School Psychology Tools Todo TurnCount FileHound
School Psychology... Todo TurnCount FileHound
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Teleprompt+ for iPhone Items & Storage & Inventory Office Assistant Pro - Full-Featured Office Mobility SyncML PRO
Teleprompt+ for i... Items & Storage &... Office Assistant ... SyncML PRO
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SuperList (Shopping List) Stress Free with Andrew Johnson US Holidays 2011-2014 Holiday Calendars +
SuperList (Shoppi... Stress Free with ... US Holidays 2011-... Holiday Calendars +
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Wildland Toolkit Photo Measures AirTodo: Google Tasks Sync & Multi Lists Secrets for iPhone - iOS 5 Edition
Wildland Toolkit Photo Measures AirTodo: Google T... Secrets for iPhon...
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TurboViewer Pro Tasks+Cal+Sync DishPointer AR Pro VueScan Mobile
TurboViewer Pro Tasks+Cal+Sync DishPointer AR Pro VueScan Mobile
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School Psychology Tools
By YoungStone Innovations LLC
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 27, 2011
Price $34.99
Download iTunes app link School Psychology Tools

The only full-featured app designed by and specifically for School Psychologists that works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Here’s what people are already saying:

“I have used every aspect of this software. I find it critical for the ‘in action’ behavior observation of a child in crisis, psych reports, and keeping track of my contacts with parents and students. There are too many great features to list. The developers are amazing and want to make this an amazing program that serves the needs of psychologists throughout the state. They added features that help many of our colleagues do their job more effectively. Not only do I endorse it as a Psychologist, but I believe simple tools like this are more effective then the generic software districts purchase for the masses of employees.”
-Breanna Demail
School Psychologist
Los Angeles Association of School Psychologists - President 2011-12
LAUSD Support Unit North - Psychological Services

“Everything about this app is great! It is user friendly, gives us the tools we need and provides an organization system to keep our evals straight. I plan on using it for all of my evals and recommending it to all of my students. I love this app!”

-Kara E. McGoey, PhD, NCSP
Associate Professor of School Psychology
Duquesne University
Dr. McGoey has published over 30 scholarly papers and presented numerous times at national conferences on the topic of behavioral assessment and intervention.

“School Psychology Tools has made a huge impact on my productivity. It is all my sticky notes, to-do lists and reminders in one! This app makes planning and tracking evaluations, conducting classroom observations, scheduling meetings and testing appointments so incredibly easy! I love having student, teacher and parent info as well as due dates at my finger tips. This is a great tool for school psychologists!”

-Bethany Kennedy, Ed.S
School Psychologist
Canton, OH

Key Features:

- Plan your interventions, evaluations and reevaluations using built-in and fully customizable templates.

- As you check off certain key tasks (such as “Obtain Consent”), the due date and the status of a student are automatically updated accordingly.

- Monitor the status of an individual student, or track deadlines for your entire caseload with ease.

- Change the length of time allowed for completing evaluations and the length of time between reevaluations, depending on the laws of your country or guidelines of your province or school.

- Sort your students by Name, Evaluation Due Date, School, Grade, or Teacher.

- Observe and report multiple behaviors, over multiple days using Interval, Duration, Frequency and ABC direct observation recordings.

- Email or print reports with tables and graphs for easy inclusion in your report.

- Manage frequently occurring tasks (such as “Calls to Make”) using the To-Do List. Give yourself Due Dates for completing individual tasks that can appear on your Calendar.

- Manage events such as meetings and testing appointments from the Calendar, which is kept separate from your personal Calendar.

- View all of today's events, deadlines, and tasks on one page for a quick glance at your day ahead. From the menu, you can easily see how many items remain on your list for today.

- Write a quick Note or record a Voice Note!

- Keep student data secure with privacy features, including data encryption options, that adhere to the NASP Principles for Professional Ethics.

- Use a free Dropbox account to export/import data to securely backup your app in situations of a lost, stolen or damaged device.

- Use helpful Gadgets including a Stopwatch, Normal Distribution Curve Calculator and Age Calculator, all without leaving the app!

Let Us Lighten Your Load.
Now at a low introductory price.

By Appigo
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Todo

Dominate your to-do list by using Todo® Task Manager, available on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and the Mac. Keep your tasks up-to-date on all your devices by choosing one of Todo's versatile sync options, now including Dropbox and iCloud!

"Appigo Todo oozes with awesomeness. I've tried numerous iOS task-management apps, and none to date have satisfied me as much as Todo." --Macworld AppGuide, ★★★★½

Appigo Todo is the most connected iOS app and makes task management simple and fun. Synchronize with Todo Online, Dropbox, iCal, Outlook,, and iCloud.


• Multiple Reminder Alerts
• Projects and Checklists (subtasks)
• Passcode Protection
• Landscape Support
• Repeating Tasks
• Starred Tasks
• Quick Add Task Entry
• Notes on tasks with clickable phone numbers and URLs
• Manage multiple tasks at once with multi-select
• Full Calendar View for choosing Due Dates
• Drag and Drop sorting
• Contact, Email, SMS, Phone integration
• Full Task Searching including notes
• GTD support with Contexts and Tags
• Task Sharing via Email (Import back into Todo)
• Customizable App Badge
• Printing (iOS 4.2+ required)
• TextExpander™ touch snippet expansion support (SmileOnMyMac, LLC)


Background task sync lets you keep working while Todo keeps your tasks up-to-date.

