TurnCount Wildland Toolkit Tutor for Keynote for iPad Action Lists — GTD Task Manager for iPad
TurnCount Wildland Toolkit Tutor for Keynote... Action Lists — GT...
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NotePad Pro for iPad Tasks+Cal+Sync TurboViewer Pro Secrets for iPad - iOS 5 Edition
NotePad Pro for iPad Tasks+Cal+Sync TurboViewer Pro Secrets for iPad ...
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Home Design 3D By LiveCad - For iPad VueScan Mobile Attendance CartoMobile
Home Design 3D By... VueScan Mobile Attendance CartoMobile
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Verto Studio 3D PadCAD Pen and Paper Hypnosis-Law Of Attraction-Wealth and Money, Self-Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Subliminal
Verto Studio 3D PadCAD Pen and Paper Hypnosis-Law Of A...
$13.99 $14.99 $1.99 $3.99
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BusyToDo Guest List Organizer CalenMob -- Sync with Google Calendar Firetask for iPad
BusyToDo Guest List Organizer CalenMob -- Sync ... Firetask for iPad
$9.99 $4.99 $1.99 $9.99
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By Trafdata, LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Aug 25, 2011
Price $29.99
Download iTunes app link TurnCount

TurnCount is the easiest and most intuitive way to count traffic today. Whether you’re a traffic engineer, a transportation planner or just someone wanting to know the number of vehicles and pedestrians entering an intersection, TurnCount is the app for you.

TurnCount works similarly to the traditional turning movement counter board. The user can count traffic with one of two interfaces. One interface, the Hyper Interface, brings an approach to counting traffic that will revolutionize the industry! Vehicles are counted by moving a thumb (or any other finger) in the direction of the vehicle movement. Follow the direction of the arrows or the vehicle path through the intersection. Either gesture works! A quick double tap prior to the finger gesture classifies a truck, a slow swipe counts a bicycle, and pedestrians are counted with a swipe of a finger across the street. Expensive count boards are no longer needed! Visual and audible feedback is provided for each action.

The second interface, the Classic Interface, requires the user to tap a virtual on-screen button for each vehicle movement. This interface is similar to how traditional turning movement counter boards operate. But, the similarities end there! Classify trucks now with a quick double tap of the on-screen button, count bicycles with a long press of an on-screen button, and count pedestrians by swiping a finger across the street being crossed. Visual and audible feedback is provided for each action.

YouTube video demonstrations are available at the following links.

TurnCount Ver. 2.1 - iPhone and iPod Touch Interface

TurnCount Ver. 2.1 - iPad interface


Two user interfaces are available to count traffic. The Hyper and Classic Interfaces are provided as noted above. Count can be collected in either 5 or 15 minute bins. Truck and/or bicycle classifications can be toggled on or off.

Screen views are provided for both 3-way and 4-way intersection configurations. Street names are shown in the view to minimize data collection errors. The iPad interface shows an aerial photo of the count location if location settings are turned on.

Traffic count data is provided in five file formats. A JCD file is created to allow direct file import into JAMAR's PetraPro analysis software. A PDF file is created showing a count summary, the peak hour, corresponding peak hour factors, and the peak hour counts shown on an intersection graphic. The iPad interface provides an on-screen preview of the PDF file. A Universal Traffic Data Format (UTDF) file is available for importing vehicle counts into Synchro signal timing software. The time stamp for each vehicle and pedestrian movement is also available in a comma separated value (.CSV) format file for additional analysis in spreadsheet programs. Other traffic studies can be completed when the time stamps are known. Lastly, a .HTML file is created showing count data in tabular format by vehicle type and pedestrians.

Data output is transferred by email OR via the sync cable with the app file sharing feature.

Wildland Toolkit
By Peakview Software LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 24, 2011
Price $5.99
Download iTunes app link Wildland Toolkit

Wildland Toolkit is a calculator and reference guide for wildland firefighters. With it, you can predict fire behavior much like a weather prediction. Just enter the fuel, weather, and topography information and Wildland Toolkit will generate:

--RH and Dewpoint
--Fine Dead Fuel Moisture
--Probability of Ignition
--Rate of Spread
--Scorch height
--Direction of Max Spread
--Effective Windspeed

All 54 of the new fuel models are supported, with a guide to select the proper fuel model, complete with sample photos.

NOTE: There are no known calculation errors in this version. We will immediately fix any problems reported to us directly.

Wildland Toolkit is not a tutorial on wildland fire behavior, so if the terms above do not make any sense, then this application will not teach you. It is assumed that you know the same background information that is presented in an S290 or S390 class. The calculations done in the Wildland Toolkit are similar to what is done with the BEHAVE software, but you will find the user interface much easier to use.

