Tube HD Spawn 3D Earth 3D Fireplace (Yule Log) HD
Tube HD Spawn 3D Earth 3D Fireplace (Yule L...
$3.99 $4.99 $1.99 $0.99
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Ladybug Ball Fun Booth Easy Ringtone Creator Spectrum TV
Ladybug Ball Fun Booth Easy Ringtone Cre... Spectrum TV
$1.99 $0.99 $0.99 $1.99
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All Phone Tracker (Track Any Mobile Phone) KeyWack KoreaChess-Janggi(장기) Ugly Meter
All Phone Tracker... KeyWack KoreaChess-Janggi... Ugly Meter
$0.99 $1.99 $1.99 $1.99
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Heart Bubbles TV Argentina ComicNerd
Heart Bubbles TV Argentina ComicNerd
$2.99 $1.99 $1.99 $14.99
Top 50 Top 300
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FunTrash Photo Effects #1 - Impressionist Paintings Tempest! Lotto Magic
FunTrash Photo Effects #1 ... Tempest! Lotto Magic
$0.99 $0.99 $0.99 $2.99
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Tube HD
By iLifeTouch & Co.
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Aug 15, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Tube HD

Try out a cool new way to watch videos using Tube HD. The smart player allows users to create a new level of control over their Youtube viewing pleasure. Choose a smaller screen and continue working while you are watching your favourite clips. The smart frame simply allows you to watch videos while you are completing other tasks simultaneously.

The Smart Player is an adjustable screen allowing you to play videos the way you want to see them, from Lions full screen to our adjustable frame that easily fits and slides out of your way into the corner of the screen.

Tube HD has a great built in search function allowing you to find your account and preset favourites. If you are looking for something to watch make sure to check out all the suggestions provided in the search function from" country of origin" to "what's hot" and many more.

Disclaimer: Youtube is not charging iLifeTouch a fee for providing the feed for the videos. We greatly appreciate all the content and services provided by Youtube and their helpful staff.

iPicture is the corresponding app for pictures instead of video.

iLifetouch making apps that make your life easier one day at a time.

Spawn 3D
By Elements of Design LLC
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Feb 2, 2012
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Spawn 3D

Finally Spawn comes to the mac! With over 10 million downloads on iPhone/iPod and iPad Spawn is now available in high resolution for your Mac!

Spawn 3D let's you truly immerse yourself in a swarm of colored lights. We even added support for anaglyph glasses to give you the illusion to truly touch the flying particles.

With new behaviors the little spawn creatures are now chasing each other, forming patterns and do all kinds of silly things, until you decide to make them do what you want ;)

Earth 3D
By 3Planesoft
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Nov 15, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Earth 3D

Turn your monitor into a realistic space shuttle window! Our planet looks exactly as it's seen by astronauts. You see the blackness of outer space with sparks of stars on it. You are flying around the Earth, a colorful ball with a veil of atmosphere.

- explore our planet with Interactive mode
- 62 world sights
- 467 geographic names
- original music track
- compatible with Lion
- high-quality 3D graphics and effects
- screen saver mode
- multi-monitor support with monitor selection
- removing dock icon
- autostart at login
- doesn't prevent your computer from going to sleep


Checkout our other apps:
Mechanical Clock 3D - Fascinated by clock mechanisms? Get this cool 3D wallpaper.
The Lost Watch 3D - The Net's most unusual 3D animated wallpaper.
Fireplace 3D - Real fireplace at your desktop.

Become a fan on Facebook:

Visit our website:

Fireplace (Yule Log) HD
By TapMedia, LLC
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Jan 11, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Fireplace (Yule Log) HD

Ever wanted an HD fireplace for your computer?? Well here's one, and it's only a DOLLAR!!!

This application includes a fireplace that has full 1080p HD that will look great on any size monitor.

✔ A full HD looping fireplace that can go on for hours

✔ No annoying buttons to press - just open the app

✔ Real fireplace sound effects with crackling noises. If you don't want it, you can always mute the sound.

✔ Unlike other fireplace apps, with 'Fireplace HD', you can either have the fireplace in complete full screen, or resize the window to any custom size you want!

✔ A completely unnoticeable loop that occurs only when the wood burns out!

Ladybug Ball
By Oye Faction
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Feb 22, 2012
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Ladybug Ball

★★★ Cute Girl's game ★★★


The ladybug want more water balls to drink, but it is not easy to collect the water ball.
She need to cut the water balls line by matching 3 water balls with the same color.

