Plastic Surgery Simulator HDR Darkroom Pro Image Tricks Pro Image Bucket Pro
Plastic Surgery S... HDR Darkroom Pro Image Tricks Pro Image Bucket Pro
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Classic Cameras SpeedFocus Photoshop CS5 Compositing Workflows Lens•Lab
Classic Cameras SpeedFocus Photoshop CS5 Com... Lens•Lab
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Proof Sheet BlackWhite Studio PhotoTime PhotoPackage
Proof Sheet BlackWhite Studio PhotoTime PhotoPackage
$9.99 $5.99 $9.99 $14.99
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Poster TiltShift Lite Tilt Shift Focus Amazing Effects
Poster TiltShift Lite Tilt Shift Focus Amazing Effects
$9.99 $5.99 $7.99 $9.99
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PicFrame PhotoPosterMaker TurboCollage - Collage Creator FX Photo Studio
PicFrame PhotoPosterMaker TurboCollage - Co... FX Photo Studio
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Plastic Surgery Simulator
By Kaeria
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Nov 12, 2011
Price $8.99
Download iTunes app link Plastic Surgery Simulator

Have you ever wondered how you would look like with a differently shaped nose, chin, breasts, or buttock? Stop guessing; upload your photo in our software and find out. The official Plastic surgery simulator is an application that will let you easily modify photos by stretching, growing or shrinking the desired areas to simulate photo realistic plastic surgery results.

Our software is popular among plastic surgery surgeons and candidates, social network members who want to improve their appearance, and people who want to have fun warping photos of celebrities and pets.

What plastic surgeries can you simulate? :

• Rhinoplasty ( nose job )
• Chin reduction / augmentation
• Face contouring
• Tummy tuck
• Lips augmentation / reduction
• Breast augmentation / reduction
• Any kind of liposuction on face and body
• Buttock augmentation / reduction
• Ethnic plastic surgery
• Muscle augmentation / reduction
.... many more virtual transformations...

Application features:

More than a simple image distortion tool, our application was built from the ground up with exclusive specific features for efficient, high quality plastic surgery simulations:

• Stretch, grow and shrink effect brushes that produce photo realistic effects.
• Brush size variation setting.
• Zoom and scroll.
• Reset, undo, redo (latest 10 modifications).
• Eraser: Progressively erase modifications on selective image portion.
• Tabbed views: display on screen original image, modified image or a combination of both.
• Save an image of each tab view, or all tab views at once.
• Save workspace in .PSS file, to resume work later.
• Morphing animation: morph original image into the modified image.
• Import images from hard drive, or connected professional camera devices.
• Customizable watermarks
• Add texts, geometrical forms to your work.

Access to is our exclusive network, where users can optionally share their simulated plastic surgery pictures, and rate the pictures of other users! This is a fun free feature that our users enjoy a lot.

This application developed by Kaeria Eurl is the professional version of the popular Plastic Surgery Simulator application available on iPhone and iPad.

HDR Darkroom Pro
By Everimaging Ltd
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Oct 6, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link HDR Darkroom Pro

Award-winning HDR Software for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels!

HDR Darkroom Pro is an all-in-one High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographic application designed to help you rapidly and easily produce great photographic images.

Big update, New price. HDR Darkroom Pro is on Big Sales, Get All-in-one photography software
for only $9.99. The offer won't last long, ONLY FOR LIMITED TIME!

*Sophisticated HDR Technologies:
As photographers ourselves, we know the struggle to continually improve our photography using a myriad of techniques. HDR Darkroom Pro includes a range of advanced patented HDR technologies like feature-matching alignment technology, noise reduction, local/global tone mapping technologies etc to help you easily produce spectacular images at the fastest rendering speeds available today.

*User-friendly and Intuitive Interface with Preview feature:
HDR Darkroom Pro is designed to minimize the work in producing professional HDR photos. It makes the HDR imaging workflow easy. HDR Darkroom Pro provides a preview of the images in your working folder, making your workflow more convenient. The application also tags color Flags and Suffixes on each preview image to indicate clearly which one you are working on.

*Right Now! Real Time Processing:
We have made waiting for your results a thing of the past. Nearly all of the processing controls in HDR Darkroom Pro are real time, making HDR Darkroom Pro the fastest processing HDR software in the market with real time processing as standard. This speeds up your workflow over tenfold compared to other HDR software packages. Don’t spend your time sitting in front of the computer, get back out and take more great photos!

