QuickScale EasyFrame Composer FX Image (Lite) ExifChanger
QuickScale EasyFrame Composer FX Image... ExifChanger
$5.99 $8.99 $4.99 $9.99
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, Top 100
FX Foto Pro FotoMagico 3 Home Photoshop 101 Pics Assistant
FX Foto Pro FotoMagico 3 Home Photoshop 101 Pics Assistant
$4.99 $28.99 $19.99 Free
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, Top 50
Plastic Surgery Simulator PhotoStamper ImageGlitch Vowl
Plastic Surgery S... PhotoStamper ImageGlitch Vowl
$8.99 Free $0.99 Free
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HDRtist Pro Sketcher ImageBot - Batch Image Processor Batch Image Resizer
HDRtist Pro Sketcher ImageBot - Batch ... Batch Image Resizer
$9.99 $14.99 $12.99 $13.99
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, Top 300
HDR Darkroom Pro Image Bucket Pro Image Tricks Pro SpeedFocus
HDR Darkroom Pro Image Bucket Pro Image Tricks Pro SpeedFocus
$9.99 $4.99 $9.99 $1.99
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, Top 300

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By CodingMammoth
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 11, 2011
Price $5.99
Download iTunes app link QuickScale

Quickscale is designed to let you scale a large amount of pictures to a desired size and format. Now, why would you want to do that? For example, if you wish to share your holiday photos with family and friends, you can either send them by e-mail or put them somewhere on a website. The problem is that these pictures are usually far too large, have immense resolutions, and take far too long to send.

Meet Quickscale: select the images, choose a desired resolution, and Quickscale scales them down for you. QuickScale can read from, and write to almost every format supported by your Mac OS (including jpg, png, gif, and more).

By Yellow Mug Software
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated May 26, 2011
Price $8.99
Download iTunes app link EasyFrame

★ App Store Only: 40% Off Regular Price ★

Whether it's for posting on a blog, Facebook or email, adding a border or edge effect to a photo makes it look much more professional.

EasyFrame makes this task so simple and quick that you may find yourself putting a border on everything. EasyFrame comes with a nice built-in collection of frames. But better yet, it lets you add frames you made and found on the web to your own custom sets.

Composer FX Image (Lite)
By Digital Thought Software
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Jul 1, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Composer FX Image (Lite)

For a limited tim, the lite version is free! If you like it and want over 300 more effects then get the full version of Composer FX Image.

Composer FX Image is an application for adding visual effects to your photos. It's the perfect companion program for iPhoto 09/10 and PhotoShop.

Composer FX Image (Lite) has over 70 effects.

Please leave feedback and rate the app!

By Marc Rochkind
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Oct 12, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link ExifChanger

ExifChanger shows and changes EXIF, IPTC and other metadata fields from image files. One of its many features is that it can automatically adjust dates ahead or behind, even for multiple images.

All metadata fields can be viewed, and all of the most useful ones can be changed. These file types are handled:


You can also save values for selected fields in a preset, to be applied to images. This is handy for setting metadata for standard items like photographer's name, address, website, and copyright info.

Actual metadata changes are performed by the well-known, proven, utility ExifTool (included), so processing is reliable and fast.

When more than one file is selected, metadata that differs is shown with the notation "mixed", but still can be changed, making bulk changes very easy.

There's a review dialog that shows exactly what changes are to be made to what files, so you can ensure that things will go as you intend before you make the changes permanent. Even then, you can back out the changes if needed.

Images in the selected folder(s) are shown as thumbnails or in a list view. You can sort the images by name, type, or date. You can include only images in the selected folder, or in its subfolders also. Optionally, a large preview image is shown, and you can quickly move form image-to-image with the keyboard or mouse.

A powerful macro facility lets you insert the value of one field into another, even to several levels. One set of macros is for adjusting dates so it's easy, for example, to set dates for multiple images ahead or behind any combination of hours, minutes, and seconds.

I PROVIDE VERY ATTENTIVE SUPPORT. If you have any difficulties, please email me so I can help resolve the matter. If all you do is post a review, there's no way for me to contact you, and the issue may be a very minor one that's easily fixed.

