Tiny Planet Photos TiltShift Generator - Fake Miniature Camera Order Fotolr Camera&Video Pro
Tiny Planet Photos TiltShift Generat... Camera Order Fotolr Camera&Vid...
$0.99 $0.99 $19.99 $1.99
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Photomash Video Star TypoInsta - Add your words on Instagram photos, post on Facebook, Twitter Hide My Photos - Web Search to Find and Lock Private Pics and Images in Secret Vault
Photomash Video Star TypoInsta - Add y... Hide My Photos - ...
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LensLight Frame Magic MovieDrops for iMovie ShutterSnitch
LensLight Frame Magic MovieDrops for iM... ShutterSnitch
$0.99 $0.99 $4.99 $15.99
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Secret Spy Camera Pro - Professional Security Snapshot & Video Recorder Video Editor   Dramatic Black & White Nikon D90 from QuickPro
Secret Spy Camera... Video Editor   Dramatic Black & ... Nikon D90 from Qu...
$1.99 $1.99 $0.99 $27.99
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Pocket Camera PRO Interlacer Magic Hour - Camera & Unlimited Filter Photo Academy
Pocket Camera PRO Interlacer Magic Hour - Came... Photo Academy
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Tiny Planet Photos
By infoding.com
Device iPhone
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 18, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Tiny Planet Photos

Turn your photo into a tiny planet. One shot stereographic projections!

Take a photo, or choose a photo from your camera roll and with one tap convert it into a tiny planet. Or push the photo inside out into a tiny tube! Then save it to your camera roll or share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

We're surrounded by tiny planets, get this app to see the world of tiny planets through your photos!


"We don’t often review free apps, but this one is just too much fun.
... Basically, Tiny Planets does effortlessly in seconds
what photographers would typically need Photoshop or a similar program
in order to accomplish." -- appadvice

"Tiny planets are fun to make using your digi photos, but this app now lets you make them on your iPhone!" -- @photojojo


Works great with classic landscape photos, but other types of photos can lead to surprising and exciting results too!

Get great results by using Tiny Planet Photos in combination with panorama apps like Photosynth and 360 panorama. First make the panorama shot, then import it into Tiny Planet Photos from your camera roll and transform.



Twitter: @infodingapps
Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/tinyplanetphotosapp/


1. Use photos from your camera roll.
2. Launch the camera and take photos in the app itself.
3. If you have panoramic photos or wide angle photos on your camera roll, you can use these as well.
4. Generate a stereographic projection out of your photo: your tiny planet
5. The app can also take your photos and turn it inside out into a tiny tube.
6. Share your tiny planet photos on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, or via email.
7. Save your photos to your camera roll.
8. For those stereographic projection fans who want a quick way to make a tiny planet, this app creates tiny planets from just one shot. Stitching together multiple photos is not needed with this app.
9. Or upgrade to pro for larger and configurable dimensions of your tiny planets and no ads!

Technical info: This app creates stereographic projections in one shot. Stereographic projections are created by mapping the plane of the photo onto a sphere.

Tiny Planet photos are also called tinyplanet photos, tinyplanets, tiny planets, tiny world photos, tinyworld photos.

TiltShift Generator - Fake Miniature
By Art & Mobile
Device iPhone
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 18, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link TiltShift Generator - Fake Miniature

This is the 5th release from the ToyCamera series and this software will allow you to create retro miniature pictures.

By adjusting various parameters, it allows you to apply many ToyCamera effects on your pictures: from miniature pictures to vintage styles images.

It is an indispensable app for all the ones who like fashionable ToyCamera style pictures.

With TiltShiftGenerator you'll also be able to take a simple photo and adjust the details of each picture taken with camera apps such as my ToyCamera.

Originally, it's published as a free web service and AIR app. Now the awaited iPhone version has finally been released.


- various resolution (from 320 to original size)
- Radial or Linaer blur
- Contrast and Saturation controll
- Vignetting Controll
- Camera and Library import
- Direct email and twitter, and facebook support

Camera Order
By Practical Applications
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Photo & Video
Updated Sep 27, 2011
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link Camera Order

Camera Order is an app made for Cinematographers, Videographers, Camera Assistants, Directors, Producers & anyone that works with Cameras.

This app is an extremely thorough motion picture camera reference tool.
It contains a complete inventory of almost every lens used in movie and TV production. Along with every lens is the maximum aperture, close focus and front diameter.
You will now have a reference tool to know if you need to order different matte box backs for the wide or telephoto lenses in a given lens series or if the aperture on the Optimo 24-290mm is constant through the focal lengths(it is).

Contains cameras and details on every working production camera. From Go Pro's to SI2K's to Arri SR2's to Panavision Platinum to Red to Arri Alexa. Every Camera. And if it's not in here and you work with it on a regular basis we'll find the details and add it.

