Budget Bookkeeping TPS-LITE Integra Nota Legal (DF)
Budget Bookkeeping TPS-LITE Integra Nota Lega...
$0.99 $14.99 $0.99 $1.99
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Glossary of Economic Terms MoneyTracker - Spending+ UsedAutoGraph Karat Kalculator
Glossary of Econo... MoneyTracker - Sp... UsedAutoGraph Karat Kalculator
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Compound It My Rent Report DebtMinder Property Evaluator - Real Estate Investment Calculator
Compound It My Rent Report DebtMinder Property Evaluato...
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Saver ~ Control your Expenses CashTrails - Income and Expense Tracker MoneyBook - finance with flair ChebyshevTrendPro
Saver ~ Control y... CashTrails - Inco... MoneyBook - finan... ChebyshevTrendPro
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MoneyCare HP 12C Platinum Financial Calculator Series 63 - Practice Exams StockAnalyzer
MoneyCare HP 12C Platinum F... Series 63 - Pract... StockAnalyzer
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By Deskescape
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Oct 5, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Budget

Budget helps you track your spending and keep to a budget. You can easily see your total income and your total expenses for a period, plus which expenses you are spending the most on and which expenses you are going over budget on.

Tap on a category total to quickly add a transaction.

- Simple transaction and budget entry
- Share transactions between iPhones
- Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, twice a month budgeting
- Budget rollover & budget transfers
- Budget for different projects
- Recurring Expenses/Incomes
- CSV Data Export
- Data Backup and Restore
- Password Protection
- Expenses vs budget graphing
- Highlighting of over budget expenses
- Reminders for overdue expenses
- Yearly expense comparison
- Category sorting and customisation
- Currency Symbol read from Regional Format

By Warby Software Pty Ltd
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 18, 2011
Price $14.99
Download iTunes app link Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping - Your multi-currency financial accounts in your pocket.
- Universal iPad/iPhone/iPod app. Buy it once, run it everywhere.

Bookkeeping is not a simple expense tracker, it is a fully featured bookkeeping program for individuals and small businesses. The extensive capabilities of Bookkeeping mean that there is no longer a need for an expensive desktop accounting package for many people and businesses.

Bookkeeping has got you covered regardless of whether you are trying to balance your home accounts, have a small business that sells products and services around the world, or are a jet setting professional that needs their finances in their pocket at all times.

We have spent more than 8000 hours of development and testing time on the program so far and 19 releases of improvements and fixes to bring you the most capable bookkeeping program for an iOS device.

Here are some of the capabilities of the program:
Full double entry bookkeeping (Journals and Ledgers)
Multiple sets of accounts
Cash or accrual accounting
Customers and Suppliers
Use contacts details from your AddressBook on the iPod, iPhone, and iPad
Sales, Receipts, Purchases, Payments, Returns, Refunds
Multi-line Invoicing, Quotations and Purchase Orders
Adjustment Notes (GST compliant)
Import iTunesConnect weekly or monthly sales files
Calculate point of sale taxes (VAT, GST, etc) automatically
Apply multiple sales taxes to each line item: (e.g. GST + QST)
Perform bank reconciliations
Import bank transactions
Built-In Calculator and expression evaluation
Enter Salary Payments for employees
Calculate wage tax automatically
Calculate salary entitlements automatically
Define multiple income tax scales to suit your location (supports both flat and stepped taxes)
Simple inventory management
Job tracking
Multi-currency support
Automatically calculate foreign exchange profit/loss
Enter transfers between foreign currency bank accounts
Define currency codes
General Journal: (supports splitting)
General Ledger
Import/export functionality (Check the website for details)
Transfer books (set of accounts) between devices without needing a computer
Backup/Restore via WebDav (e.g. MobileMe), Dropbox, Email, or to the local device
Backup/Restore directly without iTunes
Remembers previously entered details to save time
Define defaults for customers, suppliers, inventory items
Quick entry screens for commonly used functions. (Sales, Purchases, Salaries, Transfers, Dividends, Payments, Receipts)
Quick access buttons for fast navigation
Numerous Reports to meet all your reporting needs
Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Wage Statement, Tax Statements, and many others
Customisable summary accounts to provide subtotals on the reports
Security on a per book basis and a master pin code for when you forget your individual pin codes
Lock records in prior periods to prevent accidental modification
Make an entire book read-only
Integration with Dropbox
Print from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Built in help
300+ page user manual downloadable from our website.

Please visit our website http://bookkeeping.warby.com for full details of all program capabilities.

