Weight Loss Stimulator HD Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing FitnessCoach Naked Physique
Weight Loss Stimu... Chakra Balancing ... FitnessCoach Naked Physique
$3.99 $4.99 $1.99 $1.99
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Everyday First Aid HD Stretch Away Lowback/Hip Pain Kettlebell Timer Pro 5 Minute Ab Workout HD - Daily Exercises for your Abs
Everyday First Ai... Stretch Away Lowb... Kettlebell Timer Pro 5 Minute Ab Worko...
$1.99 $3.99 $0.99 $1.99
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Diet Cakes Weight Loss - Motivational Help For Losing Weight At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief Home Natural Remedies Tracker2Go
Diet Cakes Weight... At Ease: Anxiety ... Home Natural Reme... Tracker2Go
$8.99 $2.99 $0.99 $2.99
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Aura Trainer HD : Learn To See Auras Yoga Asana CrossFit Finder Healing Foods
Aura Trainer HD :... Yoga Asana CrossFit Finder Healing Foods
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Vitamin 101, the food encyclopedia Attunement:  music to upgrade your life Green Kitchen – Healthy vegetarian recipes Infinite Relaxation ∞
Vitamin 101, the ... Attunement: musi... Green Kitchen – H... Infinite Relaxati...
$1.99 $1.99 $4.99 $4.99
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Weight Loss Stimulator HD
By PPL Development Company LLC
Device iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Aug 24, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Weight Loss Stimulator HD

***Promotion Price for $3.99, Get It Now!***

Wish to stay motivated during your weight loss journey? We’ve got the right tool for you!

Weight Loss Stimulator HD allows you to pick your virtual model, set up your goal weight, and visually see the changes on a daily basis.

•Visualize your daily weight, goal weight, and heaviest weight in 3D
•Four great-looking models with optional skin tone to choose from
•Pick your favorite hair color
•Pick your favorite dress/color
•Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator and weight evaluation
•Ideal weight recommendation
•Daily weight log to track your progress

Please note this version is designed for women only. Men’s version is coming soon.

Important user instructions:
You will need to enter your height for our app to accurately calculate your BMI, and choose the correct model figure for you.

Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing
By Meditation Oasis
Device iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Jan 8, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing

Learn to give a hands-on chakra balancing to yourself or another person. Relieve stress and bring relaxation, harmony and balance into your life and the lives of those you love!


"Fantastic! It was easy to give the chakra balancing, a very positive experience. The person receiving the balancing was amazed. I like the voice, the directions, everything. I would most definitely recommend this to others." -- Deb F



Chakras are centers of energy in the body. They bring in energy from the network of energy which surrounds and permeates everything, and distribute it in the body to support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. When the chakras are open and balanced there is a healthy flow of energy throughout the body. This supports the self-healing capacity of the body, as well as promoting mental clarity, emotional ease and a sense of spiritual connection.

Balanced chakras result in:

✓ deep relaxation
✓ relief of stress
✓ mental clarity
✓ emotional balance
✓ improved health
✓ greater well-being


This App contains everything you need to learn to sense energy, activate the energy in your hands and give a hands-on, full body chakra balancing. Easy to follow audios will guide you step-by-step in giving a balancing to yourself or to someone else. Beautiful, healing music accompanies each guided process.

Anyone can learn this valuable skill. No previous experience is required!


● Step-by-step voice-guided instructions in giving a full body chakra balancing to yourself or someone else.

● A voice-guided energy sensing exercise to help you sense energy and activate your hands for healing.

● A centering meditation to help you be fully present in the here and now, open and receptive to allow Universal Energy to flow.

● Written material to support your understanding of the chakras, chakra balancing and energy healing.

● Photographs of hand positions.

● Chart of chakra locations with information on each chakra.

● Beautiful, healing music that supports the voice-guided processes.


"Easy to follow yet has profound results. With Mary's guidance I am able to support the healing of others as well as my own. What a lovely experience!" -- Kelly Dillman, Massage Therapist and Spa Director

"Awesome! It's easy to listen to and understand. It was well done and the voice and sound contents were excellent... I did the chakra balancing on a friend and she said it was calming. I enjoy all of it." -- ECP


Voice guidance by Mary Maddux, MS, HTP
Music by Richard Maddux

Mary and Richard Maddux, have supported others in bringing balance and healing into their lives through their popular Meditation Oasis Podcast, albums, meditation course, and Apps. Based on her study and practice of Healing Touch and Reiki, Mary created and taught the Essential Energy Healing program. This App teaches the basic principles and techniques from her introductory course. Richard is a composer whose exquisite music supports meditation, relaxation and healing.