In addition, numerous safety checklists and reference guides are included, such as watchouts, fire orders, safety zones, structure defense, etc. Photos and diagrams are provided for cloud types, hand signals, common wildland tools, and ICS org charts. An interactive practice quiz is included for NIMS IS-700 and S290.

Now a universal app, so one purchase gets you iphone, ipod touch, and iPad support.

Tutor for Keynote for iPad
By Noteboom Productions, Ltd.
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Sep 13, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Tutor for Keynote for iPad

***** "Overall, very good and well done."

***** "Thank you! Thank you! This app is the best, really explains everything I need to get on my way with keynote."

Get the most out of Keynote for iPad with this video tutorial! This ipad app includes 24 how-to videos on Keynote for iPad. The videos cover everything from the interface to the virtual keyboard to importing photos to creating charts. Everything you need to create the best presentation using your iPad!

All videos were recorded and optimized for the iPad at 1024x768, this means they are at full screen on your iPad. All to get you the best learning experience!

All videos are stored on your iPad so you do not need to use your bandwidth to watch. Keep it on your device for reference.

Find out how to:
- work with the virtual keyboard.
- Use themes.
- Skip slides for multiple presentation versions.
- add your own media.
- create and style tables.
- create and style charts.
- use hyperlinks in your presentation.
- use copy and paste.
- work with transitions.
- create a sense of motion with Magic Move.
- use builds.
- create presentation notes.
- use a simulated laser pointer while giving your presentation.
- Share and export your presentation to PDF or PowerPoint.
- do more with Keynote for iPad!

Videos included:
- Introduction
- Presentation Sample created using Keynote for iPad exclusively
- Take apart if the Presentation Sample
- Interface
- Virtual Keyboard
- Themes
- Slides
- Skipping Slides
- Objects
- Deleting Slides and Objects
- Working with Text
- Working with Media
- Working with Tables
- Working with Charts
- Working with Shapes
- Hyperlinks
- Copy and Paste
- Transitions
- Magic Move
- Using Builds
- Presentation Notes
- Laser Pointer
- Sharing
- Conclusion

We have been doing online video tutorials for over 5 years. Check out what people are saying about our other video tutorials:

- "A very user friendly & intuitive app"

- "Having this app is like having a virtual instructor. All the fundamental are covered."

- "This is such a great resource. I can learn while on the road, then execute what I have learned at home. No need to stream content it's all part of the app. Great work!"

Get the most out of Keynote for iPad with this Video Tutorial!

Action Lists — GTD Task Manager for iPad
By Daze End Software
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 19, 2011
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link Action Lists — GTD Task Manager for iPad

Action Lists is a task manager and to do list based on the Getting Things Done (GTD) system popularized by David Allen. Action Lists harnesses the power of the GTD system with an easy to use interface that makes it fast to access the information you need when you need it. Your inbox, context lists, and projects are literally at your fingertips.

Unlike other iPad apps, Action Lists was built from the ground up to facilitate the GTD methodology. It's a specialized tool that makes no compromises. With Action Lists you get the power and features you need to get things done in a package that's intuitive and easy to use.

Action Lists offers a host of features that help you be more productive:

- Synchronize over-the-air with Action Lists on your iPhone
- Synchronize over-the-air with your free Toodledo account
- Search your tasks (including notes)
- Subproject support
- Quick Add feature for fast entry of batches of tasks
- Email tasks to others from within Action Lists
- Create a "tickler file" by scheduling tasks for the future
- Repeating tasks repeat on a schedule that you choose
- Sort lists alphabetically, by due date, or manually (drag and drop)
- Clickable telephone numbers, email addresses, and URLs in task notes

For full details and support, visit http://software.dazeend.org

* Featured on GTDTimes.com, the David Allen Company weblog!

NotePad Pro for iPad
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link NotePad Pro for iPad

Featured by Apple under "New and Noteworthy" and "What's Hot". BUY IT TODAY AT THE PROMOTIONAL PRICE!!
We want to thanks everyone for helping NotePad Pro for iPad be a great success on the App Store!!
We read all your emails and reviews with all your suggestions and feedback and we are working on a free update to add some great new features, we are also working on a new special algorithm for a better drawing/hand writing experience.

NotePad Pro is the most powerful tool to take notes on the go!!
Use NotePad Pro to take notes everywhere, excellent for students, professionals, businessman, anyone!!
You can take notes, draw sketches and record audio.
You can easily share your notes, drawings and recordings with everyone, Notes and drawings are send as PDF documents, audio recordings are send in standard Wav format.

We are glad to announce that all our customers can get a 15% discount on a Pogo Sketch Stylus go to our website for more information.