By Mwd Web Design, Inc.
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Nov 2, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link TPS-LITE

★★★TPS-LITE★★★ Featured in What's Hot, Top 10 Paid Apps for November 2011, 5 Star Rating! What are you waiting for?

Are you a serious trader and want daily featured picks? Download the Full Version as it comes more equipped for your needs. But this is FREE for 1 week so Give it A Try!

This app is the LITE Version of the popular TOP 100 Finance apps in the world "Talk Penny Stocks"! We created this version to give users an opportunity to utilize a LITE Version of the app at a lower price and still gain access to most key features found on the full version.

What do you get in the LITE Version:
✔ 24-7 LIVE Investor Chat Room (1st EVER on the App Store)
✔ Top 3 Chat Room Stock Picks
✔ Portfolio Tracker
✔ Stock Ticker Symbol Lookup
✔ Gain/Loss Calculator
✔ Stock Archive Folder to Track your Success on our App

What am not getting with the LITE Version?
✔ Daily Featured Picks (Real Time Stock Quotes)
✔ Top 10 Volume Gainers

If you want the full version feel free to Search the App Store for "Talk Penny Stocks".

Before you Buy our App Do you want to view more details? Please visit www.TalkPennyStocks.net

Once you download the App you simply create your username/e-mail and password for logging in and that's it.

Access to all the users in chat and all features of the app are unlocked immediately after download.

Enjoy the full User Interface and Social Connectivity!

Integra Nota Legal (DF)
By Humberto Sales
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Integra Nota Legal (DF)

Aplicativo Integra Nota Legal tem o objetivo de realizar o trabalho de fiscalização e controle de suas notas legais¹.

Compatível com iOS 5.

O usuário cadastra suas notas e o aplicativo verifica periodicamente se elas foram lançadas no sistema Nota Legal. Caso não sejam lançadas no prazo legal, o aplicativo realiza a reclamação automaticamente no próprio sistema, tudo em conformidade com a legislação em vigor.

Além disto, o usuário pode acompanhar todos os créditos, reclamações, documentos fiscais, descontos e até sua conta corrente.

Principais Características:
*Reclama automaticamente caso o documento fiscal não seja lançado.
*Exibe o nome fantasia e endereço do estabelecimento.
*Armazena as imagens (fotos) dos documentos fiscais.
*Gera documentação (PDF), incluindo fotos das notas, para protocolar na SEF/DF.
*Visão de todo o ciclo de vida do documento fiscal.
*Retorno do seu investimento no aplicativo. De acordo com levantamento realizado pelo autor do aplicativo, diversos estabelecimentos só lançam as notas legais após a reclamação ser feita no sistema. Neste momento entra o aplicativo que monitora sempre que aberto as notas que não foram lançadas e realiza a reclamação para você. Veja mais no site.

¹Notas legais são documentos fiscais (cupons ou notas fiscais) emitidos por estabelecimento cadastrados no programa Nota Legal do Governo do Distrito Federal - GDF. O programa Nota legal se propõem a dividir parte da arrecadação do IPVA e IPTU com os consumidores.

Atualizações da versão 1.7:
- Ajustes nos labels da tela de Balanço para facilitar entendimento.
- Ajustes na exibição da tela "Inc. Pelo iPhone" para exibir as notas que foram arquivadas ou improcedentes.
- Criação da categoria "Notas creditadas pelo IMC" na tela de "Inc. pelo iPhone".
- A partir desta versão, as imagens (fotos) das notas serão armazenadas no iPhone em uma resolução menor (800x1071), para ocupar menos espaço no iCloud. Antes eram armazenadas na resolução máxima do iPhone (desnecessário).
- Criada a funcionalidade de reduzir o tamanho das fotos criadas antes da versão 1.7 (Tela opções).
- Corrigido problema na geração do PDF que fechava o aplicativo no iOS 5.
- Ajustes internos para suportar os estornos do programa Nota Legal (valores transferidos a maior para desconto no IPVA/IPTU deverão ser estornados pelo GDF).

Atualização da versão 1.6:
- Compatível com o iOS 5.
- Normatização do formato do valor dos documentos fiscais que eram enviados à SEF/DF (zeros à direita eram truncados).
- Botão limpar no campo COO/Número da tela cadastro, para ajudar a redigitar valores.
- Erros e alertas oriundos do Sistema Nota Legal agora virão identificados, para poder distinguir quando é um alerta do Sistema Nota Lega ou do app.
- Correção da opção Reclamar Automaticamente que quando desativada o app erroneamente continuava reclamando.
- Se o aplicativo tentar registrar reclamação e não conseguir por qualquer motivo (sem internet, sistema fora do ar, etc), só irá tentar de novo em 3 horas ou quando o usuário mandar sincronizar.