Every filter and all their sizes and strengths. From True-Pola to Hot Mirror to Antique Suede Soft Edge Grad. It's in here.

All the heads. Cartoni, Oconnor, Ronford Baker, Tango, Arri, Panahead, Sachtler, Weaver, Even the Wurl Head. WIth all the specs.

Oh, and you can place your Camera Orders from it!!!

Basically the best interactive reference tool on the market.

Designed by working folk right below the sign in Hollywood, CA.


Ability to store all previous jobs gear lists.
Copy option for creating jobs that are similar to previous jobs.
Camera list with fps, weight, lens mount & native ASA for digital
Complete lens list with T-stop, Close Focus & Front Diameter size.
Lens list covers 2/3”, 8mm 16mm, 35mm, Anamorphic and Specialty lens systems.
Complete filter list including 6x6, 4x5, 4x4, 4.5” round, 138mm round & series 9.
Full accessories list.
Heads list includes all Fluid, Underslung, Geared & Dutch heads with weight and capacity.
Complete list of all Fuji and Kodak film stocks along with media for digital cameras and tape stock.

Please email with comments and things that you would like to see added if they are not already in here. We tried to be as thorough as possible and look forward to making this the industry standard for ordering equipment.

Works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Ipad version coming soon as a free upgrade for those who have already purchased iPhone version.

For support please contact: starr77@mac.com

Fotolr Camera&Video Pro
By Tiny Piece Co., Ltd
Device iPhone
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 23, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Fotolr Camera&Video Pro

Are you tired of looking for an effect in a huge number of camera applications? Are you tired of choosing a photo edit App in lots of photo applications to edit the picture that you have taken.
Fotolr Camera&Video Pro is the camera APP which provides the most professional camera features and various photo post processing effects that only can be generated in the professional photography darkroom. Download now! Make your iPhone a real professional camera.

1) Video recording function.

2) Shooting mode: Anti-shake mode, Voice Shutter mode, Countdown mode, Continuous mode, Normal mode.

3) Photo Filter: More than 20 real-time effects such as Lomo, Sepia, Symmetry, Light tunnel...

4) The photo post processing: Adjustment of the effects of photo environment, portrait, weather effects and other post-processing.

5) Dynamic Shooting Mode: could generate the animated GIF images.

6) Photo sharing: Share to be Facebook, Twitter etc.

Various functions and effects! Ready to shoot?

By Local Wisdom, Inc.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Photomash

Turn your photos into custom creations with Photomash. Simply take a picture, erase portions of the picture with your finger, and take another picture to occupy that space. Take multiple pictures within pictures to create fun, interesting, or humorous images. Photomash allows you to combine as many photos as you want. When you’re done, save your Photomash to share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Taking a picture has never been so fun! Mash it up! Participate in challenges and create photomashes and share them with your friends!

•Utilizes the built-in iPhone camera
•Finger swipes activate the erase functionality
•Unlimited photos within any creation
•Save your creations within the app
•Feature your creations on the Photomash website by sharing on Twitter

If you have any questions, suggestions or encounter any problems with Photomash, please contact us at support@photomashapp.com.

See our website at http://www.photomashapp.com
Follow us on twitter @photomashapp
Become a fan at facebook.com/photomashapp
Please leave a review on iTunes if you like the app! We appreciate it.

Video Star
By Frontier Design Group
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Video Star

Record an awesome music video, anytime, anywhere. Lip sync … dance cover … capture your friends in action. ★ Now *you* are the Video Star! ★

Super simple fun:
1. Select song from your iPod library
2. Record yourself and friends as the music plays
3. Mix in some special effects

Once the video is recorded you can publish it and share your masterpiece with friends and fans.

Video Star comes with tons of built-in video effects and you can make your own. Mix amazing layouts, cool colors, awesome action, and fantastic frames. A video effects playground!

Mix it up! It's easy and fun to make multi-scene videos: change locations, outfits, cameras, effects ... you name it, no editing required!

☆ dozens of video effects, thousands of combinations!
☆ instant upload to YouTube
☆ share published videos to Facebook, Twitter, and email
☆ full iPhone 4, iPod Touch Gen 4, and iPad 2 front & back camera support

TypoInsta - Add your words on Instagram photos, post on Facebook, Twitter
By Kaleidoscope
Device iPhone
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 3, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link TypoInsta - Add your words on Instagram photos, post on Facebook, Twitter

You may think a photo is not enough to express a special moment or your feelings.

Use TypoInsta to add your thoughts on photos!

TypoInsta (Typography Insta) allows you to add the characters on Instagram photos nicely. Also you can apply various typography style (drop shadow, stamp and so on) to the characters.

The app features 15 filters, 15 frames, adjustment of saturation, brightness and contrast, 78 fonts, 2 stamp sets, shadows, stamps and so on.