NotePad Pro Features:
- 3 different ways of taking notes (text, drawing and audio recordings)
- Choose 6 different paper styles
- Color selection for drawing
- Spell check for text mode
- Select the size of the pencil and eraser
- Resume or overwrite an existing recording
- Email your notes in PDF format
- Email your audio recording in Wav format
- Landscape and portrait support
- Clear mode (Clear Text, Clear Drawing, Clear Text & Drawing)

Leave your old laptop behind, NotePad Pro is all you need!!

More features coming soon!!!

By Synthesis AG
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price $14.99
Download iTunes app link Tasks+Cal+Sync

NOTE: This app IS compatible with iOS 5! If you experience problems, these are usually related to iCloud migration; please use the support link to get help. Please DON'T JUST COMPLAIN IN A REVIEW because then there's no way for me to contact you back and help.

Tasks+Cal+Sync is a SyncML-enabled advanced task and calendar management application for the iPhone and iPad.
Just swipe left and right to switch between multiple views, showing tasks, continuous calendar, week, day and list.

With Task+Cal+Sync you can quickly access and organize multiple calendars, large lists of ideas, projects and things to do, while taking advantage of the full power of both hierarchically structured or free form categories/tags. Complex tasks can be split up into subtasks and further sub-sub tasks if needed. On iOS 5 tasks can have location based alarms.

Coloured tags allow grouping and focusing tasks and calendar entries in a way immediately recognizable at the first glance. The calendar provides colored display of entries from multiple calendars. With a few taps calendar categories can be hidden or shown in any calendar view.

The integrated SyncML client and server allows synchronizing tasks, calendar (and also the address book) with any SyncML compliant server, service or mobile phone. This includes various enterprise collaboration systems and on-line personal information management services. Many smartphones and featurephones support SyncML and Wi-Fi and therefore can be directly synchronized with Tasks+Cal without exposing any data to external internet services.

Tasks+Cal+Sync supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion for quick entry of often used texts.

Before buying this program with the wrong expectations, please note that Tasks+Cal+Sync has its own calendar, and does not sync the built-in iPhone calendar. If you are looking for native iPhone calendar sync, check out our "SyncML PRO".

Please also be aware that this app's sync support is specifically targeted at services supporting the open SyncML standard. It does not directly sync with calendaring software which does not support SyncML (like iCal or Outlook). For some popular calendars third party solutions exist that add SyncML access (e.g. GooSync).

Please note that the services you might want to synchronize with are all third party offerings for which we are in no way responsible, and cannot provide support or guarantee particular features you might expect to be supported. Please also note that such solutions might have a price/fee attached. We are constantly testing Tasks+Cal with many SyncML solutions, but these are provided by independent companies who can change their feature set, policies and conditions according to their own terms.

The power of SyncML as an open synchronisation standard lies in the independence from a particular service. On the other hand this includes the possibility of services claiming SyncML compatibility which do not really comply with the standard. We put great efforts into making our software work with as many different services as possible even then - within the limits of SyncML standard compliance.
So please check with the provider of the software or service you want to use our application with first whether they support it.

Please visit the Tasks+Cal web page (see support link below) for support and FAQ, more information as well as documentation for download.

TurboViewer Pro
By IMSI/Design, LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 24, 2011
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link TurboViewer Pro

We are proud to announce the release of TurboViewer Pro v1.1.0!

TurboViewer Pro is a professional drawing viewer with powerful capabilities. In addition to the TurboViewer product line being the first and only native DWG™ viewer that supports both 2D and 3D CAD DWG files for the iOS platform, TurboViewer Pro extends the capability by providing hidden line, x-ray, shaded, layer management and more… all while maintaining its lightning fast 2D and 3D performance.

Enjoy smooth multi-touch navigation as you pan, zoom, and 3D orbit effortlessly around your DWG and DXF™ files. To view drawing files, send an email with DWG or DXF attachment to your iPad/iPhone email client. Drawing files can also be viewed through Web downloads, FTP, Dropbox and WebDav systems.

Built from the ground up -- and specifically optimized for mobile devices – The TurboViewer product line may be the fastest 2D and 3D drawing viewer on any platform.

NOTE: Please contact us before considering giving TurboViewer a low rating. Most of the problems you encounter can be easily resolved by our support team. We want to make sure you are happy with TurboViewer Pro and will make every effort to do so. Please contact us at: CustomerSupport@imsidesign.com or call 1.800.833.8082 [press 2]. Please also review our online wiki help system at: http://turbocaddoc.onconfluence.com/display/TView/TurboViewer

Additional features include:

Perspective views

View over 20+ industry standard CAD file formats including:

Support for international SHX fonts.

