BigTeams Live Results Pro Varmint Calls No Gi Essentials
BigTeams Live Results Pro Varmint Calls No Gi Essentials
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SpeedCoach Mobile Official Mossy Oak® Camo Wallpapers Baseball Radar Pro Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Chokes
SpeedCoach Mobile Official Mossy Oa... Baseball Radar Pro Brazilian Jiu Jit...
$49.99 $1.99 $0.99 $4.99
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SpeedPORT Animated Fishing Knots Triathlon Trainer Texas Baseball
SpeedPORT Animated Fishing ... Triathlon Trainer Texas Baseball
$29.99 $0.99 $6.99 $1.99
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Soccer Coach Pro EquiSketch Records Race Monitor CoachMe Football Edition Pro
Soccer Coach Pro EquiSketch Records Race Monitor CoachMe Football ...
$1.99 $4.99 $4.99 $5.99
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Boston Herald Baseball 2011 OptimalClub Snow Dice  : Snowboarding College Hoops Radio
Boston Herald Bas... OptimalClub Snow Dice : Snow... College Hoops Radio
$1.99 $1.99 $1.99 $0.99
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By BigTeams
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Oct 14, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link BigTeams

BigTeams brings you the most comprehensive HIGH SCHOOL sports app available for BigTeams powered high schools - before downloading be sure your school is part of the BigTeams network (you should see a BigTeams logo on your athletic website). We pull schedules, scores, news, and more from our member schools around the country into this customizable app – a portion of the proceeds benefits each school’s athletic department. If your team’s info isn’t included yet be sure to mention to your athletic director or booster club.

Live Results
By Big Fish Software
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Aug 1, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Live Results

This application is designed to easily navigate Web results that are produced by the Hy-Tek and SportSystems Meet Manager software (SportSystems software is primarily used by British Swimming).

The Meet Manager software is used by host teams for swimming and track & field meets to record results and produce reports. One of the nice features of the Meet Manager software is that it can produce a Live Results website with the click of a button. To see what “Live Results” look like in a web browser, use your favorite search engine to look for “Hy-Tek Live Results” or try the following link:


If you navigate to a Live Results website on your iPhone through a browser, you will see how difficult it is to navigate the results. This App provides easy navigation of the data displayed in the web browser. In addition to making it easier to navigate results, there is also a feature to switch to a filtered view so you only see your results or your teammates.

Although a large number of host teams use the Meet Manager software to manage their swimming and track & field meets, not all publish Live Results. You will usually find Live Results for larger and championship type meets. The host team will usually put a “Live Results” link on their meet information web page when they will be providing this information.

If the host team publishes the start lists, you may be able to see heat and lane assignments. This is generally done after scratches, so it would not be available until just before the start of a session (if the host chooses to do this).

It is my goal to provide a useful tool for swimmers, coaches, parents, grandparents, friends… anyone who wants to track meet results, but does not have access to a computer.

Please keep in mind that this app can only display results that have been posted to the internet. It is up to the meet personnel to update the results after the event is completed. Some meets are better than others doing this.

Pro Varmint Calls
By Christopher Conner
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Jan 30, 2010
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Pro Varmint Calls

This app plays all of the most popular sounds for bringing in all kinds of Varmints and Predators.
The sounds will call in any animal that preys on small animals including Coyotes, Bobcats, Foxes, Wolf, Mountain lions and more).

Supports plugging in an external amplified loud speakers/headphone to headphone jack for amplifying the volume, so sounds can be heard long distances. Will also route calls through iPhone connector at bottom of unit.

After selected to play, the call will play continuously until manually stopped by the user.

Follow us on Twitter for promos/giveaways:

No Gi Essentials
By Roy Dean Academy
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Oct 28, 2011
Price $24.99
Download iTunes app link No Gi Essentials

Submission grappling, or no gi jiu jitsu, is a timeless expression of the art. In this stunning iPad application, Roy Dean explains the techniques and strategies that make all the difference for beginning and intermediate players.