By everTHINK, Inc.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Oct 1, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link FitnessCoach

Step by step 12 weeks programs, home- and gym-training for all levels with over 312 exercise movies guide you during workouts

❏ 12 Weeks Program
- More Muscle : Muscle Building Program
- More Balance : Women Fitness Program
- Fat Burn Diet : Weight Loss Program
- More Power : Muscle Strength Program
- Life for Stamina : Office Worker Refreshment Program
- Total Workouts at Home : Home Training Program

❏ Coach Workout Program
- Novice Home,Gym Training Program
- Basic Fitness Program
- Muscle Building Program
- Women Fitness Program
- Easy Weight Training Program
- 3 Division Focused on Lower body
- 3 Division Focused on Abs
- 3 Division Focused on Chest and Back
- 3 Division Focused on Shoulder
- 3 Division Focused on Arm
- 3 Division Focused on Woman Fitness
- 4 Division Advanced Program 1, 2, 3
- Easy Circuit Diet Program
- Effective Circuit Diet Program
- Strength Diet Program
- Core Buildup Program
- Whole Body Buildup Program
- Standing Stretching
- Sitting Stretching
- Lying Stretching
- Char Stretching for a worker, student
- Healing Fitness for Lower back
- Healing Fitness for Shoulder
- Everyday 7 Minute Abs
- Everyday 7 Minute Lower body
- Add Healing Fitness Program.
Relieve your back or shoulder pain.

Naked Physique
By Mike File
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Oct 6, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Naked Physique

If your like most people, then you probably feel self-conscience or even embarrassed when you need to take your clothes of at the beach, doctor's office, or even for the "special someone" in your life, which is why you need to try our Naked Physique exercise program. This 45 minute, four times a week program is designed to work on your body parts that are usually covered by your clothes - your shoulders (deltoids), chest (pectoral), stomach (abs), rear (glutes), and thighs (quadriceps). This program is designed for men and women and will give you the confidence to shed your clothes when the time comes.

The exercises are explained in detail and demonstrated by our team of trainers and kinesiologists with pictures and videos demonstrating the proper form for each exercise. The app also provides a "Therapists Corner" that allows you to ask one of our team any questions that you may have concerning your particular physical fitness needs.

As a testament to this program, our two female coaches who are demonstrating the exercises are both young mothers. Lacey gave birth 6 months prior to filming this app and Jen 4 months prior. Jen also demonstrated the exercises in our Pregnancy Fitness app that is on sale in the App Store.

NOTE TO BUYERS: This app does not contain any nudity or sexual situations, it is a fitness program.

Everyday First Aid HD
By Portable Monster LLC
Device iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Sep 8, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Everyday First Aid HD

People do not seek emergencies but emergencies find them! Are you adequately prepared to care for a family member or stranger? Arriving on the scene of an emergency is both time sensitive and stressful. Whether you are home, on vacation, or in transit, Everyday First Aid HD offers clear, concise and well-organized information wherever you are!

Medical information is based on guidelines provided by the American Red Cross and other health organizations with topics including jellyfish stings, tick bites, heart attacks and more. In total, Everyday First Aid HD covers nearly a hundred topics and includes illustrated training guides to get you prepared!


✓ Review first aid information anytime-anywhere, no connection to the internet needed!
✓ Store and access your medical and emergency contact information with the click of a button!
✓ Have up-to-date information from the American Red Cross and other health organizations!
✓ View hundreds of images to illustrate and inform!
✓ Review guides for choking, CPR, wound cleaning, and germ prevention!
✓ Become informed on nearly a hundred topics relating to first aid!
✓ “E-Mail a Friend” to inform them on topics included in the pocket guide!
✓ Learn how to build your very own first aid kit!
✓ Enjoy easy-to-navigate, concise, well-organized and in-depth information on a wide range of topics!