Atualização da versão 1.5:
- Correção do bug que fechava o aplicativo na momento da migração para a nova estrutura.

Informações Adicionais:
Por gentileza, não postem os problemas no Review da App Store. Por lá não há como entrar em contato com vocês. Muitas vezes o desenvolvedor precisa de mais informações. No site http://www.appintegra.com.br há uma local apropriado para solução de problemas.

Utilize o Review da App Store para postar sua opinião geral sobre o App.

Glossary of Economic Terms
By ColaKey LLC.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Aug 12, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Glossary of Economic Terms


Currently on Sale! 50% Off, Don't miss it!


Glossary of Economic Terms is an application containing over 6,000+ economic-related glossary terms and jargon. It is one of the most completed glossary of economic terms on iPhone & iPad, and it is an excellent reference tool for students, economists, journalists, bankers as well as stock traders.

The application is optimized for iPad, iPad2, iPhone4, iPhone 3G/3GS & iPod Touch.



This application has the following features:

◆ An interface to preview all glossary terms in one view
◆ The ability to bookmark selected glossary for easier reference
◆ Cross-referencing links to other glossary
◆ A economic terms glossary search engine
◆ Offline browsing


This application is proudly presented by ColaKey LLC.

MoneyTracker - Spending+
By AppCheer Inc.
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link MoneyTracker - Spending+

Spending+ is the most easy to use expense log that keeps track of your Spending+. No complex operations, no impractical functions. Spending+ is easy to use.

Spending+ will quickly and easily record each expense. It’s easy to see how much money you have spent every week and even how much money you have spent this year.

Key features:

- Multiple books, Daily Expense/Traveling/Holiday Gift
- Create a group of books.
- Support different currencies for different books
- Multiple accounts,Cash/Credit Card
- Transfer between accounts.

- Fast and easy to use native iPhone user interface
- Recording a purchase takes seconds
- Auto-generate recurring expenses and income entries
- Create/Edit/Sort expense/income categories and subcategories
- Support to order category by Alphabetic/Frequency/Customized.
- Dynamic graph showing costs in percentages
- History to view and adjust your previous entries
- Flexible reports to view expenses by week, month, or year

- Password protection
- Online backup via Dropbox
- Export CSV file.
- Export to Google Docs.
- Export/Import Backup by USB

I will not be able to reply directly to you in your review, so if you have any problems while using Spending+, please email me.
I will help you to solve your problem ASAP
My email address is:appcheer@gmail.com

By UsedAutoGraph
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Oct 20, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link UsedAutoGraph

Buying a used car? Don't haggle over price. Stop the endless research.
Learn the RIGHT price directly from your iPhone or iPad. This app delivers a graph of the actual sales price vs mileage for tens of millions of cars across the U.S.

Narrow you search by year, mileage or price range. See analysis by year for the cars which make up your selection, average price and numbers of cars in each model year.

Selling a car, use the app to be sure you get the best price for your car.

It's so simple...

Karat Kalculator
By Mid-States Recycling Inc
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Apr 28, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Karat Kalculator

Mid-States Recycling & Refining’s famous Karat Kalculator is now available on your iPhone! Try our web version at www.karatkalculator.com.

The Karat Kalculator is a tool to estimate the practical value of your Karat Gold Scrap.

Simply select your measurement unit on the main Kalculator page and enter your weights under each specific karat field. To calculate the total value of your scrap gold, you can tap calculate or the results tab on the bottom of the screen. The results screen will show you the total estimated net value of your refining lot minus any associated charges, plus much more useful information.

When you first open the Karat Kalculator app it will obtain the most current gold price from www.midstatesrecycling.com. This price will be displayed on the Kalculator page and the Gold Price page. The gold price can be adjusted to any future price of your choice by either tapping the gold price on the Kalculator page or changing it on the Gold Price page.

In our 30 years of experience we have found most karat gold jewelry scrap to average approximately a ½ karat under its plumb stamp. Because of this we have built the Karat Kalculator to mimic the recoveries for each grade of Karat Gold that our historical data indicates. Final settlements will be based on the actual melt & assay results at appropriate current gold market, less applicable treatment and refining charges.

Mid-States Recycling works with trade only. A valid business license in the Jewelry, Pawn, 2nd Hand Buy/Sell, or Scrap Metal Dealer is required.