*Light and Color, Control at your fingertips:
HDR Darkroom Pro has more than 30 parameters for you to completely fine tune and control your final images. Curve adjustment, color balance, color temperature and tint adjustment, lens correction, highlight/shadow adjustment, white/black point adjustment, noise reduction, just to name a few, many levels of fine tuning are available. Most digital photography processing tasks can be easily done within HDR Darkroom Pro with results so good you will never need to use another application.

*Camera Raw File Converter:
HDR Darkroom Pro includes a sophisticated RAW converter and supports RAW files captured by most major companies -- more than 150 camera models from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and others, as well as those using Adobe (DNG). Newly released RAW formats are included in updates as they become available. Check our website for a list of all currently supported Cameras.

*Single 8-Bit Image (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, etc) Enhancement Workflow:
HDR Darkroom Pro is equipped with innovative technologies that enhances the detail, color and contrast of single 8-bit images with only one click.

*Fully Realized Color Space Management:
HDR Darkroom Pro is the first HDR software with comprehensive Color Space Management. Exceeding the range viewable on most monitors, you may need to buy a professional monitor to fully see the full color depth and intensity HDR Darkroom Pro provides. HDR Darkroom Pro's developers have achieved two goals - create color space management tools with a short learning curve and provide professional level functions in the same product.

*Export to Social Media
We have made it easy for you to share your amazing HDR images with all popular social media and photo sharing websites like Flickr, you can upload your photos with a single click. Your friends and the world will be able to view your wonderful images moments later

HDR Darkroom Pro is compatible with Mac OS 10.6.6 or later. HDR Darkroom Pro is fully optimizes for Mac OS X Lion

Image Tricks Pro
By Belight Software, ltd
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 16, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Image Tricks Pro

★ Image Tricks Pro is going for just $9.99 (50% savings)! ★

Image Tricks Pro is a powerful photo editing application that utilizes Mac OS X Core Image filters and Quartz Compositions to transform your favorite photos. Image Tricks also contains a powerful image generator for creating unique images at random.

Tricks with Filters and Compositions:

● Adjust colors (Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Sepia, etc.)
● Blur images (Motion Blur, Sharpen Luminance, Unsharp Mask, etc.)
● Distort faces and more (Bump, Pinch, Twirl, etc.)
● Turn a photo into art (Mosaic, Color Pencil, Halftone, etc.)
● Blend two pictures together (Page Curl, Checkerboard, etc.)
● Tile an image, create a kaleidoscope out of it, crop it, and much more!

Image Generators:

● Random images created using mathematical algorithms
● Control all of the parameters with easy-to-use controls
● Set the core colors of the generated image

Image Bucket Pro
By ilia
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 24, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Image Bucket Pro

Image Bucket Pro lets you resize, watermark, crop, convert, transform and apply filters to images and photos quickly and easily with its built in batch/bulk updating.

Image Bucket Pro will happily process just one or thousands of photos. Just drag and drop files and folders onto Image Bucket or the application's dock icon and you are ready to go!

CONVERT - 8 popular file formats
Image Bucket supports and converts between the following popular image file formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, TGA and JP2. It's also possible to specify the DPI of images.

RESIZE - 5 common resizing modes
* Width x height - You specify the exact width and height you want the images to be.
* Width (height proportional) - You specify only the width and Image Bucket will correctly set the height.
* Height (width proportional) - You specify only the height and Image Bucket will correctly set the width.
* Longest side (other side proportional) - You specify a single size, the image's longest side will be resized to the specified size and the other side resized accordingly.
* Max width x Max height (proportional) - This option ensures that images are no larger than the specified width and height whilst keeping proportions.

TEXT WATERMARK - drop shadows and opacity options
* Font type, style, size, color, character spacing and line spacing.
* 9 positions of watermark and offset options.
* Opacity.
* Drop shadow and colour.
* Prefixing filename to the watermark text.
* Multi-line watermark text.

CROP - crop to a specified width and height in pixels or by maximum possible width and height for a ratio
* Crop by specified width and height in pixels.
* Crop by custom ratio.
* Crop by common preset ratios.
* 9 anchor positions for cropping.

* Image rotation.
* Image flipping.

* Image sharpening - Helps keep detail in photos when they are resized and can be generally used to improve the look of images.