- First Aid: General
- First Aid: Kits

- Choking
- Wound Cleaning / Dressing
- Germ Prevention

Select A Topic:
- Abdominal Pain
- Alcohol Poisoning
- Allergic Reactions
- Amputation
- Anaphylaxis
- Asthma
- Bites / Stings: General
- Bites / Stings: Animal
- Bites / Stings: Bee
- Bites / Stings: Human
- Bites / Stings: Jellyfish
- Bites / Stings: Scorpion
- Bites / Stings: Snake
- Bites / Stings: Spider
- Bites / Stings: Ticks
- Black Eye
- Bleeding: General
- Bleeding: Disorders
- Blister (Vesicle)
- Breathing Difficulty
- Broken: General Bones
- Broken: Ankle / Foot
- Broken: Arm
- Broken: Hip
- Broken: Leg
- Broken: Toe
- Broken: Wrist / Hand
- Bruise
- Burns: General
- Burns: Chemical
- Burns: Electrical
- Burns: Sunburn
- Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
- Chemical Emergencies
- Chest Pain
- Childbirth
- Cold Sore
- Concussion
- Confusion
- Cough
- Cuts / Puncture Wounds
- Dehydration
- Dislocation
- Dizziness
- Ear Injury
- Electrical Injury
- Eye Injury
- Fainting
- Fever
- Flu (Influenza)
- Food Poisoning
- Frostbite
- Headache: Migraine
- Heart Attack
- Heat Emergencies: General
- Heat Cramps
- Heat Exhaustion
- Heatstroke
- Hyperventilation
- Hypothermia
- Laceration
- Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)
- Motion Sickness
- Nausea / Vomiting
- Neck Pain
- Nosebleeds
- Object: Inhaled / Swallowed
- Object: Nose
- Poison Ivy
- Poisoning
- Seizure: General
- Seizure: Febrile
- Shock: General
- Shock: Cardiogenic
- Shock: Toxic
- Skull Fracture
- Smoke Inhalation
- Spinal Injury
- Splinter Removal
- Sprain
- Strep Throat
- Stroke
- Tooth Loss
- Toothache
- Vertigo
- Water Intoxication
- Weakness or Fatigue


Stretch Away Lowback/Hip Pain
By StretchAwayMusclePain
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Nov 4, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Stretch Away Lowback/Hip Pain

It is not widely known, but most low back and hip pain is due to tight Psoas muscles, deep in our pelvis. First of its kind, animated stretches, developed by S.A.M.P, that give breakthrough results, by addressing the tight muscles causing the pain.

- Learn how to identify and help reduce Low Back and Hip pain.
- Low Back & Hip Pain
- Sciatica
- Disc Protrusions
- Herniations
- Degenerative Joint disease
- Tight Hips cause knee pain/degeneration

To become pain free, we must Regain back the lost mobility in
our Hip muscles and joints. Never strengthen when you have pain
or loss of mobility, or you will cause more pain, degeneration
and loss of more mobility.

- Many exercises offered by others as stretches can be harmful if there is any spinal damage, Which many people have. Never bend at the waist to stretch. This breaks down our discs quickly if we have any spinal deteriation.

- S.A.M.P stretches are safe and target the muscles that are causing or contributing to most Low Back pain. Each stretch shows multiple angles and views, so you know exactly what is being done.

- Each stretch is shown as an animation from several angles with key instructions given to ensure the stretch is performed correctly.

- The instructional movies start by showing what muscle it effects.
- Each stretch is shown as an animation from several angles with key instructions given to ensure the stretch is performed correctly.
- For many years these stretches have provided consisted positive results.

- Educational images and videos of involved muscles, animations showing optimal range of motion needed for the major joint involved and videos explaining the main concepts.

- Did you know? that most back and hip pain is due to the Psoas muscle deep inside our pelvis.
Long term compression of this muscle causes low back and hip degeneration and effects other major joints of the body.
- And that most muscle and joint pain is due to muscle shortening

- Identify the muscle or muscles that are painful, do the stretches to lengthen those muscles and return the joint to full mobility, It's that easy.

- The knowledge that we must start at the core of our body to permanently address our muscle pain, is not widely known.

- The stretches are presented with voice over instruction ( Instructional category) or silent ( Progression category), so you can stretch to your own music.

S.A.M.P Stretching exercises were designed and adapted into animation form by Mary Smithson BS,MS,RPT,AT,LMT. She has a private practice in Maui, Hawaii.
She uses these stretches successfully everyday in her practice.
This system originated in Orthopedic
Science and has matured thru 30 years of professional practice.

