DesktopForecasting ClimateChangeDoubt Local Weather
DesktopForecasting ClimateChangeDoubt Local Weather
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By Buick Wong
Device Mac
Category Weather
Updated Sep 7, 2011
Price $1.99
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DesktopForecasting is a Location Based Weather Forecast App. In version 1.0, It can detect your location first, and then show the weather condition and weather picture on your desktop.


1: Location Based (Wi-Fi) detection.

2: Automatic

3: Support Both F° and C°

4: Location Detection automatically.

By Bluewater Publishing
Device Mac
Category Weather
Updated Aug 1, 2011
Price $4.99
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Climate Change Doubt examines the theory of manmade Global Warming through a critical eye. Includes illustrated articles and videos plus compare sea ice extent in October and arctic temps for selected years.

* See for yourself NOAA and NASA data showing recent decade long cooling trend
* View satellite data to decide for yourself if coal from Chinese power plants could be cooling the planet
* Archives from 1930s show strength of previous warming trends in the US and Greenland
* Compare predictions of climate models to actual data
* View nighttime temperature trends that cast doubt on notion a catastrophe is on the way
* Find out about natural ocean currents that may have a big impact on global temperatures
* See NASA data that demonstrates the urban heating effect and how hard it is to find global warming in small towns
* View graphs of northern hemisphere snow cover that shows no real trends
* Find out how clouds are little understood and they may cool the planet rather than add to warming
* Check recent trends for the North Pole that show increases in ice
* Learn about past levels of carbon dioxide in previous geological eras documented by scientists
* Discover past warming trends in Greenland that were completely natural
* 300 graphics displaying temperature trends in the US, NASA global temperature maps, the North Pole, Antarctica, and more

* Compare October North Pole Melt for Selected Years
* Compare Arctic Temperatures for Selected Years


* Watch global temperature trends by decade from 1900-2011
* Decide for yourself if recent droughts are unusual, watch slide show of June Drought Index 1900-2011
* View satellite images of North Pole from 1979-2011 for month of June


* Easy to use
* Export PDF documents
* Print Articles

Local Weather
By iLifeTouch & Co.
Device Mac
Category Weather
Updated Aug 29, 2011
Price $1.99
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Local Weather simply allows you to quickly scan the information you require form the preset cities you have previously selected, simply by clicking the icon on your status bar. The city you have chosen as your local weather will show up first and your other favourites will be easily accessible further down the list. The daily forecast is expandable to include four days simply by clicking on the magnifying glass.

Features include

* Hometown setting
* Favourite city settings
* Allows the display of Local Weather of multiple cities
* Time, Date, Day and Month display
* Celsius and Fahrenheit setting
* Wind and Humidity