• Todo Online (Cloud sync via 3G and Wi-Fi)
• iCloud (iOS 5 or newer required)
• Dropbox (free and paid accounts)
• (free and pro accounts)
• iCal (free, Wi-Fi required)
• Outlook (free, Wi-Fi & Outlook 2003 or newer required. Outlook x64 not supported)


• Notebook (Appigo, Inc.)
• GoodReader (Good.iWare Ltd.)
• Gas Cubby (App Cubby)
• More:



We love your positive feedback! Please be kind in your app reviews, tell others how you use Todo, and stay tuned for new awesome features.

By Trafdata, LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Aug 25, 2011
Price $29.99
Download iTunes app link TurnCount

TurnCount is the easiest and most intuitive way to count traffic today. Whether you’re a traffic engineer, a transportation planner or just someone wanting to know the number of vehicles and pedestrians entering an intersection, TurnCount is the app for you.

TurnCount works similarly to the traditional turning movement counter board. The user can count traffic with one of two interfaces. One interface, the Hyper Interface, brings an approach to counting traffic that will revolutionize the industry! Vehicles are counted by moving a thumb (or any other finger) in the direction of the vehicle movement. Follow the direction of the arrows or the vehicle path through the intersection. Either gesture works! A quick double tap prior to the finger gesture classifies a truck, a slow swipe counts a bicycle, and pedestrians are counted with a swipe of a finger across the street. Expensive count boards are no longer needed! Visual and audible feedback is provided for each action.

The second interface, the Classic Interface, requires the user to tap a virtual on-screen button for each vehicle movement. This interface is similar to how traditional turning movement counter boards operate. But, the similarities end there! Classify trucks now with a quick double tap of the on-screen button, count bicycles with a long press of an on-screen button, and count pedestrians by swiping a finger across the street being crossed. Visual and audible feedback is provided for each action.

YouTube video demonstrations are available at the following links.

TurnCount Ver. 2.1 - iPhone and iPod Touch Interface

TurnCount Ver. 2.1 - iPad interface


Two user interfaces are available to count traffic. The Hyper and Classic Interfaces are provided as noted above. Count can be collected in either 5 or 15 minute bins. Truck and/or bicycle classifications can be toggled on or off.

Screen views are provided for both 3-way and 4-way intersection configurations. Street names are shown in the view to minimize data collection errors. The iPad interface shows an aerial photo of the count location if location settings are turned on.

Traffic count data is provided in five file formats. A JCD file is created to allow direct file import into JAMAR's PetraPro analysis software. A PDF file is created showing a count summary, the peak hour, corresponding peak hour factors, and the peak hour counts shown on an intersection graphic. The iPad interface provides an on-screen preview of the PDF file. A Universal Traffic Data Format (UTDF) file is available for importing vehicle counts into Synchro signal timing software. The time stamp for each vehicle and pedestrian movement is also available in a comma separated value (.CSV) format file for additional analysis in spreadsheet programs. Other traffic studies can be completed when the time stamps are known. Lastly, a .HTML file is created showing count data in tabular format by vehicle type and pedestrians.

Data output is transferred by email OR via the sync cable with the app file sharing feature.

By Splashtop Inc.
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link FileHound

★LIMITED TIME SALE: $1.99 SALE!! (regular price $14.99)★


App Features:
1.Fast and convenient
With two taps, you can instantly see a list of all the files on your computer and connected external hard drives arranged as a folder tree. Recently opened folders will show up at the top along with file searching capability to make finding that important file even faster.

2.Anytime, anywhere access
Easily access all the documents, photos and music on your computer whenever you need them. No matter where you are, FileHound will fetch the files for you in a flash.

3.View and edit files in any format
Want to do some editing on the go? Not a problem. FileHound allows you to view and edit your files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) as if you are sitting in front of your computer. Open files through Splashtop’s award-winning remote desktop technology and edit away using programs you’re already familiar with.

4.No syncing
You’ll never have to sync your files. Without having to upload your files to cloud storage or transfer them to your phone, you won’t have to worry about storage limitations or privacy concerns. FileHound turns your computer into a personal cloud!

5.Designed for small screens
Simply navigate by using the default Trackpad mode for ultimate precision. There’s even a shortcut toolbar to toggle between browsing and editing modes, activating the keyboard or scroll bar, zooming in or out, or disconnecting the session. FileHound is specifically designed to be super easy to use on mobile devices with small screens!

•Windows 7, Vista, or XP
•1 GB of RAM
•1.6 GHz or faster dual-core CPU
•Network connection

Mobile Device
•iPhone & iPod touch (iOS 4 or above)
•Network connection

Teleprompt+ for iPhone
By Bombing Brain Interactive
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 1, 2011
Price $7.99
Download iTunes app link Teleprompt+ for iPhone

★ "App store pick of the week" - Alex Lindsay, MacBreak Weekly Podcast and
★ "An invaluable application for anyone who wishes to present things professionally." - Dave Cryer,

NEW VERSION 2.2! The most advanced and full-featured professional teleprompter for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Many new features - including video recording, external display support, BlueTooth keyboard support, additional fonts and text preview window.