Mary's credentials:

Masters in Science-Athletic Training
Bachelors in Science-Physical Therapy
Bachelors in Science- Physical Education
Registered Physical Therapist-Maui,Hawaii
Licensed Massage Therapist Hawaii
Certified Athletic Trainer 1981-2009
Secondary Teaching Certificate-Colorado
Feel free to contact us at: contact@stretchawaypain.com

Kettlebell Timer Pro
By The Mach Band Pty Ltd.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Sep 28, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Kettlebell Timer Pro

Kettlebell Timer Pro is an advanced Kettlebell workout timer app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad users.

This highly customisable workout timer has a large, easy-to-read display and supports randomisation of work, rest, reps and sets to maximise flexibility in your workouts.

Warning beeps at the end of each rest period allow you to prepare for upcoming sets.

A workout metronome chimes for each rep, and this can be configured for either interval (reps per work period) or cadence (reps per minute) modes.

Interface colours and sounds can also be set using the built-in editors.

All workouts are saved to your iOS device and can be fully edited using the history editor.

Workouts can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, and full workout histories can be exported via email and iTunes.

Workouts from the last 30, 60, and 90 days can also be viewed using the built-in bar and line graph display.

Regular updates will be released with new features, which will be free for users who have purchased this app in the past.

5 Minute Ab Workout HD - Daily Exercises for your Abs
By Olson Applications Limited
Device iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Oct 19, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link 5 Minute Ab Workout HD - Daily Exercises for your Abs

A pre programmed 5 minute daily workout plan for your abs!

- Over one hundred 5 minute sessions to work through
- Targets for each exercise which continually change depending on your progress
- Timer function to guide exercise AND rest
- Log all your results and to keep track of your achievements
- Integrated music player to help keep you motivated
- Clear instructions with 3D animations of every exercise

Always wanted to have flat toned abs but always thought you didn't have the time or the will power? Then try this app. All sessions have timed rest and exercise periods to ensure workouts take no more than 5 minutes - even the busiest people should be able to find 5 minutes a day to exercise!

Get bored doing crunches over and over again? Over one hundred sessions created from 19 different exercises means every session is different and you never know what exercises to expect.

Need motivating? EVERY exercise in EVERY session has a target to aim for which vary depending on your previous progress.

Not convinced you can achieve much in 5 minutes? Log all your completed exercises and see how much exercise you have done since you started the plan.

Need energy? Play your favourite workout tracks form your ipod while you workout.

Feel you are a fitness novice? All exercises feature detailed instructions and clear 3D animations.

See what you can achieve in 5 minutes a day

Also available from Olson Applications

5 Minute Fat Loss
5 Minute Yoga
Ski Fitness Workouts

Diet Cakes Weight Loss - Motivational Help For Losing Weight
By Breaking Art
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Apr 19, 2011
Price $8.99
Download iTunes app link Diet Cakes Weight Loss - Motivational Help For Losing Weight

Buy this application ONLY if you are serious about losing weight.

From the creator of Morning Motivation, Diet Cakes is a motivational tool to inspire your weight loss.

One of the most important factors in any diet is staying motivated and being inspired with new ideas.

Rather than a boring book that you might flick through and never look at again, Diet Cakes gives you the pleasure of clearing an entire tray of cakes or donuts or ice-cream cones and getting benefit from it - and since you can use Diet Cakes on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, the app is with you whenever you need it!

Inside each cake, donut, and ice-cream cone is a Diet Cake Motivational Cookie - these 36 fortune-style type cookies contain ideas and questions designed to inspire your weight loss.

Imagine being able to eat a whole tray of cakes AND a whole tray of donuts AND a whole tray of ice-cream cones AND still help yourself lose weight! If that sounds good to you, you'll love Diet Cakes! And, of course, you don't have to eat all the donuts and all the cakes and all the cones all of the time - you can open the app at any time and nibble on a random treat to help you through the day! Diet Cakes does not need a WIFI or 3G data connection so it can be used anywhere!

★ Get Diet Cakes now and have it ready to help your weight loss when you need it!

If you are serious about losing weight, and only if you are serious, get a little extra help with Diet Cakes - because when you're thin, the price of this app will seem insignificant compared to the help it gave you.