12 private lessons are featured, plus live rolling footage and analysis. This is a deep application, designed for multiple viewings. Chapters include:

Essential Movements
Essential Grips
Guard Options
Mount Options
Sidemount Escapes
Opening the Guard
Leglock Techniques
Leg Combinations
No Gi Essentials
Rolling Analysis

“The more you improve, the more you’ll get out of No Gi Essentials. It is quite possibly Roy Dean’s best DVD to date, an impressive achievement considering the high standard he has set in the past.”

-Can Sonmez

“If you want smaller details on making your armbar better, tightening your footlocks, or even a few more ideas than you already have, this is a bargain. Consider it the most well thought out 2hr private lesson on no gi grappling you’ll ever get, at one quarter the price!”

-Paul Pedrazzi
Norcal BJJ

Roy Dean holds black belts in multiple martial arts, including Judo, Aikido, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is highly regarded for his precise instruction and smooth application of techniques.

SpeedCoach Mobile
By Performance Phones, LLC
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Nov 20, 2011
Price $49.99
Download iTunes app link SpeedCoach Mobile

SpeedCoach Mobile works like a regular NK SpeedCoach but without wires, impellers or magnets! All you need is your iPhone or iPod touch and a waterproof case! Real-time data, fully programmable workouts, and flexible storage and export of all of your workout data!

(Note - contrary to outdated reviews, there are no additional charges or fees. Try the free version for yourself before you buy.)

* SpeedCoach Mobile can measure stroke rates in rowing & sculling shells of all sizes, canoes, kayaks and dragonboats.

* On the iPod touch, use an attached GPS receiver such as the Bad Elf GPS accessory for speed and distance data.

* Real-time data includes: stroke rate, distance, speed, pace, elapsed time, check & bounce factors, heart rate, meters per stroke, and more.

* Select one of the provided workouts or create one of your own based on time, distance, or stroke count

* Create custom courses and the app will start the timer automatically when you cross the start line and stop when you reach the finish.

* An auto-start feature starts the timer when the first stroke is taken

* All workout data is recorded and can be reviewed on the device or exported for use with compatible desktop applications and web sites. Supported export formats: GPX, KML, TCX, and CSV. No upload charges or hidden fees!

* Supports the Fisica Fitness Sensor Key from Wahoo Fitness for heart rate monitoring.

- Waterproof cases are available to protect your iPhone on the water. See our web site for more information.

SpeedCoach and SpeedCoach Mobile are trademarks and registered trademarks of Nielsen-Kellerman, Inc. and are used under license by Performance Phones, LLC.

Official Mossy Oak® Camo Wallpapers
By Appible LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Oct 24, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Official Mossy Oak® Camo Wallpapers

As part of your purchase of this app you will receive a coupon code good for 10% off your entire next purchase at the Official Mossy Oak Store online ( )! This offer and the coupon code are good until November 30, 2011 so act today!

***Please note - this universal app includes Mossy Oak® wallpapers for the iPhone, iPod touch AND iPad. If you would like Mossy Oak® wallpapers for the iPad only please see our app "Mossy Oak Camo Wallpapers HD".***

As part of the Digital Skin™ series, Appible™ is proud to have partnered with Mossy Oak® to bring you this official collection of wallpapers for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

It all began in West Point, Mississippi, with a fistful of dirt. Obsessed with the notion of getting closer to critters, Mossy Oak’s founder and CEO, Toxey Haas, gathered up a bag of leaves, sticks and dirt from under his favorite hunting tree, walked into a fabric factory and dropped it on the counter. Facing an audience of startled faces he made a bold request, “Can you print fabric that looks like the stuff in the bag?” People snickered, shook their heads and probably contemplated calling security. Little did they know he was on to something big.

It may have all begun with a fistful of dirt, but nobody really knows where it might end. Driven by both our passion for hunting and intense desire to develop the perfect camouflage pattern, we are devoted to testing, trying, experimenting and questioning everything we do. It's a relentless quest for perfection and results in break-through thinking and trend-setting patterns.

Now you can get our innovative patterns right on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Share our obsession with these retina display wallpapers designed specifically for your device.

***Please note that this app requires a WiFi or 3G connection to work.***

Baseball Radar Pro
By studio S software, LLC
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated May 24, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Baseball Radar Pro



Baseball Radar Pro is the most efficient and most affordable way to keep track of and clock your pitches.


