats available, the largest & easiest to use display, and an award winning graphical user interface. It is in the top 100 utilities of over 70 countries.

Using the app, you will always know exactly where you stand on each activity and how much usage time you have left for anything that you use your iPhone/iPod/iPad for: from 2G & 3G talk time, WiFi & 3G internet browsing, Video & Audio Playback, Video & Youtube watching, Video recording, snapping pictures, GPS navigation, 3D & 2D gaming, and standby time.


✔ Battery Performance Dashboard: displays accurate remaining time for all possible iPhone/iPod/iPad activities
* 3G Talk time
* 2G Talk time
* WiFi Internet web browsing
* 3G Internet web browsing
* Video playback
* Video recording
* YouTube watching
* Photo taking
* Audio listening
* GPS Navigation
* 3G Games
* 2D Games
* Standby time remaining

✔ Battery Maximization
* Exact procedures recommended by Apple
* Tips & Methods info

✔ User Interface
* 100% Automated
* Award winning graphical design

✔ Device support
* iPhone 3, 3Gs, 4, 4S
* iPod 1, 2, 3, 4
* iPad, iPad-3G, iPad2, iPad2-3G

✔ Built in future device support

✔ Display
* Retina Hi-Res Display for iPhone4S, iPhone4 & iPod4
* Regular Display for older iPhone / iPod versions
* iPad customized display

✔ Tested & certified on all iOS operating system versions
* From 3.1 to the new iOS 5.01

✔ Tested & certified on all listed Apple product models

✔ Universal App design
* Same app for your iPod, iPhone, and iPad

♥ Dear customers: we are here for you! Questions? Comments? Support? just drop us a mail to

Boingo Wi-Fi Credits
By Boingo Wireless, Inc.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Oct 20, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Boingo Wi-Fi Credits

Use Boingo Wi-Fi Credits to connect to Wi-Fi at 400,000+ Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad – for 1 hour at a time.

**For users at a Boingo hotspot**
If you are in a Boingo hotspot, download the app, then open it to purchase and use 1-hour Wi-Fi Credits for only $1.99 USD per credit. Each credit provides 1 continuous hour of Wi-Fi service.

Buying more credits is easy! Simply tap “Credits” on the menu bar – just make sure you have an Internet connection when you do.

Looking for more Boingo hotspots? No problem! Map nearby hotspots by selecting “Hotspots” on the menu bar.

The Boingo team is committed to making your Wi-Fi experience great. Try Boingo today!

Don’t just go. Boingo.®

Please note: Boingo Wi-Fi Credits cannot be redeemed for in-flight Wi-Fi access at this time.

By Minima Software
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Oct 16, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Timer+

Timer+ is a simple countdown timer that can run multiple timers from a list of presets. It lets you pause and resume timers and set timers with seconds. Timer+ will alert you even when it's running in the background.

Key features:
- Run multiple timers at once.
- Pause and resume timers.
- Set timers with seconds.
- Save unlimited timer presets.
- Timers go off even if Timer+ is not running.

No fuss ★★★★★
"This app is yet another proof of a great app that does what it advertises without cramming in other useless functions. It rocks."

Simple and efficient ★★★★★
"Does exactly what it says and does it well."
-Rajat Arya

If you have timers running and you aren't inside the Timer+ app or your device is locked, make sure that the mute switch is off to hear the timer sounds. This is a limitation of iOS local notifications.

When you're inside the Timer+ app, you will always hear the timer sounds regardless of your mute switch.

Enjoy the app!

Alarm Clock HD - Free
By Alarm Clock Company
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 17, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Alarm Clock HD - Free

Alarm Clock HD brings Music to your Bedroom and keeps you Connected to your Social Media Friends!

★ Introduction SALE! ★
With built-in Weather information, RSS and Social Media integration like Facebook & Twitter, Alarm Clock HD keeps you informed all night long!
✓ Flashlight ✓ Sleep Timer ✓ iPod Music Alarms ✓ Weather ✓ Facebook ✓ Twitter ✓ RSS ✓ Battery Level ✓ Fully functional Alarm Clock ✓ Universal Application


- Play your favorite iPod music or playlist to wake you up gently
- Automatically read the latest posts of your Facebook friends
- Automatically read the latest tweets from your friends in Twitter
- Automatically read the latest news from RSS Google Reader
- Fall asleep with relaxing songs, podcasts and audiobooks using the built-in Sleep Timer.
- Instant flashlight option by shaking the device
- Unlimited colors to personalize you clock
- Universal Application (Pay once to get Alarm Clock HD on your iPhone AND your iPad!)


