BusyCal Animated Emoji | Say More In MMS and Email with Animations LogMeIn Ignition My Blacklist Pro +
BusyCal Animated Emoji | ... LogMeIn Ignition My Blacklist Pro +
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MyThoughts for Mac Converter Temperatures Mega iRecorder Pro OurFamilyWizard
MyThoughts for Mac Converter Tempera... Mega iRecorder Pro OurFamilyWizard
$49.99 $0.99 $0.99 Free
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Opus Domini Mobile PDF, DOC, XLS Reader HD by Paramon LLC Commit PaperPort Notes
Opus Domini Mobile PDF, DOC, XLS Rea... Commit PaperPort Notes
Free $0.99 $0.99 Free
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PDFpen for Mac OmniGraffle Bria iPhone Edition – The Mobile VoIP SIP Softphone with SMS, IM and Presence Schedule St. HD
PDFpen for Mac OmniGraffle Bria iPhone Editi... Schedule St. HD
$59.99 $99.99 $7.99 Free
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Tiny Expander Tutor for Lion OCRKit Home Inventory
Tiny Expander Tutor for Lion OCRKit Home Inventory
Free $4.99 $59.99 $14.99
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By BusyCal LLC
Device Mac
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $49.99
Download iTunes app link BusyCal

BusyCal is an award winning desktop calendar that combines personal productivity features for individuals with powerful calendar sharing capabilities for families and workgroups.

BusyCal's unique features include a non-modal Info Panel for easier data entry; To Dos that display in the calendar and auto-forward until completed; repeating To Dos; customizable calendar views including a List view and scrolling Month and Week views; adjustable font styles and sizes, live weather feeds, moon phases, graphics, sticky notes and more.

BusyCal allows families and workgroups to share calendars with iCloud, Google Calendar, and iCal Server. You can even share calendars with other BusyCal users on a local area network without the need of a server. And BusyCal syncs with iCal, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and other apps and devices that sync with iCloud or Sync Services.

• View and edit event details in a non-modal info panel.
• Create repeating To Dos that display in the calendar and carry-forward until completed.
• Customizable list view lets you filter and sort events by date, calendar, and more.
• View live weather forecasts, sunrise/sunset times, and moon phases right in your calendar.
• Customizable event fonts, sizes, styles and colors.
• Add graphics to your calendar.
• Add virtual sticky notes to your calendar.
• Sync with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch via iCloud, Google Calendar, or iTunes.
• Sync with iCloud and other computers/devices that sync with iCloud.
• Sync with Google Calendar and other computers/devices that sync with Google Calendar.
• Sync with other BusyCal users on a local area network or over the internet.
• Share calendars with others, with password-protection and SSL encryption.

When you first launch BusyCal, all of your iCal data is instantly imported. BusyCal automatically syncs with iCal, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and other apps and devices that sync with iCloud or Sync Services. If you later decide to switch back to iCal, all of your calendar data will be current.

Animated Emoji | Say More In MMS and Email with Animations
By Bearded Pony
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Jun 12, 2010
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Animated Emoji | Say More In MMS and Email with Animations

Finally an app with every single Emoji you can possibly have plus hundreds of full size animated smileys, animals, words, and hand gestures to brighten your texts and emails too!


This is the last emoji app you will ever need! There are tons of great categories to choose from:

*Hand Gestures
...and more!

All you have to do is open the app and all of the emoji are right at your finger tips. Just click the one you want and click copy to email or text and you are ready to go!

With emoji you can say awesome stuff like:

Okie dokie 
 Call me!
 tonight?
Eat ! Poo eater
You're on 
Let's  like it's 1999 !
Go  yourself
I'm going to drop a  in the 
Cheers !
Let's 
That's 

Note: Text messages of animations require MMS. 1st Generation iPhones do not support MMS.

Check out all our other awesome apps by searching Bearded Pony in the App Store.