Disclaimers: This app is designed to motivate you to achieve the weight loss you want. This app should not be considered medical advice. Consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet. Diet Cakes is based on Diet Donuts and Weight Loss Month. Do not buy Diet Cakes if you have either of those applications. Diet Cakes was originally designed for iPad. As a bonus and to give you maximum support, Diet Cakes can also be run on iPhone and iPod Touch - but the cakes, donuts, and ice-cream cones look far more glorious on the iPad's big screen!

At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief
By Meditation Oasis
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Nov 2, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief

"A Must Have! I have suffered with very bad anxiety for years and this app has been a wonderful help." --rallylou, app user

This application contains a unique approach to relieving anxiety and worry which combines voice-guided breathing meditations, exercises and journaling. At Ease is intended to make deep and lasting change rather than applying a temporary “band aid”. Most people will experience immediate relief using the guided breathing meditations, but the long term benefit of At Ease will come from using the breathing meditations, exercises and journaling regularly over time.

"I was extremely impatient and nervous and my breath became short and quick. I used the “breath aware” guided meditation on the At Ease App and felt an almost immediate relief of my nervousness. Many thanks for designing this application with wonderful guided meditations and sweet instrumental music." --Eleanor


The meditations are the core of the At Ease program. When we are anxious, our breathing becomes shallow and constricted. You will learn to deal with anxiety by breathing in an easy, natural way that makes you feel more relaxed. In addition, the meditations will also train you to let go of worry and find the pleasure in breathing.

At Ease contains three easy, effective breathing meditations:

-- Deep Breathing Guided Meditation
-- Breath Awareness Guided Meditation
-- Belly Breathing Guided Meditation

MUSIC: You can listen to the meditations with or without music, and adjust the volume of the voice and music independently. There are three different selections of music to choose from.


The At Ease journaling process is designed to increase self-awareness -- the foundation of all meaningful change. It will also help you develop some important strategies for dealing with anxiety. You will be given exercises to do during the day, and questions to write about as you reflect on your experiences with the exercises.


"I am a very anxious, nervous person but thanks to you I am becoming relaxed and finally sleeping enough." -- Sophie

"Mary Maddux is able to bring her listener to a state of calm and relaxation quickly and easily. Her voice and the music behind her is so soothing to a tired soul and bring you to a quiet level of relaxation." -- Kim

"A couple times at work, I could feel panic attacks coming on so I went to a conference room and listened to one of the meditations... I was able to calm down significantly and get through the day. Pretty amazing!" -- SH

"The words and music...work together in a synergistic way to create a feeling of comfort, peace, and reassurance that has been very effective for me in reducing the anxious thoughts and increasing the joy and well being." -- CP



Mary Maddux, MS, HTP and Richard Maddux are best known for their popular Meditation Oasis podcast and CDs. They bring over 30 years of meditation practice and teaching to the creation of their guided meditations and music. In addition to teaching meditation, Mary has worked in both conventional and alternative settings as a counselor and healing arts practitioner. Richard has played and composed music all of his life. His music is composed especially for meditation, relaxation and healing.

Note: This application is not a substitute for professional counseling or medical advice.

Home Natural Remedies
By Lazy Yards
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Oct 12, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Home Natural Remedies


Natural home remedies for a plethora of conditions and diseases, old fashioned and folk medicine remedies, natural cures and alternative treatments have been passed down throughout the generations.

Here is a comprehensive collection of home remedies and alternative herbal medicine for common ailments and many more. Use the ingredients in your kitchen and you will be back on your feet in no time or email the remedies to your ill friends.

-Bookmark the remedies you want to access easier
-Email remedies to your friends.
-Search for a specific illness or cure.
-Facebook integration.

Internet is required to display the images within the application.

By Byoni
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Nov 14, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Tracker2Go

Easy to use and comprehensive diet app that can help you take control of your weight. Tracker2Go includes access to a large database of over 90,000 food items with no online memberships required or ongoing subscription fees.

✓ No internet connection required

Tracker2Go can work with, and without an internet connection.

When you are 'offline' the app lets you add items from its local database which includes a comprehensive core food database.

When you are back online the app offers to expand the search to the internet to get full access to all available products. All items retrieved during an internet search are also added to the offline database so the more you use the app, the more products become available when offline!

This creates both a useful, and useable offline database of products you consume.