Set your own alarms, daily alarms, weekly alarms, etc. You can let the alarm sound or music fade in gently and set the fade in duration when the alarm fires.

Read the latest news from your friend and family. Stay up-to-date with RSS feeds and Twitter posts. All in one screen and easy to manage to your personal interests.

Wake up with your favorite iPod Music. Add one song, two songs or whole playlists to your alarms.

Receive alarms even when application is closed using the iOS local notifications.

The application automatically retrieves and displays local weather information. You will see your local temperature, a weather description and wind details. You don't need to select a location manually!

Play your iPod music for a given time period and let the music stop playing when you fall asleep. The sleep timer will fade out the music gently so you won't wake up from sudden sound level changes.

Easy turn your iPhone or iPad into a flashlight by shaking it. The flashlight also illuminates the flash LED on devices with a LED, like the iPhone 4.

Slide the clock screen from left to right to control the foreground brightness.

Monitor your battery level from within the app.

Fully adjust the snooze function and length.

Automatic integration of your all iPhone clock settings, like AM/PM settings and 24/12 hour clock format.

All functions of this alarm clock are fully adjustable.

By FoxSoft Inc
Device iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Sep 13, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Calculator++

Calculator++ is a powerful and beautiful Calculator. It not only provides all the arithmetic, but also supports many scientific functions, such as the root, power, exponential, factorial, logarithm, and other operations. Besides, you can also be trigonometric computing. And you are allowed to enter a long series of calculations and then get the accurate results. Although it is powerful, the operation is very simple due to its big buttons and the character of rotation. And we are sure you will be attracted by this calculator because of many kinds of themes for it. You can choose one of them that you like best. In short, you could not tear yourself away from this calculator.

★ Functional and Powerful
▪ All the arithmetic, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.
▪ Providing most of the trigonometric functions: sin、arcsin、cos、arccos and so forth.
▪ Supports many scientific functions: including the root, power, exponential, factorial, logarithm, and other operations.

★ Easy to use
▪ Entering a long series of calculations and then returning the accurate results.
▪ Supporting four directions rotation,So you can Simply rotate your device.

★ More Themes
▪ Do you always think the single theme is very monotonous? Now is the time to introduce some exquisite themes of our calculator. Calculator HD Pro has multi-type themes , business type , elegant type, fashion type, lovely type, etc. It will offer you much more than other calculators.

★Simple interface, no ads
▪ Clear and concise interface.
▪ NO ads, so you can focus and be freedom from bother.

Emoji Free!
By Awesomest Inc
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Dec 22, 2010
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Emoji Free!

Add emoticons to you text messages, notes, and emails! Express yourself in new and creative ways!

why type boring messages:
Want to get food and drinks?
when you could type:
Want to and

Don't be fooled by the 'free' name. This is the full version, and is better than the paid emoji apps.

over 460 icons to choose from:
people: 
animals: 
places: 
food: 
silliness: 
and many, many more!

With over  million downloads, discover why Emoji Free is the greatest app ever!

━━━━━ Common Questions ━━━━━

• Q: Where can I use these icons?
• A: In text messages, emails, notes, web sites, or almost anywhere you can type text!

• Q: Can non iPhone/iPod users see these icons?
• A: Sadly, no. Only Apple devices can display the icons. To everyone else the icons show up as jibberish. This is a limitation of the Emoji character set, and all Emoji apps behave this way.

• Q: If I pay money for a different emoji app, will I get something better?
• A: NO. All Emoji apps have the same icons, because the icons are already present on your device. The app simply enables the emoji keyboard that's normally hidden from you.

━━━━━ about Emoji Tumble ━━━━━

Also included is Emoji Tumble, a physics based sandbox!