Animated Emoji is created by Bearded Pony, LLC

LogMeIn Ignition
By LogMeIn, Inc.
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 21, 2011
Price $29.99
Download iTunes app link LogMeIn Ignition

***Now iOS 5 compatible***
From your couch, on the train or in the air — get anytime, anywhere access to your PC or Mac on Wi-Fi or 3G.

Remotely control your PC or Mac, plus view, transfer and save files or folders – all with a single app on your iPad or iPhone. Ignition is a one-time purchase that runs on both your iPad and iPhone and works with LogMeIn’s award-winning free software. Install LogMeIn for FREE on an unlimited number of remote computers to access from your iPad and iPhone. With your files, applications and desktops right at your fingertips, you’re finally free to go.

Access your information
• Access your home and work computers anytime, anywhere.
• Control your Mac or PC as if you’re sitting right in front of it.
• Use applications and edit files directly on your computer.

Manage your files
• Copy and view files that reside on your computer directly on your iPad or iPhone.
• Update the files and folders saved to your iPad or iPhone with a single touch.
• Transfer files between multiple computers with ease.

Get stuff done
• Run the applications you need, whether on a PC or Mac.
• Fix computer problems remotely for business or personal IT.
• Take your files with you over Wi-Fi/3G, and leave the computer behind.

Remote Control
• Intuitive and flexible control modes
• Multi-monitor support
• Supports use of special key combinations
• Start a sleeping computer with Wake-On-LAN

File Manager
• Browse all your files and folders on remote computers
• Create a local folder and filing system on iPad or iPhone
• Transfer files and folders between remote computers with your iPad or iPhone
• My Cloud Bank integration that links Ignition with popular cloud services
• Attach any file (including multimedia) to emails from Ignition
• Save PC and Mac files directly on an iPad or iPhone for offline viewing
• Directly access and transfer photos from/to your iPad or iPhone photo library
• Update locally saved files with changes made on remote computers
• Edit files using other apps (requires file editing apps)
• Print to AirPrint-compatible printers

We Love Your Feedback!
Twitter: @LogMeInIgnition
Join the iPad Warriors conversation at facebook.com\ipadwarriors

My Blacklist Pro +
By New Generation Apps
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Dec 15, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link My Blacklist Pro +

□»» Lots of boring commercial agents ruthlessly attack your phone and do not give allowance to live your peaceful lives?
□»» Anonymous fans charge you with lots of text messages, fact which really worries you and violate your right to rest?

► No longer tolerate their tricks!
Blacklist application saves you from unauthorized calls. It is sufficient to enter the undesired number in the BlackList database and the caller will never penetrate the thick and reliable “walls” of the application.

□□□ You are wondering how to defend yourself by dealers, because you simply do not own their phone number? The application responds that is wrong!
Blacklist already detains a database with impressive numbers of worldwide commercial agents and TV operators.

►•Perhaps, you should celebrate this event!

It is easy to manage the BlackList due to a correct and precisely executed interface..

♦ The ability to completely block the incoming call of any subscriber
♦ To disconnect tone for incoming call
♦ To suppress the display of the call
♦ To keep records for incoming calls so that you can view them in the registry calls
♦ Ability to set ring tones for all numbers in the same database
♦ Automatic update of the database with new numbers
♦ Interface that is allowing enter a number in the database to complement it

□□□ The victory upon the importunate dialers is guaranteed. In the future nobody will be able to use your time illegally and capture your attention from important things. Furthermore, you will be notified about all the missed calls.

► Say thank to the modern techonology Apple and to the creators of the BlackList Application!

MyThoughts for Mac
By Mode de Vie Software
Device Mac
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 2, 2011
Price $49.99
Download iTunes app link MyThoughts for Mac

Introducing a new level of freedom in the use of Mind Mapping Software, allowing you to create Unique, Meaningful, Brain Friendly Mind Maps. With over 3000 images to illustrate your Mind Maps, MyThoughts for Mac also has iPhoto seamlessly integrated into the Media Browser giving direct drag and drop access to your photographs. Plus, the ability to drag and drop images directly from Finder and the Web to your Mind Map Central Thought and Branches.