- If your friend thinks he can throw harder than you, and you don't think he can, you now have a way to settle it.
- A great tool for coaches and parents to take a snapshot of their kid's performance.
- Think the coaches pitch pitcher is throwing too hard, prove it to him.
- Have a speedy neighbor, and know the distance between two mailboxes, you now have a way to show him how fast he is going.
- Sitting at a professional baseball game or on your couch and want to know how fast the pitcher is throwing, you can clock him without being directly behind home plate.


- 9 different pre-set distances
- Fully customizable distances to allow for measuring many objects
- keeps track of pitch count
- incorporates a Estimate Stride Length Feature that uses statistical averages to increase the accuracy of the reading
- settings for miles per hour or kilometers per hour
- settings for feet or meters
- keeps a record of pitches thrown that can be recalled at any time.
- To allow for easy searching, sorts pitch data based on the date.
- Allows easy exporting of pitch data via email along with a summary of performance.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Chokes
By Mobile Black Belt
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Oct 18, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Chokes

In this App, you will learn 20 chokes, including lapel chokes, collar chokes and arm triangles.

Aparecido Faria, “Professor Bill”, is a 2X Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and 5X Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu National Champion. He began training in Brazil at the age of 7. He is currently a 3rd degree Black Belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. and the head instructor at Gracie Barra Rohnert Park in Northern California.

NOTE: The videos in this app will download to your device, so once you have downloaded you can watch them anywhere with no need for an internet connection. Since this is a large app, download to your computer first, then synch with you device, OR, download to your device via WiFi and a fast connection to the internet.


1. Shoulder Roll Choke
2. Two Hands Choke
3. Arm Trap Choke
4. Brabo from Side Control
5. Brabo from Closed Guard
6. Brabo from Half Guard
7. Bow and Arrow

8. Baseball
9. Collar and Leg
10. Loop Choke
11. Step Over Loop Choke
12. Clock Choke 1
13. Clock Choke 2
14. Whizzer Choke
15. Belt Grab
16. DLR to Loop Choke

17. Sweep the Arm
18. Head and Arm
19. Reverse Triangle

By Autospeed Performance, LLC.
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Mar 24, 2011
Price $29.99
Download iTunes app link SpeedPORT

Introducing SpeedPORT(r), a revolutionary application created for auto enthusiasts. SpeedPORT allows you to switch performance profiles of your vehicle's Engine Management Software, Scan Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Reset Check Engine Lights, View Engine Parameters Real-time and more!

SpeedPORT was developed by AutoSpeed to complement the line of performance tuning software for Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche automobiles.

The SpeedPORT application has 3 main functions: Profiles, Scan Codes and DataDASH.


To use this module owners must have their Engine Management Software upgraded by an authorized SpeedPORT(r) reseller. Please visit for availability, profiles offered for your vehicle and the location of the nearest flash center.

Once a customer vehicle is flashed with our performance software; in a typical scenario, users can switch the program of their car from "Stock" mode to high performance modes. The performance profiles are based on fuel octane levels. Each profile gains tremendous torque and horsepower across the rpm range as programmed by our expert tuners utilizing our in-house dynamometer.

Users can also select "Valet" mode which reduces power output to a fraction of stock levels. This allows you peace of mind while giving the keys of your vehicle to family, friends or valet drivers.

Lastly all performance programs include a "Theft" mode which renders the vehicle disabled, making it impossible to start with or without the key. Users must enter a 4 digit pin code to "unlock" the vehicle from the protected Valet and Theft modes.


Use SpeedPORT(r) to diagnose and RESET your Check Engine Light. You can access your car's onboard diagnostics system to read/clear stored and pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). The fault codes are translated using our built-in OBD-II Codes database of more than 2000 Codes! Our database includes manufacturer specific codes for VAG vehicles not generic descriptions. This eliminates the need for external OBD-II Code translation and gives an accurate result saving you valuable time and money in diagnosing potential problems.