Emojis respond to:
▪ touches/drags across the screen
▪ double tapping
▪ gravity and movement of your device

for extra fun, type 'fish' 'lift' 'rotate' or 'fire' into the tumble text box. Keywords can optionally include a positive/negative number, such as 'lift3' or 'rotate-2'


Question or comment? We love emails!

Adobe® Content Viewer for iPad
By Adobe Systems Incorporated
Device iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Adobe® Content Viewer for iPad

View interactive, richly designed digital publications created using the Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite. After designing publication layouts using Adobe® InDesign® and publishing them, users can share and download content from the Distribution Service of the Digital Publishing Suite using the Adobe® Content Viewer for iPad.

Night Stand HD Lite - The Best Alarm Clock
By SpoonJuice
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Aug 25, 2010
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Night Stand HD Lite - The Best Alarm Clock

Night Stand: The bestselling, true clock app for iPhone and iPad, now in a Lite Edition.
Our flagship product is now super easy to get your hands on. We've taken our bestselling hit for iPhone & the remarkable iPad version and rolled them into a single Universal app. We've also added iPhone 4 support with background alarms on iOS 4. What's more, the stunning World Clock is now available for iPhone too. All this makes Night Stand Lite, freakishly, the best clock app you can get without spending a single penny.

What's in the App?

Universal App: Night Stand Lite is a Universal app. Use it on your iPad or your iPhone. Or both. We know you love the app.
Full iPhone 4 Support: We were mesmerized by the Retina Display, so we went ahead and redrew every pixel of the app to look even better on the iPhone 4's Retina Display. Delicious pixel love for your retinas.
Background Alarms: We've turned Night Stand into a true clock app now. With iOS 4.0 on your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, you no longer have to keep the app running all the time.
World Clock for iPhone: You loved it on the iPad, so we added it to the iPhone as well. iPhone now features the amazing World Clock too.
LCD Clock [With custom colors]: We've taken the boring, 3-color LCD Clock screens and given you the power to play with your own colors.

Looking for MORE FEATURES? Check out Night Stand HD Pro — the better, feature-packed version of Night Stand that includes:

9 Stunning Clocks to Choose from: We love pixels. We've handcrafted 9 delicious looking clocks for your iPad, iPhone or iPhone 4 that turn your device into a beautiful night stand accessory.
New Clock: Nixie — Enjoy a specially handcrafted, pixel delicious, continuously animated clock for your viewing pleasure. [iPad Only]
New Feature: Stopwatch — We've added the much requested feature, a fully featured Stopwatch presented in a gorgeous set of pixels.
Weather Information: Night Stand can now display the weather information of your location on the clock screens. Just set your location in the Settings and your weather info. will be delivered to you.
Multiple Alarms: Set as many alarms as you'd like. With multitasking on iOS 4.0, you don't even have to keep the app running all the time anymore.
iPod Integration: Don't like our set of alarm tunes? Don't worry. You can select your own alarm tune from your library of iPod songs. Just a few taps and you're set.


Engadget: "If you plan on doing a lot of traveling with your iPad, this is a must."
Macworld: "[The author] would definitely recommend getting this app."
Forbes: "A hit! 20,000 downloads in just 30 days."
Pocket-lint: "A must-have app for iPad."

On iPad’s big, punchy screen, Night Stand looks great propped up across the room as a secondary clock, or at night with the screen dimmed works perfectly as your trusty bedside alarm. 

With best-in-class graphic design, customizable smart alarm and waking access to your iPod music library, Night Stand simply blows away your current crusty relic of a clock.

WiFi Touchpad HD Free
By mbpowertools
Device iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Oct 31, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link WiFi Touchpad HD Free

Need a wireless keyboard/mouse for a presentation, or when you connect your PC/Mac to the big screen TV? The WiFi Touchpad HD is the application for you! It can turn your iPad into a wireless touchpad, keyboard and text input device. Sleek and simple, you can sit back and relax while you control with ease.


1. Easy to use! WiFi Touchpad automatically searches for the remote computer's IP address.
2. Uses WiFi networking to control any PC or laptop within the WiFi network coverage.
3. Multi-touch support - two finger right clicking and two finger scrolling.
4. Tap to click, item dragging and dropping, and window resizing.
5. Full feature keyboard.