FX Foto Pro
By Union Well Limited
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Oct 11, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link FX Foto Pro

FX Foto Pro, the photo effect and editing software for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels, makes the full potential of your photos blossom with the greatest of ease!

★★★★★ New update, New Price, Big Sale, Only $1.99 -- For limited time! ★★★★★

Using sophisticated imaging technologies and carefully designed work flow, FX Foto Pro combines dozens of gorgeous photo effects and a large number of image editing tools to breathe new life into your photos. We promise that with the easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, you won't even need to check the manual.

1.FX Foto Pro, has a large amount of gorgeous Photo Effects at your fingertips, within these categories:
•Classic Lomo
•Hollywood Art
•Black and White
•Color Temperature
•Photo Art

2.Frame your photos with a wide range of classic and modern borders

3.FX Foto Pro has very large image support, up to 50 mega-pixels

4.FX Foto Pro includes a host of professional image editing tools and color controls, giving you complete control of your photos quickly and easily along with amazing real time processing. You can see the amazing result as you slide a controller. Undo/Redo features are included. The main image editing tools include:
•Exposure adjustment
•Brightness adjustment
•Curve adjustment
•Saturation adjustment
•Tint/Color Temperature adjustment
•Highlight/shadow adjustment
•Sharpness and Smoothness adjustment
•Vignette adjustment
•Many more

4. FX Foto Pro, imports numerous image formats including: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, etc. Especially powerful is our support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) image files processing like *.hdr and *.exr. FX Foto Pro, also saves to many different formats, from the common such as BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, as well as others as your needs require.

5. FX Foto Pro is also a RAW Converter and supports RAW files captured by more than 150 camera models like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, etc. In addition to the many formats already supported, newly released RAW camera formats are included in updates as they become available. Presently Supported RAW formats include: CRW, ARW, RAW, CR2, RAF, NEF, DNG, RW2, PEF, ORF, RWL, KDC and many more.

6. FX Foto Pro includes comprehensive Color Space Management. FX Foto Pro 's developers have achieved two goals - create color space management tools with a short learning curve and provide professional level functions in the same product.

7. Easily share your creativity to Flickr and other social media sites from within FX Foto Pro.

FX Foto Pro is compatible with Mac OS 10.6.6 or later. FX Foto Pro is fully optimizes for Mac OS X Lion

FotoMagico 3 Home
By Boinx Software
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Jul 18, 2011
Price $28.99
Download iTunes app link FotoMagico 3 Home

With FotoMagico Home, easily compose a moving slideshow from favorite photos and movies, add spice with clever titles and finish with just the right music. Fotomagico Home seamlessly integrates with your iPhoto Library and other media management applications. Photos and movies automatically appear in FotoMagico Home and can be easily dragged into the storyboard where you can animate them using the Ken Burns pan and zoom effect, rotate them, add high quality transitions, titles and music from your iTunes library with total control over the sequence, timing and other aspects of the slideshow to create your digital masterpiece. Once you are done, FotoMagico Home supports exporting your work to iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, YouTube, and DVD.

Apple Design Award 2008 Best Mac OS X Leopard Graphics and Media Application Runner-Up
Best Creative Application 2007, MacGeneration Trophées
Apple Design Award 2006 Best Mac OS X User Experience Runner-Up

"FotoMagico is the best application I have ever reviewed." – Daniel Feeney, The Mac Feed.
"Photographers always ask me how I did it." – David Sparks, MacReviewCast
"Never have I come across a better application to do the job of slideshow presentations." – Chris Watts, Software Editorial
"Intuitive and with convincing results." – Thomas Hartmann, Macwelt

Example: Upgrade Granny's Birthday

FotoMagico Home is great for telling grandma's life story in a way that keeps the family at the edge of their seats, wanting for more. Easily compose a moving slideshow from those old photos, add spice with clever titles and finish with just the right music. Serve as self running movie or interactive presentation with audience participation.