MyThoughts for Mac makes it easy to add Links to Files, and Pages on the Web, it’s just a matter of drag and drop. This is a great feature when your Mind Map is an overview of a much more complex subject that has supporting documents and data. Or maybe you want to link to a Quicktime video that relates to your Thought.

Converter Temperatures
By My Dream
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Jan 7, 2012
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Converter Temperatures

"Converter Temperatures"

You can use this awesome App for school or work.
A striking and user-friendly temperature converter.
Quickly and easily convert temperatures between Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.
"Converter Temperatures" is the most complete and powerful temperature converter available.
Simply pick the temperature unit you want to convert from, enter the temperature, and you are done.

Mega iRecorder Pro
By New Generation Apps
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Dec 11, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Mega iRecorder Pro

Are you looking for a good voice recorder, which supports high-quality sound, seamless synchronization with your computer and the ability to work in the background mode?
»» Then meet Its Highness Mega iRecorder Pro

The name “Mega iRecorder Pro” speaks for itself. It is truly different from any other.
Smart, independent and doesn’t like additional fuss.
At first glance, the application will delight you with its bright and intelligent interface. The ability to combine the volume and purity of the record is one of its main advantages.

Its tempting variety of options and opportunities will fill in the missing gaps of a recorder’s standard interface and will give you hope in meeting your non-standard requirements.

□ Recording format: AIFF, WAV, CAF ,AIFC.
□ Sound quality setting (from 8 to 44kHz)
□ Re-recording of the track.
□ Auto pause option when silence occurs.
□ Adjustment of listening to the track speed (from 0.5x to 1.5x).
□ Repeat option.
□ Possibility to cut, listen to, rewind and save the cut track.
□ Transportation option of the selected track to e-mail, Facebook, gMail and other Internet resources.
□ The track’s length is unlimited.
□ Backup - the deleted file is moved into the bin first.
□ Enable or disable option for recording start.
□ Attachment of a unique icon from the application’s gallery to the audio file.
□ Sort by name, icon, date of creation, length, and priority of the audio track.
□ Possibility to view record's properties, including date of creation, length, sound quality, size and file format.
□ Possibility to watch after how much time passed and how much space the file occupies in the process of track recording.

Due to these properties Mega iRecorder Pro ensures easy search option, user-friendly creation and processing of audio tracks and it also provides secrecy of the recording process, if necessary.
► You will no longer have to suffer due to wrong audio format preventing you from implementing your ideas. With Mega iRecorder Pro you can record, cut, and send to a computer, merge again and send your new recordings to your friends.
►For those who love to sing the recorder is a great chance to listen to oneself from the sidelines in a clean, high-quality sound.
►If you’re a creative person, the possibility to record your own thoughts, ideas, artistic notes or verses and lyrics that popped to your mind will come in handy. Don't worry that while recording someone will call you. In this case the file is automatically saved in a separate folder.

By Our Family Wizard
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Feb 17, 2012
Price Free
Download iTunes app link OurFamilyWizard

Streamline your co-parenting with the new app from the Our Family Wizard website. The OFW app gives you the ability to access all of your child custody calendars, visitation schedules, events, messaging and more from your iPhone.

Easy to use and quick to connect to your OurFamilyWizard account. Her are some features of the Our Family Wizard mobile app:

• Innovative navigation makes it easy to get from section to section.

• Native iOs widgets make the app incredibly easy to use.

• Monthly and list views of the custody calendar and parenting time schedules.

• Create events, trades and journal entries on the calendar.

• Send and receive messages.

• Setup a mobile pin to make logging back into the site easy.

All entries made on the OFWapp have the same degree of documentation that you would expect from the full Our Family Wizard website. Additional updates will be made regularly to provide even greater connectivity to your Our Family Wizard account.