★★★How to play★★★

1. Simple one touch control
2. Cut the water balls line by matching 3 water balls with the same color
3. Prevent the water balls from entering the hole

--- Lite version has 1 base level with 9 sub levels
--- Full version has 5 base levels(study,relax,romantic,festival) with 9 sub levels in each one
--- Authentic sound from real natural world in different base levels
--- High quality graphics: a fresh visual feast for you!
--- Full imagination and fascination
--- Long hours of fun in total 45 levels ,will upgrade to 72 levels soon.

Addictive Ball game, grab it now!!!

Fun Booth
By Sourcebits Technologies
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Jan 18, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Fun Booth

Using your Mac’s built-in camera, Fun Booth lets you take hilarious pictures and video to share with friends and family. Select from an outrageous assortment of masks, fake mustaches, hats and other props and Fun Booth magically adjusts size and position in real time to fit your face. Combine props, edit, and instantly share by email or upload to your favorite site.

Easy Ringtone Creator
By Gregor Czempiel
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Jan 27, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Easy Ringtone Creator

➤ 50% off for a short time to celebrate the new Mac App Store! Thank you for the great start!

Create professional ringtones in no time. Simply import or drag and drop a sound file and set the start and end times precisely to within 1/10 second.

Finished ringtones are directly added to iTunes as ringtones and uploaded to your device when it is next synchronized. It doesn’t get easier or faster than this.

Please note: Does not work with copy protected sound files.

Also check out our Shortcuts App for Mac OS X. Great shortcuts to increase your productivity.

Another tip: Our brand new App "Quick Info Bar" -> Display important information directly in the menu bar: Calendar week, day of the month and year, zodiac sign, a second time zone and a quick timer.

Spectrum TV
By Rebrand Software
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Oct 3, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Spectrum TV

Thousands of full TV episodes, streaming TV, online videos, movies, apps and radio into one easily searchable program!

-Over 5,000 shows and many thousands of full TV episodes
-A fraction of the cost of one month of premium television
-Proceeds support independent software development

Try it today and show your cable company who's boss!

Need support?

Send me an email at or check our public support forums! I love to receive feedback and if you like the software I would greatly appreciate your reviews.

Concerned about plugins?

Such a vast database of online TV shows must support many different video formats. Video plugins are not required but are recommended. Our new setup guide will walk you through installing the three optional plugins which cannot be installed automatically through the App Store.

Want to watch international content?

The majority of online content is based in the US, UK and Germany. Much of the US and UK content can only be viewed from within those countries. Additional services, such as a VPN connection, may be required to view content outside your region. Our setup guide can help you to find an excellent VPN service.

All Phone Tracker (Track Any Mobile Phone)
By Global Agent Inc
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Feb 19, 2010
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link All Phone Tracker (Track Any Mobile Phone)

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true phone tracking functionality

The application can only find your location. Because your friends are with you, it’s also their current locations. Make sure your friends are with you when you use it.

iPhone and iPod touch 2nd Generation Only!

The Device Requirments "iPhone and iPod touch" is not correct. Sorry for our mistake!

What’s new:
-------radar icon to mark your friend’s current location
-------more beautiful interface
-------display heads of the list of buddies
-------added phone number filtering system, the searching of phone number looks real
-------mproved the animation results of both modern and traditional trackers, tessellated the effects of longitude and dimensionality, added scanning scale. The tracking process looks more reliable and true.

Tip: Do make sure your friends are with your when you use it!

It displays the current location of your friends, not place of residence or other locations.


-you can enter any cell phone number directly or select existing contacts from your contact lists.
-the exact location will be marked with radar icon
-detailed information such as states, countries, areas and even streets of their location will be displayed on the screen during tracking.
- Transformation among map, satellite, hybrid modes.
-the tracker can be transferred between modern and traditional animation result.
-Realistic animation.

By Holy Mackerel Software
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Mar 23, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link KeyWack

KeyWack is a game for people with babies or small children who like to sit at their parent’s computer and bang the keyboard or click the mouse.

KeyWack prevents children from accidentally changing programs or documents, and makes banging even more fun by drawing random shapes and playing sounds as the keys are whacked. You can also click with the mouse to place a shape at a particular location.

You can use the program for educational purposes by using:
Actual Keys (when a key is pressed the actual key - rather than random key - is spoken and displayed).

It operates full screen, so press Command-Q to Quit. The other options are Command-B (Black/Grey), Command-W (Wipe screen), Command-S (Sounds on/off) and Command-R (Rotate letters).

Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Feb 17, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link KoreaChess-Janggi(장기)

(KoreaChess : Janggi)

Janggi is the Korean name for a strategic board game widespread in Korea.