Example: Create An Atmosphere

Everybody knows that music is the essence of a good party. But light and visual effects are important, too. This is where FotoMagico Home can turn your next party into something special. Using your own photos and the photos of your friends, you can create a great visual background supporting the music and turning the event into a special occasion.

Example: Visualize Your Goals

Maybe you have heard of positive psychology. An important tool for realizing your dreams is to visualize them. Usually that is done with a photo collage that you look at each day. FotoMagico Home allows you to add motion and emotion to that visualization, helping you to reach your goals even faster.

Photoshop 101
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Mar 10, 2011
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link Photoshop 101

Special App Launch Price - Just $19.99 (Regular Price - $49.50 - Save 60%).

Photoshop CS5 is the industry-standard image editing & photo manipulation software. If you want to design pro-level imagery, you need to use Photoshop.

This App contains 5-hours of training (115 separate videos) by macProVideo.com, covering the fundamentals of using Photoshop CS5.

This comprehensive 5-hour tutorial teaches you everything you need to know to confidently adjust, correct, retouch, and manipulate images and text in Photoshop CS5.

To get you up to speed fast on some of Photoshop CS5’s best new tools, vetran trainer Jim Kanter starts with two fantastic Jumpstarts—start-to-finish, real-world projects that let you dive right in and use the new stuff. You’ll explore the new lens correction effects, use new context-aware tools to clean up problem areas, create eye-popping 3D text with Repoussé, and transform a photograph into a painting using the new mixer brush and brush tips controls.

Next, Kanter takes you through the fundamentals of correcting, adjusting, cropping, and retouching images before moving on to advanced image-editing and photo-manipulation. A certified Adobe product expert, Kanter demonstrates important tips and tricks for working with layers, applying Photoshop's filters and effects, using Paths & Masks, working with Erasers & Brushes, and much more. Along the way, you'll learn important workflow techniques for retouching photographs to improve contrast and color, while removing unwanted artifacts from your images.

This is training from a master—someone who knows the app inside and out as a daily user, and who constantly re-invents his teaching as Photoshop evolves. If you’re new to Photoshop, sit back and enjoy the best day you’ll ever spend with an amazing piece of software. If you’re a veteran to Photoshop, we’re confident you’ll be blown away, as we were, by the amount of stuff you never knew about the software, demonstrated with ease and humor by one of the best educators in the field.

As always, this is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch it from beginning to end. Use the search functions and detailed menus to quickly find the topics you want- that's the essence of Nonlinear Educating!

Pics Assistant
By Phyar Studio
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Apr 15, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Pics Assistant

Pics is a photo management App for iOS device, this is the assistant App running on Mac OS, providing convenient way to manage photos/videos/albums. It would search and connect to your iOS device automatically, then you can upload photos/videos by simple drag & drop.

Features of Pics for iOS:
-View your photos in full resolution, no compressing, no quality losing.
-Very fast import photos and videos from "Camera Roll" or "Photos Library", start organize your thousands of photos from now on!
-Import HD videos without any quality losing.
-View your photos in camera roll directly, it's also treat as an album in App.
-Sort photo within the album, sort multiple items by one touch.
-Add, delete, order albums, edit album name and properties. Move, delete photos and videos.
-4 Desktops. Organize your albums into different desktop, and you can lock the desktop instead of lock albums.
-WiFi downloading and uploading, access photos and videos in all albums including camera roll.
-Accept ZIP packet for uploading, you can upload hundreds of photos by one click! Progress indicator displayed on your device while uploading.
-Synchronously display in web browser, all your changes made on your device would update to web browser automatically.
-Photos and Videos filter inside the App and also provide for web browser, find videos much easier.
-Passcode protection for locked albums and admin operations.
-Native iPad support, Pics is a universal App. You only need to pay once for your iPhone and iPad.
-P2P Transfer. Transfer photos/videos to another iPhone/iPod touch/iPad with WiFi or Bluetooth connection.
-AlbumSync with p2p transfer. Compare albums on two different devices and send photos not exist in remote album by one tap. if album not exist, Pics would create a new album on remote device to receive all photos.
-View all albums synced by iTunes.
-Complete retina display support.
-Amazing animated 3D user interface.

