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Football Forecaster
By Harris Bornstein
Device Mac
Category Sports
Updated Nov 15, 2011
Price $4.99
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Ready to win BIG $ this football season? Let Football Forecaster show you how!

2011 YTD Versus Spread: 64 - 32 - 2 (66.7%)
Week 9 Versus Spread: 12 - 2 (85.7%)

This is a simple to use Pro Football Handicapping Mac app that imports football stats weekly and computes predicted scores for upcoming pro football games! Enjoy a GREATER than 60% win percentage on Best Bets versus the spread using this system which is also great for Parlay and Over/Under bets too!

This app is NOT a game or a simulation, it is a tool to help you pick winners, beat the point spread and win big money! It analyzes the most statistically relevant team factors and uses them to compute a predicted final score for each team. The statistics for each game are AUTOMATICALLY entered into the app when you download and apply the weekly stat file. Each game is presented with the pertinent statistics for each team side by side for comparison and pressing the 'Analyze Game' button shows the predicted final score result of the game and a betting analysis appears on the Results screen.

Comparing the predicted final score to the point spread reveals the games that have the greatest variance, and therefore the greatest chance of being a winning wager!

This app is a translation of the successful pro football handicapping system that has been available for the last nine years at and uses the exact same winning formulas. If you view our website you can see that our very successful Best Bet (variance >5 points) record speaks for itself by regularly hitting at 60% winners versus the spread and close to 70% straight up winners!

vs. Spread 47-23 67.2%
Straight Up 58-16 78.4%

vs. Spread 26-18 59.1%
Straight Up 59-13 81.2%

vs. Spread 42-28 60.0%
Straight Up 53-27 66.25%

* Download and apply stat file from our website weekly each Wednesday by 11 pm EST.
* The app uses accumulated season-to-date statistics and becomes more accurate as the season progresses.
* Each game is presented on a team comparison screen to highlight stat advantages.
* Analyzing each game produces a predicted final score which is compared to the point spread to uncover favorable betting discrepancies.
* Strategy section indicates which team to bet and whether to give or take the points. Over/Under analysis is provided as well.
* Stat comparison view is sortable and identifies team stat mismatches.
* Power Rankings, Margin of Victory and Schedule Strength stats are all presented.
* Many informative articles included within the application relating to betting strategies, football theory and money management.
* Chance to make big $ profit over the full season following Best Bet strategy.
* Purchase of this application entitles you to MAJOR discount on price of the excel spreadsheet program.

Why have multiple redundant apps when you can have ONE app that does all this:
* Predicting game scores and giving winning betting advice
* 2011 Season Schedule sorted by Team or Week
* Comparison of critical statistics for each team
* Ability to create betting notes about games
* Power ratings and cumulative team records against the spread are updated weekly.
* Football Quiz trivia game!
* Team News Pages updating with breaking news
* Live Updating Scores
* Weekly Injury Report

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 GOAL: Please contact us at if you have any issues or questions before leaving any feedback as we cannot contact users through app store.

What other app can actually MAKE you money? Using Football Forecaster will save yourself hours of research time and ensure you of a WINNING and PROFITABLE football year for a fraction of the cost of a typical wager. Take your betting season into your own hands and get the app that gives you all the features you need in one app! PLEASE BET RESPONSIBLY!

Checkers Clash Steampunk
By Mura Studio
Device Mac
Category Sports
Updated Mar 24, 2011
Price $1.99
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# # # # # # # # # SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE 50% OFF # # # # # # # # #

This is a version of the good old checkers game, based on the science fiction genre called Steampunk. In this alternate reality, great technological advances have been reached through the use of steam power and great machinery.

Play in a battlefield in which the pieces are steam-powered armored vehicles, loaded with weapons.
Make the best moves!
Destroy or imobilize the opponent's pieces!

Remember: this game uses a combination of the International Draughts set of rules with the English Draughts board size. According to the World Draughts Federation (FMJD), it is called as Brazilian Checkers or Damas Brasileiras, in Portuguese.

Sports On Stamps
By Robert Schoenburg
Device Mac
Category Sports
Updated Apr 5, 2011
Price $0.99
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Take a tour of the 47 Summer and Winter Olympics held from 1896 to the present. Examine the nearly 200 postage stamps from many nations that depict the events of the Games. View the names of participating nations and the summary of medals awarded. Then read about the numerous stars of baseball and football that have been commemorated on American postage stamps. View these images along with a brief biography of their lives and accomplishments.