View model space and paper space layout

Visual styles, wireframe, hidden, x-ray, shaded, shaded with edges

Layer on/off/invert/all visible/invisible

Autosenses 2D or 3D drawings and sets the appropriate one finger multi-touch navigation mode and now with the ability to lock 2D pan mode only

Online wiki help system

Send DWG and DXF files via email attachment and open with TurboViewer Pro

View DWG and DXF files from the web, FTP, Dropbox, WebDAV

Localized in 14 languages including: English, Chinese Simplified, Czech, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish

Instant full screen preview while drawing is still loading

Save time with the ability to cancel a file during load

Restore saved AutoCAD® Views to quickly display the best visions of your design

Supports AutoCAD linetypes to maintain visual fidelity as intended

Please stay tuned for future innovative product announcements from IMSI/Design, makers TurboCAD®, the #1 best selling CAD in retail.

DWG is the native file format for Autodesk’s AutoCAD® software and is a trademark of Autodesk, Inc.

Visit http://www.imsidesign.com/turboviewer for more information and updates.

Secrets for iPad - iOS 5 Edition
By ARE Apps Ltd
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 25, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Secrets for iPad - iOS 5 Edition


✓ "5/5 - Very useful! Great for both beginners AND advanced users!! - Great App! - Very enlightening and important importation about the iPad - this IS the missing iPad manual! An absolute must buy!" - UK
✓ "5/5 - This is great!! - I love this app, step by step directions that has solved several problems I was having. This is must for anyone who wants to get the most from their iPad." - USA
✓ "5/5 - Must Have! - Great app, Being new to anything iPad like it was full of helpful stuff I would never have found. Excellent support too!!" - UK
✓ "5/5 - Just the Street View tip has for me 5 star worthy!" - Germany
✓ "5/5 - The Best iPad Guide Ever!- This app is by far the best more comprehensive iPad guide out there! I learned so much and the developer brings in new secrets for free in frequent updates so you get alot of value for your money. Buy it now!!" - UK
✓ "5/5 - I've got it! - Thank you for this app. Apple is notorious for the lack of manuals. I've learned loads of neat things for my IPad" - Canada
✓ "5/5 - Great for both beginners AND advanced users! -Very enlightening and important importation about the iPad - this IS the missing iPad manual! An absolute must buy!" - UK
✓ "4/5 - Helpful Secrets! - Worthwhile app, with lots of great tips. Nice visuals with easy to read explanations.!" - Australia
✓ "4/5 - Brilliant app well worth it good response and fast to emails regarding any questions! Keep up the good work!" - UK
✓ "4/5 - Useful - Immensely handy things that I didn't know and never would have learned. Immensely useful. A must buy for a technophobe who's new to iPad, and useful to the rest!" - Canada



✓ The Essential Guide to get the best out of your iPad!

✓ Many of the iPad's tricks revealed with more to come free in future updates!

✓ Whether your an intense or casual user, Secrets for iPad will lead the way to a better, more exciting and useful iPad experience!


✓ Over 125 Tips and Tricks including:

1) Master the All New iOS 5.0 software!
2) Maximize Video-Viewing Quality!
3) Learn How to Mirror Your iPad 2 onto Your TV!
4) Send Free Texts via Email!
5) Master Keyboard Secrets!
6) Ways to Save Battery Life!
7) Master the iPad's New Unique Split-Keyboard Trick!
8) Discover the New Mail Gestures!
9) Learn How to Enable Private Browsing!
10) Learn how to add Google Calendar!
11) Learn how to quickly Transfer Images from iPad to PC!
12) Enable the Emoji Keyboard Without the Need of a Third-Party App!
13) Learn how to Save Space on the iPad!
14) Discover the New Multi-Tasking Gestures exclusive to the iPad!
15) Learn how to protect your iPad!
16) Solve the most common WiFi Problems and Issues!
17) Learn how to Free-Up Memory on the iPad!
18) Achieve Faster iPad Backups!
19) Learn how to Eliminate Duplicate Photos!
20) Discover many more Money, Time and Battery Saving Tips and Tricks!

and much more!

✓ ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE! - Includes many new tips and tricks for the all new iOS 5.0!

✓ REQUEST A SECRET FEATURE! - Send us all your requests for any tips and tricks you would like to see in the app and we will try our best to include it in the upcoming update!

✓ INCREDIBLE VALUE! - Master your iPad for an incredible £0.69!

✓ FREE LIFETIME UPDATES! - And with new secrets to appear free in future updates, Secrets for iPad is a must have for any iPad user!

✓ SAME TEAM! - This is an all-new guide by the same team that created Secrets for iPhone and Secrets for iPod Touch!

✓ OVER 70,000 COPIES SOLD! - Join the tens of thousands who have already downloaded Secrets for iPad and use your iPad to its full capacity!

Home Design 3D By LiveCad - For iPad
By Anuman
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $5.99
Download iTunes app link Home Design 3D By LiveCad - For iPad

“Designers have used complex software to help plan renovations for years, but with this app anyone can do it”
#2 best property app by The Telegraph

Create, Layout, Design and Visit the home of your dreams!
Have you ever wished to change the déco, the color or rearrange your home ? Are you about to move into a new apartment ?
Home Design 3D is the perfect app to plan and design the home of your dreams with simplicity!
Video : http://dai.ly/ga9UTB

Remodel your home in the blink of an eye and a few slides of your finger!