Teleprompt+ is a simple yet powerful professional teleprompter for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Perfect for presenters, lecturers, students, teachers, broadcasters, podcasters, filmmakers, musicians, business professionals, or anyone who would benefit from having a powerful visual aid while engaged in a public speaking activity.


* Write your speaking scripts directly in Teleprompt+ using the built in text editor, or by copying/pasting from Mail, Pages, or any other iOS app
* Track your progress using the integrated timer display (estimate, actual, and remaining time)
* Pause, play, and adjust playback speed during prompting
* Scroll text during prompting using normal swipe gestures
* Customize the following appearance and playback settings per script: scrolling speed, start countdown, timer display, font type, font size, text and background color


* Choose from 100 fine tuned scrolling speeds (Yes, our teleprompter goes to 11!)
* Speed wheel allows for precision speed adjustment while prompting
* Double tap using two fingers to quickly pause or resume playback

* Improve your focus with the reading guide arrow and shading
- Choose from 3 reading guide styles (arrow-only, shading only, or arrow plus shading)
- shading area can be adjusted in size

* Easily add cue points while editing (just tap, hold, and select "Add Cue Point")
* Quickly advance or return to a cue point during prompting

* Text can be inverted on screen (for teleprompter reflector setups)

* Use the iPhone as a "wired remote" for an external screen/projector using the Apple Digital AV, VGA, Composite AV or Component AV Adapter
- Text/reading guides appear on the external display while prompting
- Supports text mirroring - can be configured to mirror text on both devices, or only on the external screen, while the iPad text remains normal - perfect for professional teleprompting scenarios

AUDIO & VIDEO RECORDING (video supported only on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and 4th Gen. iPod Touch)
* Record audio and/or video while prompting using either the front or rear camera
* Record and play back multiple takes - excellent for podcasting or for rehearsing a speech

* Directly import and sync text documents with your Dropbox account

* Directly import text from your Google documents

* Play, Pause, Adjust speed, cue points, font size and stop and start recordings right from a Bluetooth keyboard

* Use iTunes file sharing to copy your scripts (.txt format only) into Teleprompt+

* Use a second iOS device with Teleprompt+ installed to remotely control speed, font size, and scrolling
* Text syncing - script text appears on the remote control's screen
* Remote keeps the text appearance, orientation, and position in sync

**Requires a wifi or bluetooth iOS device. Teleprompt+ for iPhone 2.2, or Teleprompt+ Remote 2.2 required on the remote device. iPhone versions require iOS 4.0. This product is not compatible with previous versions of Teleprompt+.

Thank you for your interest in Teleprompt+. Questions/feedback? Email us at We love to hear from you!

Items & Storage & Inventory
By Kiwi Objects
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 28, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Items & Storage & Inventory

Catalog the items you hold dear, associate them to categories and storage places. Keep track of objects you lend or borrow, as well as how many are currently in your possession. Conceptualize your storing facilities and organize them into a hierarchy. Easily find your items and their location.

★★★ "Items & Storage is a great tool to keep you and your possessions organized no matter what your living circumstances." -

★★★ "Nice application to help keep track of where you have stored things as well as things borrowed, lent, and that you may be running low on." -

iStorage allows you to catalog any items you want to: household objects, tools, goods, documents, collections, etc. There’s no limit on how many item categories can be entered. Each new object can be given a name, description, value (useful for insurance), picture and quantity (set at 1 by default).

The bar code reader featured in the app enables you to easily add its ID to an item, and recover the information related to an item (Iphone 3GS / 4 only).

The items can be associated to the categories you choose: clothes, computer hardware, files, tools, materials, etc. (you can of course create any category you need).

In order to easily keep track of lent or borrowed items, iStorage gives you the opportunity to register the information (person, date) related to such transactions.

To help you easily retrieve your stored items, iStorage enables you to associate them with a storage location: geographical site, room, piece of furniture, drawer, suitcase, etc. Storage locations can be organized on several hierarchical levels, like living room / cupboard / shelf / casket for example.

iStorage comes with powerful search engine allowing you to instantly retrieve any object, its information, lent/borrowed status and storage place on one hand, or all the items stored in one place or belonging to a category on the other hand.

For users wishing to accurately monitor their item storage quantity level, iStorage also enables precise quantity management for each object, including the setting of storage shortage alerts to quickly spot items whose quantity is below the predetermined level.

iStorage allows you to export the data (items and storage locations) as a CSV file (which can be imported into most spreadsheet programs) sent by e-mail. This allows you to view and manipulate the data on your computer.

Universal application with full resolution support for iPad.
iOS 4.1 or above, Retina Display optimized.

Office Assistant Pro - Full-Featured Office Mobility
By Beijing Elinasoft Technologies Company Limited
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Office Assistant Pro - Full-Featured Office Mobility

Office Assistant Pro is the most innovative office app ever designed for a mobile device. It provides the most efficient and easy to use mobile business features. Help you handle daily office mobility.