Use SpeedPORT(r) to display up to 5 engine parameters simultaneously in real-time. The parameters available for display and recording are dependent on the specific make and model of your vehicle's engine management software. Parameters can be recorded and stored on the device in csv format making analysis and charting in external spreadsheet programs easy.

Typical Parameters are:

-Calculated Engine Load
-Engine Coolant Temperature
-Short Term Fuel Trim %
-Long Term Fuel Trim %
-Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure
-Engine RPM
-Vehicle Speed
-Timing Advance
-Intake Air Temperature
-Mass Air Flow Rate
-Throttle Position
-Barometric Pressure


1.SpeedPORT REQUIRES a wireless interface to function and communicate with your car's onboard diagnostics system. The wireless interface is sold separately. Please see to find a reseller
2.The Profiles module only functions with vehicles that have had a SpeedPORT performance program loaded. Performance Programs for the profile module are sold separately and must be installed by an authorized SpeedPORT(r) reseller, please visit for availability.
3.The Scan Codes and DataDASH modules function on most vehicles manufactured from 1996 to present and do not require a performance program to be present.
4.SpeedPORT has only been tested and is only approved for use on Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche automobiles.

The SpeedPORT application user manual can be found at

Animated Fishing Knots
By John Sherry
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Oct 10, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Animated Fishing Knots

A "TOP 10 BOATING APP FOR THE IPHONE" by PropTalk Magazine, May 2010 issue

31 Best Fishing Knots = best value in the store. Plus 2 emergency hook removal techniques!

Animations are a great way to learn to tie knots. The Animated Fishing Knots App makes learning to tie knots easy and fun! Each of 31 fishing knots has its own animation video, a picture of the finished knot and a description of the knot’s use.

The following 31 best fishing knots are included (the most fishing knots of any App in the store):

Knots for tying on tackle:
•Drop Shot Rig
•Egg Loop
•Eye Crosser Knot (Knot Wars winner)
•Fish N Fool Knot (Knot Wars winner)
•Improved Clinch Knot
•Knotless Knot
•Offshore Swivel Knot
•Orvis Knot
•Palomar Knot
•San Diego Jam Knot
•Snell Knot Uni version
•Snell Knot Traditional version
•Trilene Knot
•Uni Knot
•World’s Fair Knot

Knots for tying two lines together:
•Albright Special
•Blood Knot
•Double Uni Knot
•J Knot
•Nail Knot
•Seaguar Knot (Fluorocarbon to mono)
•Slim Beauty (Awesome leader knot)
•Surgeon’s Knot
•Yucatan Knot

Knots for tying loops in line:
•Bimini Twist
•Dropper Loop
•Non Slip Loop Knot
•Perfection Loop
•Rapala Knot
•Surgeon’s End Loop

•Arbor Knot (Tie line to reel)
•Hook Removal (two techniques, animated)

- 31 carefully selected best fishing knots
- Knots are listed and searchable alphabetically by name or by category and use.
- Pause, and play the video with controls
- Info page shows completed knot and gives information about the knot and its use.

Email us your comments and suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

Triathlon Trainer
By JammyCo.
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Aug 29, 2011
Price $6.99
Download iTunes app link Triathlon Trainer

Have you ever wanted to complete an international/olympic (1.5k, 40k, 10k) distance triathlon? TriTrainer (Triathlon Trainer) will help you accomplish this goal.
-------------Special Price: 30% Off-----------------(If you are looking to complete a shorter distance triathlon, please see our other App called 1stTimeTri in the App Store.)

Written by a former professional triathlete and triathlon coach, TriTrainer provides a personalized 16-week workout plan to prepare you for an international distance triathlon. Whether you are a novice or an experienced cyclist, swimmer or runner that wants to cross over into triathlons, TriTrainer is for you.

Some of the app’s distinctive features are:

* A full 16-week training plan with detailed daily workouts.

* A training plan customized to your ability level. You can choose whether you are at a beginning or intermediate level in each sport (swimming, biking and running). Or, if you are a more experienced triathlete, you can choose a separate advanced level workout plan.

* A training program customized to your scheduling needs, allowing you to choose the one “Rest Day” a week that you want in addition to which days you swim, bike and run on.

* Over 30 invaluable “Triathlon Tips From A Pro.”

