Rowmote: Remote Control for Mac and Apple TV Emoji. Ballistic: Field Tactical Edition IT Tools
Rowmote: Remote C... Emoji. Ballistic: Field ... IT Tools
$0.99 $0.99 $19.99 $4.99
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Mil-Dot Ballistics SignalScope Downloads Creative Book Builder - create, edit & publish your ebooks
Mil-Dot Ballistics SignalScope Downloads Creative Book Bui...
$14.99 $24.99 $1.99 $3.99
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IP Network Scanner SMS Export Minecraft Skins Pro Flashlight - 4 in 1. Flashlight, Strobe, Morse Code, Lighted Magnifier
IP Network Scanner SMS Export Minecraft Skins Pro Flashlight - 4 in...
$9.99 $4.99 $0.99 $0.99
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Catholic Devotions Glow Draw!! Qrafter Pro - QR Code Reader and Generator LookTel Money Reader
Catholic Devotions Glow Draw!! Qrafter Pro - QR ... LookTel Money Reader
$1.99 $0.99 $2.99 $9.99
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StopDisaster Minecraft Skins Pro: Shuffle  Emoji icons  i-Emoji-icons .μɣ 1,000,000 HD Wallpapers for iPad, iPhone Retina and iPod Touch
StopDisaster Minecraft Skins P...  Emoji icons ... 1,000,000 HD Wall...
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Rowmote: Remote Control for Mac and Apple TV
By Evan Schoenberg
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Rowmote: Remote Control for Mac and Apple TV

* Rowmote brings the simplicity and power of the Apple hardware remote, with perfect control of dozens of applications, to your iPhone or iPod Touch! Please read more below :) *

You love the remote control which came with your Mac - so simple yet elegant, with easy control of Front Row, iTunes, Quicktime, DVD Player, Keynote, and more.

Or, your Mac didn’t come with a remote control or doesn’t even have an infrared port. Buying a remote control, from Apple or a third party, would carry a significant cost!

You carry your iPhone or iPod Touch wherever you go... so why should you carry a second device just to control your computer? Furthermore, why should you need line-of-sight to do so?

Enter Rowmote! Rowmote is like your Mac or Apple TV’s remote control, but over the wireless network and even better! By tapping the Apps button, you get bonus abilities, switching between controlled programs, toggling the iTunes Visualizer, and more. Rowmote will even wake sleeping Macs.


- Control your Mac or Apple TV over a wireless network. No line of sight necessary.

- Functions just like the hardware Apple Remote Control in:
• Front Row
• Adobe Lightroom 2
• Airfoil Video
• Amarra
• Aperture
• Apple TV (after software installation)
• Boxee
• DVD Player
• eyeTV 3.x
• Firefox
• Hulu Desktop
• iPhoto
• iTunes
• Keynote ‘08 & ‘09
• kJams Pro
• Logic
• Microsoft Powerpoint ‘04 & ‘08
• mPlayer
• Movist
• OpenOffice Impress
• Preview
• Quicktime
• PandoraBoy
• PandoraJam
• PandoraOne Desktop
• Plex
• Safari
• Skim
• Songbird
• Spotify
• Squire
• The Tube
• xbmc (Xbox Media Center)

- SWITCH: Access your Mac’s Dock, launching & switch between all controllable applications on the Mac, toggle the iTunes visualizer, and more. Order & display customizable.

- Click-and-hold works just like on the physical remote in applications; for example, holding the right button fast-forwards, while a single click is ‘next’. This is a feature no other iPhone remote control I know of does properly!

- SLEEP AND WAKE: Put your Mac to sleep by holding the Play button for 3 seconds while controlling any Apple application, just like the hardware remote. Rowmote automatically wakes up sleeping machines which are connected via Ethernet!

- Pause the music or video automatically when you answer a call on your iPhone
- Proximity sensor support to automatically turn the screen off if the device is face-down
- Automatically enables Front Row in Mac OS X 10.4, even if your computer doesn’t have an infrared port.
- Secure authentication
- Optional dark interface


• Mac OS X 10.4.0 or later or an unlocked Apple TV.
• Mac: The free Rowmote Helper program must be running on the Mac to be controlled. Download at Some features require later versions of Mac OS X.
• Apple TV: Apple TV installation requires unlock and installation of the Rowmote Helper plugin. Please see
• The iPhone or iPod Touch must be on the same wireless network (a computer-to-computer, or ‘Ad Hoc’, network works, as well). If a firewall is enabled, Rowmote Helper must be allowed access or port 5842 must be opened.