Compound It
By Front Pocket Software LLC
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Mar 24, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Compound It

Compound It can help you evaluate many fixed income securities.

* Calculate Price, Yield, Price to Call, Yield to Call, Accrued Interest.
* Handles Municipal Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Agency Bonds, Treasury Bonds, Medium Term Notes, Municipal Notes, Treasury Notes, Treasury Bills, and Banker's Acceptances.
* Handles Odd Short/Long First Periods, Odd Short/Long Last Periods, and a combination of both Odd First and Odd Last Periods.
* Handles 30/360, Act/360, Act/365, and Act/Act Day Count Bases.
* All formulas based on equations from Standard Securities Calculation Methods by Jan Mayle and validated against the included benchmark tests.
* Option to see all intermediate values from calculations.
* Option to send a formatted email of results.

My Rent Report
By HRC Technology Solutions
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Jun 27, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link My Rent Report

Don't make a good decision, make the best decision! My Rent Report will help you in your quest to find the most affordable rental for your situation.

My Rent Report gives the user an overall view of every bill associated with renting at a specific location. My Rent Report can be used by anyone, anywhere and is fully customizable to meet YOUR needs. My Rent Report can allow a user to pick the best place to rent by seeing all costs associated with renting, in ONE number!

My Rent Report:

1. Aids in determining which renting property fits your financial situation
2. Gives you weekly, monthly and yearly estimated costs for TRAVEL EXPENSES based off where you work, what kind of car you drive, gas prices, and the number of times you travel to work.
3. Takes in consideration any bill you want
4. Gives the user full customization of bills
5. Allows users to send their customized rent report with full visual representations for each individual cost
6. Easy to use
7. Gives the users: Weekly Costs, Monthly Costs and Yearly Costs
8. Works with apartments and houses
9. Users can send their customized rent report as many times as they want with NO ADDITIONAL COST!
10. you will love it!!

Check out www.myrentreport.com for more information, screenshots and to learn how to turn your rent report into a full expense budget.

By return7
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link DebtMinder

Featured by Apple in "New and Noteworthy"!

Take charge of your debt!

DebtMinder helps put you on track to becoming debt free. It gives you a clear picture of your progress and lays out your payoff plan using the debt snowball method.

DebtMinder works in collaboration with BillMinder. Simply link your accounts and any payment you add in either app will be mirrored in the other.

❖ Key Features ❖

➊ Sync
Keeps everyone in your household up to date on your payoff progress. Sync between all of your iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).

➋ Automatic Backup
Your data will be seamlessly backed up to our secure cloud so it can be recovered even if your device lost or stolen!

➌ Payoff Plan
Choose between Highest Interest or Smallest Balance to personalize your plan to becoming debt free.

➍ Charts and Reports
See where your money is going and where you can save with charts. You can email a PDF of each chart or even print them using AirPrint!

❖ Other Features ❖
• Passcode Protection
• Email Backup and Restore
• Multi-Currency Support
• Export to CSV
• Account History

Take charge of your debt and download DebtMinder today!

Property Evaluator - Real Estate Investment Calculator
By Wasatch Digital Media, Inc.
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Nov 14, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Property Evaluator - Real Estate Investment Calculator

Property Evaluator is the most powerful real estate investment analysis software for the iPhone (click ...More for Premium and Pro features). After entering some information about the property, you can view performance projections that help you do a true apples-to-apples comparison between properties. You can also email a PDF of the projections to your clients, lenders, or investment partners.

It takes the guesswork out of finding the best deal!

Whether you're investing in a foreclosure, fixer, short sale, REO, MLS listing, or commercial property, this app will help you run the numbers and perform your due diligence.

- Investors use it to analyze deals before they buy the property.
- Real estate agents and lenders use it to email performance projections to their clients.

- Edit values, view reports, and save changes for a single property
- Slide your finger to change the holding period from 0 to 30 years, and all of the numbers instantly update!
- Take a photo and store it with the property
- View a map of the property
- Built-in mortgage calculator with complete payment schedules
- Allows semi-annual compounding for Canadian mortgages
- International units and currencies are fully supported


- Save multiple properties or what-if scenarios
- Email the performance projection to your clients, lenders, or investment partners as a PDF file

- Evaluate multi-unit and commercial properties
- Create multiple property portfolios, and perform portfolio analyses
- Store multiple photos
- Add a custom cover page and header to the PDF reports with your name, company, logo, and contact info
- Itemize your closing costs and improvement costs with custom categories
- Estimate improvement costs by entering your own quantities and costs per unit

See more screenshots and a sample PDF report at:
I am dedicated to responding quickly to support requests. If you have questions, problems, or feature requests, please send me an email using the Support link below.