Features of Pics Assistant:
-Automatically connect to your iOS device, zero configuration.
-Drag photos/videos/folder from Finder and drop to the album to upload.
-Drag photos/album/event from iPhoto and drop to the album to upload.
-View/download all photos/videos in web browser.
-Upload to new albums, Rename, delete albums.
-Visual interface, display exactly the same as your iPhone screen.
-Manage multiple devices concurrently.

How to use:
-Make sure your computer and your iOS device were in the same WiFi network.
-Run Pics Assistant on your computer.
-Run Pics for iOS on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.
(If you had turned passcode on for Pics, you need to enter passcode on your iPhone/iPad).

Plastic Surgery Simulator
By Kaeria
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Nov 12, 2011
Price $8.99
Download iTunes app link Plastic Surgery Simulator

Have you ever wondered how you would look like with a differently shaped nose, chin, breasts, or buttock? Stop guessing; upload your photo in our software and find out. The official Plastic surgery simulator is an application that will let you easily modify photos by stretching, growing or shrinking the desired areas to simulate photo realistic plastic surgery results.

Our software is popular among plastic surgery surgeons and candidates, social network members who want to improve their appearance, and people who want to have fun warping photos of celebrities and pets.

What plastic surgeries can you simulate? :

• Rhinoplasty ( nose job )
• Chin reduction / augmentation
• Face contouring
• Tummy tuck
• Lips augmentation / reduction
• Breast augmentation / reduction
• Any kind of liposuction on face and body
• Buttock augmentation / reduction
• Ethnic plastic surgery
• Muscle augmentation / reduction
.... many more virtual transformations...

Application features:

More than a simple image distortion tool, our application was built from the ground up with exclusive specific features for efficient, high quality plastic surgery simulations:

• Stretch, grow and shrink effect brushes that produce photo realistic effects.
• Brush size variation setting.
• Zoom and scroll.
• Reset, undo, redo (latest 10 modifications).
• Eraser: Progressively erase modifications on selective image portion.
• Tabbed views: display on screen original image, modified image or a combination of both.
• Save an image of each tab view, or all tab views at once.
• Save workspace in .PSS file, to resume work later.
• Morphing animation: morph original image into the modified image.
• Import images from hard drive, or connected professional camera devices.
• Customizable watermarks
• Add texts, geometrical forms to your work.

Access to Befaft.com:
Befaft.com is our exclusive network, where users can optionally share their simulated plastic surgery pictures, and rate the pictures of other users! This is a fun free feature that our users enjoy a lot.

This application developed by Kaeria Eurl is the professional version of the popular Plastic Surgery Simulator application available on iPhone and iPad.

By Soft Density
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Jul 4, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link PhotoStamper

PhotoStamper is a quick and easy way to stamp your photos with titles, GPS location, time and date, and place. Stamping these details on your photos will save you a chunk of time when it comes to finding them or learning more about them. With PhotoStamper there won’t be a need to guess where and why you took that photo or go down memory lane. PhotoStamper makes it easy for you to remember important details as you can ‘stamp’ relevant information on to the photo itself.

The PhotoStamper app is designed for the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices and allows you to stamp photos with the following information:

• Title – Custom text that you can stamp on your photo.

• Place – Custom field to mention the place where the photo was taken. 

• GPS Location – The GPS location where the photo was taken.

• Time Stamp – Date/Time at which the photo was taken.

Simple and Easy to Use


• Select photo to be stamped

• Select stamp options

• Stamp the photo 

• Save it or even email it. It’s that simple!

Get organized with PhotoStamper and click away!

Note: This application is only compatable with Mac. For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad please visit iTunes Store at: http://itunes.apple.com/app/photostamper/id417176859?mt=8

By Fuel Collective, LLC
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Feb 11, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link ImageGlitch

ImageGlitch is a way to digitally destroy images to create new works of art from your photographs or graphic designs created on the computer.