*Compatible devices:
-iPhone 3GS / iPod touch 4th or later, iOS4.3 later

*Max resolution
-iPhone 4(S):1920x1920
-iPhone 3GS/iPod touch 4th Gen:1280x1280

*Solving crashing problem
It seems that there are few free memory space. Please quit some active apps and reboot your device.

★Various typography styles★
The app contains the following 29 styles:
- Normal
- Drop shadow
- Solid shadow
- Half tone
- Stamp
- Outline
- DecoBoco (Bumping style. Changes the font baseline randomly)
- Dance (Spin and change the font baseline randomly to look as if the font is dancing)
- Scrap book (Scrap book style. Any specified font size settings will be ignored)
- And other 20 styles

We highly recommend to try the stamp style!

★Smooth typing controls★
We also pursue the smooth operability of typing control.

The app has intuitive gesture controls, and you can simply pinch to zoom in/out, or rotate the text.

★Individually selectable filters and frames★
You can choose any combination of 15 filters and 15 frames.

★Saturation, Brightness and Contrast adjustment★
You can enjoy the photos more in details by adjusting the filters and frames.

★Post on Facebook or Twitter, transfer photos to the official Instagram app★
You can post on Facebook or Twitter directly from the app, moreover you can transfer the pictures to the official Instagram app and post them.

★Sample pictures★
You can find sample pictures on the link below.

※※※ Notes ※※※
- You may wait a bit longer to add text for the first time you use the app.
- When you select a new image, the filter you applied to the previous photo will be removed.
- iOS 5:After choosing a photo, the problem you can't fit it to the square is a bug in iOS 5. But you can fit it by scaling up a photo once.

※※※Twitter related issues ※※※
- It seems that a time-out error occurs when posting on Twitter over 3G. The app only shows the message "Please check your account settings" for this error. We will fix the issue in the next update.

Hide My Photos - Web Search to Find and Lock Private Pics and Images in Secret Vault
By Dating DNA, Inc.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 23, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Hide My Photos - Web Search to Find and Lock Private Pics and Images in Secret Vault

HIDE MY PHOTO is the first app to not only password protect your photo library, but provide tools to help you FIND EXCITING IMAGES to tuck discreetly away in your hidden folders. Use the built-in Image Search and Secret Web Browser to find and save stimulating images with just one tap!


• Import from your PHOTO LIBRARY
• Take pictures with CAMERA
• Keywoard Search from built-in WEB LIBRARY
• Save from any website using BUILT-IN SECRET BROWSER
• Copy & Paste from ANY OTHER APP


★ PASSCODE Protected with Numeric or Dot Pattern
★ PRIVACY is assumed since no one can find or detect your hidden photo folders
★ IMAGE SEARCH built right in to find exciting photos
★ SECRET BROWSER built in to discreetly surf the web without leaving a history behind
★ IMAGE GRABBER to copy stimulating images from ANY website right into your private photo library with just one tap
★ DECOY PASSCODE lets others use app, but hides your private photos
★ STEALTH DESKTOP ICON for discretion
★ 2-MINUTE GRACE PERIOD allows hassel-free use with other apps (see details below)
★ iCLOUD BACKUP or back up to iTunes so you never lose your hidden photos
★ SHARE Photos with one tap via: Email, Text Message, Facebook,Tumblr, & Twitter
★ FOLDERS for organizing your photos into albums
★ DRAG & DROP folder and photo organization
★ WALLPAPER BUILDER with Shelves & Skins
★ PHOTO CUSTOMIZATION TOOLS: Crop, Rotate, Add Text, Symbols, Sound, Clip Art, Frames, Drawing, Wallpaper Shelves & Skins


* 17+ RATING: This app is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN OR MINORS because it includes a built-in web browser which provides users access to unfiltered Internet content. Please visit Apple's website for more information about setting Parental Controls on your devices to protect children.

* IMAGE SEARCH FILTER: Even though users have unfiltered access to the Internet via the built-in web browser, the built-in Image Search feature in this app does contain a filter for adult content, as required by Apple. (We have no control over this, as Apple will not approve apps which do not have such a filter on image searching. Use the built-in Browser or Safari for unfiltered Internet access.)

* SET PASSCODE: To set the passcode, go to the Help tab and then to Settings.

* 2-MINUTE GRACE PERIOD: If you quit the app and re-run it within 2 minutes, it will NOT ask for the passcode again. We do this because you may want to leave the app to delete images from your device's regular Photo app, send an image via the Email app, etc., and it's annoying having to keep enter the passcode every time you restart the app. However, after 2 minutes of not having run the app it WILL ask for the passcode.

* ERROR IMPORTING PHOTOS: There is a bug in this version of the app that requires Location Services be turned on in order to Import photos. We have submitted a fix for this, but in the meantime, to get around the "denied access" error, run your device's Settings app (app with the gear icon), go to Location Services, and turn them on for the "HMP" app.