* Comprehensive training resources, covering such topics as proper form, equipment, race strategy, workout guidelines, and nutrition.

* Track your training progress as you complete each workout.

* Enter in your personal observations and/or data in the workout notes section.

What our customers are saying:

I've used the app to train for my first international distance tri and was able to get within 4 minutes of my goal time. Not bad for this couch potato, and couldn't have done it without this app.

Just thought I'd let you know that I finished my first Olympic Tri in many years - and after just 15 weeks following your plan :-)
The race didn't quite go to plan as I had a bit of a crash on the bike when my chain jumped off when climbing uphill - however I jumped back on and completed the rest of the bike course - and overtook 20 or so people. Your training plan really helped get me through the whole event even when I was hurting from the crash
So thanks once again for the great App - it's been really fun to follow - I'm going to do another race in a few weeks and try and stay on my bike this time!

Note: In order to be able to start the training program at the beginning level, you should be able to do the following (individually, not one after another): (1) swim a total of 400 yards (350 meters) during a particular workout (this can include stops in-between laps); (2) bike for 30 minutes without stopping, at an easy, leisurely pace; and (3) run for at least 15 minutes continuously at an easy, leisurely pace.

We want to deliver a high quality application that you feel is worth 5 stars. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any bug reports, suggestions, questions or concerns. Most of all, we would love to receive a race report after you complete your triathlon!

JammyCo is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: Parents
Categories: Parents

Texas Baseball
By Appness
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated May 19, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Texas Baseball

Texas Baseball, the unofficial app of the Texas Rangers, keeps you on top of the latest Rangers news as it happens.

Easy to use interface, free of ads and clutter
Current Rangers news, primarily from local sources
News sharing via email, facebook or twitter
Live Scores of Rangers games, inning by inning
Rangers schedule
Major League standings
Player stats
Native iOS environment

Soccer Coach Pro
By Graphate LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Soccer Coach Pro

Soccer Coach Pro is a play editor, practice designer, and team management app. You can design and save plays and drills, store your rosters, and present your work on external displays, projectors, or full screen on your device.

General Features:
- Save "Plays" and "Drills"
- Write and save general notes or notes specific to your plays
- Save "Formations" as templates to make plays faster and more efficiently
- Manage your team with the Roster Editor
- Present plays on an external display, projector or in full screen on your device
- Share plays and rosters as files with iTunes File Share or email them
- Export plays as photos

Play Editor Features:
- Full or Half field
- Add orange cones
- Add soccer balls
- Add and move player objects
- Change color of player objects
- Add text to player objects

Drawing Features:
- Dashed or Solid lines
- Automatic arrow option
- Change marker color
- Change marker size
- Undo
- Eraser
- Clear screen

EquiSketch Records
By EquiSketch LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Nov 14, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link EquiSketch Records

** Featured in the June 2011 issue of Horse Illustrated Magazine! **

Manage all aspects of your equestrian life on the go with EquiSketch Records! Enter and record important information about every horse, rider, show and event with a simple and easy to use interface. Reminders and notifications are automatically generated for important dates and presented in an easy to review list. With the ability to add a picture to nearly every record, the most accurate details can be captured and optionally emailed to veterinarians, trainers, farriers or anyone else, without ever leaving the app.

Have multiple horses or manage a stable? The utilities menu has options for creating records of farrier work, dental exams and more for multiple horses!

Run a training facility or have multiple students? The new rider menu allows you to track the progress of every student and set reminders for the focus and goals of future lessons!

Manage your horses:

• Basic Information, including history of size and weight
• Training
• Contacts linked to Address Book
• Medical Normals
• Vet Visits
• Dental Exams
• Coggins Tests
• Medications (Symptomatic and Preventative)
• Nutrition
• General Medical Notes
• Farrier Work
• Breeding History
• General Notes and Events
• Reminders of Important Dates

Manage your riders:

• Names linked to contact information
• Disciplines and skill levels
• Lessons
• Certifications and Memberships
• General Notes

Manage your shows:

• Venues
• Start and Ending Dates
• Complete Listing of Shows
• Individual Events for every Show:
• Date and Time
• Score / Time
• Place / Results
• Horse and Rider
• General Notes

Backup and Share your Records:

• Export records to a CSV file for viewing as a spreadsheet in Excel or Numbers
• Email CSV file or use iTunes File Sharing to share or backup records
• Backup database and images via Email

With EquiSketch Records, you control how much information you need and how much is available at your finger tips.