Additional features in full version:

1. Allows you to compose text on your iPad before sending to remote computer.
2. Multi-language text input support.
3. Supports Chinese handwriting recognition. Turn your iPad into a writing pad.
4. Includes a magnifying glass function in the receiver application. Small on screen objects can now be easily viewed.
5. Pinch to zoom for Win7 and OS X 10.6.
6. System volume control.

Application requirements:

1. Any PC or laptop running WinXP/Vista/Win7 or Mac OSX 10.5 Intel and above.
2. iPad device.
3. Your iPad and the PC/Mac must be on the same subnet.
4. The receiver application needs to be installed and started on your PC/Mac first.

Please download the and install the receiver application from our website:

Secret Browser
By Steve Ehrenberg
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 18, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Secret Browser

Browse the web without needing to clean up after yourself! Cookies and browsing history are cleaned up automatically! Secret Browser was built to be fast, simple and clean from day one!

Browse from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without leaving a trace behind for anyone who might pick up your device after you're done.

- Clean, lightweight and simple private web browsing!

- Universal! Works with iPhone, iPod Touch AND iPad!

- Background Reset. Any time Secret Browser gets sent to the background, things get cleaned up without you having to worry about it.

- Custom User-Agent! Select one of many pre-made User-Agent strings or create your own. Trick (most) websites into thinking you're using a different web browser or device! (Ad-Free Mode exclusive)

- Custom Start Page! Start up Secret Browser on whatever page you want to. (Ad-Free Mode exclusive)

- Panic Mode. Really paranoid? Reset the browser any time you press the HOME button, LOCK button or receive a phone call, text message or notification.

- Hide the status bar and save yourself those precious pixels!

- Lock the phone into Portrait or Landscape modes to stop those annoying switches! Doesn't affect the video player!

- All of the sessions History and Cookies are erased any time Secret Browser is closed. If something strange happens and your phone crashes, Secret Browser will tidy up the next time it is launched instead.

- Single toolbar controls keeps everything easy to use, compact and fast. It scrolls out of the way on the iPhone, as well, to give you maximum browsing real-estate.

- Easy to customize! Plenty of options available and all stored away in your devices to keep Secret Browser clutter-free.


By Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Oct 28, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link QuiltingCalc

Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Quilter's Paradise have joined forces to bring you a collection of eight essential quilting calculators.

With these calculators you'll be able to quickly convert between yards and inches, meters and centimeters; learn how much fabric you need for backing, batting and borders; and determine how many rectangular pieces can be cut from a larger piece. There are even calculators for square-in-a-square, set-in and corner triangles.

Here's a brief description of each calculator:

Fabric Measurement Converter: Converts between inches and yards in decimal form, and yards in fractional form. (With metric equivalents.)
Backing and Batting Calculator: Determines how much material from a bolt of fabric is needed to make the backing for a quilt.
Piece Count Calculator: Shows the number of fixed-sized pieces of fabric that can be cut from a larger piece.
Pieces to Area Calculator: Indicates how much fabric is needed in order to cut a given number of fixed-sized pieces.
Binding Calculator: Tells you the amount of fabric required to bind your quilt, based on the quilt’s dimensions and the binding strip width.

Border Calculator: Shows the amount of fabric required to create borders, based on a quilt’s dimensions and the width of the borders.

Square-in-a-Square Calculator: Works out the key dimensions of a square-in-a-square block.

Set-in and Corner Triangle Calculator: Determines the size of the square piece you’ll need to cut in order to create both unfinished set-in triangles and unfinished corner triangles.

Ranger Browser - Safe Internet Filter with Customizable Parental Controls and
Device iPad
Category Utilities
Updated May 20, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Ranger Browser - Safe Internet Filter with Customizable Parental Controls and

Ranger Browser - Customizable Parental Controls and Safe Internet Filter

Ranger Browser is a fully customizable Safe Browser designed specially for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Parents and employers are able to access the browsing history and customize the Internet filter settings from anywhere in the World. In addition, Ranger Browser allows you to limit Internet access to the times you determine.

The filtering system uses a combination of blacklists, combined with customizable whitelists to create a solid, reliable filtering system that is updated hourly.

Your security is enhanced as your web traffic is not re-routed through our servers in any way, ensuring your children's and employee's data is completely secure.