✓ Smart search

The smart search learns as you use it, the more you use the app the quicker it gets, bringing products you have used before to the top of search results and correcting common spelling mistakes to help you find what you are really looking for.

✓ Full international support

Tracker2Go can work in pounds, kilos or stones and accepts user measurements in feet and inches or meters. When adding products you can work with standard serving sizes, grams, ounces, kilos and more. Would you prefer to work with calories or kiloJoules? You decide.

The international food database contains products for countries throughout the world including US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australasia and more. All entries in our database are reviewed by humans to maintain the highest possible degree of accuracy and quality and avoid duplicates.

✓ Create a personal diet plan

Let Tracker2Go suggest a personal diet plan based on your current situation and the targets you want to achieve.

✓ Track what you eat with the food diary

Track your diet adding items you eat or drink to the food diary. With over 85,000 products in the international food database adding items using the smart search is quick and easy.

If you cannot find a product with the smart search you can quickly add a custom entry!

✓ Let your iPhone or iPad do the hard work

The app takes care of the calorie counting and exercise tracking for you, monitoring your calorific and nutritional intake. Stay within the targets and achieve the weight loss you want.

Carbohydrates, protein and fat intake can also monitored automatically so you can check you are maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. 

✓ Add exercise to receive additional calories.

The app includes an extensive list of exercises you can add to the diary to receive calorie credits. Exercise credits are automatically adjusted to take into account your current weight, age and gender so you get a true picture of the energy you have used.

ⓘ Will the diet work for me?

The calculations used by this app work for the vast majority of people.

The two groups of users the calculations do not work for are extreme athletes and those users with a very high body mass index ('morbidly obese, category III'). In these cases the app can still track your diet however it will be unable to suggest a daily calorific allowance. If you fall into either group you should consult your doctor to discuss a suitable calorific allowance and nutritional profile and enter these manually, the app can then be used as a calorie counter and diet planner.

Aura Trainer HD : Learn To See Auras
By Omegasoft
Device iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Apr 30, 2010
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Aura Trainer HD : Learn To See Auras

In parapsychology and many forms of spiritual practice an aura is defined to be a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object. Aura Trainer is a tool aimed at helping you learn to see these auras through optical exercises.

The existence of electromagnetic fields around people and objects, and their ability to cause optical phenomena, is well documented, but the ability for human beings to visually perceive this is still a subject of scientific study and debate. Downloading Aura Trainer gives you the opportunity to actively discover the truth of the matter yourself.

Whether you believe in auras as a facet of the paranormal / supernatural or are scientifically curious about auras as an optical phenomenon; Aura Trainer is for you!

✔ Customizable optical exercise tool to train with
✔ Gesture to control size of exercise objects
✔ Multiple training options to choose from
✔ Option to submit a survey of your results
✔ Handles well with all orientations
✔ Extremely detailed instructions

Please read the in-app instructions for guidance; without doing this first it will be unclear how to use the training tool.

Visit http://www.omegasoftweb.com for detailed instructions, support, and information. This website includes contact information for leaving constructive feedback and reporting any issues. We are here to help and to deliver the best product possible, so please be kind and read the full instructions and inquire as to any technical issues before leaving negative reviews. Thank you.

Yoga Asana
By JZ Mobile LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Aug 10, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Yoga Asana

♠ Real World Yoga Asanas and Workouts
♠ Over 150 Unique Asanas -Poses
♠ Universal App with Unique Interface for iPad and iPhone
♠ Movies of Many Practices
♠ Full Portait and Landscape Support

Yoga Asana’s primary focus is to assist yoga practitioners at all levels to help deepen your practice. Yogini Penny has been practicing and teaching yoga and Pilates for over 20 years. This app has over 150 asanas and shows you how to move from a beginning version into the more challenging asanas. You can stop at any level and move forward at your own pace. Each asana has a detailed description.

Yoga Asana is divided into standing, balance, seated and floor asanas. Some of the poses here are atypical of most apps in that they have been developed from the classroom environment and move beyond the traditional to a more realistic setting, however, you will also find conventional yoga here along with the Sanskrit names

Yoga Asana provides many different yoga practices including: Beginning, Intermediate 1 and 2, Advanced 1 and 2 and Balance and with guided instruction. Take Yoga Asana this with you when travel or use it at home.