More screenshots and information available at

Follow us on twitter:
Like us on Facebook:

Race Monitor
By Karting Coach, Inc.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Sep 20, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link Race Monitor

Race Monitor gives racers and spectators alike, the ability to view live timing data from MyLaps timing system's via the RMonitor protocol.

With Race Monitor, you can view racer lap times as they occur, group racers by category (if multiple classes are racing at the same time), and sort by race position or qualifying position.

** Race Monitor requires that you are able to connect to the RMonitor server provided by the track, either via the track's wireless network, or the internet if the track makes timing available over the internet. **

CoachMe Football Edition Pro
By MeApps Studio LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Sports
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $5.99
Download iTunes app link CoachMe Football Edition Pro

Football season is upon us! And for those of you involved in coaching this great sport we have just the app to help you out. Regardless what kind of coach you are, assistant coach or head coach, youth or high school this app will get your creative juices going and help you save precious time when teaching your players. This app features an extremely easy interface with all needed tools at your finger tips.

Times and technology are changing but the old fashion use of a blackboard to diagram plays still holds its value. This app gives you the chance to still use that blackboard for quick references or examples. However, it also has the capability for planning in advance by saving your plays so you can minimize the amount of time you spend talking to the wall while drawing and erasing plays. Get the most out of your chalk talk or coaches meeting with CoachMe Football Edition Pro.

General Features:

•Easy to use player scroll bar on the bottom of the app
•Snap to grid feature for perfect alignment
•3 different drawing features (Run, Block, Motion)
•Play simulator that will actually run the play you design
•Shake feature to erase screen
•Save formations and plays
•Automatic route/run/block reset when you draw new line on player
•Preset general defenses available on scroll bar
•Display externally on a projector
•Automatic save feature so you don’t lose play when you back out of app
•Available on iPad, iPhone, iPod

Boston Herald Baseball 2011
By Herald Interactive, Inc.
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Oct 25, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Boston Herald Baseball 2011

Boston Red Sox coverage from the Boston Herald’s team of baseball writers and columnists highlights this app that is a `must have’ for every card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation.
Don't miss a single pitch of the 2011 season as Herald beat reporters Michael Silverman, John Tomase and Scott Lauber bring you all the Red Sox news as it happens, mixing in thorough analysis of the team and keeping an eye on the events that affect all of MLB.
The Herald Baseball 2011 app also gives you a front row seat to the Herald's Clubhouse Insider blog, which carries team news, insights and analysis daily. In addition to stories, columns, blogs and Twitter feeds, Boston Herald Baseball 2011 features photographs and video from the newspaper’s award-winning photography staff.
With this app, Sox fans can voice opinions on exclusive comment boards. Will the Red Sox have a banner year? Who is the best pitcher in the Sox rotation? What’s your favorite concession food at Fenway Park? Sign in to let the Nation know what you’re thinking.
The app also allows our readers to send in video, photos and their Sox news. Fans who are Twitter and Facebook users will enjoy the easy-to-use posting options, as well as the email and text messaging functions available for all articles, columns and blog posts.
Featuring a comprehensive baseball statistics package, Boston Herald Baseball 2011 brings fans:
•real-time scoreboards for all MLB games, including the Red Sox
•league standings
•schedules for the Red Sox and every other MLB team
•individual player pages for every MLB player that includes up-to-the-minute season statistics as well as year-by-year numbers
•American League and National League leaders for such categories as home runs, batting average, RBI, hits, wins, ERA, strikeouts and saves
•Rosters for all teams, including the Red Sox

Other features are planned for later in the season. Many will appear without the need to update the app.

This app is not associated with the Boston Red Sox or Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.

By QualityGolfStats, LLC
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Aug 9, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link OptimalClub


For a limited time, get OptimalClub at 90% discount and save $18 !