With a World class features ensuring your child or employee experience the same functionality as Safari, Ranger Browser includes:

- Pinch & Zoom
- Copy & Paste
- Landscape Mode
- Alternative Search with Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo
- Multiple Tabs
- Bookmarks
- URL Browsing History
- URL Suggestions
- Persistent Cookies

Setup Ranger Browser as the default browser for your child and disable Safari (Settings -> General -> Restrictions) to ensure you're protecting your child with the best filtering possible.

Puffin Web Browser Free
By CloudMosa, Inc.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Jan 7, 2012
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Puffin Web Browser Free

Puffin Free is the free version of the Puffin Web Browser.

Puffin Web Browser is a very fast web browser which renders the full version of the web sites on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. With the help of cloud computing, Puffin Web Browser brings the desktop web browsing experience to tablets and smart-phones.

2011 is a great year for the pilot rollout of Puffin. Puffin Web Browser, a paid app on iOS and Android platforms, has sold more than 500,000 licenses in its first year of launch and has been ranked as the #1 paid iPad Utility in over10 countries for the past 6 months. 2012 is the year for the mass rollout of Puffin. Puffin Free, a newer and faster version of the Puffin Web Browser, is available for free. Puffin Free is super-fast in loading, panning, and zooming of web pages.

Here are the highlights on the differences of the Puffin Free and the Puffin Web Browser.

*** Puffin Free will be search-engine and content-ads sponsored
The choice of the default search engine is subject to change, and content ads may be displayed alongside with the web pages. However, there is no plan to change the default search engine nor serving ads anytime soon.

*** Puffin Free is feature restricted
Expensive features on the server side may be suspended temporarily on the Puffin Free to reduce operating cost. Experimental features may be available on the Puffin Free sooner than on the Puffin Web Browser.

*** Puffin Free does not support Adobe Flash at launch
Lack of Adobe Flash support is the most visible difference between the Puffin Free and the Puffin Web Browser. As a consequence, Flash videos and Flash games will not play. Nevertheless, HTML5 videos will be fully supported.

We are constantly adding features and improving stability of the product. We would love to hear from you! The best way to reach us is to post on our Facebook page so we can provide you timely assistance.

Find us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:
Watch demo videos on YouTube:


Render the full version of web pages extremely fast through cloud computing

Multi-tab UI allows users to switch tabs between web pages with one click

+Search suggestion
+Popup blocker
+Option to clear browser history, cookies, or cache
+Support most of the international web pages and language input

+Adobe Flash is not supported in the free version
+Geo is US for geo-restricted contents. If you are outside US, you may not be able to view geo-restricted contents based on your current location since our data centers are in US.

Buscapé Mobile
By Inc
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Buscapé Mobile

The Buscapé Mobile app gives you the power to negotiate prices and make the best purchase.
Search for products, compare prices and see the reviews and ratings from other consumers that already bought, before deciding your purchase.
There are more than 10 million registered products, thousands of reviews and stores evaluated by Buscapé. It's more information, convenience and safety for you make the right choice when you are buying.

The application also has a barcode reader that uses the camera of your device to perform the search for books, or if you prefer, you can also type the barcode to do the research. There are more than 3 million titles for you to search!

You can also view the offers on the map, see what stores are nearby and plot the best route to save time and money, create your favorites list for easy search and share the best deals on social networks!

The app is a great tool to choose a product, to negotiate prices in physical stores and make a secure purchase in the digital commerce.
Install now and be connected to the best deals!

911 Police Radio HD
By Free the Apps!
Device iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Jun 21, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link 911 Police Radio HD

Do you enjoy listening to live police, firefighter and other emergency radio stations? With 911 Police Radio HD, you can find out what’s going on in your neighborhood with the largest free network of emergency radio stations. You can even add your own custom feeds.

***iPhone version was a Top 20 Free Utility app***

911 Police Radio HD is a free app that lets you connect to the largest free network of live police, firefighter, medical and other emergency radio stations, right on your iPad. There are thousands of stations, which are updated in real-time, so you’ll hear up to the minute news about what’s going on and it won’t cost you a dime.