★ The powerful file manager: one user interface to solve all work, and easily interact with cloud storage ★
- File Management: with the difference of other similar app, file manager is displayed as a two-page style: the left column shows the folder list and the right column shows the file details in the folder.
(1) Provide two display modes: file icon and file details
(2) The left side view can be switched file directory, and change the type and sort of files
(3) Automatically records the steps of folder operations, and you can use shortcut button to switch to the previous step and next step.
(4) File editing: including file copy, move, delete, rename, new folder, etc. It also supports file compression to zip files and extract zip files. and support file search.
Let all your file operations are done under one user interface.
- Cloud storage: Support Dropbox and other cloud storage services, which you can visit the cloud storage directly interact with the local disk. In one user interface, you can directly copy the cloud storage files to the local disk, the same can also upload files on local disk to the cloud storage. the documents on cloud storage can reading online.
- Wi-Fi Server: You can use Wi-Fi directly access the local disk by computer or mobile phone browser, and you can download and upload files. supports IP address access and Bonjour to directly access the device name.
- Support common file formats:
(1) Document format: ppt,pdf,xls,doc,rtf txt,pages,,key,numbers
(2) Multimedia file formats: mp3,mp4,mov,m4a,jpg,bmp,png, etc.
- Support import pictures from the built-in Photos
- Support camera shooting a photo or video, and generates file to local disk
- Support usb transfer files.

★ Notes ★
- Notes display with blackboard sticker style, and you can set the color of sticker and font, support all fonts of iOS.
- Notes can send text messages, email and copy to the clipboard.

★ Reminders with contacts ★
- Reminders offers three display ways:
(1) Event list: Displays all event reminders
(2) Contacts: All event reminders are displayed according to the classification of contacts, and support contacts search.
(3) Calendar: displays calendar and current day event reminders. Can be set to the first day of the calendar week
- Reminder can be set to memo, date, repeat time, 15 beeps and editable contacts.
- Support background alarm notifications to respond to the reminder.

★ Meeting Recorder ★
- Recording can add time labels. Play the recording, you can switch the playback time according to the time label.
- You can edit the recording name, and sent via email.
- Full user interface recording control: We provide a new way of recording, is that when you open the recording, the file manager, notes, and reminders,the title will show a recording control bar. you can pause the recording, resuming, stopping, and add time tags.
This design is taken into account, in a real conference, open the recording also you can be other operations, such as viewing a file or edit notes, and will not miss the important topic of conference.

Of course, when the response to boring meetings, you can start the recording, at the same time use file manager and open your novel. This work fun things correct! O (∩ _ ∩) o

Contact us on twitter: elinasoft

If you have any problems in use, please contact us, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

By Synthesis AG
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price $11.99
Download iTunes app link SyncML PRO

NOTE: This app IS compatible with iOS 5! If you experience problems, these are usually related to iCloud migration; please use the support link to get help. Please DON'T JUST COMPLAIN IN A REVIEW because then there's no way for me to contact you back and help.

This App brings SyncML standard based synchronisation for calendar and contacts to iOS. With version 3.0, it also brings a full calendar, including the unique seamlessly scrolling view from the "Continuous" app.

Still, SyncML PRO syncs the iOS native calendar database, so it's your choice to use the standard iOS calendar app, any other app which presents the iOS calendar or SyncML PRO itself to view and edit your calendars. Using SyncML PRO, you gain the ability to automatically launch a sync whenever the app is opened or closed.

SyncML PRO allows synchronizing all or selected iPhone calendars to any SyncML compliant server or service in the internet or in the local network.

SyncML PRO itself can also act as a full featured SyncML server in the local WiFi network to allow direct device-to-device sync. Most recent featurephones and smartphones of all manufacturers have either SyncML built-in or allow installing a SyncML client.

SyncML PRO uses the mature and extensively interoperability tested SyncML engine, on which many SyncML client and server products for all platforms are based (libsynthesis). With this, SyncML PRO has has a high interoperability from the beginning.

Note: Before buying this program with the wrong expectations, please be aware that it supports the open SyncML standard, but does not directly sync with internet based or desktop calendaring software that do not support SyncML (like iCal, Outlook). For some popular calendars third party solutions exist that add SyncML access (e.g. WinFonie does for many Windows based calendar software). Please also note that this app can't synchronize participant/attendee information because Apple does not give write access to this aspect of the calendar to third party applications.

Please visit the web page (see support link below) for support and FAQ, more information as well as documentation for download.

SuperList (Shopping List)
By Creative App Factory
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Sep 21, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link SuperList (Shopping List)

Featured by Apple in "New and Noteworthy"!

Top 2 in USA AppStore (Productivity)!

SuperList - Shopping list for iPhone and iPod touch. Super Smart, Super Intuitive!

Add items to the list daily and never forget to buy anything again!

Main Features:
- Full retina display support
- Contains 16 categories and 200 basic items that
are fully editable
- Manage multiple lists
- Share list via text message or E-Mail and import
list from E-Mail (only if imported mail was sent
by SuperList from another device)
- When importing list from mail, choose whether to
combine with existing list or create a new list.
- Backup/restore main item database via E-Mail
- Arrange categories in a custom method
- Option for viewing list at full screen
- Collapse/Expand list categories
- Add items to favorites
- Add/remove/edit all categories and items
- Set quantity, note, barcode, price and image for
each item
- Individual list settings
- Search and add items in database
- Shake to clear checked items
- Tap and hold (long press) on list items to quickly
view/edit item details

We hope you will enjoy using SuperList!
Please feel free to send us any feedback/suggestions/improvements

Follow us on twitter for status and upcoming updates:

Stress Free with Andrew Johnson
By Michael Schneider
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 1, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Stress Free with Andrew Johnson

Put on your headphones and drift into deep relaxation.