Saver ~ Control your Expenses
By Alex Solonsky
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Oct 31, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Saver ~ Control your Expenses

★ Featured by Apple as "App of the Week", "What's Hot", "Money Matters", "New and Noteworthy" and "Top Grossing"
★ Ranked as #1 Financial App all over the World


"Saver is beautiful to look at and easy to use." — Macworld

"Saver sounds a lot like Mint, but it’s so much better looking, not to mention the squeaky clean interface with eye-popping visuals." — The Daily

"I say this rarely, but Saver has one of the nicest interfaces of any iPhone app that I’ve used. It’s close to the the much loved Tweetbot and Reeder. It’s a stroke of genius by the Saver developer because it works fantastically well." — MacStories.net

"Saver is, by far, the most attractive and clever expense-tracking app I have seen on the iPhone. The design and attention to detail are top-notch." — shawnblanc.net

"Saver is absolutely beautiful." — MinimalMac.com

"Saver adds a surprising amount of beauty to the boring task of tracking my expenses." — TiPb.com

"Saver manages to combine nice design with solid features, making an overall package that works very well. Our verdict 4/5" — Tap! Magazine, UK

"Saver is a fantastic option if you need to track your expenses, without hassle." — BeautifulPixels.com


Want to know where your money goes? Meet Saver, the easiest way to track your expenses. Simple and intuitive, it lets you make entries on the go, with just a few taps, and keeps everything organized in your pocket.

Designed with simplicity and usability, Saver holds all expenses in one place, allowing you to keep track of your budget with ease. You don’t need to be a finance guru, just set the budget, start tracking, and you will always know where your money goes.


● Beautifully designed, intuitive user interface
● Make entries on the go with big, easily-accessible buttons and fields
● Choose from 15 most useful categories
● Specify your entries by using built-in or custom tags. Attach notes and photos
● View, edit, and search with ease. Search results can be filtered and sorted
● Check detailed spending history per week, month, or entire year
● Visualize your expenses via beautiful graph-report
● Select or change dates easily, using full-screen calendar
● "Backup and restore" protects you from data loss
● World currencies. See the full list on our website
● Works as standalone app. No pricy desktop software required
● High-resolution graphics. iOS 5 and Retina display friendly
● Passcode protection for your privacy


If you enjoy Saver, be sure to rate each new version 5 stars on the App Store. Your positive ratings and reviews allow us to improve/update the app.

Please don't leave your questions, feature requests, or bug reports on the App Store (the developers can't reply to you through the App Store). Instead, please contact the developer directly via email or twitter. We're glad to help our users.

➜ Visit our website for more info: solonsky.com/saver
➜ Follow us for news and updates: twitter.com/saverapp
➜ Like us on facebook: facebook.com/saverapp
❤ If you enjoyed the app, please rate it on App Store and tell a friend

CashTrails - Income and Expense Tracker
By Vasyl Smyrnov
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Oct 1, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link CashTrails - Income and Expense Tracker

Ever wondered how much you spend on your girlfriend? What about gas and coffee? Bring your money under control. CashTrails will make this easy for you, featuring:

• Tracking both expenses and income.
• Support for multiple accounts and transfers between them.
• All entries, accounts, tags, parties and groups can be edited or deleted at any time.
• Photo and file attachments.
• Passcode protection to hide your financial data from unwanted eyes.
• Recurring entries, both expenses and earnings, with rich frequency options.
• History to view and adjust your previous entries.
• Tags to organize your entries the way you like.
• Ability to specify vendors/payees and clients/payers (parties).
• Groups to separate your regular expenses from business or holiday trips.
• Time of entries is recorded as well.

• Instant reports for any period of time and kind of expenses.
• Timeline bar graph reports for days, weeks and months, with whatever filter you set.
• Structure of expenses and income, split by tags, parties, accounts or groups, in percentages and absolute amounts, for any report filter.
• Daily, weekly and monthly averages.
• Reports for particular hours.
• Instant account balances.
• Report filter presets - switch between your favorite reports with just a tap.

• Full support for over 160 world currencies.
• Quick toggle between the currencies you're using most often.
• Currency conversion, with both automatically retrieved and user-defined exchange rates.
• Adjustable exchange rates update mode to reduce traffic fees (automatic, Wi-Fi only, manual).