* Optionally preview image changes within the application before performing them. Including filename, image width and height and image size.
* Optionally preview image updates using Preview (or whatever happens to be the default application for the particular file type).

You can choose where to save the resized images by selecting to:

* Overwrite the original file
* Specify a different folder to the original folder
* Specify a different folder relative to the original folder

You can also prefix or postfix the original filenames, allowing you to, for example, append _thumb to the end of each resized image.

Classic Cameras
By Marc Rochkind
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Oct 12, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Classic Cameras

From the reviewers:

"... a great app for photography enthusiast... Simple presentation. Great work!"

"This is a wonderful collection of classic cameras - it's well organised, full of information and particularly useful to anyone with an interest in photography or the history of imaging in the early 20th century."

"This a great App for all enthusiasts and lovers of Classic Cameras."

"Yeah, take me back. Old cameras really have that cool look that I miss from the new ones despite all the buttons and digital features. Highly recommended!"

-- -- -- --

Classic Cameras shows over 500 close-up, high-resolution photos, vintage ads, reviews, articles, and original brochures of over 90 of the most important classic cameras from 1905 to 1985.

An internet connection is required.

Cameras include the Argus A, which made 35mm film a success; the Contax S, the first SLR with a pentaprism; the Topcon RE Super, the first SLR with through-the-lens metering; and many other firsts. Also included are favorites: Leica M3, Nikon F, Contarex Bullseye, Olympus Pen and Pen F, Leicaflex, Pentax Spotmatic, Olympus OM-1, Minolta Maxxum 7000, and many more.

The app automatically receives new material for existing cameras, as well as camera additions. In June 2011, for example, the following cameras were added: Rolleiflex 3.5 Automat MX, Kodak Pocket Instamatic 20, Kodak Duaflex IV, a bunch of Brownies and Hawkeyes, Canon 110ED, Canonet, Konica Auto S, Kodak Colorburst 200, Olympus 35RC, and Minolta Hi-Matic/Ansco Autoset.

In July, I've started to update the material almost every day... more of a daily Classic Camera newspaper than a mere app!

And I haven't stopped. These cameras were added in August: Minox 35, Kodak Tourist, Clarus MS-35, Kodak Pony 135, Bolsey Model B, Braun Paxette Electromatic, Olympus XA, Perfex Fifty Five, Univex Mercury, Voigtlander Vito B, and Argus C-4.

Each of the 90+ cameras has its own gallery with full-screen photos and other material (ads, reviews, articles, and brochures). You can view the items in a grid (with captions) or extra-large. You can order prints through this app.

All of the photos were taken personally by the author of this app, Marc Rochkind, with a 90mm macro lens and a full-frame Nikon D700, using studio lighting. Ads, reviews, articles, and brochures (with a few exceptions) were scanned by him from his exhaustive collection of photography magazines and other materials. The cameras are all in his personal collection; the photos are of these actual cameras.

If you love photography, this app give you a rare opportunity to go back in time and enjoy seeing these cameras as never before. The collection of extensive source material is also unusual, perhaps unique.

By HumanSoftware
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Oct 25, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link SpeedFocus

SALE... 1.99

With iSpeedFocus you put your subject in Focus while giving different kind of speed blur effects.

So easy to use and so powerful to pack a BIG KICK to all your photos...

Step 1: Easy Fun...
Use a brush and just create a selection area

Step 2: Pack a Punch...
Classic: Adjust a blur and your subject is in focus.
Speed: Give a speed and wind effect while keeping your subject in focus... only HighSpeedFocus can do that so precisely!
Radial: Adjust interactively the vanishing point and have your focus subject as it would jump out of the image.
Concentric: Spin the background for great effects.

Step 3: Cherry on the Cake...
Add a Vignetting effect and adjust the exposure through the edges, for a beautiful dreamy finish

Photoshop CS5 Compositing Workflows
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated May 10, 2011
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link Photoshop CS5 Compositing Workflows

With Photoshop and some solid compositing skills, you can make any image that comes to mind ...

Photoshop has made the world look at pictures differently. With it's amazing ability to seamlessly combine graphics to make perfect images, you can create any image that comes to mind ... but you need some solid Photoshop skills first!