* FAST INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED: Due to the server communication (which lets this app have powerful features that other apps don't have), this app requires an Internet connection and works best for users with a strong 3G signal or WiFi connection, and NOT Edge, slower connections, and/or weak signals.

* You will want to remember to delete any photos that you import from your device's normal photo library into Hide My Photo, if you want to keep them hidden from others.

✍ WRITE US! Suggestions appreciated and we're always here to help: support@clipish.net

By BrainFeverMedia
Device iPhone
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link LensLight

LensLight is a must have app for any photographer or designer looking for the best in lighting effects.

Utilizing the powerful LensFlare engine, LensLight is the perfect companion app for adding a variety of light effects to your photos.

*** Send/Receive photos directly with other apps.

These include:

- Light Leaks

- Bokeh

- Spotlights

- Glints and Flares


A light leak is an area within a camera where extra light is able to shine in, causing the film to over-expose. This is often due to cheap cameras that aren't perfectly sealed. These can be used to provide interesting framing around your subject.

Bokeh occur for parts of the scene that lie outside the depth of field, causing the characteristic glowing circular shapes. The Bokeh effects are completely interactive allowing you to adjust the Bokeh size, rotation, and density.


LensLight includes light sources such as spotlights, light rays, cloud rays, and light cones.


Several lens flare elements are also included such as glints, spikes, sparkles, and streaks.


Utilizing the same multi-touch interface as LensFlare, LensLight allows you to easily position, resize, and rotate every light effect.
Use the brightness control to increase light intensity or decrease intensity and lower opacity.

LensLight - when LensFlares just aren't enough.

Follow at http://twitter.com/#!/LensFlareApp

Max Output Resolution:
iPhone4/4S: 3072x3072
iPod Touch4: 2048x2048

iPhone/iPod: 1024x1024
**** REBOOT if having save issue. This is due to device memory limitations.

Frame Magic
By Dion Cho
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 8, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Frame Magic

[Frame Magic] combines multiple photos into one beautiful and elegant framed photo.

★ Apply up to 42 frame layouts with 16 photos
- 32 frame layouts with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 photos
- 10 super multi-photo frame layouts with 6, 8, 9, 12 and 16 photos (In App Purchase)

★ Adjust frame shape with just one finger touch and magical controls
- Border width
- Corner roundness
- Shadow size *
- Border line width *
- Width : height ratio
- Inner frame ratio
- Double tap each control to revert to original setting

★ Free ratio and fixed ratio
- 1:1, 1:2, 2:3, 3:4, 4:5, 9:16
- Free ratio adjustment with just one finger touch *
- User defined width:height ratio

★ Colors and patterns
- Saturation/hue/brightness color model
- border background color and line color
- 20 beautiful patterns

★ Zoom, pan, make greyscale, rotate and flip each photo

★ Custom background image and transparent cell
- Unique result with your own custom background image *
- Even more unique result with transparent cell *

★ Swap photo location with long press + drag & drop *

★ Load multiple photos from just one image picker *

★ Full support for landscape and portrait mode *
- Enable/disable auto rotation
- Frame layouts of skyscrapers and panorama style
- Extremely useful when you want to combine photos vertically or horizontally long

★ Universal app - optimized for both iPhone and iPad
- Frames up to 6 photos are especially useful for iPad
- Skyscraper and panorama modes are especially useful for iPad

★ Share with friends
- album, email, facebook, twitter, instagram and tumblr
- HD support up to 2400x2400

[Frame Magic] is the only app which supports
* shadow and border line decoration
* free adjustment of frame ratio
* custom background image
* transparent cell
* efficient photo location swap
* full portrait and landscape mode
* multiple photos loading

See short video at YouTube:

★ Notice
Due to Apple's policy, location service needs to be enabled to read multiple photos from Photos Album. Without location services enabled, the embedded image picker from Apple would be used. Please note that we NEVER use nor store your location info.

MovieDrops for iMovie
By Ralph Hubner
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Photo & Video
Updated Oct 20, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link MovieDrops for iMovie

Get this 24 premium Clips in crispy HD Quality (1280 x 720 px) and add style to your videos!

Export Clips to Camera Roll and import them into iMovie (or ReelDirector, Splice) on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
Furthermore, you can import Drops to your favorite video-editing software on your Desktop-Computer (like FCP, Adobe Premiere, Avid, etc.) after syncing with iPhoto.

They look brilliant!

Design main and end title credits or just mix drops with music...

★ 24 Clips in 720p HD Quality (1280×720 px).
★ Each Drop is seamlessly loopable.
★ Duration is between 7 - 20 seconds (mostly 15 sec).