Movies - Many practice movies are included. Wifi or 3G connection is required for this feature.

Yoga Asana Features:

Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
Over 150 Poses Asanas, including 40 unique ones.
Several Included Practices for all Levels
Easy Navigation Between Poses/Practices.
Complete Description with each Asana.
Works in Portrait or Landscape.

Join Penny, move forward and grow your yoga practice whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

Enrich your practice with this powerful app.

*Always consult with a physician before beginning any exercise program.

CrossFit Finder
By Apptika, Inc.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Sep 21, 2011
Price $0.99
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Are you an avid CrossFitter but have a difficult time locating the nearest box, especially when you're on the road? The CrossFit Finder app contains a database with information about every CrossFit affiliate in the world!

Every box has been individually researched. The information in this app comes from HQ as well as the individual box's website. If there is ever any question about location, hours, days, times, etc. of a particular box, we provide the box's website, email and/or telephone contact information.

You have an ACCURATE listing for each box:

* Address
* Instructor Certifications and Programs & Features
* Phone and/or email contact information
* Website address
* Special information, when available, such as location description or membership details

A built-in interactive map utilizes Geolocation to:

* Locate the closest box to your location
* Browse the entire world of CrossFit locations
* Get turn-by-turn directions

Healing Foods
By Simon & Schuster
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Oct 26, 2010
Price $1.99
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Offering practical information and grounded in modern science, Healing Foods is an engaging reference guide and source of inspiration for readers hoping to develop eating habits that lead to better health. It takes readers beyond mere nutritional facts and shares cutting-edge research and clinical discoveries on what and how foods stimulate the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate and heal.

Users can search by food type/product, as well as by disease/condition:

* Each entry contains a description of the food and its healing benefits, as well as tips for storing and preparing, and quick serving ideas.

* Based on the theory that many common ailments respond quite well to diet therapy, users can search for the conditions they suffer from to learn which foods are particularly healing for their needs.

Healing Foods app takes the comprehensive information and guidance of the bestselling book The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods and distills it down to the key facts and bullet points that every health-conscious individual will want to know. Think of it as the essential guide to a healthier diet—and now in app form, you can always carry it with you!

Vitamin 101, the food encyclopedia
By mysteryfiles.nl
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Aug 11, 2011
Price $1.99
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With Vitamin 101 you'll have all the information you ever wanted to know about vitamins in the palm of you hand.
Vitamin 101 gives you informations about vitamins, minerals, fats, carbs and more.

Vitamin 101 has a massive database which contains lists of food products (fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, fish, beans, dairy, bread, pasta, rice, cereals, drinks and more).

So when you eat an apple and want to know what vitamins and minerals it contains? Vitamin 101 will provide you with the answer.

You're doing groceries at the supermarket and want to prepare something with broccoli. How many calories does it contain or what about the potassium level? Don't worry Vitamin 101 knows the answer!

Type in the product name and tap it for more information. Double tap to zoom or in pinch if you prefer.

if you have got any questions or suggestions contact us at:

Attunement: music to upgrade your life
By Meditation Oasis
Device iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Jun 29, 2010
Price $1.99
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"I truly love the music in this app. I've sleeping better, relaxing better and have been feeling more at peace with myself in a very long time. I suffer with chronic pain and I truly feel that your app has helped me through some of my tougher moments. As a yoga teacher I would like my students to experience what I have." ---recent feedback

Seven selections of exquisite music to suit your mood and needs. Whether you want to meditate, practice yoga, relax deeply, get energized or heal, the Attunement App has music for the occasion. You can choose from 7 different selections, each of which creates its own special effects as you listen:

Relaxing - wonderful for unwinding or sleep
Surrender - facilitates letting go of stress
Primordial - experience deep levels of your inner being
Inner Peace - profoundly healing and calming effect
Grounding - the perfect antidote for overstimulation
Healing - restores balance to the body and the mind
Energizing - clears the emotions, recharges vitality

With this App, you can choose playing times from 5 to 30 minutes for each selection, or use a playlist option to create and play a sequence of music in any combination. The Playlist gives you the option of up to 60 minutes of playing time.

Attunement has been created by Richard Maddux, composer of the music on the popular Meditation Oasis podcast and CDs. Here's what people say about Richard's music:

"It is the most beautiful music I have ever heard, it really speaks to me on such a deep deep level. I really do get a feeling of the essence of my being."