This Photoshop compositing tutorial will show you how to take photos from real life and morph them into wild and interesting phantasy images. You'll learn how to select and blend images to create scenes that never happened. Along the way you'll learn how to choose photos for compositing, how to use Photoshop's tools to blend and morph images picture-perfectly, and also how to finally get that picture of yourself shaking Obama's hand ... Impress your friends and relatives - learn how to composite in Photoshop!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Observing Perspective
3. Considering Lighting
4. Considering Image Sizes and Resolutions
5. Getting Started
6. Cutting Out Your Images
7. Adjusting Value, Tone and Color
8. Blending with the Eraser and Opacity Controls
9. Copying Pieces to Extend an Area
10. Using the Clone Tool to Extend or Cover Areas
11. Refining Edges with the Lasso Tool
12. Softening Hard Edges with the Lasso Tool
13. Using Layer Opacity to Blend Layers
14. Using the Dodge and Burn Tool to Add Shadow
15. Adding Touches and Adjustments to Focal Points
16. Using Adjusted Layer Copies to Adjust Lightness and...
17. Finishing Touches
18. Using Filters to Unify the Look of an Image
19. Compositing a Person or Figure
20. Refining Your Tools
21. Flipping Images to Match Lighting
22. Lining Up an Overlayed Image
23. Matching Skin Tones and Contrast
24. Using the Eraser to Reveal Shadows and Details
25. Adding Additional Shadows
26. Using Blurring to Match Focal Depth
27. Removing Background Details
28. Adding the Final Touches
29. Exercise 1: Shake Hands with Obama
30. Exercise 2: Curse Of the Sea Hag
31. Exercise 3: Road Rage with the War-A-Cuda

By Jeff Menter
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Aug 30, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Lens•Lab

The highly regarded Lens•Lab iOS application is now available for your Mac!

Lens•Lab is a virtual lens simulation tool for photographers of all skill levels. It graphically illustrates how depth of field and field of view relate to your SLR camera and lenses.

Professionals will like how quick and easy it is to get depth of field calculations.

Semi-pro photographers will enjoy configuring "what-if?" scenarios for various lenses.

Photography beginners will find it to be a great learning tool by exploring the interplay of aperture, focal length, and focal distance in real time.

Lens•Lab is more than a great depth of field calculator, it's a lens simulator that can help you explore, see, and intuitively understand how depth of field works with your camera and lenses.

Lens•Lab Features:

Advanced visual depiction of depth of field with real-time controls:
• The background scales from 10 centimeters to 100 meters interactively
• Out-of-focus areas are represented as blurred in real-time
• Distance labels, angle of view, and other information updates as you drag

Easily control aperture, focal length, and focal distance with sliders or mouse drag:
• Aperture (from ƒ/1 to ƒ/32 in micro-stop increments)
• Focal Length (from 10mm to 300mm)
• Focal Distance (from 10cm to 100m)

Information overlays are independently configurable:
• Hyperfocal Distance
• Far Depth of Field
• Focal Distance
• Near Depth of Field
• Total Depth of Field
• Vertical Angle of View
• Distance Scale
• Simulated Blur

Sensor size is configurable for:
• Full Frame (35mm)
• APS-C (for Canon Digital Rebel, Nikon DX, etc.)
• Four Thirds (for Olympus, etc.)

An image of the current configuration can be copied to the clipboard or saved as a TIFF image file for later reference. Included is a usage guide that explains all features of the application as well as depth of field in photography.

Proof Sheet
By Marc Rochkind
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Oct 20, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Proof Sheet

Never have proof sheets been this easy!

Proof sheets, also called contact sheets—small images arranged in a grid—are perfect for sending photos to clients, recording what's in archives, and connecting photos and their metadata.

Proof Sheet is unusually flexible, in that you can easily control the grid arrangement, the margins, the page and cell headers and footers, the font, and more. You can incorporate variables into headers and footers to display dates and times, captions, filenames, EXIF data, and IPTC data. Proof Sheet is better than Lightroom's or Photo Mechanic's proof-sheets, and better than any proof-sheet app in the Mac App Store.

Proof Sheet is not suitable for laying out a photo book, because you can't vary the page layout page-by-page, let alone photo-by-photo. But if you need quick, attractive proof sheets for a couple of hundred photos and don't want to spend all day on it, Proof Sheet can do the whole job in 5 minutes.

It's easy to learn Proof Sheet because the preview on the screen changes as you operate the controls. When you're ready to print, just choose Print on the File menu. Or, export the proof sheet as a folder of JPEGs.