Through the website, Our Family Wizard subscribers get access to a full set of co-parenting tools including: color coded child custody calendars, shared visitation schedules, secure messaging, family information storage (immunizations, important contacts and more), shared expense payment and management and so much more.

• Easily coordinate your shared custody and joint custody parenting time schedules while keeping accurate records with the OurFamilyWizard custody calendar.

• More confidence in requesting parenting time trades through the OurFamilyWzard calendar trade function.

• You don’t have to worry if an email got to where it needed to go anymore with the safe and secure OurFamilyWizard message board.

For over 10 years, the Our Family Wizard website® has been setting the standard for co-parents who wish to manage all aspects of their shared parenting agreement online and all in one place. The OurFamilyWizard website® is so effective that judges in over 45 states and 4 Canadian provinces have ordered families to utilize the site in contested cases to reduce family conflict after divorce or separation.

Why not take the step to create a better life for you and your family after divorce? Join the tens of thousands of families in over 38 countries who already have made the decision to improve their post divorce life by using the OurFamilyWizard website®.

*****You must be an Our Family Wizard subscriber to use this App.********

Opus Domini Mobile
By piso13.com
Device iPhone, iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Jan 6, 2012
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Opus Domini Mobile

Personal Planner and management application
-Daily Tasks
-Daily Notes
-Master Tasks
-Repeating Tasks
-Event synchronization with ical
Only on iPad:
-Weekly Planning Views
-Weather info

PDF, DOC, XLS Reader HD by Paramon LLC
By Paramon Apps LLC
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Jan 23, 2012
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link PDF, DOC, XLS Reader HD by Paramon LLC

»»» The PDF, DOC, XLS Reader application by the Paramon LLC proposes you to modernize your Apple-device, adding there the very thing it needs!
‼ »» The possibility to read and download office files formats that have been unavailable earlier!

►PDF, DOC, PPT, TXT and other pretty things are not longer a pipe dream and steadily turn from a computer privilege into a normal option that is usual for the device.

□□□ Free access to the office files in any place at and at any time convenient for you is a very necessary and, without doubts, relevant issue in the context of your tight schedule. The possibility to read PDF-books, texts, analyze tables, view maps and drawings or show them to somebody without recourse to a computer will significantly ease your life and allow you using your time in a more rational way. For instance, when staying in a traffic jam, you may get rid of your irritation by reading an informative article or viewing an interesting video-clip.□□□

The user-friendly and smooth synchronization system allows easily transferring necessary files from the computer into the application folders.

• Work with PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, Image, Video files.

• Integrated Internet-browser for search and download of files.

• Files transfer from the computer via Wi-Fi.

• Easy document navigation.

• Increase of the font size in the text.

• Automatic highlighting of links, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

• Comfortable reading of large-sized files.

• Hibernation option.

The interface full of functional properties does not present a problem in operation and can guarantee you a comfortable reading in the mobile device conditions.
The universal reader that is able to replace several programs with a more limited specialization at one time is in your pocket!

►Read much! Read comfortably! Read with pleasure but without limitations!

By Legend
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Dec 22, 2011
Price $0.99
Download iTunes app link Commit

To really get good at something you need to do it everyday. Commit helps you form these habits in order to become fit, learn to draw, or learn a language.

For example, if you want to learn to draw, you should practice every day. First add it as a commitment, then Commit will track each day you practice your drawing. For each day it increases the "Days in a row" count. If you miss a day it resets to 0.

Eventually as you reach 20, 30, or 50 days in a row that count becomes the motivation to keep going each day. By being consistent you will improve much more quickly.

Here are a few ideas you could try:

* Drawing
* Running
* Language learning
* Practicing an instrument
* Programming
* Exercising
* Reading
* Yoga

What will you Commit to?

PaperPort Notes
By Nuance Communications
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 7, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link PaperPort Notes

PaperPort Notes (Formerly Noterize) is a digital note taking tool for the iPad that is transforming the way people create and share information. Now you can combine documents, web content, audio, typed text as well as hand written notes into a single document that you can easily organize and share with anyone.