Note: For best results, use JPEG or TIFF. Other file formats are hard to work with or may completely corrupt the image. Be sure to always make backups of your images with any app that makes changes to your photos.

How to use:

It's easy, just start removing some lines from the textfield on the left. You can add lines from external sources, remove lines, change lines, but read below for a few tips.

- Command + Z (undo) is your friend. You will often see your entire image disappear, just Command + Z back to where you were.

- The first 50 lines (give or take) are usually full of meta information, so editing these lines will usually result in no or little change to the image.

- The text correlates to the image, towards the top you will change the top part of the image. If you change text towards the bottom, you will affect the bottom part of the image.

Feedback? Let us hear it! http://help.fuelcollective.com
Twitter: @fuelcollective

By Steven Frank
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Feb 26, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Vowl

Vowl displays an automated slideshow of Flickr photos matching a list of tags that you specify in its preferences.

You can customize the delay between photos, and whether Vowl's window floats above all other windows or not.

If you click on a photo, Vowl will open that photo's Flickr page in the default web browser.

HDRtist Pro
By Ohanaware Co., Ltd
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 29, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link HDRtist Pro

SPECIAL 67% OFF (Was $29.99) - Get it while it's hot!

MacFormat rated HDRtist Pro 5/5: "for sheer ease of use, simplicity and value for money, HDRtist is brilliant". HDRtist Pro made the top 10 grossing photo apps on it's first day.

HDRtist Pro, the easiest HDR software for the Mac. It has a simple and streamlined workflow, with features such as 1-Click HDR editing. A live interface, where changes happen as options are adjusted. Our price point allows everyone to create breathtaking HDR images in next to no time.

Unique features of HDRtist Pro:
• Drag, Drop and click a preset easy, with finer control a click away.
• Save editable HDR images to iPhoto, Aperture or disk.
• Processes HDRs with 128-bit floating point precision.
• Excellent help system, covers the application and HDR photography.
• Focus on editing your HDRs with the Full Screen Mode.
• Ohanaware's legendary customer & technical support.
• Save to multiple formats including, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PSD, GIF, BMP and others.
• Innovative Drop-N-Click system, makes it simple to add images, create a new HDR or to replace the existing HDR.
• HDR for everyone, with our amazing value for money, HDRtist Pro isn't just for Professionals.
• Uses Apple's Image IO Kit to read many different RAW image files.

Advantages of HDRtist Pro:
• Multiple generators, HDR & Exposure Blending, giving more control.
• Made exclusively for the Mac, by Mac users.
• Intuitive iLife like interface, with absolute minimal learning curve.
• Use multiple exposures, Single RAWs and Single JPEGS to create HDR images.

What is HDR?
High Dynamic Range (HDR) & Exposure Blending make it possible to create highly detailed and ultra-realistic photographs with your digital camera. HDR works by combining exposure information using complex mathematics, while Exposure Blending works by simply selecting and cutting out the best parts of each photo. These two different techniques can generate different results. One technique might work better for one image than the other. This is why we think it's best to have both techniques available to use.

By Helsing Global Ltd.
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Aug 16, 2011
Price $14.99
Download iTunes app link Sketcher

Most of us like hand-made drawings, colorful oil paintings and accurate pencils strokes of the sketches. But lots of people, unfortunately, can’t draw well enough to make something beautiful with their hands… This little apps solves the problem! It can easily turn any digital photo into the pencil sketch, watercolor or oil drawing, it’s light, simple, cross-platform and feature rich!

ImageBot - Batch Image Processor
By babelcollege
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated May 17, 2011
Price $12.99
Download iTunes app link ImageBot - Batch Image Processor

You have an elegant way with batch images processing.

Scale, Rotate and Convert numbers of large Photos at ease!

Batch and auto crop base on the new size, you needn't set crop size for each image.

Batch crop/trim Images.

Support for numerous different image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, BMP, TGA, PSD, PDF, EPS, AI, CR2, RAW ...

Rotate images and Preview before actual effect processing

Set right quality for your JPEG.