Rowmote is a steal! Couple it with Apple’s free Remote app to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into the ultimate controller for home stereo, mobile presentation, or casual video viewing.

The artwork of Rowmote was designed by Rik Schennink.

By Apptures
Device iPhone
Category Utilities
Updated May 22, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Emoji.

Have you ever seen people using fun "emoticon" images in their text messages, notes, email, and other iPhone/iPad applications? Well now you can too - with Emoji. Express yourself in New and Fun ways with Emoji.!

When you install this app your iPhone & iPad will have instant access to over 460 fun and useful emoticon images to creatively express yourself in:
☺ text messages
☺ emails
☺ notes
☺ naming contacts
☺ calendar events
☺ and other iPhone/iPod Touch applications

Choose from Smileys, People, Animals, Food, Places, Clothing, Sports, Religious, Technology, Musical, Transportation, Flags, and much more!

Everyone has FUN with Emoji.

***App Instructions***

The Emoji keyboard will automatically install to your device the first time you launch Emoji. app.
After Launching the app you will need to "ENABLE" the Emoji Emoticons keyboard. To do this follow these steps:
1. Restart Your iPhone iPad, or iPod Touch.
2. After Restarting your Device, go to Settings ➜ General ➜ Keyboard ➜ International Keyboards ➜ Add New Keyboard... ➜ then select "Emoji" from the list of available keyboards!

You will now be able to use ALL of the 460+ Emoji Emoticons by tapping the "globe" button on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Keyboard.

Compatible with all iOS Devices - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch!!!


Ballistic: Field Tactical Edition
By Jonathan Zdziarski
Device iPhone
Category Utilities
Updated Oct 17, 2011
Price $19.99
Download iTunes app link Ballistic: Field Tactical Edition

Ballistic FTE is the field firing version of Ballistic: a fast, highly-accurate ballistic trajectory calculator for the iPhone. The ballistic computer calculates trajectory, windage, velocity, energy, and flight time for a projectile at any valid range, and can compensate for atmospheric conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and altitude. It's also much more than a basic trajectory calculator. With a vast library of over 2,800 projectiles and factory loads, range estimation calculator, and a range log, Ballistic is a complete mobile companion for hunting or at the range.

Ballistic's world renowned JBM ballistics engine delivers the gold standard in calculations that other applications compare themselves to.

The FTE version of Ballistic includes all of the great features you'll find in the standard edition of the software, plus an advanced head-up display for mounted operation. The HUD provides real-time angle acquisition, one-touch atmospheric correction, and scroll wheels to quickly change projectile profiles and distance.


- World renowned JBM ballistics engine for the most precise, accurate calculations in the industry
- Select from a library of over 1,500 commercial and military projectiles and over 1,400 factory loads from leading manufacturers or specify your own projectile properties. Includes latest 2009 commercial data and military coefficients established at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Includes rimfire.
- One-Touch Atmospheric Correction: Adjust your calculations for the zero or current atmosphere simply by pressing the Core Location button. Altitude, standard pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and wind velocity are updated based on your current location and information from the NOAA National Weather Service (or GeoNames), or enter your own atmospheric values.
- Support for variable (stepped) ballistic coefficients for many popular commercial projectiles from select manufacturers, for more precise calculations.
- Ballistic Charts: Display a chart of the current projectile including drop, energy, and velocity. Compare wind drift. Compare up to eight projectiles on the same chart. Trajectory charts display the projectile's path across multiple altitudes and angles. Zoom charts up to 300% or save a full size chart to your photo album.
- Supports G1-G8 ballistic drag models and real-time conversion from one drag model to another. The BC will automatically be recalculated based on the drag model and velocity. Ideal for calculating VLD, Spire Point, Boat Tails, or other such projectiles.
- Estimate distance using Mil-Dot or MOA reticle measurements. Supports conversions including inches, centimeters, feet, yards, and meters.
- Range log to keep a journal of all your hunts, shoots, adjustments, points of impact, and scores. Includes integrated score tallying, multiple target types, and Core Location support. Load as a zero atmosphere later in calculations. Generate cold barrel and scoring reports for each rifle.
- Angular Acquisition: Aim the device at the target like a remote control and press the LOS Angle table cell. After a 3-second countdown, the table cell will be updated with the shooting angle based on the accelerometer reading. Can be inverted for mounted operation.
- Elevation and windage output in inches, centimeters, arcminutes, milliradians, and click values ranging from full click to 1/8 click. Custom click values can also be specified.
- Point blank range is calculated based on the vital zone radius. You will see up and/or down arrows in red showing you the point blank ranges on your trajectory output.