Drop 01 - Way Home (15 sec)
Drop 02 - Mark II (15 sec)
Drop 03 - Peaks Beach (15 sec)
Drop 04 - Let's Dance (15 sec)
Drop 05 - Bugs (15 sec)
Drop 06 - Spirit Rain (15 sec)
Drop 07 - Wired (15 sec)
Drop 08 - CI Chrome (15 sec)
Drop 09 - Station 99 (15 sec)
Drop 10 - Showroom (15 sec)
Drop 11 - Stars (7 sec)
Drop 12 - Float (15 sec)
Drop 13 - Infinity (15 sec)
Drop 14 - Inside (15 sec)
Drop 15 - Hello (15 sec)
Drop 16 - Rush Hour (15 sec)
Drop 17 - Finally (15 sec)
Drop 18 - News Lines (15 sec)
Drop 19 - Collision (15 sec)
Drop 20 - Curtain (20 sec)
Drop 21 - Mars (15 sec)
Drop 22 - Gelation (7 sec)
Drop 23 - Bow Bell (15 sec)
Drop 24 - Panache (15 sec)

Requires iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4
iPhone 3GS export limited to 360p.

Customer Reviews:

Brilliant - ★★★★★
by Pokemonreviewer
The scenes are great for all kinds of transition especially when making a movie

Very Nice! - ★★★★★
by Run Amok
"awesome for good backgrounds. Works best with ReelDirector because you can put your titles anywhere. I'm a video editor by trade and there's no way you'd find something like this, this cheap, for a desktop app like FCP. Very cool."

By 2ndNature
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 17, 2011
Price $15.99
Download iTunes app link ShutterSnitch

Wirelessly transfer images to your iPad from your Eye-Fi card, Canon, Nikon or other filetransmitter that supports uploading to an FTP server over your wireless network.
When a JPEG arrives, ShutterSnitch analyzes it and warns you if anything differs from the rules you've set up.
For now shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focal length, and light level is checked - but more will be added in the future (suggestions are appreciated).

You now have a 9.7" preview screen that you can browse, pinch, zoom, and evaluate seconds after snapping your picture.

In a studio environment it's now easy to share shoots with crew and models. More fun, less tech!

Please note: A large part of the magic of the wireless delivery lies in the setup of the devices outside of the ShutterSnitch app. Be prepared to spend more than just a couple of minutes on this initial setup. Due to the finicky nature of network setups, it can take anything from minutes to hours to get up and running. Feel free to visit the support forum for help!


• Arrange your shoots in albums.
• Lock private albums.
• Resize and/or watermark photos before sharing them via e-mail, FTP, Flickr, SmugMug, Zenfolio, Facebook, or Dropbox.
• Large scale histograms (RGB,R,G,B).
• Receive visible and/or audible warning.
• Geo-tag incoming photos.
• See highlight warnings.
• Add a caption and byline to the photos by tapping and holding the currently displayed full image.
• Custom username, password, and port for the built-in FTP server.
• Receive files directly from one or more Eye-Fi cards.
• Slideshow function.
• Bonjour support for easy discovery in your Bonjour enabled applications. This also works the other way - when you want to export images to an FTP server, this is automatically detected (if the server is Bonjour enabled). This makes it incredibly easy to transfer images between your iPad and you iPhone for example.

ShutterSnitch can also be used as a regular image browser if you simply transfer the pictures from your computer through an FTP client.

Secret Spy Camera Pro - Professional Security Snapshot & Video Recorder
By Panorama Concepts
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 11, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Secret Spy Camera Pro - Professional Security Snapshot & Video Recorder

*** Secret Spy Camera Pro transforms your iPhone / iPod4 / iPad2 into a PROFESSIONAL SPY CAMERA!!! ***

Reviewed by: Know Your Apps Magazine, 2011 iPhone & iPad The Essentials, Apple iPhone App Guide and many more!

✓ Little details such as screen deactivation spy mode and time stamps already sets this app apart! Rating: 4/5

✓ Finally, a spy app that has "Capture Frequency / Period". Create your own "Time-Lapse" photography. Rating: 8.5/10

✓ Simple and easy to use interface allows even the most novice users to become a private investigator / paparazzi! Rating: 5/5


✶ Photo / Video Mode
Set either Photo/Video mode and whether the front or rear camera is used.

✶ Spy Mode
Once camera is activated, you can choose websites from 4 themes to spy in disguise whilst people around you think you are just surfing on the net. Just swipe from left to right. This will be your "Alibi Activity".

- Sports
- Politics
- Search Engine
- Facebook

✶ Secret Spy Mode
You can turn on the spy mode button in the bottom right that appears only when camera has been activated. This will blackout the display screen to offer additional secrecy (maximum protection). Reactivate the screen at any time by tapping in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

✶ Capture Frequency
Set a specific frequency for which the camera will take a photo (continuous snapshot). Default has been set as 2 seconds between each snapshot. This can be modified in the General Settings.