It was derived from Chinese Xiangqi. The game looks very similar to Chinese Xiangqi, such as starting position of pieces, and the 9 x 10 point board, without the Chinese river in the middle.

In addition, Janggi has some Korean innovations. Janggi is sometimes called Korean chess. Other romanizations of the game are changgi, and jangki.

It is played on a board nine lines wide by ten lines long.

Janggi is sometimes fast-paced due to the jumping cannons and the long range elephants, but professional games most often last for over 150 moves and are thus most often slower than those of Western chess. Also, while in Western chess battle is concentrated in the middle few rows for the bulk of the game, in janggi the battle seems to be fought simultaneously all over the board.

In 2009, the first world janggi tournament was held in Harbin, People's Republic of China.

[Janggi in Korean culture]

One will often see older men crowding around a single Janggi board while two men play for small amounts of money.

These games are played year round, especially in city parks in Seoul.
Generally, Janggi is considered a gambling game.

Amongst many players, Baduk (Go) seems to be considered the strategy game of choice.

KoreaChess(장기HD)는 MAC에서 편하게 즐기실 수 있습니다.

MAC 에 최적화시킨 그래픽 지원을 통해 깔끔하고 수려한 디자인으로 재미있게 즐기실 수 있습니다.

최선을 다하여 고급스러운 표현과 실제 장기판 연출을 통해 리얼한 재질의 장기판과 장기알(기물) 적용으로 생생한 장기 느낌을 그대로 제현했습니다.

아이폰 서비스를 통해 검증 받은 자체 보드 엔진 AI를 바탕으로 다양한 난이도의 게임을 즐기실 수 있습니다.

또한, 깔끔한 성우 더빙을 통해 지원되는 음성 효과로 더욱 더 박진감 넘치게 즐기실 수 있습니다.

- 장기HD(KoreaChessHD) 특징
1. 고 퀄리티 장기판 및 장기알(기물) 지원
2. 스마트한 메뉴 지원을 통해 빠르고 쉬운 진행
3. 장군, 멍군, 외통수 등 고퀄리티 효과 지원
4. 다양한 음성 지원을 통하여 리얼한 장기 효과 연출
5. 다양한 패턴의 AI를 통해 뛰어난 엔진 적용
6. 남녀노소 쉽고 편하게 즐길 수 있는 정통 장기룰 적용
7. MAC에 최적화시킨 깔끔한 디스플레이 지원
8. Full Screen 지원을 통한 쾌적한 게임 환경 제공

Help :

Ugly Meter
By Dapper Gentlemen
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Dec 23, 2010
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Ugly Meter


Do you ever wonder if you're ugly and your friends just don't tell you? Do you have an ugly friend, and you just don't know how to tell them?

The Ugly Meter takes your photo and scans the details of your face to give you a rating of 1-10 on the Ugly Scale.

If you rate a 10, you probably have a face that only a mother could love. Depending on how bad your rating is, the Ugly Meter will comment on your looks!

Who's the hottest? Now you can find out.

Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Jan 24, 2012
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link

Aquarium Screensaver can make your desktop into a fully customized aquarium, beautifully realistic images and lovely fish will make you relax and pleasure.

* Install a true Mac OS X Cocoa Screen Saver (.saver) bundle file.
* Start screen saver in desktop.
* Show/hide clock.
* Customize environment.
* Customize fish (Ocellaris Clownfish, Peppermint Butterfly, Threadfin Butterflyfish, Masked Butterfly, Picassofish, Flame Angelfish, Three Stripe Damsel, Regal Tang, Moorish Idol, Clown Triggerfish, Striped Surgeon, Boxfish, Yellow Tang, Seahorse, Longnose Butterflyfish).

Heart Bubbles
By Mighty
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Feb 29, 2012
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Heart Bubbles

Add Floating Heart Bubbles to your screen ❤
Add life to your Desktop instead of the boring static wallpaper

✔ It's real not a screensaver !
✔ Enjoy Popping the bubbles with your mouse!
✔ Control where your bubbles floating: 3 different layers:
Floating in Desktop only , Between your windows or Over all your windows

✔ Floating in mission control window
✔ Change bubble type and color from 11 different types : Heart, Soap,water,..
✔ Control Bubble size
✔ Control bubble direction
✔ Control bubble transparency

TV Argentina
By Camadü Web & Apps
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Feb 17, 2012
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link TV Argentina

★★★★★ Consigue ya la app TOP 1 de la Mac App Store!! ★★★★★ También disponible para iPhone/iPad!

TV Argentina te permite ver en tu Mac todos los canales de televisión nacionales e internacionales SIN UN SINTONIZADOR USB.