I PROVIDE VERY ATTENTIVE SUPPORT. If you have any difficulties, please email me so I can help resolve the matter. If all you do is post a review, there's no way for me to contact you, and the issue may be a very minor one that's easily fixed.

BlackWhite Studio
By HumanSoftware
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 30, 2011
Price $5.99
Download iTunes app link BlackWhite Studio


Create Easily Stunning Black & White or MultiTones Images.

If you a professional, an hobbyist or simply someone who wants to get the most from their photos, BlackWhite Studio gives you all the adjustments you need to create high quality black and white or multi-tones images.

Easy Start with HUNDREDS of Presets..
More than 150 presets are available. A special panel lets you preview instantly the effect on your image. If you like what you see, you're done. If you wish to go further, you will be able to tune color filtering, contrast, brightness, exposure, toning, vignetting and much more so you get a unique image.
Similar software that might not have all the tools that Black White Studio offers can cost a couple of hundreds dollars, you can get this power for less than 10 bucks!

Add Borders, Vignetting and Finishing Touches.
Black White Studio is the only of its kind, that comes with an extensive library of edges, you can even use your own image for a glorious final touch. Experimenting is fast and fun, you have instant gratification.

Black White Studio is not only for Black & White Images!
You have a photo lab under your hands and you can now play between your color image and a black and white or a new toned image. You manipulate DuoTones, TriTones and all the silver plates, to achieve amazing and vibrant results.

Black Booster...
This is one of our signature Black & White effect, that will bring an astounding extra dimension to your Photos.

Quality, Quality and Quality
You will find a few Black and White apps coming from the iphone world. Unfortunately those apps are using very primitive Black & White algorithms. At HumanSoftware we have more than 20 years of experience in electronic imaging. You will notice that we very often use professional glamour shot, because we work with the most demanding photographers and those kind of images deserve the very best.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We are highly dedicated to the quality of our tools and will provide support!

By Fabian Spillner
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 30, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link PhotoTime

It's PhotoTime! You can take funny snapshots with your build-in iSight camera. There are over 30 effects and you can combine bumped/dent effect with all other effects! It gives you a realtime preview with the effect.

The special feature: You can adjust some effects with your mouse in real-time! The flash color and delay time are customizable, too!

By Blue Room Software
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 13, 2011
Price $14.99
Download iTunes app link PhotoPackage

PhotoPackage is a tool used by both professional photographers and hobbyists to easily create prints containing multiple copies of an image on a single page, just like portrait studios do with school photos and family portrait packages. Images can be non-destructively scaled, rotated and cropped to any number of standard or custom print sizes. The final layout of the images is automatically calculated to minimize the total number of larger prints and optimize the cuts to be made.

A 15-day free trial is available on the Blue Room Software website.

By Steve Harris
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Poster

Poster is an application for posting photos and video to the web. Poster can send photos and videos to Flickr, SmugMug and Facebook walls and photos to Facebook pages.

Poster sports a sleek design that lets you see your photos properly and work with them effortlessly. Whether posting to Flickr, Facebook or SmugMug, Poster takes a tailored approach that makes the most of each site's unique features.

* Flickr
For Flickr, Poster can post both photos and videos, auto-completes tags, lets you create and choose sets, groups, tag people and moderate your photos. Its All Items view lets you work with an entire set of photos as easily as just one.

* Facebook
On Facebook, Poster is able not only to post to your profile, but also any pages that you administer, making Poster ideal for anyone whose business, band or cause takes advantage of Facebook's massive user community.

* SmugMug
When posting photos and videos to SmugMug, Poster will work with your existing galleries and create new ones, including unlisted and password protected galleries.

* Works with Your Apps
Poster works with the photo editing and management applications you use now. Export plug-ins are available from the Reinvented Software site for iPhoto and Aperture to launch Poster with the exported files.

* Picture Perfect
Poster can even perform some tricks of its own, such as rotating and resizing photos before uploading. Its understated design, tasteful animations, support for multitouch gestures and keyboard navigation make posting your photos and videos as enjoyable an experience as taking them.

TiltShift Lite
By Stefan Hafeneger
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Aug 22, 2011
Price $5.99
Download iTunes app link TiltShift Lite

TiltShift is a Mac OS X application for computer generated tilt-shift photography. The software allows you to create fake miniature versions of regular photos, simulating the effect of expensive tilt-shift lenses.