Perform your 2D drawing with ease, by dragging your finger across the screen. Choose from a vast catalogue of more than 150 objects ranging from doors, windows and furniture and move them wherever you want. View a 3D rendering of your home and design it as you wish - color the walls, change the floor and ceiling.
Enjoy all the expertise and quality of LiveCad technology (16/20 PC Magazine) in this application specially developed for the iPad:

♦ Easy to use and intuitive interface
♦ Drag and drop any object or piece of furniture (windows, doors, tables, desks, carpeting, etc...)
♦ More than 150 different items and furniture available
♦ Select the dimensions of every element of the house (walls, objects, furniture ...)
♦ Visit your home in 3D with 2 navigation modes (First Person view and Observer mode)
♦ Save and edit all your projects easily
♦ Projects are saved in a format compatible with the PC version of the software architecture 3D 3.2 so that you can complete them in your PC
♦ No internet connection
♦ Illustrated tutorial available
♦ Updates will regularly be available.

Discover 3D HOME DESIGN DELUXE available at: www.livecad.net/store

Start you project on iPad and achieve it on PC thanks to the exclusive features available on 3D HOME DESIGN DELUXE:
♦ Unlimited number of floors
♦ half level
♦ Cavity walls
♦ Roof
♦ Stairs
♦ Fully customizable Doors and Windows (dimensions, textures)
♦ Mezzannes, handrails
♦ Plinth, frieze, bedrock Editor
♦ Modification of objects's components (handles, ...)
♦ Advanced 3D rendreing (Raytracing, reflections, shadows, lightings)

You can send by email your 2D plan created on iPad, and achieve it on PC with 3D HOME DESIGN DELUXE



- 50 new furniture and objects
- 100 new textures
- Possibility to choose the dimensions of each object
- Objects are now easily orientables thanks to notches
- Objects are more easy to handle by increasing their touch area
- 9 languages availables
- The color chart to choose easily any color of painting
- The 15 ° notches to facilitate the rotation of the objects


3D rendering improvement


- Stairs available
- The ability to resize windows and doors
- Resizing furniture length, or width apart
- Thickness of the walls is customizable
Memory optimization
- 3D rendering improvement

VueScan Mobile
By Hamrick Software
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 20, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link VueScan Mobile

Accessing your WiFi enabled Scanner has never been easier. VueScan Mobile allows you to seamlessly scan documents and photos straight to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from HP, Canon, and Epson WiFi printer/scanners.

In addition to sending via Email and saving to the Photos App, Vuescan Mobile allows you to save scanned images to your favorite iOS apps that can open PDF or JPEG files such as iBooks, Dropbox, GoodReader, Evernote, etc.

You can see if your scanner will work with VueScan Mobile by reviewing the supported scanner list at www.hamrick.com You can also test your WiFi enabled scanner with the Mac OS X version of VueScan. Note that USB connected scanners are currently not supported.

VueScan includes support for 18 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Swedish.

If you have a problem with a scanner that is on our supported scanner list contact us within 30 days for a full refund.

By David M. Reed Software
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 25, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Attendance

Attendance is a universal iPhone/Touch/iPad app (runs on iOS 3.1.x, 3.2.x, and 4.x) that allows you to take and keep attendance records. Its main intended use is for teachers to keep track of records for their classes, but it can also be used for meetings and group gatherings. The attendance statuses are completely customizable. You can import names a number of ways including formatted CSV files that you store in your Dropbox account or send as email attachments. You can also import names from an Address Book group or you can enter the names by hand on your device. In response to a few of the reviews, I have updated the Attendance support web page with text describing the various import options and how to use the app. Links to the relevant videos are included along with the text descriptions.

For more information, see my website:

See screenshots and videos showing how to use Attendance and import names at http://gallery.me.com/dave256

Please note that Attendance cannot directly import data from websites that are password protected, but most course management systems, such as Blackboard, provide a way to export data so it can easily be imported into Attendance. There is a link on the Attendance web site to a video showing how to export your data from Blackboard (the only system I have access to).

If you have any issues please email me (see the instructions tab in the app for email address).

Take a photo via your device's camera or select a photo from you photo library and view the photos next to the names as you take attendance to help you learn the names (Settings preference controls if the photos are displayed).

Use Attendance to keep separate attendance records for each day for each class/group. The statuses default to Absent, Present, Late, and Excused, but can be customized (see the videos).

You can view records, email an entire group, email the students that were missing on a given day, send the records to individual students, email the full records in a CSV spreadsheet format, and many more features. Each student, course, and date you take attendance has a note field for storing additional information.