• Ability to analyze your entries in a spreadsheet using CSV export.
• Backup and restore CashTrails data and settings over Wi-Fi or Email.
• Default email address to speed-up exporting via Email.


We're confident about our app and encourage you to try the free Lite version first. It has the same features, with a limit of 30 entries. If you like the app you can transfer your entries to the full version with just a button tap. Simply search "CashTrails Lite" on the App Store.

MoneyBook - finance with flair
By noidentity gmbh
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Nov 20, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link MoneyBook - finance with flair

It may look simplistic, but MoneyBook is a powerful personal finance app that offers unique features in a beautiful, easy-to-use user interface. There's even an amazing free companion web app with it.

- See all your transactions in beautiful animated statistics (turn your device to landscape in transactions view/history)
- Handles expenses and income
- CSV export of your transactions via e-Mail.
- Easy backup and restore of all your data.
- Password Protection - Protect your personal financial data.
- Notes for your transactions with a beatiful preview (tap and hold on a row)
- A handy overview of your previous transactions.
- Simple, attractive interface.
- Recording a transaction takes seconds.
- Rollover into following month.
- Number pad with calculation.
- Edit all your data at any time.
- Customizable categories.
- Set when your month starts.
- Switch between budget and salary mode.
- Progress over the previous months.
- Recurring monthly transactions.
- Uses the currency from your iPhone region settings.
- Straightforward operation, ideal for use on the move.
- Usersettings
- localized in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Russian and partial in Chinese

- Upload your data on myMoneybook (my.moneybookapp.com) and enjoy the beautiful and interactive charts for each month and year or just search through all your transactions.

And many more...

Since MoneyBook 1.0, we have added more than 20 new features while keeping MoneyBook's user interface as easy-to-use as ever. All of our updates are free and there's many more to come!

Follow us on twitter: @MoneyBookApp
And for the latest news and tips subscribe our blog: http://moneybookapp.com/blog

By Igor Vlasov
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Finance
Updated Nov 14, 2011
Price $4.99
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ChebyshevTrendPro gives you the real, underlying trends of all the stocks showing in Yahoo Finance. Save stock symbols in groups, adjust trend dates, get buy and sell signals, compare with other indicators and more. Everything you need to keep an eye on your portfolio is here. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!
Fantastic App
“...this app gives me “buy” and “sell” signals that make it so EASY... I’m not a day-trader, I just want to know when to be in the market and when to bail before the hammer comes down! If you follow the buy and sell signals, you will get all of the gains when a stock or mutual fund goes up and none of the losses when it goes down. This app is easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and it will keep you from holding on to a fund in those ugly downturns. Buy this app!”
- Porter
Super app
“Developer keeps making an already great app, better and better. This trend following app is highly accurate. Just super, enough said.”
- Brainal
You’ve invested a lot of your savings in an attempt to speed up your retirement date. Although you’re not a professional trader, you like to watch the market and make your own decisions about your portfolio. You have a goal and a target and you plan to handle the buying and selling of stocks yourself.
Thanks to ChebyshevTrendPro, you can keep an eye on those important trends that mean the difference between profit and loss. If a stock is listed in Yahoo Finance, you can quickly and easily see its daily, weekly, monthly or intraday chart. There is absolutely no lag when compared with moving average trends, and the app’s modified Gaussian least squares fit removes random fluctuations to provide the real picture of how a stock is performing.
When you download ChebyshevTrendPro, you’re putting an innovative trending tool on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. No matter where you are, you’ll have access to the data that matters most – S/R line, buy and sell signals and trend comparisons. You can organize your stock symbols into groups and adjust trend dates, too.
The app’s data and trend line comes from Yahoo Finance, so any stock listed there is accessible for trending in ChebyshevTrendPro. Every five minutes, you get up-to-date data in intraday mode. For daily, weekly or monthly views, the information is refreshed hourly and at midnight. You’ll always have a pulse on current trends.
If you’re the cautious type, or simply want to kick the Chebyshev tires before purchasing the Pro version, go ahead and download Chebyshev’s Trend first. It’s free and gives you an idea of the awesome performance you can expect with the full version.
Have a look at some of the features you get in ChebyshevTrendPro:
* Puts an innovative trending tool in the palm of your hand
* Uses Chebyshev polynomials to create trend lines against Yahoo Finance & realtime GoogleFinance if available
* Get daily, weekly, monthly or intraday stock charts
* Noise filter removes random fluctuations to provide the real trends
* Complete absence of lag when compared with moving average trends
* Includes S/R line, buy and sell signals
* Compare trends with classical MA and Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR and MACD indicators
* Volume and Chaikin oscillator
* Save stock symbols in a portfolio by groups
* Ability to adjust trend dates
* Stocks and data sourced from Yahoo Finance website; realtime data sourced from GoogleFinance if available
* Accessing web requires a data connection
* App performs best with WiFi connection
* Try Chebyshev’s Trend free version for a sneak peak at ChebyshevTrendPro
So are you as informed about your stocks as you should be? Are you buying and selling at the best times? Find out for sure by downloading ChebyshevTrendPro now. Don’t lose another day of gains.
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By LAB617
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Sep 28, 2011
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- APP玩家評比為十大推薦應用軟體之一
(與WhatsAPP, Dropbox, Viber等知名軟體同時入選)
- Apple Plan 專文介紹
- Yahoo 奇摩3C科技 專文介紹
- Nownews今日新聞網 專文報導
- PCuSer電腦人雜誌 刊登
- Fun iPhone電腦玩家 專文介紹
- Appshot 智慧好程式 專文介紹
- FreeApps 100 推薦