Es la única app creada para Argentina, actualizada con nuevos canales.

➤➤ Lista de canales disponibles:
Tele Noticias
360 TV
América TV
Canal 5 Noticias
El Trece
Italia 1
Canale 5
Al Jazeera Sport 1
France 24
Solidaria TV
TVG América
Al Jazeera
Direct 8
NHK World TV
RTP Internacional
Hispan TV
TVE 24h
Ibiza On TV
Eurosport 1/2
France 2/3/4/5
Y más...

¿Echas algo en falta? Envíanos tus sugerencias en la App (Ayuda/Sugerencias)

✽ ATENCIÓN: Si tienes problemas viendo la mayoría de canales, contacta con el soporte técnico. Buscaremos una solución para tu problema.

✽ ATENCIÓN: La calidad de los canales depende íntegramente de las cadenas, nosotros buscamos la mejor señal disponible y la ofrecemos.

✽ ATENCIÓN: Algunas cadenas bloquean su señal fuera de España, por lo que puede que fallen algunos canales si entras desde el extranjero.

✽ ATENCIÓN: Algunas cadenas no retransmiten por internet las 24h y puntualmente cortan su emisión en la red o se dedican a repetir unos pocos segundos,programas/películas/series/partidos, estos casos suelen ser temporales, por favor, entienda que es una incidencia que escapa a nuestro control.

✽ NOTA LEGAL: Todas las emisiones provienen de los servidores de las cadenas, TV Argentina no almacena ni distribuye material con Copyright. Todas las imágenes y logotipos son propiedad de las cadenas. Esta aplicación únicamente gestiona los enlaces a las emisiones que realizan las propias cadenas.

By Nick Locking
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated May 22, 2011
Price $14.99
Download iTunes app link ComicNerd

ComicNerd is the ultimate user experience for storing and reading your comic collection.

Great comic management - ComicNerd fits seamlessly with all of your other favorite Mac apps and helps you easily read and manage all of your comics (.cbr, .cbz, .rar, .zip) in one place.

A clean and simple reader - ComicNerd's reader is designed to be fast and easy to use. For users with MacBooks or the Apple Magic TrackPad, you can three-finger swipe to go to the next or previous page.

Smart tagging - When comics are imported to ComicNerd, it will automatically find the title, issue, year and volume from the filename. No more laboriously entering all that information by hand!

Easily create complex reading lists - Want to create a reading list for all issues of 'Nerdman' written by your favourite writer? Want to spend a night reading 'Tales of Nerding' from 1969? ComicNerd's automatic 'Smart Readlists' feature is for you.

By Cafeville
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Apr 15, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link FunTrash

FunTrash is a small program that will let you have fun while trashing files. It works with Finder's Move to Trash keyboard combination (Command + Delete) command. It shows fun animation just before the files are moved to Trash.

Photo Effects #1 - Impressionist Paintings
By Digital Thought Software
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Sep 21, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Photo Effects #1 - Impressionist Paintings

Turn any picture in to a work of art. Supports impressionist, expressionist or pointillist style of art work. Also work with your built in camera.

Perfect for taking a snapshot of yourself and turning it in to a piece of art and uploading it to your favorite social network.

By Lyle Andrews
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Dec 21, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Tempest!

The Tempest! Art of Nature screensaver brings you shockingly beautiful lightning video from around the world. Now with thunder and rain sounds!

Tempest! is great for those who don’t want a CPU hungry screensaver running all the time but instead appreciate a gentle artistic reminder from time to time that the machine is still awake. Tempest! runs cool because your CPU rests between lightning strikes.

For best results use a large screen in a dark room. Some people find Tempest! an aid to a meditative state of mind.

Lotto Magic
By SIRIS Software
Device Mac
Category Entertainment
Updated Jun 27, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Lotto Magic

Did you ever wish there was a better way to pick your lottery numbers? Well, here it is!

Supporting virtually any lottery, Lotto Magic will allow you to enter the historical draw data for an unlimited number of lotteries and draws and then generate the optimum numbers for you based on statistical and probability analysis of the historical data. Print your numbers to take to the store with you.

Improve your chances of winning the lottery and have some fun at the same time.

Lotto Magic allows you to determine the statistical vs. probability weighting to find the right balance that works for you and will generate standard sets of numbers or use combining which will generate a single optimum sub-set of numbers and then generate numbers based on different combinations of that sub-set. Using combining reduces your chances of hitting the "big one" since the generated set contains many duplicates, but vastly improves your chances and frequency of hitting second, third or fourth prizes.

If you see any way we can improve this app for your use, please let us know via the support link.