Supports TextExpander (if you have it on your device) touch snippet expansion for use in the note fields and a view for creating the body of an email message. A preference controls if a separate screen with TextExpander support is used to enter the email message.

Optional Tier 2 price in-app purchase for transferring your data between multiple iPhone OS devices via WiFi so if you have an iPhone and an iPad you can copy all your data from one device to the other to keep updated records on both devices. You can also use Dropbox to backup/restore your data. See the videos for more info on these features.

Thanks to the following for code used in Attendance:
Gus Mueller of Flying Meat software for the fmdb library.
Jens Alfke for the MYNetwork library.
Matt Gemmell for the MGImageUtilities code.
Bert McDowell for the date range editor code.

By ClueTrust
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $79.99
Download iTunes app link CartoMobile

** Visit the App homepage to view our video tutorials and documentation (available in PDF and ePub format) **

CartoMobile® transforms your iOS device into a mobile geospatial data entry device. View, add, or edit data in the field. Add pictures to points to clarify your observations.

In network mode, use it to connect to your WFS and WMS servers to view and maintain data in real time.

In ad hoc mode, CartoMobile can operate without an internet connection to browse local data sets and enter information for download from the device later.

Features include:
- Works natively with industry-standard SHP files
- View, modify, and add new points, lines, and polygons with attribute data
- View multiple layers to create and overview, or toggle layers on and off for clarity
- Create dedicated maps for each project and switch between them with ease
- Heat maps to represent high density areas
- Flexible data entry forms, with 12 form types including choice fields and check boxes
- Add photos to your GIS data directly from the camera or your Pictures (retrieving data from the camera requires and iOS supported camera)
- Integration with iOS Maps application for directions
- Task system available in multi-user environments to assign tasks to individual users

Please contact us through support for advanced configuration options for use with WFS Servers, decision-tree data entry, and our intelligent address assistance feature.

Additional configuration options and customization now available for your specific needs, contact us through support or via the web site for more information.

Verto Studio 3D
By Michael. L. Farrell
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 21, 2011
Price $13.99
Download iTunes app link Verto Studio 3D

Verto Studio 3D is an innovative, fully-functional 3D modeling program designed to rival desktop studio programs. It strives to push the boundaries of what is capable on an iPad and from the users that use it.

The software is designed for all ranges of users, from professional 3D modelers, to beginners looking to get their feet wet in 3D content generation. Use it to build quick 3D mockups or fully functional environments for mobile applications. Verto Studio is an ideal solution for mobile 3D content generation because it bridges the gap between design and mobile testing.

With use of the "auto tool", the user can intuitively gesture using taps, swipes, pinches and twirls to quickly alter the scene as they see fit.

Verto Studio includes the following features:

- OBJ file import/export
- Verto Studio file format support and exchange via email
- Mesh generation
- Image rendering support
-- Planes
-- Cubes
-- Spheres
-- Toruses
-- Terrain generator (height field)
-- 3D Sketch tool
- Mesh Augmentation
-- Polygon extrusion
-- Polygon subdivision
-- Texture coordinate editor
- Editing features
-- Vertex Translation/Rotation/Scaling
-- Mirror
-- Material editor
-- Texture mapping
-- Texture coordinate editing
-- Laplacian smooth
-- Camera to texture (ipad 2)
-- Lighting editor
-- Undo
- Multiple camera modes (top, bottom, left, right, front, back, free)
- Orthographic projection mode for engineering and CAD applications

By Plugworks, Inc.
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price $14.99
Download iTunes app link PadCAD

PadCAD is an easy to use CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) application designed for small projects such as home additions, small remodeling projects and site-surveys. With PadCAD, anyone can produce clean, clear drawings and export them to a professional CAD application. PadCAD was designed with ease of use, speed and mobility in mind and is NOT a full blown CAD application. For small projects, it just works. PadCAD is ideal for general contractors, small architectural firms, appraisers and real-estate professionals. PadCAD has a shallow learning curve, but be sure to read the instructions provided with the application to make full use of it. PadCAD does not require an internet connection, except when you email a drawing.

Main Features :

1) Intuitive finger-based drawing and editing: Draw walls with your finger, then adjust them by dragging or stretching them.

2) Fine-tune controls: For greater precision, every element can be fine-tuned with numeric values for any of its attributes. Simply double-click an element to fine-tune it.

3) Unlimited Undo and Redo: Made a mistake? Made more than one? Tap the Undo button as many times as you need and start over. You can Undo all the way back to the beginning of your session or Redo to your current state. Don't you wish life had an Undo button?

4) Take Pictures: You can photograph the area you are sketching and associate it with your floor plan. A photo icon is placed within your drawing to remind you where your picture was taken. Double-clicking the photo icon displays the full image. This makes it easy to remember which picture goes with which area of the floor plan.