PaperPort Notes brings you a complete note taking experience on the iPad that you won't want to ever be without.

• Quickly take typed and/or free hand notes

• Leverage powerful annotative tools to quickly mark up documents

• Never miss another detail by adding audio page by page within your notes

• Combine full documents, individual pages, content from the web and notes into a single document.

• Powerful search, copy/paste, reordering and bookmarking tools allow you to quickly navigate your notes while staying organized

• Access and share content using your favorite cloud storage services

• PaperPort Anywhere connector provides access to files stored online or within PaperPort Desktop

• Much more... Follow us on twitter for tips and updates @PaperPortNotes

PDFpen for Mac
By SmileOnMyMac, LLC
Device Mac
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 5, 2011
Price $59.99
Download iTunes app link PDFpen for Mac

Edit PDFs easily with PDFpen! Add text, images and signatures, make corrections, fill out PDFpen forms, and even OCR scanned text. Winner – 2009 Macworld Editors' Choice Award.

Make changes and mark up PDFs

With PDFpen, you can add text, images and signature to your PDFs. You can even correct text in the original PDF. Use PDFpen’s tools to highlight, underline, or strikethrough text. Add comments and notes to share with others.

Remove private information with the redaction feature, new in PDFpen 5. Select the text you want to omit, and redact it with a black box or a blank space--either way, the text is removed from the document. Remove a word, phrase or social security number throughout a document with search-and-redact or search-and-remove.

Paperless Workflow

Reduce the amount of paper in your office. Scan documents directly into PDFpen and then use PDFpen’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on the scanned text, so you can search, edit, and copy it.

Say goodbye to your fax machine! Instead of printing a contract to sign and mail back, you can add your signature to the PDF and email it.

Easy to Use

In PDFpen’s Library, you can store frequently-used images, signatures and text so they are always at your fingertips when you want to add them to a PDF.

Drag-and-drop to rearrange pages or to combine pages from different PDFs. Deleting a page is as simple as selecting its thumbnail and pressing the Delete key.

By The Omni Group
Device Mac
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 7, 2011
Price $99.99
Download iTunes app link OmniGraffle

Need a diagram, process chart, quick page-layout, website wireframe or graphic design? OmniGraffle can help you make eye-popping graphic documents quickly by keeping lines connected to shapes even when they're moved, providing powerful styling tools, and magically organizing diagrams with just one click. Whether you need a quick sketch or an epic technical figure, OmniGraffle keeps it gorgeously understandable.

OmniGraffle for Mac is the standard edition of OmniGraffle; a professional edition is also available with a number of additional features. (See OmniGraffle Pro for Mac for additional information.) OmniGraffle is also available for iPad.


• Use built-in stencils or create your own custom shapes.
• Share your stencils at Graffletopia, a popular third-party library of free OmniGraffle stencils.
• OmniGraffle's Bézier shape drawing tool allows you to easily create custom shapes with lines made up of curves, straight lines, and control points.
• Drag lines between shapes to connect them, and OmniGraffle keeps them connected as you move shapes around.
• Smart guides help you lay out compelling documents in a flash.
• Turn on automatic layout when you want OmniGraffle to automatically position shapes based on their connections, according to rules you specify. (Choose "hierarchical" to lay out your document in the familiar "tree" format—like in an org chart or family tree.)
• Outline view allows you to quickly enter items as OmniGraffle creates and automatically lays out objects in the main window.
• When you enter text information in the Outline view, the graphical objects that are created can be styled and restyled instantly the way you choose.
• Each OmniGraffle canvas can be as large as you need it to be, automatically laying itself out across as many pages as necessary.
• Each document can hold multiple canvases, so you can place related material in a single file.
• In-depth graphing features include connector magnets that you can manually add, edit, and remove—so you can attach a line to a specific point on a shape and have it stay there.
• The Selection & Style inspector allows you to see what styles make up any shape in your document—from image fills to shadows to strokes—as well as how many objects you have selected versus how many there are on the canvas.
• OmniGraffle is also available for iPad.