Sometimes it can seem that there’s nothing you can do about your stress levels.

Bills don't stop coming, there never seems to be enough hours in the day, and work or families are always demanding.
Put on your headphones and drift into deep relaxation.

This app allows you to realize that you have a lot more control than you may think.
The simple and effective suggestions, listened to on a daily basis will reduce your stress and allow you to see solutions to your problems.

Stress Free with Andrew Johnson is all about learning to take charge of your thoughts, your emotions, your routine, your work or studies, and the way you react to problems.

Using this app helps maintain a balanced life, allows quality time for family, work, recreation and fun and helps build the resilience to deal with pressure and meet challenges with a relaxed, positive, stress-free mind and body

US Holidays 2011-2014
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 19, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link US Holidays 2011-2014

Insert the US holidays of 2011-2014 into your iPhone calendar with one tap. The holidays will be added as all-day events into the calendar of your choice, so you don't need any subscriptions or internet. You can also select beforehand which holidays you want to add to your calendar. And apply this selection across all years.

Once added all holidays can be easily edited, deleted or shifted to another calendar and synced with iCal, Google, Outlook, iCloud, etc.

The app contains calendars of:

✓ US Holidays.

✓ Notable US Days.

✓ Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish and Pagan festivals.

✓ Holidays of Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Hungary, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and the United States.

Main features:
- Very simple, flexible and easy to use.
- Select individual holidays and years you want to add.
- Apply your selection across all years.
- Edit or delete holidays.
- Insert into a calendar of your choice (home, work, etc).
- Move your selection to another calendar in one go.
- Distinguishes calendars with the same name.
- Fully integrates with the iPhone calendar and works seamlessly with CalAlarm, iCal, Outlook, Exchange, CalDav, Google, iCloud, etc.
- No internet access needed.
- No subscriptions needed.
- Saves you a lot typing for the upcoming years.

iOS 5 compatible.

Please e-mail feedback, support questions and suggestions to

Holiday Calendars +
By Hippotec Ltd.
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Apr 7, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Holiday Calendars +

Adding holidays to your iPhone calendar is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Choose your holidays from a list.
2. Subscribe.
3. Wait for confirmation and launch your iPhone Calendar.

Easy subscribe to Google holiday calendars (interesting calendars), including:

Australian Holidays
Austrian Holidays
Brazilian Holidays
Canadian Holidays
China Holidays
Christian Holidays
Danish Holidays
Dutch Holidays
Finnish Holidays
French Holidays
German Holidays
Greek Holidays
Hong Kong (C) Holidays
Hong Kong Holidays
Indian Holidays
Indonesian Holidays
Irish Holidays
Islamic Holidays
Italian Holidays
Japanese Holidays
Jewish Holidays
Malaysian Holidays
Mexican Holidays
New Zealand Holidays
Norwegian Holidays
Philippines Holidays
Polish Holidays
Portuguese Holidays
Russian Holidays
Singapore Holidays
South Africa Holidays
South Korean Holidays
Spain Holidays
Swedish Holidays
Taiwan Holidays
Thai Holidays
UK Holidays
US Holidays
Vietnamese Holidays

Note: Google calendars are public and can be subscribed for free on the iPhone. What you buy in this app is the easy subscription process.

Wildland Toolkit
By Peakview Software LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 24, 2011
Price $5.99
Download iTunes app link Wildland Toolkit

Wildland Toolkit is a calculator and reference guide for wildland firefighters. With it, you can predict fire behavior much like a weather prediction. Just enter the fuel, weather, and topography information and Wildland Toolkit will generate:

--RH and Dewpoint
--Fine Dead Fuel Moisture
--Probability of Ignition
--Rate of Spread
--Scorch height
--Direction of Max Spread
--Effective Windspeed

All 54 of the new fuel models are supported, with a guide to select the proper fuel model, complete with sample photos.

NOTE: There are no known calculation errors in this version. We will immediately fix any problems reported to us directly.

Wildland Toolkit is not a tutorial on wildland fire behavior, so if the terms above do not make any sense, then this application will not teach you. It is assumed that you know the same background information that is presented in an S290 or S390 class. The calculations done in the Wildland Toolkit are similar to what is done with the BEHAVE software, but you will find the user interface much easier to use.

In addition, numerous safety checklists and reference guides are included, such as watchouts, fire orders, safety zones, structure defense, etc. Photos and diagrams are provided for cloud types, hand signals, common wildland tools, and ICS org charts. An interactive practice quiz is included for NIMS IS-700 and S290.

Now a universal app, so one purchase gets you iphone, ipod touch, and iPad support.

Photo Measures
By Big Blue Pixel
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Photo Measures

Photo Measures is the most elegant and the easiest way to save measures on your own photos on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Architectural Digest - "Very useful when shopping or meeting with contractors"

AppSafari Rating: 5/5 - "So incredibly convenient" - "This application is quite brilliant if you are a real estate agent, craftsman or if you stand at IKEA and are not sure the couch can fit into the corner"

Featured on the front page of the AppStore under New & Noteworthy in more than 70 countries, including the US, Canada, France and Germany.