5) Intuitive Zoom & Pan: Use two fingers to zoom in and out of your drawing, just like you would with any other picture on the iPad. You may also pan the drawing simply by dragging your finger. The drawing area is 4 times larger than the iPad screen, allowing you to work on very large drawings.

6) Joystick: The joystick is a very handy way to rotate and move any element without using your fingers or typing in numbers. It provides a third alternative for moving or rotating elements and is one of the most-utilized features for advanced users.

7) Exporting: Export your drawing either as an image file or as a PDF file. Exported drawings can be emailed to any adress you want. If you're in an area where there are no internet connections, you can save your drawing as an image file to your iPad's camera roll or save the current drawing within PadCAD by starting a new drawing. You may have up to 5 concurrent drawings within PadCAD and switch between them with ease.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions: support@plugworks.com

Pen and Paper
By Vivid Apps
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Pen and Paper

Forget your conventional pencil and paper. Pen and Paper is a state of the art modernized version of the notebook.

Pen and Paper enables you to zoom into very small details while you write your notes. Simply pinch and drag with two fingers to zoom and pan. This allows you accurately draw or edit very small details.

You can draw with your finger, but you can also double tap to easily add text, and add geometric primitives, arrows, and photos. Move and resize parts of your note easily, with the area selection tool.

Add rounded boxes with shadows around text and use arrows to draw diagrams. Include photos for references. Draw detailed sketches.

To share your notes with the world, simply email them as PDF.

Dropbox integration enables you to upload/download notes to your Dropbox account, so you can easily continue with a note you began on your iPad on your iPhone.

Import and annotate PDFs. Pick a landscape layout with the source PDF to the right, and add valuable comments on the left.

* Smooth pan and zoom
* Pen tool with color and thickness
* Multi-page notebooks
* Insert text, arrows, photos, rectangles, and circles easily
* Double tap anywhere to add text
* Area selection, for moving and resizing large areas
* PDF import
* PDF email
* Dropbox integration

Hypnosis-Law Of Attraction-Wealth and Money, Self-Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Subliminal
By SDH, Inc.
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Sep 22, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Hypnosis-Law Of Attraction-Wealth and Money, Self-Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Subliminal

All of us have the desire to be secure – healthy, wealthy and able to easily meet our needs. Unfortunately, many of us have been taught that we can’t have or don’t deserve wealth, and as a result, we struggle financially and keep ourselves from the abundance that we were born to have.

You may not have realized that within you is the power to manifest all of the things that you dream of, including wealth and abundance. Using the "Wealth And Abundance Law of Attraction Self Hypnosis” application from Erick Brown, you will learn how to magnetize wealth and abundance to you. The Law of Attraction works, and it can work for you.

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy helps people master the law of attraction by going to where all thoughts are generated -- the subconscious mind. By reprogramming your unconscious mind (sometimes referred to as neuro-linguistic programming or NLP), you can develop control over your own mind, learning how to attract positive people and events into your life, master impulse control, improve focus and concentration, increase your motivation and reach your goals.


The new "Wealth And Abundance Law of Attraction Self Hypnosis” application from Erick Brown is completely customizable, featuring various tools to help you on the road to success. This app

* Soothing, therapeutic hypnosis/hypnotherapy tracks from world renowned master hypnotist Erick Brown
* High quality, state of the art recordings
* Optional hypnosis instructions that can be opted out of once you have learned how hypnosis works
* Your choice of a short or a long hypnosis induction
* Your choice of one of three different soothing, white noise background sounds to enhance your hypnosis, or none at all
* Loopable full-length featured hypnosis track
* The option to wake you up when the program has finished, or
* Use our built-in alarm clock to wake up at a particular time, or
* Program the app to allow you to remain asleep after completing hypnosis
* Customized video options

Erick Brown and his team have worked hard to ensure that whatever you need to make your self-hypnosis session as effective as possible has been included. Use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help you lose weight, gain energy, sleep better and increase your confidence and self-esteem so that you feel better, sexier, happier and more motivated!


"Erick Brown starts off with a very thorough hypnosis induction, taking the time to bring you into a deep, relaxed hypnotic state. A lot of weight loss hypnosis tracks rush this step thereby rendering them completely ineffective as a diet aid. But not this one. His voice is very soothing and pleasant, and he takes you deep, deep into a heightened state of receptiveness on the subconscious level. The visualization or guided imagery leads you to a beautiful, safe and comfortable place, a haven from the outside world, of your own imagining all the while Erick is bringing you deeper into relaxation. He then begins to suggest change, enforcing the idea that you want to change, that your weight is preventing you from living the life you want and deserve. It’s done very well, it’s not negative or judgmental, and it’s not rushed like some hypnosis recordings. If I were asked to rate this download right now I would give it 5 stars." (Aunt Jean's Cafe, www.auntjeanscafe.com)

“This one's so relaxing, I fell asleep listening to it during the relaxation exercise. I trust Erick Brown's hypnosis suggestions, I've listened to many of them and they're very good.” (Shalla DeGuzman, Editor, Shalla Magazine. Bamberg, Germany)

By BusyCal LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link BusyToDo

BusyToDo is a simple, elegant To Do list manager for iOS that syncs tasks with iCal and BusyCal wirelessly through iCloud or iCal Server. Syncing is automatic and happens in real-time as you make changes on your Mac or iOS device.