- Taiwan 財務軟體 Top Paid No.1
- 6/9 Taiwan不分區 Top Paid No.5
- 7/10 限免期間 Taiwan Top Free No.1


請於Youtube搜尋 "MoneyCare Demo"

MoneyCare是一套非常直覺的記帳軟體, 許多便捷的設計都給使用者帶來不一樣的記帳體驗, MoneyCare的特色與功能如下:

◆ 照相記帳: 用照片直接取代文字,省去文字輸入的時間
◆ 快捷顯示: 以行事曆的方式呈現記帳圖片,最快速的掌握消費報告
◆ 自訂搜尋: 超彈性的自訂搜尋方式, EX: 查詢5~10日以及20~30日的晚餐花費大於300元的資料

◇ 首頁功能
- 支援自訂時間區間的收支出分析
- 總收入與總支出統計
- 結餘查詢與日平均支出分析
- 月報與週消費分析

◇ 帳務功能
- 照相記帳
- 收支出記帳功能
- 大項分類功能
- 內建大項分類精美圖示
- 內建簡易計算機
- 自訂品名與優先選擇品名功能
- 自訂付款方式與優先選擇付款方式功能
- 以小時為記帳單位,有別於以日的記帳方式,再搭配快捷顯示功能讓消費資訊一清二楚

◇ 快捷顯示
- 以行事曆的方式呈現3日消費
- 以小時為最小單位
- 同一小時消費超過兩筆會自建資料夾,並將消費項目縮小顯示
- 日消費加總顯示與小時消費小計

◇ 統計
- 自訂統計時間區間
- 大項分類統計
- 付款方式統計
- 細項分類統計 (可完整呈現大項分類裡的細目, 例如”食”類別裡,早午晚餐的比例分析)

◇ 其它
- 付款方式編輯與自訂優先順序
- 常用品名編輯與自訂優先順序
- 小數點設定
- 支援繁中、簡中與英文
- 支援密碼鎖保密
- Excel匯出功能
- 支援HTML網頁格式輸出功能
- 資料備份功能
- 郵寄備份功能
- 資料搜尋功能(特色之一)
- 帳務資料刪除功能


Finance top paid no.1 in Taiwan

MoneyCare is an intuitional software. Different experiences are built on many convenient designs. Expect one of characteristics-"photo accounting", categories, user-defined items and sorting… all above will hold you a new life. Meanwhile, one of another particular function of MoneyCare is "QuickView". It's the unique; the most powerful function beyond other similar softwares then you'll understand total cost during past three days. You'll be able to remind of cost down through it. Such a function like this will save more then you spent for it!! Choosing MoneyCare is invaluable due to the function items still keep adding.
Except the two characteristics above, It still owns the "advanced searching"- the powerful, unique function over the balance. Particularly it accepts all keywords, the range of time and money then works at the same time. Never lose!!
MoneyCare includes E-mail, Excel(for backup), Pie Chart, Backup, Payment, Speed items etc. We hope you will like it

HP 12C Platinum Financial Calculator
By Hewlett Packard
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Aug 29, 2009
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link HP 12C Platinum Financial Calculator

The Platinum version of the industry-standard HP 12c Financial Calculator adds the choice of time-saving RPN or traditional algebraic data entry as well as convenient editing features such as “backspace” and “undo” keys. Built with the same algorithms and calculation sequences you trust for real estate, banking, and finance functions every day. When you find yourself without your calculator, relax – just open it on your iPhone or iPod touch.