You can define an arbitrary position for the virtual focal plane and setup its properties using an intuitive visual interface. Additional controls for saturation, contrast, brightness, sharpness and vignette let you create amazing fake miniatures.

Not enough features? Buy the professional TiltShift version with features like:
- Additional Image Formats
- Save and Load Settings
- Advanced Focus Control
- Show Master Image
- Zoom to Actual Size
- Hide Focus Control

Tilt Shift Focus
By devLUX
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 28, 2011
Price $7.99
Download iTunes app link Tilt Shift Focus

Toyworlds on your Mac!

The popular iPhone application now on your Mac!

"Make a molehill out of a mountain"

"...easy to use and does its job quick and effectively..."

With Tilt-Shift-Focus you can easily edit photos to create fake miniatures, enhance or change the depth of field and focus area of your picture, or precisely soften details. Fake miniature and depth of field can improve the visual and artistic quality of your photographs and you can do all that with just a few clicks in the Tilt-Shift-Focus editor.

- crop images
- edit and adjust with 5 different blur-tools
- stack multiple effect layers
- smooth transitions between blurred and focused areas
- quick miniature effect
- cool zooming effect
- contrast enhancement for stronger miniature effect
- additional visual fx!

Find us on Facebook at:

Amazing Effects
By collageshine
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 14, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Amazing Effects

Amazing Effects includes 138 amazing photo effects which turn digital photos into unique artistic looks creations.
It is easy to create impressive photos with Amazing Effects: load your photo, click to apply effects, that is all.

Key Features
1) 138 amazing effects to make your photos impressive.
2) Easy to use. One click the apply effects.

By ActiveDevelopment
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Nov 4, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link PicFrame

PicFrame helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames that you can save to your computer or share to Facebook. With 34 adjustable frames, rounded corners and plenty of patterns, you will always have a unique look.

Since PicFrame was released on the iPhone and iPad we have often been requested to create a Mac version for people to use on their desktop, well here it is! PicFrame on the Mac is just as easy to use, select a frame, drag and drop your photos in, tweak the border size, give the photos rounded corners, add a color or pattern, resize the adjustable frames and save the photo or share it to Facebook.

Main Features:
- 34 adjustable frames
- Support for up to 5 photos
- Rounded corners
- Change the border size
- Zoom and drag the photos around
- Easy color picker for border color
- Multiple patterns to use for the border
- Ratios 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 3:4
- High resolution
- Share to Facebook
- Drag and drop photos into the frame

Follow PicFrame on Twitter @PicFrame for updates and information.

By Michael Steger
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Jun 21, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link PhotoPosterMaker

*** Why use PhotoPosterMaker? ***

There are many programs and webservices that create collages and posters for you. Most commonly the result of these is a chaotic pile of pseudo-Polaroids. The viewer’s attention drifts away from your photos and gets lost in a pile of snapshots.

*** Enter PhotoPosterMaker ***

Your photos are your art - so treat them as art. With PhotoPosterMaker you can arrange them in a collage that exactly aligns every photo and removes any kind of distraction. Give room to portrait, landscape and panoramic photos and create your individual layout. Have your posters and collages printed in large format and display them at home or in your office. Visitors will be stunned by the professional appearance of your very own creation.

*** Customer Support ***

PhotoPosterMaker has been getting a number of great reviews in all international App Stores, the software works. However, should you have a problem, contact the developer and ask for help. Unfortunately, I can't reply to your comments in the App Store, but I will reply to your email. I have enjoyed creating this software, I want my customers to enjoy it, as well.

*** What customers are saying ***

"It's very easy to use and the results are great!"
"great app with reasonable price"
"The application is easy to use and works well."

Make posters for special occasions like:
- Weddings, Convocation, Birthdays, Vacation Trips etc.
Use posters to advertise for your business
- Showcase your products, Explain your service, decorate your store or waiting area.

With PhotoPosterMaker you can...

- Make a collage of up to 500 images.
- Create a poster of your 365 project.
- Create stunning large format posters in portrait, landscape or square sizes.
- Create your own layout, the individual photos will neatly fill the defined frames.
- Easily arrange photos according to their color tones, brightness, subject, orientation, etc.
- Resize photos in their individual frames and crop unwanted parts.
- Link small frames together, creating a large frame to accommodate panoramic images.
- Save the entire project into a file for later editing.
- Export your poster into jpg, tiff and png formats.