IT Tools
By Kevin Koltzau
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Oct 18, 2011
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link IT Tools

IT Tools is an IT professionals toolbox. Includes continuous traceroute, DNS lookup, ping, routing tables, ARP tables, interface statistics, list of active connections and more. IPv6 is fully supported, including reverse DNS.

Continuous Traceroute
Provides details of the network hops to the destination host. Optimized to determine the network path extremely quickly, often in less then 5 seconds. Once the path is determined, it proceeds to continuously ping each hop to provide additional statistics and alternate paths, similar to tools like PathPing and MTR.
• Configurable start and max TTL, interval and payload size.
• Choose which interface to use.

Look up details for most DNS, similar to utilities like dig and nslookup.
• User supplied DNS server.
• Choose from 45 supported DNS record types, including A, AAAA, CNAME, LOC, MX, NS, SRV, TXT.
• Force DNS lookup over TCP to diagnose DNS server issues.
• View the full DNS response, with headers and the question, answer, authority and additional sections.

Determine if a host is reachable, and helps determine why it may not be.
• Configurable TTL, Payload size, and interval.
• Choose which interface to use.
• If you ping your broadcast address, then look at the ARP table, you can usually get a good idea of what computers are on your network (basic network discovery).

Displays your routing table, and route statistics. This is very useful for diagnosing WiFi and VPN configuration issues.

Displays all the network interfaces on your device. You can determine your current WiFi or WWAN IP address, which interfaces are currently active, and various network statistics updated in real time.
Displays your current WiFi SSID and BSSID under the appropriate interface when running iOS 4.1 or later.

Active Connections
List all active sockets (TCP, UDP, etc). Includes all listening server sockets.

ARP - Address Resolution Protocol
Displays the current mapping of IP addresses to hardware (MAC) addresses.

Supports emailing results of all tools.

Includes a MAC address database, lookup the manufacturers name and address for any devices on your network.

Mil-Dot Ballistics
By Tom Holsten
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Oct 4, 2011
Price $14.99
Download iTunes app link Mil-Dot Ballistics

Mil-Dot Ballistics (formerly Mil-Dot Rangefinder Pro) combines fast range estimation with a full featured ballistics calculator that’s simple to use. Real-time calculations provide instant range estimation and ballistics calculation to get you on target fast.

The simple interface allows for one handed operation and eliminates any need to manually type any measurements to range a target.

Complete, detailed user manual available at

-Fast range estimation
-Use for both mil and MOA reticles.
-Integrated ballistics calculator
-Real time solution information
-Target size presets
-Fast windspeed / direction adjustment
-Fast line of sight angle adjustment
-Fast target speed adjustment
-Target speed presets
-Two modes of operation. “Find Range” is the standard rangefinding mode. “Find Target Size” solves for the target size and enables dialing in a solution at any range.
-Training mode
-Extensive bullet library
-Adjusts for atmospheric conditions
-Use GPS to get local weather conditions
-Support for variable BC information
-Point of impact indicator
-Bullet drop compensator display
-Configurable windage / elevation hold display
-Solution Info display for non-critical data
-Time of flight for range
-Remaining velocity for range
-Remaining energy for range
-Subsonic range
-Multiple ballistics profiles
-Full Retina display support
-Ballistics chart
-Ballistics graph
-Export ballistics chart
-Multiple target anchor points
-Print ballistics chart (requires iOS 4.2)
-Multiple color schemes
-Adjustable display brightness
-Includes 2 reticles from Premier Reticles (Gen II Mil-Dot™,Gen II XR™) and 2 reticles U.S. Optics reticles (PCMOA, MOA Type 1).
-More reticle designs coming soon! Download updates from within the app as they become available

By Faber Acoustical, LLC
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 20, 2011
Price $24.99
Download iTunes app link SignalScope

SignalScope turns your iOS device into a powerful real-time spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope. Easily measure audible frequencies in SignalScope’s FFT analyzer. “Touch” your data with highly interactive, multi-touch enabled analyzer displays. See for video demos.

Input signals can be acquired from the built-in accelerometer, or from the current audio input path (iOS automatically selects the audio input path according to which external audio devices, if any, are connected to your device).

NOTE: The built-in and headset microphones of all recent iOS device models pass through a high-pass filter which significantly attenuates low-frequency signal content.