OptimalClub is the most innovative and exciting new golf GPS app of 2010! It is the only app with the power to change your golf game.

*** OptimalClub runs on v3GS, v4, v4S, and iPad ***

OptimalClub is the world's most powerful golf GPS app you can buy. It gives you accurate club distances and feedback superior to any golf GPS tool you may have. It uses modern ball flight prediction technology compatible with FlightScope™ and TrackMan™ launch monitor results PLUS it offers feedback WHERE to aim your golf shot to counter the effects of a cross wind!

OptimalClub has the tools to optimize your golf game and change your golf game in a BIG way. Any other golf GPS or laser rangefinder that doesn't account for wind, weather, and course elevation differences is incomplete, obsolete, and inadequate for club selection.

YouTube Testimonial Video of a Tour Pro:

The unique combination of GPS, compass, aerial maps and current local weather station feedback along with sophisticated ball flight prediction technology makes this all possible.

Get your essential golf distances in OptimalClub quickly: how far is it to target, what is the elevation change, and how far each club will travel under current wind, temperature, and altitude.

OptimalClub offers an unique integration of technology and information that can satisfy the highest skill level of golfers, yet appeals to and benefit golfers of all levels.

Gain Advantage from Modern Ball Flight Prediction Technology with Optimal Club…..
• Make more INFORMED clubbing decisions. Hit shots closer to the pin!
• KNOW the effects of elevation.
• KNOW the effects of wind direction and speed.
• Optimal Club INSTANTLY and ACCURATELY COMPUTES what club you should hit.
• Learn how much longer or shorter a club plays under ANY wind, temperature or elevation difference
• Optimal Club is the MOST INTELLIGENT caddy you will ever have!

G. Sampson reports: "This is truly one of a kind app. Take it from me... this app is as good as having a PGA Tour Caddie on your bag. I am an accomplished player myself and I have noticed my distance control has been much improved as well!"

GolfWeek Today Northwest edition May 2011 issue reports "OptimalClub iPhone Outdistances Yardage Devices"

OptimalClub makes history with first recorded hole-in-one with app on May 15, 2011 for a 198 yard shot. It picked the right club!

OptimalClub offers an interactive aerial map for an amazing experience. The phone's internal compass automatically align maps for you when facing the fairway. Zoom in, zoom out, or rotate the map! See hazards downrange clearly. Pick the right club and avoid them!

See short introduction video on YouTube:

• Quick shot set up on an interactive aerial map and see club options instantly
• Accurate distances and course elevation change to any spot on the course in seconds. Is it uphill or downhill?
• Powerful rangefinder mode. Get distance to any spot quickly.
• Club distance results under actual conditions are shown on golf course map.
• See wind direction. Know how it affects ball flight and where to aim it!
• Build bags of club distances and inventory your clubs!
• Store partial swing club distances.
• Hole in one odds calculator.
• Benefit from modern ball flight prediction technology for more accurate club distance feedback.

OptimalClub Golf GPS makes club selection easy! It is a game changer and creates more enjoyable and satisfying rounds of golf, while you train yourself to hit closer to the pin. It's the best electronic golf caddie you'll ever have.

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Snow Dice : Snowboarding
By Hollis Group Ltd.
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Nov 18, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Snow Dice  : Snowboarding

The must have app for EVERY snowboarder this winter! 

The Official 'Snow Dice' App, named in Yahoo's Top 10 Sport and Health Apps is NOW available for the iPhone and now includes the world's 1st Tricktionary and Slopestyle mode.

As featured on Transworld Snowboarding, TTR World Tour, Mountain Watch, YoBeat, Board World,,,,, Shred on Mag, MPORA and more……

Are you into jibbing and jumping and want to become a better snowboarder? Want to challenge your buddies on the slopes? Want a bigger bag of tricks? The 'Snow Dice' App is for YOU and can make your most mundane day on the hill more exciting than a trip to Disneyland.

The 'Snow Dice' App allows you to 'Roll the Dice' and get a random trick for you to attempt on the slopes.