Constructing a house? Engineering a new project? Moving to a new place?
Take some photos and note down the dimensions on the photos to remember the exact layout, and to make sure that everything will fit easily.

Need to keep in mind the exact dimensions of an object? Just take a photo and quickly write them on it.

Are you decorating? Want to buy a new frame or a new furniture but not sure it will fit?
No problem since you can have all your house dimensions always with you!


You are a real estate agent?
A contractor?
An engineer?
A designer?
Working in the construction industry?
Someone who wants to keep his house's measure easily accessible?

Whenever you need to save dimensions, sizes, angles or write down a detail you need to remember, Photo Measures will help you to be more efficient and more accurate.


Photo Measures helps you to:
✓ Take a photo and directly draw measures on it
✓ Zoom into and out of your photo when you need more precision
✓ Edit your measures with a very intuitive interface
✓ Quickly add text as comments when measures are not enough
✓ Native support for angles
✓ Save your measures in imperial or metric units
✓ Easily organize your photos by category
✓ Export your dimensions in high resolution by email or to the photo library
✓ Export as PDF or JPG
✓ Import photos of any size and aspect ratio
✓ Support Retina display for iPhone 4 owners

Keep posted, a lot of new features are planned for the next versions!

AirTodo: Google Tasks Sync & Multi Lists
By AllAboutApps
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 27, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link AirTodo: Google Tasks Sync & Multi Lists

✔ "New and Noteworthy" & "What's Hot" featured by Apple
✔ Full Retina Display support in high resolution for iPhone4/iPod Touch4

Attractive, Efficient, Sleek, Quick and Easy Task Manager!!!

AirTodo can quickly share information via Twitter, Facebook, text-message and e-mail.

You can
- Create your own lists
- Browse your lists with various filters such as Today, Tomorrow, Done and Overdue with attractive flow view
- Write to-do items
- Synchronize with Google Tasks
- Set due dates, times and alert
- Add URL’s to reference any information related with to-do’s
- Add notes
- Add pictures or photos to spark memory
- Add location information
- Backup your data via Dropbox and iTunes File Sharing

You can also easily share your information with
- Twitter, Facebook, Text Messages and Email

Post information with the powerful Twitter and Facebook upload function.
You can post your to-do’s and notes with photos and location maps. You’ll find it
amazingly straight-forward, clever and smooth.

You can:
- Add your own lists
- Add unlimited number of to-do’s and notes
- Set due date as today, tomorrow or any other day
- Set due time
- Alarm notification with iOS4
- Add unlimited character memo notes
- Add photos directly from your iPhone/iPod touch or camera
- Add photos from photo library
- Add location information with map
- Map supports standard, satellite and hybrid versions
- Bookmark your favorite location and reuse it
- Sort
- Show/Hide, Group/Ungroup, Auto-Delete completed tasks
- Backup & Restore
- Badge on the App icon

You can share all your information including:
- Text
- Due dates
- Memos
- Photos
- Location maps

If you share your content via Twitter and/or Facebook, photos and map images will upload seamlessly to TwitPic and a url will be added automatically.

Instantly upload your information in appealing formats without any additional steps.


Secrets for iPhone - iOS 5 Edition
By ARE Apps Ltd
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 21, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Secrets for iPhone - iOS 5 Edition



- "5/5 - Great App! - This is a really cool app" - USA
- "5/5 - Great App! - This really is good and helps a lot as iPhone can be annoying. But not anymore thank you for all your tips you have saved my battery and saved me from pulling my hair out with the training your phone to spell what you want. Keep up the good work" - UK
- "5/5 - Loonie well spent ;) - I figured if I could learn one thing that would make my phone handier it would be worth a dollar, less a penny. I actually learned a number of things. Thanks" - Canada
- "5/5 - Useful! - Really useful tips!" - Denmark
- "5/5 - Great app! - Beyond my expectations - highly recommend it." - USA
- "5/5 - 59p very well spent - Amazed to find all these incredibly useful features that I'd never noticed before! Thank you for such a useful app!!" - UK
- "5/5 - V V good - This app is a must have 4 under a pound!!" - UK
- "5/5 - A+++ - For those iPhone enthusiasts, this is a must have!!!" - UK
- "4/5 - Cheap enough and learnt some new features! - I have learned several extremely useful snippets from this program that have saved me a lot of grief. Tips on battery saving were especially useful. I'm happy that I got value for my 59 pence!" - UK
- "4/5 - Awesome! - Really cool app! I thought I knew everything about the iphone until I got this app! Love the "send suggestion" feature.. you can send a suggestion right from your phone.. Alot of cool tips!" - USA


SECRETS FOR iPHONE - the Essential Guide to get the best out of your iPhone!

✓ Many of the iPhone's tricks revealed!

✓ Whether your an intense or casual user, Secrets for iPhone will lead the way to a better, more exciting and useful iPhone experience!