For iPhone/iPod touch audio I/O compatibility and frequency response measurements, visit

- Analyze signals coming from the iPhone's built-in or headset microphone, or from the built-in accelerometer.
- View real time analyzer displays on an external screen (supported on iPad only).
- Audio input is sampled at 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz, built-in accelerometer data is sampled at 100 Hz.
- Zoom in or out on spectrum and waveform displays with two-finger expand/pinch gestures, even while the analyzer is running.
- Pan vertically or horizontally in zoomed displays with two-finger scrolling.
- Pinpoint individual sample values or frequencies with a cursor.
- Save high-resolution spectrum or waveform display images as PDF files or as JPEG images in the iPhone's Camera Roll photo album.

SignalScope 3 supports full and partial upgrades to the additional tools and functionality offered in SignalScope Pro. Upgrades may be purchased via in-app purchase.

Available in-app purchase upgrades include:
- Full upgrade to the functionality of SignalScope Pro.
Signal Generator tool (not the same as SignalSuite).
Random and periodic pseudorandom noise (period defined by FFT length)
White and pink noise weighting
Lin and log frequency sweeps
Tone generator
Octave and 1/3-octave Analyzer tool (RTA).
Whole and 1/3-octave RTA (based on digital Butterworth bandpass filters)Fast, Slow, and Impulse response times
Flat, A, and C frequency weighting
Equivalent and time-weighted exponential average levels
Max, peak, and elapsed time also captured
Level Meter tool.
Flat, A, and C frequency weighting
Equivalent and time-weighted exponential average levels
Max, peak, and elapsed time also captured
Data acquisition (text and MAT file data capture) with downloading to Mac or PC via a standard web browser or iTunes File Sharing. Includes support for additional engineering units (V, A, g, ips), which are assignable to audio input channels.

By LS Apps
Device iPhone
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Downloads

Downloads is a powerful, full featured download manager & downloader.

★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★

☑ Integrated web browser
- Supports multiple page browsing
- Tap and hold to force download
- Show all links in the current page
- Save web pages with images for offline viewing
- Bookmark manager
- History support

☑ Unlimited downloads
- Supports resuming of interrupted downloads reliably
- Live download progress bar and speed indicator
- Background downloading

☑ File manager
- Folder support
- Thumbnails view
- Sorting by name, kind, size, date
- Send files as email attachments
- Save photos/videos to Camera Roll
- Extract ZIP,RAR,7Z archives
- Document viewer that supports .pdf, .pages, .numbers, .key, .doc, .xls, .ppt and .rtf file formats

☑ Media player
- Video playback of .mp4, .m4v and .mov formats
- Music playback of .mp3, .m4a, .aac and .wav formats
- Playlists support
- Repeat and shuffle songs
- Background audio

☑ Photo viewer
- Photo viewer that supports .jpg, .png, .tif and .bmp file formats
- Thumbnails view
- Playlists support

☑ File sharing
- Supports HTTP and FTP protocols
- Supports iTunes USB File Sharing

☑ Passcode lock

Creative Book Builder - create, edit & publish your ebooks
By Tiger Ng
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 19, 2011
Price $3.99
Download iTunes app link Creative Book Builder - create, edit & publish your ebooks

Creative Book Builder enables everyone to create, edit and publish ebooks in a few minutes on the go. All published ebooks can be read by any ePub reader including iBooks. Everyone is publisher now!

Content Creation
★ Add title, description, images, videos, audio recording, music, links, and lists
★ Import ePub file from Dropbox
★ Import document from Google Docs into HTML format
★ Import photo, music & video from Dropbox
★ Create unlimited number of chapters
★ Sort your content's ordering within a chapter
★ Move and copy element from one chapter to another
★ Move and copy chapter from one section to another
★ Add internal links to different chapters
★ Customize your cover image
★ Customize book information including author, title, description, subject, and publisher etc.
★ Organize chapters into different sections
★ Create multiple books
★ Change font, text identation, and alignment
★ Edit content offline
★ Preview book in iBooks

★ Email book
★ Upload book to Dropbox
★ Upload book to Google Docs
★ Upload book to FTP Servers

The format of the book is in EPUB format that includes HTML, javascript, css, jpg, mp4, m4a, mp3 and caf.

Please note that you need to turn on location services and accept location request prompted to allow this app to access your photo library. It is needed for the first time only.

For more information, please visit Creative Book Builder web site at

IP Network Scanner
By 10base-t Interactive
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 15, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link IP Network Scanner

IP Scanner for iOS scans your local area network to determine the identity of machines and internet devices on the LAN. Powerful results, yet easy, quick and intuitive to use.