Export to common formats like JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

Batch Image Resizer
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Oct 29, 2011
Price $13.99
Download iTunes app link Batch Image Resizer

If you have ever been faced with the task of resizing multiple photos - say for your web page, then this program is for you. Many people will take high-quality photos with their camera - and want to publish their pictures to the web. Transferring pictures requires bandwidth and storage space. By re-sizing your photos before you upload, you can save significant time and space. Our Batch Image Resize software allows you to do just that - resize, rotate, and otherwise manipulate your images.

Features of the Batch Image Resize software:
* You can resize several pictures using a number of options - you can set a fixed width (so all your photos have the exact same width), fixed height, or you can scale your picture up (or down) by a percentage.
* You can rotate a batch of pictures to preset angles, or to an arbitrary angle that you choose. A batch of pictures can also be flippd or inverted.
* You can add a transparent border to a batch of images.
* You can save over the existing images, or you can save a copy of your resized pictures in a new location (thereby making a backup copy). You have the option of adding a prefix or suffix to the new picture name.
* You can save the images with (or without) an icon preview.
* Updates are free for life!

NOTE: If you have a previously installed version of the app and are having trouble installing this update, please visit our customer support site for assistance.

HDR Darkroom Pro
By Everimaging Ltd
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Oct 6, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link HDR Darkroom Pro

Award-winning HDR Software for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels!

HDR Darkroom Pro is an all-in-one High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographic application designed to help you rapidly and easily produce great photographic images.

Big update, New price. HDR Darkroom Pro is on Big Sales, Get All-in-one photography software
for only $9.99. The offer won't last long, ONLY FOR LIMITED TIME!

*Sophisticated HDR Technologies:
As photographers ourselves, we know the struggle to continually improve our photography using a myriad of techniques. HDR Darkroom Pro includes a range of advanced patented HDR technologies like feature-matching alignment technology, noise reduction, local/global tone mapping technologies etc to help you easily produce spectacular images at the fastest rendering speeds available today.

*User-friendly and Intuitive Interface with Preview feature:
HDR Darkroom Pro is designed to minimize the work in producing professional HDR photos. It makes the HDR imaging workflow easy. HDR Darkroom Pro provides a preview of the images in your working folder, making your workflow more convenient. The application also tags color Flags and Suffixes on each preview image to indicate clearly which one you are working on.

*Right Now! Real Time Processing:
We have made waiting for your results a thing of the past. Nearly all of the processing controls in HDR Darkroom Pro are real time, making HDR Darkroom Pro the fastest processing HDR software in the market with real time processing as standard. This speeds up your workflow over tenfold compared to other HDR software packages. Don’t spend your time sitting in front of the computer, get back out and take more great photos!

*Light and Color, Control at your fingertips:
HDR Darkroom Pro has more than 30 parameters for you to completely fine tune and control your final images. Curve adjustment, color balance, color temperature and tint adjustment, lens correction, highlight/shadow adjustment, white/black point adjustment, noise reduction, just to name a few, many levels of fine tuning are available. Most digital photography processing tasks can be easily done within HDR Darkroom Pro with results so good you will never need to use another application.

*Camera Raw File Converter:
HDR Darkroom Pro includes a sophisticated RAW converter and supports RAW files captured by most major companies -- more than 150 camera models from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and others, as well as those using Adobe (DNG). Newly released RAW formats are included in updates as they become available. Check our website for a list of all currently supported Cameras.

*Single 8-Bit Image (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, etc) Enhancement Workflow:
HDR Darkroom Pro is equipped with innovative technologies that enhances the detail, color and contrast of single 8-bit images with only one click.

*Fully Realized Color Space Management:
HDR Darkroom Pro is the first HDR software with comprehensive Color Space Management. Exceeding the range viewable on most monitors, you may need to buy a professional monitor to fully see the full color depth and intensity HDR Darkroom Pro provides. HDR Darkroom Pro's developers have achieved two goals - create color space management tools with a short learning curve and provide professional level functions in the same product.