TurboCollage - Collage Creator
By SilkenMermaid
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Aug 26, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link TurboCollage - Collage Creator

★★ SALE - 75% OFF ★★

Create stunning picture collages on your Mac. Setup a collage with a prominent center picture, arrange pictures in a regular grid, or create a random picture pile. Tie fond memories together into gorgeous picture mosaics. With an intuitive interface, TurboCollage gives you complete control over your collage design.

Simply start by dragging a few pictures into TurboCollage. Choose a collage style from five exciting variants. Select from a range of default picture sizes and aspect ratios or create your own custom size for your collage. Select Landscape or Portrait orientation and use a color or a custom picture as collage background. You can even use a transparent background for your collage. Add shadows to pictures to give your collage a real paper collage feel. Exchange pictures by dragging one picture on another. Add text to your collage. Shuffle the collage to get another exciting layout. TurboCollage even lets you pan and zoom individual pictures within their frames so that they are positioned just as you wish.


• Picture Pile
• Picture Grid
• Mosaic
• Center Frame
• Zig Mosaic


• Add text to collage
• Create collage in any custom size
• Wide range of default sizes and aspect ratios
• Customize picture shadows
• Drag a picture on another picture to exchange them
• Shuffle collage to get a completely new layout
• Pan and zoom pictures within their frames
• Drag, scale, or rotate pile pictures
• Change pile order to bring more prominent pictures on top
• Customize picture borders
• Select background picture or color
• Use transparent background
• Customize number of rows and columns in grid
• Create Landscape or Portrait collages
• Customize text color, opacity, shadows, and alignment
• Resize, rotate, or move text
• Use Instant Camera or Postage Stamp border styles in Pile collage
• Create symmetric Center Frame collages
• Upload collage directly to Facebook
• Save collage design to edit later


We love to hear from our users. You might have a suggestion for a feature or you might like to report an issue you faced. Please email us at

FX Photo Studio
By MacPhun LLC
Device Mac
Category Photography
Updated Sep 14, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link FX Photo Studio

One Application. Unlimited Creativity.

Check this totally awesome features and make your photography even more amazing.

★ 172 high quality effects and filters (analog, vintage, art, sketches, tilt-shift and many more)
★ One of the best variety of photo effects among photo applications
★ Masking and Color splash tools
★ Possibility to apply multiple layers to one image
★ Access to your iPhoto and Aperture albums
★ Intuitive user interface
★ Sharing via most popular social networks


Combine and layer any of the 172 effects to create the perfect looking image. A completely customizable interface allows you to preview each effect, compare original and resulting images, label favorites and even save combinations of effects as presets.

You can apply as many filters to one image as you like, save mixes of effects to presets and even share these presets with other photographers around.

The new masking and color splash tools allow you to apply effects and colors to a part of the image only, giving even more creative freedom to your photography. Categories of effects include: Lo-Fi, Grunge, Art, Sketch, SFX, Hollywood FX, Cross Process, Vintage, and more


Created by usability and photography professionals, FX Photo Studio’s user interface ensures that editing your photos can’t get any easier.

With a click or two, you can apply and customize effects, access all editing tools, apply random effects, preview original and resulting image, import images from Aperture or iPhoto, share photos via social networks and more.


• Import pictures from Aperture or iPhoto library
• Load images from any folder on your Mac or digital camera
• Export images in a variety of formats to iPhoto or folders on your Mac
• FX Photo Studio supports image resolution up to 16 mega-pixels

★ FX Photo Studio PRO★
If you are looking for more pro editing tools, support of RAW files and resolution up to 32 megapixels, check FX Photo Studio PRO. In addition to 172 photo effects and filters, FX Photo Studio PRO features over 20 editing tools to enhance your images even further. Those include: sharpen, noise reduction, color balance, light levels, exposure, brightness, saturation, shadows, highlights and more.

★FX Photo Studio for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad★
For a quick image editing on-the-go, check FX Photo Studio for iOS. Most of the great features from desktop version inside stylish, intuitive user interface, designed specifically for iOS device.

Disclaimer from the developer of FX Photo Studio software: “FX Photo Studio was created and beta tested by a team of dedicated professionals, including developers, designers, and photographers. FX Photo Studio gives you a lot and lets your creativity truly blossom. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. Always glad to hear from you” – Paul Muzok, CEO of MacPhun LLC.