"The music is relaxing, calming, nurturing..."

"The music is wonderful. I've been using it for my morning yoga session regularly."

"Richard's beautiful music helped in part to bring me back to life."

"Amazingly peaceful and healing. Wonderful music for relaxing and washing away stress. Takes one to a very comforting zone."


With this App you get:

- Music to suit your mood and needs
- 7 selections of music perfect for relaxation, meditation, healing, yoga, or massage.
- Beautiful serene HD photos to enhance the experience
- Option to play music for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 60 minutes
- Option to create a custom playlist of up to 120 min of music
- Automatically saved volume levels
- Read instructions to support and enhance your listening

About Richard Maddux

Richard brings over 30 years of meditation practice and teaching to the creation of his music. Richard has played and composed music all of his life. His transformational music is designed especially for meditation, relaxation and healing.

Green Kitchen – Healthy vegetarian recipes
By Amazing Applications AB
Device iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Oct 13, 2011
Price $4.99
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✿ Green Kitchen is an inspiring source of organic and tasty vegetarian food, with ingredients straight from the nature and a bare minimum of gluten, sugar and dairy products used. Enjoy and be delighted by creative recipes with drop dead gorgeous photos and detailed, easy to follow, instructions.

✿ Regardless if you just need to spice up your vegetarian lifestyle or having veggies over for a dinner – Green Kitchen is your perfect companion in your kitchen or while planing from your sofa.

☞ It came from the blog! ☜
All recipes are handpicked and fine tuned for iPad by David & Luise – the creative duo behind the successful food blog Green Kitchen Stories. They share their favorite recipes from the blog and have created a handful of new recipes exclusively for this app.

→ A good variety of main courses, snacks and healthy drinks.
→ A seamless switch from US to metric units.
→ Save your favorites so you can return to them quickly.
→ Several photos for each recipe!
→ Shopping list: Just email the ingredients to your iPhone!
→ Share or brag about your cookery on Facebook and Twitter!
→ Estimated cooking time for each recipe.
→ All recipes are marked if they are vegan, raw, gluten free, sugar free or whole grain.
→ Step by step cooking instructions, tap on a step to mark it as completed.
→ Unlock a bonus recipe!

✿ Let´s bury the myth once and for all; healthy food does not need to be bland and boring.


App of the day - MacWorld.se

"A beautiful vegetarian app for iPad" - Animal Rights Sweden

"It is stunning! Absolutely gorgeous!" - simple blueprint

#1 paid Health & Fitness app in Sweden

#1 paid Health & Fitness app in Denmark

#1 paid Health & Fitness app in Bulgaria

Infinite Relaxation ∞
By Michael Schneider
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Health & Fitness
Updated Oct 24, 2011
Price $4.99
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This recording will guide you down into a deep state of physical and emotional relaxation. No previous experience of relaxation is necessary.


The Perfect Tool for:

★ Power Naps: to reduce stress and increase energy during the day.

★ Aiding Sleep: for a more restful and refreshing sleep at night.

This app is the culmination of three years and a million and a half downloads of our popular Relax with Andrew Johnson series of applications on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry.

Infinite Relaxation generates a unique audio program for you every time you use the app. With billions of possible playback combinations, you could use the app for a lifetime and never hear the same program twice.

Generate a program to fit any timeframe. From a 5 minute stress break during the day to an hour long program last thing at night.

Chose the background music that works best for you.

Chose to focus on the vocals or the music or a combination of both.

Generate a program that will wake you up relaxed and refreshed, or one that helps guide you to into a deep and restful sleep at night.


For over 16 years, Andrew Johnson has helped millions of people across the globe create positive change in their personal and working lives through his range of self help CDs, MP3 downloads and Apps. 

Motivating, relaxing and empowering, Andrew’s recordings are being used to help people cope with stress, overcome anxiety or fears, break habits and achieve their full potential. 
Simple, safe and easy to learn, Andrew’s techniques include relaxation therapy, stress management, clinical hypnotherapy and energy psychology.

Andrew offers corporate workshops in Relaxation, Stress Management and Coping Skills. Focusing on easily learned strategies, techniques and coping skills, these popular workshops have proven to benefit both the individual employee and the organisation as a whole.

Andrew's website   www.withAndrewJohnson.com