*Export to Social Media
We have made it easy for you to share your amazing HDR images with all popular social media and photo sharing websites like Flickr, you can upload your photos with a single click. Your friends and the world will be able to view your wonderful images moments later

HDR Darkroom Pro is compatible with Mac OS 10.6.6 or later. HDR Darkroom Pro is fully optimizes for Mac OS X Lion

Image Bucket Pro
By ilia
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 24, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Image Bucket Pro

Image Bucket Pro lets you resize, watermark, crop, convert, transform and apply filters to images and photos quickly and easily with its built in batch/bulk updating.

Image Bucket Pro will happily process just one or thousands of photos. Just drag and drop files and folders onto Image Bucket or the application's dock icon and you are ready to go!

CONVERT - 8 popular file formats
Image Bucket supports and converts between the following popular image file formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, TGA and JP2. It's also possible to specify the DPI of images.

RESIZE - 5 common resizing modes
* Width x height - You specify the exact width and height you want the images to be.
* Width (height proportional) - You specify only the width and Image Bucket will correctly set the height.
* Height (width proportional) - You specify only the height and Image Bucket will correctly set the width.
* Longest side (other side proportional) - You specify a single size, the image's longest side will be resized to the specified size and the other side resized accordingly.
* Max width x Max height (proportional) - This option ensures that images are no larger than the specified width and height whilst keeping proportions.

TEXT WATERMARK - drop shadows and opacity options
* Font type, style, size, color, character spacing and line spacing.
* 9 positions of watermark and offset options.
* Opacity.
* Drop shadow and colour.
* Prefixing filename to the watermark text.
* Multi-line watermark text.

CROP - crop to a specified width and height in pixels or by maximum possible width and height for a ratio
* Crop by specified width and height in pixels.
* Crop by custom ratio.
* Crop by common preset ratios.
* 9 anchor positions for cropping.

* Image rotation.
* Image flipping.

* Image sharpening - Helps keep detail in photos when they are resized and can be generally used to improve the look of images.

* Optionally preview image changes within the application before performing them. Including filename, image width and height and image size.
* Optionally preview image updates using Preview (or whatever happens to be the default application for the particular file type).

You can choose where to save the resized images by selecting to:

* Overwrite the original file
* Specify a different folder to the original folder
* Specify a different folder relative to the original folder

You can also prefix or postfix the original filenames, allowing you to, for example, append _thumb to the end of each resized image.

Image Tricks Pro
By Belight Software, ltd
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 16, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Image Tricks Pro

★ Image Tricks Pro is going for just $9.99 (50% savings)! ★

Image Tricks Pro is a powerful photo editing application that utilizes Mac OS X Core Image filters and Quartz Compositions to transform your favorite photos. Image Tricks also contains a powerful image generator for creating unique images at random.

Tricks with Filters and Compositions:

● Adjust colors (Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Sepia, etc.)
● Blur images (Motion Blur, Sharpen Luminance, Unsharp Mask, etc.)
● Distort faces and more (Bump, Pinch, Twirl, etc.)
● Turn a photo into art (Mosaic, Color Pencil, Halftone, etc.)
● Blend two pictures together (Page Curl, Checkerboard, etc.)
● Tile an image, create a kaleidoscope out of it, crop it, and much more!

Image Generators:

● Random images created using mathematical algorithms
● Control all of the parameters with easy-to-use controls
● Set the core colors of the generated image

By HumanSoftware
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Oct 25, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link SpeedFocus

SALE... 1.99

With iSpeedFocus you put your subject in Focus while giving different kind of speed blur effects.

So easy to use and so powerful to pack a BIG KICK to all your photos...

Step 1: Easy Fun...
Use a brush and just create a selection area

Step 2: Pack a Punch...
Classic: Adjust a blur and your subject is in focus.
Speed: Give a speed and wind effect while keeping your subject in focus... only HighSpeedFocus can do that so precisely!
Radial: Adjust interactively the vanishing point and have your focus subject as it would jump out of the image.
Concentric: Spin the background for great effects.

Step 3: Cherry on the Cake...
Add a Vignetting effect and adjust the exposure through the edges, for a beautiful dreamy finish