Using the 'Snow Dice' App is simple:
- Download the 'Snow Dice' App
- Launch the App when your out on the snow and ready to throw down
- Physically shake your iPhone to 'Roll the Dice'
- Read out the trick that the 'Snow Dice' randomly selects
- Go and try the trick!

'SNOW DICE' : Shake - Roll - Go!

- Jump and Rail Modes
- 8 different grabs options for jumps
- All 4 spin directions while jumping
- Rail mode includes lipslides, presses and pretzels
- Spin on/off 180's and 270's for jibbing
- Big Graphics for easy viewing on the hill
- Choose a Spin or Choose a Grab wildcard options
- Customs settings for 180-1080 jump options
- Easy, Medium and Hard Rail Mode Settings
- Custom difficulty settings for jibbing
- Literally thousands of different trick combinations
- Now includes the Snowboarding 'TRICKTIONARY'.

What is the Tricktionary?
FREE of charge - Comprehensive descriptions and breakdowns for EVERY trick in the book. Don't know what an indy grab is? Just hold down your finger on any of the dice and let the 'Snow Dice' tell you.

What's Slopestyle Mode?
Now you can choose up to 3 tricks in a row to roll. Jump, rail to jump, an all rail jib session or any combo of your choosing. Practice going back to back tricks down the park as you roll the dice and swipe along to see your line. The app automatically realizes if you come in switch from a feature to hit the next feature the same way so no more reverting around. Your now set to go, challenge yourself and become a better slope style rider.

Want easier tricks? No problem. Just change the settings and the dice will be totally customized to you and your ability level. Rails or jumps, straight airs to 1080's - you'd decide how much of a challenge you want.

For giveaways, trick updates, exclusive videos and more join the worldwide 'Snow Dice' community at

This is NOT a video game! The 'Snow Dice' App is designed for real snowboarders to use on the hill when they are actually snowboarding. The 'Snow Dice' App is made by snowboarders - for snowboarders!

Snowboarding is an extreme sport which can sometime results in injuries and even death. Send It! Apps and the 'Snow Dice' staff are not legally liable for any accidents that might occur while trying the tricks the 'Snow Dice' App suggests. If you do not feel comfortable trying a 'Snow Dice' trick, PLEASE DO NOT TRY IT! The 'Snow Dice' App is a progression tool, not an excuse to try something you aren't ready for. Practice Smart Style, always wear a helmet and ride to your ability level. By choosing to buy this app you agree to these warnings.


College Hoops Radio
By Ripe Stocks
Device iPhone
Category Sports
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link College Hoops Radio

* Listen to your favorite college basketball teams live on your iPhone!
* Over 195 teams - more than any other app!
* Over 575 stations - more than any other app!
* Full schedule so you never miss a live game!
* Listen to games in the background while you use other apps!
* Save your favorite stations for instant listening.

Listen to the following teams live:
Air Force
Appalachian State
Arizona State
Austin Peay
Boise State
Boston College
Boston University
Brigham Young
Chicago State
Coastal Carolina
Delaware State
East Carolina
East Tennessee State
Eastern Michigan
Eastern Washington
Florida Atlantic
Florida International
Florida State
Fresno State
George Washington
Georgia State
Georgia Tech
Illinois State
Indiana State
Iowa State
Kansas State
La Salle
Loyola Marymount
Miami (FL)
Michigan State
Middle Tennessee
Mississippi State
Missouri State
Montana State
Morgan State
New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Carolina State
North Florida
North Texas
Northern Arizona
Northern Colorado
Notre Dame
Ohio State
Oklahoma State
Old Dominion
Ole Miss
Oregon State
Penn State
Portland State
Rhode Island
Saint Joseph's
Saint Louis
Saint Mary's
San Diego
San Diego State
San Francisco
San Jose State
Santa Clara
Savannah State
Seton Hall
South Carolina
South Florida
Southern Illinois
Southern Miss
St. Bonaventure
St. John's
Stephen F. Austin
Stony Brook
Tennessee State
Texas A&M
Texas Tech
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UNC Greensboro
Utah State
Virginia Commonwealth
Virginia Military
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest
Washington State
Weber State
West Virginia
Western Carolina
Western Michigan
Wichita State
William & Mary
Youngstown State