✶ Capturing Time
Set a specific time to complete the desired operational objectives in a convenient way and conserve battery life. Default has been set as 600 seconds, i.e. 10 minutes. This can be modified in the General Settings.

✶ Time & Date Stamp
Attach an optional date & time stamp to your photos so that you can keep a record of what happened on which day, time and place.

✶ Album
Photos and Videos will be automatically transferred to your Camera Roll Album for your easy reference.

Video Editor  
By From the Tôp
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 20, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Video Editor  

The FAST and EASY TO USE video editor that let’s you TRIM, MERGE, and SHARE your video clips! Now you can ADD MUSIC OR VOICES to your videos for just 99 cents!

Hey! Shane Dawson Here. Im a YouTuber. I use this app to makeVlogs. So thanks [From The Top Apps!] for this & it's just really great! "
-Sep 18, 2011

★★★Featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy★★★

Along with the standard trim function, Video Editor offers a unique “tap” function for more precise frame-by-frame trimming.

Users can compile their favorite video clips from the Camera Roll or instantly record new ones on the fly. Multiple video clips can be quickly rearranged with the drag-and-drop feature.

In addition to sharing videos via e-mail, Video Editor seamlessly integrates social media by directly uploading video clips to Facebook and YouTube. Video Editor offers the fastest upload speeds to share videos with friends and family.

Video Editor is perfect and essential for anyone who loves to create and share clips, video blogs, and short films.

* Save multiple video projects
* Precise frame-by-frame cropping
* Combine up to 10 minutes of video clips
* Quickly drag and drop to rearrange multiple video clips
* Rapid rendering to camera roll and e-mail
* In-app instant video recording
* Seamlessly transfer videos to Facebook and YouTube
* Optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
*Supports all iOS versions. For iOS 4.3 and above, users have additional audio features!
*Compatible with .mp4, .mov, .m4v and .avi video files only

1) To trim, double click the video clip icon. Then hold and drag the gray handles to select video portion to cut.
2) To merge, press the big plus button to add videos. Hold and drag the video clip icons to rearrange the order.
3) To delete a video clip, press and hold the video clip icon until it dances. Then press the X button.
4) To delete a project, swipe across the project name on the Projects page, then press the delete button.
5) To add Music press the new Audio button, then press 'Choose Song'. The volume controls are located by pressing Audio button.
6) To add Voice press the new Audio button, then press 'Record Voice'. Press the microphone to to begin recording. Then press the Red button to end recording. You are allowed to record a single session at any starting point in the video by scrolling the timeline on the bottom. The volume controls are located by pressing the Audio button.

Dramatic Black & White
By JixiPix Software
Device iPhone
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Dramatic Black & White

Everyone knows it doesn't get better than classic Black & White. And it's deeper than nostalgia, simpler times and less color - it's the artistic soul of photography. Referencing one of our favorite (Ansel Adams) quotes, great Black & White photos aren't taken - they're made. Made where light and contrast, grit and form tell the story; where stone and sky, water and light transcend the material world.

JixiPix's Dramatic Black & White takes you there – and beyond. Easy-to-use, fully customizable presets serve up the classic Black & White looks of the past and the cutting-edge styles of the present. This app starts by leaving color in the rearview mirror, then enables you to make your photos through expert adjustments to contrast, light, texture and shape. Before your eyes, watch your photos transform into dramatic and timeless works of art.

We like to think of Dramatic Black & White as a jazzy, chemical-free, 21st Century darkroom in an app. Use it and your photos can be more than good or very good.

They can be Oh.My.Gosh. good.

We're pleased to say - it used to be much harder.

In photography's past, pressing the shutter button was always just the beginning. It was later, in the darkroom, where much of the magic happened. It took years of training, trial-and-error, and all sorts of chemical and physical processes for a fortunate few to finish 'making their photos' and, hopefully, bring their photographic visions to life. It was hard, and O.M.G. photos were rare - but it was the only way.

In today's digital world, most everyone is fortunate to have a camera to express their unique experiences and vision. However, along with film, we've lost the darkroom's completion. More photos are taken. Fewer are finished. Fewer are made. Their light is flat, their edges rough. Their subject stays in the shadows. Their sea flows into their sky…

We suggest you buck that trend.

Dramatic Black & White delivers

Professional-quality classic and modern Black & White from an easy-to-use application

One-of-a-kind ellipse spotlight tool to put the focus where you want it

Loads of presets, to get you started fast

The ability to create personal-favorite custom presets using the "Save" menu

The addictive JixiPix Randomizer – so much fun!

Easy-to-use slider controls to adjust light, contrast and texture just how you want it

Superfast preview mode to immediately see edit results, with large image rendered at save

You can save to the photo roll and/or email or post to Facebook. Share your masterpieces!