-Developed by HP, the original inventor of the HP 12c Financial Calculator series
-Identical layout, functions and answers millions rely on
-Quickly calculate loan payments, TVM, NPV, IRR, cashflows, bonds and more
-Horizontal mode shows full calculator and vertical mode provides a simplified basic RPN or algebraic calculator plus tip calculation feature
-In horizontal mode, click on the HP logo to show the back of the original calculator with quick references to common calculations
-Keep the power of your HP 12c Platinum handy on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Series 63 - Practice Exams
By First Books
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Aug 9, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link Series 63 - Practice Exams

Series 63 Practice Exams

Do you need to take the Series 63 exam? Do you have limited time to study? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

Officially known as the "Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination," the Series 63 exam is often a requirement to become a securities agent. The examination, developed by NASAA, tests candidates knowledge of state securities regulation. The Series 63 exam is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

The Solomon Exam Prep Series 63 iPhone app offers 195 practice questions from the same topic categories and in the same proportion as the actual Series 63 exam:

30% Registration of Persons
25% Securities
35% Business Practices
10% Administrative provisions and other remedies

Each practice exam on the Solomon Exam Prep Series 63 iPhone app is 65 questions long, just like the actual exam. Each question is followed by an immediate answer and explanation. Users may pause at any time and resume at the same point later on. At the end of each 65 question practice test, users receive a score and a pass/fail grade.

For additional resources and free online tutoring go to SolomonExamPrep.Com.

Our other available apps include: Series 6, Series 7, Series 65, and Series 66.

By Kaveh Taheri
Device iPhone
Category Finance
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link StockAnalyzer

StockAnalyzer helps take the guess work out of investing in stocks. It provides analysis of the financial health and historical growth of a company, suggests both the fair price and discount price of a stock, and uses technical indicators to determine when a stock price is starting a major sell or buy trend.

Analyzing stocks requires determining key performance metrics as well as the right buy and sell target prices.

Performance is determined by calculating growth rates such as Return on Investment Capital (ROIC), Equity, Earnings Per Share (EPS), Sales, and Cash over the past years. A good performing stock will demonstrate consistent double-digit growth rates.

Once a stock is deemed a good performer based on its Growth Rate numbers, the next step is to calculate its Intrinsic Price (also referred to as Sticker Price , Fair Value, or True value), followed by its Discount Price (also referred to as Margin of Safety Price, or Sale Price). Buying stocks at or below the Discount Price means paying a lot less for a stock than it is worth.

Determining Growth Rates and Intrinsic and Discount prices are lengthy and tedious and involve performing numerous calculations on a large pool of raw financial data associated with a specific stock.

Stock Analyzer app makes this process easy by performing these calculations in a matter of few seconds. Stock Analyzer app provides multiple Intrinsic and Discount prices per stock. This is the only app that uses future EPS for determining Intrinsic and Discount prices (which provides more accurate results compared to using the current EPS).

This app currently works with NYSE and NASDAQ listed stock symbols.


- The short percent of float is the percentage of shares that are short, in relation to the number of shares that make up a stock's float.
- A Short % of Float value of greater that 10% is considered a warning (large short interest).

- Growth Rates are used to determine the strength of a business.
- The following Growth Rates are calculated:
Operating Cash
Net Cash

- This rating system can be used for quick evaluation of the Growth Rates.

- The “PE Ex NET CASH” is an adjusted P/E ratio calculated based on “Stock Price – Net Cash per Share”.

- Another factor to consider when evaluating a company is its debt and the number of years that will take to payoff that debt using its cash flow.
- "Years to Service Debt" = ("Total Long Term Debt") / ("Free Cash Flow")
- A value of greater than 3 years could be considered a warning.

- The number of years it takes to recover your investment if you were to purchase the whole business. Payback Time is used as another method for determining the margin of safety of a stock.

- Also referred to as Sticker Price, Fair Value, or True Value, is calculated from future market price in 10 years, assuming annual rate of return of 15%.
- Five intrinsic prices are calculated based on different future growth rate values (formulas are explained in the app).

- Discount Price is 50% of Intrinsic Price. This price provides a Margin of Safety over the Intrinsic Price.

- This rating system can be used for quick evaluation of the Discount (aka Margin of Safety) Prices.

- These technical indicators signal buy or sell momentum.
- Three indicators are used: 10-day Moving Average, MACD, and Slow Stochastic.

- Results of up to 10 analysis can be saved into a watchlist.