Over 160 Tips and Tricks including:

1) Take Better, Sharper Photos and Edit them with Ease!
2) Many Ways to Save Battery Life!
3) Learn the Different Ways on How to Take Photos with your iPhone!
4) Add Speed Dial to your Home Screen!
5) Avoid Cancelled Syncs With iTunes!
6) Slim Down Your Wallet!
7) Learn How to Delete Single Calls from your Call Log & Individual Songs from your Music App!
8) Master Keyboard Secrets!
9) Super Fast Web Browsing!
10) Attachment Save Trick!
11) Get SMS Delivery Reports!
12) Add Custom Words to iPhone's Dictionary!
13) Free Up Memory!
14) Learn How to Add Auto-Text Shortcuts!
15) Discover How to Send Crash Reports to Crashing Apps straight to the Developers!
16) How to Use Text Formatting in Mail!
17) Discover Secret iPhone Codes!
18) Learn How to Enable Custom Alerts and Custom Vibration Alerts!
19) Make Your iPhone Theft-Proof!
20) Discover Many Money, Time and Battery Saving Tips and Tricks!

and much more!

✓ FAST, EASY SEARCHING! - Use the All New Search Feature to quickly and easily find the tips your looking for!

✓ ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE! - Includes many new tips and tricks for the all new iOS 5.0!

✓ REQUEST A TIP FEATURE! - Send us all your requests for any tips and tricks you would like to see in the app and we will try our best to include it in the upcoming update!

✓ INCREDIBLE VALUE! - Master your iPhone for an incredible £0.69!

✓ FREE LIFETIME UPDATES! -And with new secrets to appear free in future updates, Secrets for iPhone is a must have for any iPhone user!

✓ OVER 230,000 COPIES SOLD! - Join the hundreds of thousands who have already downloaded Secrets for iPhone and use your iPhone to its full capacity!

- Note: These secrets are for the iPhone - if you are looking for Secrets for iPod Touch or for the iPad then please check out our other apps "Secrets for iPod Touch" and "Secrets for iPad"

TurboViewer Pro
By IMSI/Design, LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 24, 2011
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link TurboViewer Pro

We are proud to announce the release of TurboViewer Pro v1.1.0!

TurboViewer Pro is a professional drawing viewer with powerful capabilities. In addition to the TurboViewer product line being the first and only native DWG™ viewer that supports both 2D and 3D CAD DWG files for the iOS platform, TurboViewer Pro extends the capability by providing hidden line, x-ray, shaded, layer management and more… all while maintaining its lightning fast 2D and 3D performance.

Enjoy smooth multi-touch navigation as you pan, zoom, and 3D orbit effortlessly around your DWG and DXF™ files. To view drawing files, send an email with DWG or DXF attachment to your iPad/iPhone email client. Drawing files can also be viewed through Web downloads, FTP, Dropbox and WebDav systems.

Built from the ground up -- and specifically optimized for mobile devices – The TurboViewer product line may be the fastest 2D and 3D drawing viewer on any platform.

NOTE: Please contact us before considering giving TurboViewer a low rating. Most of the problems you encounter can be easily resolved by our support team. We want to make sure you are happy with TurboViewer Pro and will make every effort to do so. Please contact us at: or call 1.800.833.8082 [press 2]. Please also review our online wiki help system at:

Additional features include:

Perspective views

View over 20+ industry standard CAD file formats including:

Support for international SHX fonts.

View model space and paper space layout

Visual styles, wireframe, hidden, x-ray, shaded, shaded with edges

Layer on/off/invert/all visible/invisible

Autosenses 2D or 3D drawings and sets the appropriate one finger multi-touch navigation mode and now with the ability to lock 2D pan mode only

Online wiki help system

Send DWG and DXF files via email attachment and open with TurboViewer Pro

View DWG and DXF files from the web, FTP, Dropbox, WebDAV

Localized in 14 languages including: English, Chinese Simplified, Czech, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish

Instant full screen preview while drawing is still loading

Save time with the ability to cancel a file during load

Restore saved AutoCAD® Views to quickly display the best visions of your design

Supports AutoCAD linetypes to maintain visual fidelity as intended

Please stay tuned for future innovative product announcements from IMSI/Design, makers TurboCAD®, the #1 best selling CAD in retail.

DWG is the native file format for Autodesk’s AutoCAD® software and is a trademark of Autodesk, Inc.

Visit for more information and updates.

By Synthesis AG
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price $14.99
Download iTunes app link Tasks+Cal+Sync

NOTE: This app IS compatible with iOS 5! If you experience problems, these are usually related to iCloud migration; please use the support link to get help. Please DON'T JUST COMPLAIN IN A REVIEW because then there's no way for me to contact you back and help.

Tasks+Cal+Sync is a SyncML-enabled advanced task and calendar management application for the iPhone and iPad.
Just swipe left and right to switch between multiple views, showing tasks, continuous calendar, week, day and list.

With Task+Cal+Sync you can quickly access and organize multiple calendars, large lists of ideas, projects and things to do, while taking advantage of the full power of both hierarchically structured or free form categories/tags. Complex tasks can be split up into subtasks and further sub-sub tasks if needed. On iOS 5 tasks can have location based alarms.

Coloured tags allow grouping and focusing tasks and calendar entries in a way immediately recognizable at the first glance. The calendar provides colored display of entries from multiple calendars. With a few taps calendar categories can be hidden or shown in any calendar view.

The integrated SyncML client and server allows synchronizing tasks, calendar (and also the address book) with any SyncML compliant server, service or mobile phone. This includes various enterprise collaboration systems and on-line personal information management services. Many smartphones and featurephones support SyncML and Wi-Fi and therefore can be directly synchronized with Tasks+Cal without exposing any data to external internet services.