Works with Hi-Res images for top-quality results

Superior customer support and updates – we're committed to your long-term satisfaction

Nikon D90 from QuickPro
By Netframes
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Photo & Video
Updated Oct 28, 2010
Price $27.99
Download iTunes app link Nikon D90 from QuickPro

Want to take photos like a pro with your Nikon D90? The answer will now be in your pocket and iPad.

With iPhone Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Whether it’s that birthday surprise, graduation ceremony, or your daughters' wedding day, the ability to take a photo like a Pro is within reach. It's literally in your pocket. Easy to use, full color video guides to all the top digital models are available for quick reference and review on your Apple iPhone.

QuickPro Camera Guides, the leading producer of Camera Guide tutorials, announces Nikon D90. Now you have ready to go instruction of all camera functions where you need it and when you need it. Really want to capture the Coliseum and Pantheon on your trip to Rome? Take along your iPhone and, while you're on the plane, enjoy a Pro training session with a QuickPro Camera Guide specialist. It's as easy as picking up the phone.

Includes a 20% discount off the purchase of our many QuickPro Camera Guide Series available at quickprocameraguides.com


- Instructional video on all aspects of the camera and photography.
- On the go video playback. No WIFI required after initial install for watching in the field.
- Interactive search to find information on particular camera features.
- Online customer support.
- Email QuickPro camera guides from the iPhone Application for 20% off the purchase of any QuickPro Camera Guide Series.

Subjects Include:

Quick Tour of the Nikon D90
Camera Overview
Quick Set-Up
Installing Battery
Attaching Lens
Inserting Memory Card
Reformatting Memory Card
Focusing Diopter
Point & Shoot
Auto Shooting Mode
Deleting an Image
Number of Shots Remaining
Zoom Ring
Built-In Flash
Digital Vari-Program
Answer Key
Flash-Off Mode
Portrait Mode
Landscape Mode
Close-Up Mode
Sports Mode
Night Portrait Mode
Exposure Elements
Shutter Speed Analogy
Depth of Field
Aperture & Shutter Stops
Advanced Shooting
Program Auto Mode
Shutter Speed
ISO Settings
Shutter Priority
Aperture Priority
Manual Mode
Exposure Bracketing
Image Sharpness
Image Sharpness
AF Area Options
3D Tracking
Focusing Mode
Focal Length
Motion Blur
Release Modes
Live Mode
Movie Mode
Image Size
Protecting Images
White Balance
White Balance Theory
White Balance Settings
White Balance PRE
Metering Light
Zooming In
Lens Selection
Telephoto Lens
Wide Angle Lens
Composition Design
Composition Theory
Horizon Line
Rule of Thirds
Review, Portrait Situation
Review, Landscape Mode
Review, Sporting Event

This training content was produced by QuickPro, LLC. This product is not sponsored by Nikon, Corp. or its subsidiaries. Nikon Product Names and terminology are trademarks of Nikon, Corp.

Pocket Camera PRO
By Punicasoft
Device iPhone
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 9, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Pocket Camera PRO

Pocket Camera PRO - One of the Best Camera App. ★★★★★
With 11 polished features to help you take great photos!

★★★★★ key features ★★★★★

★ Beautiful UI
➔ Designed for usability and ease of control!
➔ Hold your iPhone like holding any pocket camera!
➔ Status bar and control pane for knowing and controlling your camera easily!

★ 5X digital zoom, in real time
➔ With the unique Zoom Knob design, zooming has never been easier!

★ Clear and sharp images guaranteed! Say goodbye to blurry photos!
➔ Many pictures taken can be blurry due to the camera is slightly shaking after you press the shutter. With our build in anti-shaking feature, your picture is captured when your hand is steady.

★ Say goodbye to crooked photos, compose and align images with grid lines
➔ Use Rule-of-Third and two other grid line styles to compose images like a pro.

★ Burst multiple photos in one shot
➔ Sometimes you want to take multiple images at once to capture things fast.
➔ Before using burst mode, consider terminate some background apps to free up some RAM.

★ Control the focus and metering point separately
➔ Single tap to set focus point and double tap to set metering point.

★ Timer up to 30 seconds for taking self-portraits.

★ Other useful features
➔ Option to show date and time on your image.
➔ Multiple image sizes and aspect ratios for your selection.
➔ Flash settings (on/off/auto)
➔ Geo Tagging is enabled for your images, and there is an option to disable it.
➔ Back/front camera switch button
➔ Big shutter button

Give the app ★★★★★ to let us know you like it!
Email us to tell us how to improve it!

By Jeremy Brooks
Device iPhone
Category Photo & Video
Updated Sep 28, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Interlacer

Interlacer combines alternating lines from multiple images and colors to make a new image. The end result can vary from a multiple exposure to a color tinted photo to a very abstract creation.