IP Scanner for iOS is a port of our highly acclaimed Macintosh application. Here are a few noteworthy features:

• extremely fast scan results - we're talking seconds here
• customizable results - you may assign your own names and icons to discovered devices
• import/export scan results via email or bonjour
• save and consult past scans
• PING, Wake on LAN and Port Scan tools built right in
• save and import custom device lists

As with all our apps, future updates are free!

SMS Export
By Fabrizio Farenga
Device iPhone
Category Utilities
Updated May 31, 2009
Price $4.99
Download iTunes app link SMS Export

If you need to export SMS from iPhone to your PC read CAREFULLY the following:

1) A PC with Windows XP or Windows Vista or a Macintosh (Mac OS X 10.5 or higher) and iTunes are required

2) Using your PC/Mac, connect to, download SMSExport for free.

3) Buy this iPhone application (SMS Export) using iTunes on your PC/Mac to unlock the Export function

We suggest to INSTALL the PC/Mac application BEFORE buying this App, so you can test it with your system!

Go to for further information.

The PC/Mac application allows to print or backup iPhone SMS (Text Messages) directly to your PC/Mac.

You can converted SMS to HTML, CSV or Text.
Then you can load your SMS into any program like Excel or Word and print them.

IMPORTANT: You have to sync your iPhone with iTunes on the same PC/Mac where you installed our Application!

Minecraft Skins Pro
By seejaykay
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 10, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Minecraft Skins Pro

Note: This is not an editor. The many features and description of exclusive skins is as follows...

Minecraft Skins Pro is all about changing your character's skin in the hit game Minecraft. One of the best features of Minecraft is the ability to show off your individualism while you build your next masterpiece. Minecraft Skins Pro helps you do this through three primary functions. First, you get many original skins that are not available anywhere else. Second, the App makes it very easy to change your character’s skin from one to another right from inside the App. All you have to do is click ‘Apply to My Account’ and the App guides you the rest of the way. And finally, if you like another character’s skin, this App lets you type in their character name, view their skin and apply it right to yours!

This App requires an Internet connection. When you open the App, it will grab skins from our server. Because of this, we can add new skins every week as we develop them! Expect a nice stream of new skins in the coming months as your selection gets bigger and bigger! With Minecraft Skins Pro, your small investment will really pay off. Let the skinning begin.

Features Include:
- Update your skin without leaving the App
- Grab another players skin by simply entering their character name
- Custom iPad and iPhone design to maximize each device
- Over 300 custom skins to apply to your character
- Exclusive skins you can't find anywhere else
- New skins every week without having to update your App!

Download the best Minecraft skinning app available today!

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at We would love to hear ideas on how to make this Minecraft Skins Pro even better.

Note: If you have problems seeing the skins on the right side of the App, it is because of a weak internet connection. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this.

Flashlight - 4 in 1. Flashlight, Strobe, Morse Code, Lighted Magnifier
By AppAnnex, LLC
Device iPhone
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Flashlight - 4 in 1. Flashlight, Strobe, Morse Code, Lighted Magnifier

Flashlight 4 in 1. Flashlight with dual switch, Strobe, Morse Code Transmitter, Lighted magnifier - all in one single app.

Fully suitable for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s only!

Tired of downloading numerous apps trying to get the most out of your iPhone 4s bright LED? Look no further. AppAnnex is bringing to the market the most utilitarian and versatile Flashlight 4 in 1 - a set of useful LED applications bundled in one convenient utility tool.

A must have app for every iPhone 4s owner.

What users are saying about Flashlight 4 in 1:

☆☆☆ Amaizing app!!! - Best LED app ever! very useful! Must have!
☆☆☆ Lighting the way - This is the most superior lighting app on the app store
☆☆☆ Swiss Army Light!!! - iOs 4.3 iPhone 4GA dynamic lighting app with personality!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Fast to come on, bright and powerful. Equipped with Dual Mode switch with a constant ON option and momentarily ON/OFF tactical pressure switch. Invent your own coded language and communicate with your friends by emitting bursts of bright light of arbitrary length by pushing and holding control button.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Sharp powerful magnifier with ratio up to 4x and combined with LED light will let you read the finest print and explore micro world to the greatest detail.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Light up the dance floor with a Strobe. Set desired frequency with and enjoy the effect.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Morse code encoder and transmitter with easy to use interface. Type in you message and hit transmit button. Your message history is saved.