Tasks+Cal+Sync supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion for quick entry of often used texts.

Before buying this program with the wrong expectations, please note that Tasks+Cal+Sync has its own calendar, and does not sync the built-in iPhone calendar. If you are looking for native iPhone calendar sync, check out our "SyncML PRO".

Please also be aware that this app's sync support is specifically targeted at services supporting the open SyncML standard. It does not directly sync with calendaring software which does not support SyncML (like iCal or Outlook). For some popular calendars third party solutions exist that add SyncML access (e.g. GooSync).

Please note that the services you might want to synchronize with are all third party offerings for which we are in no way responsible, and cannot provide support or guarantee particular features you might expect to be supported. Please also note that such solutions might have a price/fee attached. We are constantly testing Tasks+Cal with many SyncML solutions, but these are provided by independent companies who can change their feature set, policies and conditions according to their own terms.

The power of SyncML as an open synchronisation standard lies in the independence from a particular service. On the other hand this includes the possibility of services claiming SyncML compatibility which do not really comply with the standard. We put great efforts into making our software work with as many different services as possible even then - within the limits of SyncML standard compliance.
So please check with the provider of the software or service you want to use our application with first whether they support it.

Please visit the Tasks+Cal web page (see support link below) for support and FAQ, more information as well as documentation for download.

DishPointer AR Pro
By DP Technologies Ltd
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 18, 2011
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link DishPointer AR Pro

Point your phone towards the sky and see on the live camera screen where the satellites are, any line of sight (LoS) issues by trees or buildings and the look angles. Couldn't be easier to install your dish with this augmented reality satellite finder. As a professional installer said: "Invaluable, gets the job done in half the time"

Works best on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 since they have an internal compass. On the 3G and iPod Touch it works like an inclinometer - see the notes below.

See video here:
or search "DishPointer Youtube"

BusinessWeek: "Best iPhone Augmented Reality Apps for Business - Tracking Satellites in Space - DishPointer AR Pro"

Wall Street Journal: "An enterprise app"

Tele-Satellite: "Award winning DishPointer App: It's never been this easy to check satellite reception"

"As a broadcast professional, this app is unvaluable" UplynxSteve, Broadcaster

"I have never had so much value out of a program. I dumped a BB Bold because I needed this app!" 1955jmgs, Professional V-Sat Installer

"Revolutionary product, truly one if not the best app I have ever used for my line of work", Super Canadian, Professional Installer

"Worth every Penny!..It worked just as it says", tnterrapin, DIY-Installer

+ Augmented Reality, see the satellites on the display
+ Works world wide at any location with any satellite
+ Does not require cell signal or internet access
+ Select the satellites to be displayed from a list
+ Add or delete your own satellites to/from the list (PRO)
+ Displays satellite settings (azimuth, elevation, skew) and current magnetic as well as true heading for the screen center
+ Clarke Belt (satellite arc) is shown from east to west - all geostationary satellites are along this arc
+ When moving the iPhone laterally or vertically, the arc and the satellites move in real time with the live image
+ Ability to lock the compass, i.e. the arc won't move laterally anymore
+For 3G users, ability to enter a lateral reference point, such as a manual compass reading or an existing satellite position
+ Ability to enter location

Why get the Pro version?
+ Add your own satellites to the list, update them whenever you want - complete independence when satellite positions change or new ones appear - no need to wait for an official update. For business critical missions a must.
+Be on the safe side for future updates and new features. Pro version always take priority over the standard version.

Usage instructions
3GS/4 users:
1. Switch it on and tap AR View button
2. In camera mode, look at the bottom label and rotate iPhone until it heads towards south (true heading = 180°). (People located on the southern hemisphere should point the iPhone north).
3. Lift the iPhone and watch the satellites appear
4. Move the device laterally and see the satellites moving too
5. Compass is sensitive to interferences but and works best when device is held flat. You can lock the compass in that position and lift the iPhone up but don't move it laterally then.

3G/iPod Touch users:
1. As above but set the lateral reference mode first. The app needs to know in which direction you are pointing the iPhone. So either enter a manual compass bearing compensated for magnetic declination or a satellite position if you have already a working satellite or used DishPointer Maps for a reference Point.
2. Lift the iPhone up and see the arc but don't move the iPhone laterally, as it won't get shifted.

NOTE: The app does not require Cell or internet, works on its own.

If you have any problems or feedback, please drop us a line at We are anxious to make this product work perfectly for every one of you.

DishPointer® is a registered trademark of DP Technologies Ltd

VueScan Mobile
By Hamrick Software
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 20, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link VueScan Mobile

Accessing your WiFi enabled Scanner has never been easier. VueScan Mobile allows you to seamlessly scan documents and photos straight to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from HP, Canon, and Epson WiFi printer/scanners.

In addition to sending via Email and saving to the Photos App, Vuescan Mobile allows you to save scanned images to your favorite iOS apps that can open PDF or JPEG files such as iBooks, Dropbox, GoodReader, Evernote, etc.

You can see if your scanner will work with VueScan Mobile by reviewing the supported scanner list at You can also test your WiFi enabled scanner with the Mac OS X version of VueScan. Note that USB connected scanners are currently not supported.

VueScan includes support for 18 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Swedish.

If you have a problem with a scanner that is on our supported scanner list contact us within 30 days for a full refund.