Add photos from camera or photo albums
Add colors using color picker
Fixed or random line height
Shift lines for a video interlace effect
Full size image preview

Want to see more? Check out the Interlacer App Group on Flickr

Magic Hour - Camera & Unlimited Filter
By Kiwiple
Device iPhone
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Magic Hour - Camera & Unlimited Filter

Magic Hour is an app that can transform your ordinary photos to extraordinary ones.
It will give you a fun experience you've never had.

Featured as a "New and Noteworthy", "What's Hot", "Staff Favorites" on the US, Canada, Japan, Italia, Deutschland, China App Store and so on.


"Magic Hour is a photo app for people who love the filter effects you get from apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic."
— Cult of Mac

The user generated filters make this a must have app.
— AppAdvice.com

The app’s Free Filter Market and the possibility to create your own filters are what makes this app a must for every iPhone photography enthusiast.
Magic Hour earns my first 5 star rating.
— AppAddict.net

Magic Hour: Better Than Hipstamatic? We Think So!
— Unplgged.com

Magic Hour is anything but another lame photo effect app.
It offers a robust and flexible set of photo editing tools that allow you to create and share your own filters.
The amazing Filter Market is hands down one of my favorite features of any photography app.
— webreweries.com


★ New Update Features (Version 1.3)
- Added "TiltShift" effect (shape & direction).
- Added digital camera zoom function.
- Bug fix for Sharing (Facebook, Posterous).

★ Tips
- For Instagram lovers - We support edited photo to send to Instagram App.
- For Foursquare users - You can check-in at venue you want with Photo via Magic Hour. Also you can add new venue via Magic Hour.
- Magic Hour keeps uploading your photo even if you click Home button during upload to social services.
Also Magic Hour App will notify uploading result through Local Alarm. Amazingly convenient!


★ Capture the moments of daily life!
- Use the grid, touch screen photo taking capabilities, front camera and flash capability offered in iPhone4.
- Use focus and exposure functions with a simple touch.
- Quiet Mode Function for photo taking
- A high resolution photo saving option.
- TiltShift effect (shape & direction, customizable!)

★ Make your memories more precious!
By using 40 awesome filters we provide, turn your photos into work of art. It only takes a few taps.

★ FREE Filter Market! It's amazing!
What photo app would be fun without updating it with new filters?
We provide you with unlimited filters from the Filter Market. You can upload your filters and share them with your friends and anyone with Magic Hour application.
- Download tons of free filters from the Filter Market.
- Share your filters with friends and anyone with the Magic Hour app via Filter Market.

★ Transfer mediocre photos to professional ones with a few taps!
- Use Curves, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, 8 types of Vignettes, 23 kinds of Textures and 12 different frame selections.
- Retouch the curves, brightness, contrast, vignette, textures, and frames of your photos.
By doing so, you can make the filters suit your mood, taste and style. Also you can save your filters and use them again anytime.
- Create filters and edit them anytime

★ Post your photos and share it with your friends and the whole world.
- Facebook (wall/pages/album), twitter(twitpic,yfrog), Instagram, Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous and even Dropbox!
- Email, AirPrint, Evernote, Mover Lite, Camera+ etc.

✱ Magic Hour means… ✱
The magic hour is the first and the last hour of sunlight during the day,
when a specific photographic effect is achieved due to the quality of the light.

We put the short moments of Magic Hour that make everything beautiful into our app.

Photo Academy
By Aspyre Solutions
Device iPhone
Category Photo & Video
Updated Nov 20, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Photo Academy

“Photo Academy is a massive cross-referenced database absolutely full of tips, tricks and techniques for almost any imaginable photo-op situation.” - 148apps.com

“If you’re an amateur photographer, you’re bound to learn something.” - Gizmodo.com

Photo Academy is a comprehensive guide to helping you take better photos. Browse through thousands of tips and sample images, record your progress in your diary, and expand your photography repertoire.

Learn the basics
∙ Read a number of full length articles that scale in difficulty
∙ Start with the basics, like holding your camera, and what all those buttons are for
∙ Expand your knowledge with articles on settings, equipment, lighting and composition
∙ Complete your education with more advanced topics and editing guides

Take better photos
∙ Read through targeted, original tips on a large range of photography topics, exclusively written by a professional photographer
∙ View full-screen photos for inspiration (note: requires an additional free download)
∙ Use the detailed camera settings accompanying every tip
∙ Includes thousands of tips and photos covering all types of Animals, People, Sports, Travel, Sky and Macro subjects

Track your progress
∙ Record your photo expeditions in the Shoot Diary
∙ Easily add your own photos, straight from the built-in camera or your own library
∙ Track the date, location, and weather conditions
∙ Jot down free-form notes for your own thoughts
∙ Show off your work to the world through Twitter, Facebook and email

If you'd like to know more, start with the video trailer at photoacademyapp.com

Start spending more time taking great photos. Thanks for checking out Photo Academy!