All these amazing apps make Flashlight 4 in 1 a trusted companion in ANY kind of real life situation and a MUST-HAVE utility app for all the iPhone 4s users. Just imagine all that things you can do with it:

• Use in car emergency
• Find the lost keys
• Read the book at night
• Tell spooky stories in dark
• Light your way home
• Survive during the power outage
• Light Up the dance floor
• Send a morse code message
• Communicate in your own coded language
• Do the shadow theater

What else can be said?! Versatility + dependable design + awesome brightness = Flashlight 4 in 1! Don't wait for it, go and get it!

• Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.
• Fully suitable for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s only!

Catholic Devotions
By Valent Richie
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Sep 15, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link Catholic Devotions

Providing you with general Catholic devotions and litanies compiled by Rev. Bonaventure Hammer, O.F.M.:

When you just wake up and about to begin the day, there are "Morning Prayers".

When you are about to end the day, there are "Evening Prayers".

When you attend the mass (but it is not advisable to use iPhone during the mass), there are "Prayers at Holy Mass".

When you have finished attending a mass, there are "Prayers after Mass".

When you want to go for Confession and you want to prepare yourself better by praying, there are "Prayers before Confession".

When you have received Sacrament of Reconciliation, there are "Prayers after Confession".

When you are about to receive the Body and Blood of Christ (it is not advisable to use iPhone during the mass), there are "Prayers before Communion".

When you have received the Communion, there are also "Prayers after Communion".

When you want to go for Adoration, there is prayer "Visit to Blessed Sacrament".

There are also other prayers included in this app:

Prayer to Sacred Heart of Jesus
Prayer to Our Suffering Redeemer
Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Prayer for All Things Necessary to Salvation

And the four approved litanies:

Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus
Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Litany of Loreto
Litany of All Saints

Glow Draw!!
By BH Company
Device iPhone
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 4, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Glow Draw!!

Glow Draw lets you quickly and easily create drawing with fantastic light glow effect.
Try Glow Draw!!!

Create beautiful glowing art!

► Fantastic light glow effect
► Different brush colors
► Different brush widths
► Different brush types
► Works with photos taken with your iPhone camera or from your photo library
► Undo any number of accidental brush strokes.
► Save results to your photo library
+ Use as Wallpaper
+ Copy to Clipboard
► Share with your friends via MMS (once saved to your library) or email


Qrafter Pro - QR Code Reader and Generator
By Kerem Erkan
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Nov 15, 2011
Price $2.99
Download iTunes app link Qrafter Pro - QR Code Reader and Generator

IMPORTANT: Qrafter Pro and Qrafter are exactly the same app. The only difference is, Qrafter Pro comes with "Pro Pack" enabled, while you can purchase it later in Qrafter as an in app purchase. Qrafter Pro was created for educational institutions to be able to have volume discount options.
Qrafter is a two-dimensional barcode scanner for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Its main purpose is to scan and parse the contents of QR Codes. It can also generate QR Codes. Qrafter has the following features:

- Very fast QR Code and Data Matrix scanning
- Color inverted code scanning
- QR Code regeneration for scanned codes
- QR Code generation from scratch with various content types
- Embedded web browser with vCard and iCalendar support
- Support for opening vCard and iCalendar files directly from Safari
- Embedded map browser
- Embedded SMS sending
- Embedded email sending
- Embedded contact adding
- Embedded event adding
- Embedded Facebook integration
- Embedded Twitter integration
- Support for printing QR Codes on devices that support AirPrint
- Support for sending history information by email
- Full localization support
- Torch light on devices with flash

- Qrafter can extract the following information from the codes it scans:

- Web page and Bookmark URLs
- Map URLs
- iTunes URLs
- Facebook URLs
- Foursquare URLs
- Foursquare venue URLs
- Yelp URLs
- Gowalla URLs
- Data URLs
- Raw geographical coordinates
- vCard information
- meCard information
- iCalendar event information
- Tweets
- Phone numbers
- Email addresses
- YouTube video URL
- Wi-Fi network information
- Plain text
Qrafter has a special sharpening algorithm which lets it scan up to 40% smaller codes. It also lets Qrafter scan QR Codes which have less contrast between foreground and background. The shortcoming of this algorithm is, it makes the scanning process a little slower on older devices, but this is probably an acceptable compromise.
Qrafter Pro comes with "Pro Pack" activated. This pack includes the following:

- A QR Code generator that can generate QR Codes from scratch. It can change the colors of the QR Code images, save them to your photo library, email them as PNG and SVG image files, share them on social media sites and print them if your device is compatible with AirPrint feature of iOS.
- A vCard (.vcf) and iCalendar (.ics) file downloader which can download vCard and iCalendar files using Safari or Qrafter's internal web browser. This is a feature that no other app on App Store has. Qrafter's vCard parser can parse everything from names to anniversaries and it can even download contact photos. This feature enhances this vCard parser further with the ability to download vCards themselves from the internet, and furthermore adds iCalendar file download ability as well.
- A feature to send your history information to any email address as a comma-separated value (CSV) file. This way you can get the raw data included in the items you scanned, in bulk.
Don't forget to see the Facebook page of Qrafter! It's at

LookTel Money Reader
Device iPhone
Category Utilities
Updated Oct 11, 2011
Price $9.99
Download iTunes app link LookTel Money Reader

LookTel Money Reader instantly recognizes currency and speaks the denomination, enabling people with visual impairments or blindness to quickly and easily identify and count bills. Simply point your iPhone’s camera at a bill and the application will tell you the denomination in real-time. Several currencies are supported including the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, and Australian Dollar.

Featuring LookTel’s patented and proprietary object recognition technology, LookTel Money Reader makes it as easy to recognize bills as possible. There’s no need to hold the iPhone still or capture a photo and wait for a result – recognition happens instantly, and in real-time. Additionally, the app does not require any internet connection, which means it can read money quickly at any location, anytime.

LookTel Money Reader is a helpful mobile assistant that’s simple and easy to use. While shopping, use the application to verify money while checking out or to ensure you are getting the right amount of change back. It can also be used to quickly and easily sort money with total independence from virtually anywhere.

LookTel Money Reader provides Voice Over support for several languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Korean, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Japanese. Additionally, the tone mode allows users to recognize currency with added privacy.

Note: If you are using an iPhone 3GS or 4th Generation iPod, LookTel Money Reader requires an environment with plenty of light.

Disclaimer: This app should not be used to detect counterfeit currency or be solely relied upon for money identification.

By Studio Seneca
Device iPhone
Category Utilities
Updated Jul 18, 2011
Price $1.99
Download iTunes app link StopDisaster

Help is at hand — StopDisaster.
Protect your family, friends and neighbors with StopDisaster app – and rest easy knowing you're prepared for emergencies. This new disaster preparedness app puts the power in your hands to:

• Get ready with emergency relief kits to prevent disasters from causing permanent harm to your home and family.

• Take charge in 16 different disaster scenarios, from power outages and blizzards to earthquakes and hurricanes.

• Provide extra protection and comfort to pets, children, elderly and people with disabilities in emergencies.

• Be the go-to contact with emergency numbers, meeting points and social media at the ready.

What's Included
• Step-by-step emergency relief kit prep, with prioritized action checklists covering must-haves, useful items and added comforts in case of emergency.

• Countdown timers to alert you when food, documents or medicine in your emergency kit are about to expire.

• Emergency response planners, including contact lists, meeting points and social media access.

• Top 3 need-to-know pointers for all 16 of the most likely disaster scenarios worldwide, from electrical fires to earthquakes.

• Auto-generated shopping lists to get your emergency relief kit together.


Until August 30th, 2011, 10% of our profits will be donated to the American Red Cross Southern Tornadoes fund.

Minecraft Skins Pro: Shuffle
By seejaykay
Device iPhone
Category Utilities
Updated Oct 20, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Minecraft Skins Pro: Shuffle

Minecraft Skins Pro: Shuffle is the latest from the hit iOS series of Apps from SeeJayKay Apps. This time you get to go wild and random. You select the categories to search from then hit the 'Shuffle' button, the App does the rest. When it's done, you have a random skin often made up of a crazy combination that you can upload to your Minecraft profile.
This App requires an Internet connection.

Features Include:
- Update your skin to your Minecraft account without leaving the App
- Randomized your character from over 10,000 available skins
- Choose the categories where the random skin comes from.
- Over a billion possibilities when you hit the 'Shuffle' button

Download the latest Minecraft skinning app available today in this Shuffle version!

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at We would love to hear ideas on how to make this Minecraft Skins Pro: Shuffle.

 Emoji icons  i-Emoji-icons .μɣ
Device iPhone
Category Utilities
Updated Jun 14, 2009
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link  Emoji icons  i-Emoji-icons .μɣ

Enable your 460 emoji icons - emoticon keyboard!
Emoji icons for iPhone and iPod

To enable it..

◆ For iOS 4,
1. Install and launch the Emoji icons. It will automatically enable your emoji icon keyboard. Then close it.