If you manage tasks in iCal or BusyCal, and sync with iCloud or iCal Server, BusyToDo is the ideal mobile companion.

• Tasks may include a Due Date, Priority, Location, URL, Notes, and Alarms.
• Create repeating tasks.
• Sort tasks by Date, Priority, Calendar or Title.
• Filter tasks by Date, Priority or Calendar.
• Display alarms, including Location alarms.
• Sync tasks with iCal, BusyCal, and other iOS devices through iCloud or iCal Server.

• iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 5 or later.
• iCloud account or iCal Server.
• Mac OS X 10.7.2 or later and iCal or BusyCal.

Guest List Organizer
By Denys Yevenko
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 17, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Guest List Organizer

Guest List Organizer is your one-stop solution for organizing events. Just import contacts from Facebook or Address Book and start tapping. See the relationships between your guests – family and professional. Monitor RSVPs and follow up with the latest information to maximize attendance. It's easy to mark guests who attend, and later generate PDF reports with complete information for all guests (all attended, all RSVPed, all no-shows, etc.). Let the fun begin!

Get better results

- Save time, thanks to import of Facebook friends, Address Book entries or guests from previous events
- Track all the information you need, with support for pre-defined and custom fields for guests (job, contact info, table no., etc.)
- Manage relationships between guests
- Sort guests easily: sort by RSVP status, by attendance, by name...
- Share documents via e-mail or iTunes


- 11 customizable PDF reports with support for default, pre-defined and custom fields – no more manual entry!
- Know who the most popular guest or the best promoter is: see which guests came with family members or coworkers
- Share reports through e-mail, Dropbox or Evernote
- Print reports

Integrates easily

- Can use your existing Contacts and Facebook friends
- Dropbox, Evernote and printing are supported for reports

Keep it at the front door

- Hand an iPad with the app to a greeter, who can quickly check off guests who attend


- Supports both portrait and landscape orientations
- Interface that is friendly for non-techies and powerful for experienced users

CalenMob -- Sync with Google Calendar
By BlueTags
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link CalenMob -- Sync with Google Calendar

*****60% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME*****

For anyone who relies on a digital calendar to keep them on track, CalenMob is a must-have application. CalenMob gives a fast and easy way to manage and modify your Google Calendar with your device.

No internet connection? No problem, you can use CalenMob with no connection, and all changes will be uploaded to Google Calendar the next time you are connected.

All calendar view of this app is designed to be similar to the web view of Google Calendar so that you can use it easily and conveniently.

All your and your friends’ calendars and the Holiday Calendar will be displayed in CalenMob so that you can get the useful information within seconds.
It also works with your recurring events and all these events are displayed correctly.

Key Features
-Day, week, month, and list views.
-Easily and efficiently manage your events and create events using the colors of your Google Calendar.
-Supports quick addition of a new event.
-Easily turn to today in Day, week, month and list views.
-Supports landscape mode of week view.
-All events of local CalenMob are all synced to Google calendar.
-All events of Google Calendars are all displayed in local CalenMob correctly.
-All events for all your calendars viewed in one view.
-Supports 1-way sync and 2-way sync.
-Slick design and easy user interface.
-Supports international time zones.

Take your daily life management to a new level with CalenMob!

If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to calendar@bluetgs.com, and you will get the reply ASAP.

Firetask for iPad
By Gerald Aquila
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 24, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Firetask for iPad

Firetask is the first task management app to effectively combine the advantages of the classical approach based on priorities and due dates with David Allen's "Getting Things Done®" being specifically designed for the iPad. Firetask for iPad syncs wireless with Firetask for Mac over a local WiFi network or with any other Firetask app over the Firetask Cloud (BETA).

Use the "Today" view for fast access to tasks due today or within the next days as well as to your next actionable tasks per project. Group tasks by "Categories" or "Projects" including a special "Waiting for" category for tracking tasks you have delegated. Use the "In-Tray" to quickly enter thoughts and ideas so that no single good idea gets ever lost again. Finally, use the "Organize" view to support your weekly GTD® review process and keep track of your personal task and project archives including GTD®-style "Someday" and "Trash" lists.

GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. Firetask is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.