If you can’t find the station you’re looking for from the massive list of available emergency channels, 911 Police Radio HD lets add your own custom feeds! You even get scrollable reference codes to help you better understand your selections.

Please note, you should always consult your local laws before using an application of this nature, and you should also be aware that it is ILLEGAL to use 911 Police Radio HD to aid in a crime.

In addition, you get unlimited usage, can see the number of other listeners, discover the most popular feeds and save all your favorite stations!

911 Police Radio HD features include:
* Slick, easy to use interface
* Maps
* Thousands of radio stations to choose from
* Ability to add your own custom feeds
* Stations are updated LIVE
* Save your favorites
* Listen to your stations in the background while running your other applications
* See the number of other listeners, so you know which feeds are the most popular
* Scrollable Police/Medical/Fire codes included for reference
* Unlimited number of uses per day
* Stations only available in the US
* FREE app, FREE largest network of stations to listen to

If you enjoy listening to emergency stations download 911 Police Radio HD and start hearing what others around you are missing.

Free the Apps! brings you the quality of paid apps for free. We have registered over 37 million total downloads. Your continued support allows us to bring you more updates and apps for free. If you haven't gotten a chance to try out our other top free apps, check them out and spread the word! Thanks! :D

Graffiti Draw FREE
By Indigo Penguin Limited
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Apr 22, 2010
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Graffiti Draw FREE

Like drawing with spray can? Download Graffiti Draw FREE and touch the screen to spray!

- Cool spray sounds
- Shake to clear
- Spray over your pics!

WebDAV Navigator
By Sean Ashton
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Oct 17, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link WebDAV Navigator

WebDAV client for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod). Download files and store them locally on the iPhone. View .doc, .xls, .pdf, .mp4 and other supported file types.
Open documents in other applications
Save attachments from emails and upload them to your WebDAV server
Forward downloaded documents by email, and upload images from the photo gallery or camera.
Stream Video and Music straight from the server.

***WebDAV Nav+ for power users ***
WebDAV Nav+ has been released in the store.
Extra features and configuration options

Ambient Soundscapes
By George Talusan
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Aug 24, 2010
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Ambient Soundscapes

➔ ➔ ➔ FREE for a limited time! Ambient Soundscapes creates a peaceful audio backdrop. Mask unwanted sounds in your environment or just relax with a selection of neutral audio tracks. Continuous, gentle sound without melody or lyrics promotes better sleeping conditions. Use the speaker in your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and set Ambient Soundscapes to fade out after you've fallen asleep. Ambient Soundscapes also works like magic at the office and other distracting locations—just plug in your headphones and tune out the noise.

✓ Plays audio continuously
✓ Listen through headphones or with the speaker
✓ Programmable fade-out timer saves your batteries
✓ High quality, stereo audio tracks
✓ Easy-to-use, attractive interface
✓ Instantly dim the screen with one tap
✓ Seamless audio looping
✓ Works with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
✓ Expandable: Instantly add more sounds

★ Thunderstorm
★ Pebble Beach
★ Rainforest
★ Paradise
★ White Noise
★ Pink Noise
★ Brown Noise

1. You can adjust the volume with the on-screen controls and the physical button on the side of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. This gives you the option of using one or both methods to control the audio level.
2. You can quickly darken the screen by using the dim button. A single tap returns the app to full brightness. To make the screen even darker, use the brightness control found in the Settings control panel in combination with the dim button.
3. We recommend using the USB power cable for overnight use. Recharge while you sleep!

Noise pollution and annoying sounds will seem like a thing of the past when you use Ambient Soundscapes to improve your focus and productivity. Control noise with this affordable alternative to noise canceling headphones and white noise machines. Block noise with relaxation sounds that work as a noise filter. Sleep better, too, by using Ambient Soundscapes as a natural sleep aid.

By Indigo Penguin Limited
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Apr 27, 2010
Price Free
Download iTunes app link CHALK DRAW FREE!

Draw on your iPhone/iTouch/iPad in CHALK!
Draw on a chalkboard and shake to rub it out

- Shake to erase

- Cool drawing and eraser sounds

- Save pics to your Photos

- Email pics to friends

- Draw over your photos- give your friend a chalk makeover!

- Play games like hangman, tic-tac-toe, squares, ...