2. Reboot your device.

3. Go to "Settings", Select...
> General
> International
> Keyboards
> Add New Keyboard
Then select "Emoji".

4. Reboot your device again.

◆ For OS 2.x and OS 3.x,
1. Install and launch the Emoji icons. It will automatically enable your emoji icon keyboard. Then close it.

2. Go to "Settings", Select...
> General
> Keyboard
> International Keyboards
> Japanese
Then turn ON "Emoji".

3. Reboot your device.

Now you can type all these cool Emoji icons (emoticons).

To use the emoji icon keyboard in any applications, just tap on the world key on your keyboard to show the emoji icon keyboard.

App Srore URL :

IMPORTANT: Please note that Emoji icons will be displayed correctly only on iPhone and iPod touch with OS 2.2 or above. If you send Emoji messages to your friends who use other devices (not iPhone/iPod), they won't see Emoji icons. It's the privilege of iPhone/iPod users.

The Emoji icons also provides you all HTML Emoji charactor code references for website developer. 絵文字, emoji, iemoji or imoji means "picture" + "letter".

1,000,000 HD Wallpapers for iPad, iPhone Retina and iPod Touch
By Dating DNA, Inc.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Utilities
Updated Jan 28, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link 1,000,000 HD Wallpapers for iPad, iPhone Retina and iPod Touch

Over 1,000,000 wallpapers for literally any topic! Designed specifically for the iPhone's new Retina display technology and the iPad's high resolution screen, these are the sharpest, most vibrant HD images you'll ever see on your iPhone or iPad.

SEARCH TAB: Over 1,000,000 wallpapers, searchable by term. Just type in what you're looking for (Corvette, Pretty Asian Girl, London Bridge, Kim Kardashian, etc.), and be shown dozens of images to choose from.

BROWSE TAB: 1,200+ featured wallpapers.

Images in multiple categories: Fantasy, Nature, Landscapes, Architecture, Men, Women, Butterflies, Wildlife, Eagles, Owls, Clouds, Europe, Flowers, Ammonites, Trees, Leaves, and many more!

All for one-tap easy sharing as:

★ Wallpapers
★ Facebook Posts
★ MMS Text Messages
★ Emails
★ Twitter Posts
★ iWork Apps
★ Slide Shows


★ DESIGNED specifically for iPhone's new Retina display technology and the iPad's high resolution screen.
★ Over 1,000,000 images, something for any topic.
★ SHARE images using Facebook, Twitter, MMS Text Messaging and Email.
★ SLIDE SHOW feature to turn your iPad or iPhone into a stunning picture frame.
★ ENLARGE images to full screen with one tap, using either a "crop" or "stretch" method.
★ SEARCH for ANY specific item, such as "lake," "Colorado," "Winter," etc.
★ PERSONALIZE images by adding text to any image. Adjust font, color, size, and placement.
★ OPTIMIZED for iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4), iPad and iPod Touch.
★ ORGANIZE FAVORITE images in customizable folders.
★ MULTITASKING for "instant on" once you've started the app once (with iOS 4).
★ UPLOAD your own images for editing (crop, rotate, add text) and sharing.
★ INFORMATION button gives details about many of the images.
★ OVER 600 FACEBOOK & TWITTER ICONS AND SYMBOLS to dress up your status and wall postings.
★ FILTER images by Landscape or Portrait mode.
★ UPDATE your Facebook or Twitter status with or without an attached image.
★ AUTOMATIC CACHING saves time by only downloading images one time (automatically limited to keep app's cache size at under 250 MB).
★ CROP AND ROTATE images before sending.

DO EVEN MORE AND SAVE $$$! This app is also bundled in the CLIPish Pro Suite. To do everything this app does AND MUCH MORE, rather than buying this individual app, you may want to consider getting the all-in-one CLIPish Pro Suite--10 APPS IN ONE for only $2.99!


* A NOTE ABOUT COMPATIBILITY WITH NON-iPHONE USERS: Sharing images with Facebook, Twitter and Email works with pretty much anyone, but depending on what cell network and type of cell phone the person you're sending to has, some of the images you send via text messaging may not work. This has nothing to do with the app, but is a factor of the compatibility between: 1) the iPhone, 2) your network provider, 3) the other person's network provider, and 4) the other person's cell phone.

* FAST INTERNET CONNECTION RECOMMENDED: Due to the extensive server-side communication for downloading images, this app works best for users with a strong 3G signal or WiFi connection.

* Some images featured are in the public domain. If you believe your work has been included in err, please let us know so it can be removed immediately.

✍ WRITE US! Input and suggestions always welcome, and we're always here to help. Please contact us at