For video tutorials and other information, please visit our website!


If you have any feedback or questions, we'd love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free tech support: you can reach us by email at omnigraffle@omnigroup.com, by phone at 1-800-315-6664 or +1 206-523-4152, or on twitter at @omnigraffle.

Thank you!

Bria iPhone Edition – The Mobile VoIP SIP Softphone with SMS, IM and Presence
By CounterPath Corporation
Device iPhone
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 16, 2011
Price $7.99
Download iTunes app link Bria iPhone Edition – The Mobile VoIP SIP Softphone with SMS, IM and Presence

Bria iPhone Edition is a SIP-based softphone for the iPhone and iPod touch, brought to you by CounterPath – the award-winning provider of desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Bria iPhone Edition is a standalone softphone and not a VoIP service. A SIP server or subscription with a SIP-based VoIP provider is required to make calls.**

Featuring superior security settings over other iPhone VoIP products, Bria iPhone Edition allows you to make and receive voice calls over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection on your iPhone or iPod Touch via an easy-to use and intuitive user interface. Access the same contacts you already have in your iPhone. Conference, split or swap multiple voice calls as well as perform attended or unattended transfers.

NEW! Instant Messaging and Presence Available – In-App Purchase
In addition to voice calling, now you can send text-based instant messages (IM), and see when your contacts are available with the In-App purchase of Instant Messaging/Presence. Link to your Google Talk or Facebook accounts to chat with your friends in realtime. Add your enterprise IP PBX account and IM with other employees in your company or contacts in your address book. XMPP and SIP SIMPLE protocols supported.
Communicate your way, wherever you are, with Bria iPhone Edition.

In-App Purchases Available
• G.729 Audio Codec
• Instant Messaging/Presence add-on

Standard Phone Features
• iOS 4.0+ Background Support
• Multiple Account Support
• Pre-configured VoIP providers list
• Call display and voicemail indicator
• Speakerphone, Mute and Hold
• Call history – list of received, missed and dialed calls
• Contact List and Contact Favorites - leveraging the iPhone Contacts
• Ringtones and contact avatars
• Custom wallpaper
• Multiple Call Support - swap between two active calls; merge and split calls; transfer calls
• Call Recording
• Call Forwarding
• Dial Plan Support
• Audio codecs include G.711, iLBC and GSM, SILK-NB, SILK-HD
• G.722, SILK HD codecs support is included for iPhone 3GS+ and iPod touch 3rd Generation+
• Support for DTMF: the ability to enter numbers to use an auto attendant via RFC 2833, SIP INFO and Inband
• VPN Support
• iPhone 4 Retina Display Support

Instant Messaging/Presence Features
• Link your Google Talk, Facebook (XMPP) or other SIP-compliant instant messaging/chat platform to chat with your contacts
• Enable your enterprise IP PBX account to send and receive IM with colleagues
• Send and receive text messages in realtime
• See when your contacts are available
• Send SMS messages to PSTN numbers (subject to VoIP provider’s SIP SIMPLE / SMS gateway support)

Advanced Features
• Network Traversal - Application Managed, Server Managed or User Specified; Global IP Support; STUN & ICE
• Media Efficiency and Quality - Noise Reduction, Echo Cancellation, and VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
• QoS (Quality of Service) - ToS Marking and DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point)
• Security and Encryption via TLS and SRTP
• DNS SRV record lookups
• Call quality statistics

The following accessories are supported:
• Headset with microphone (including Bluetooth): Bria uses the ear-piece and microphone on the headset.(Bluetooth not supported on the iPad.)
• Headphones (no microphone): Bria uses the ear-piece on the headphone and the built-in microphone on the iPhone.

Some mobile network operators may prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP functionality over their network and may also impose additional fees, or other charges in connection with VoIP. You agree to learn and abide by your cellular carrier's network restrictions. CounterPath Corporation will not be held liable for any charges, fees or liability imposed by your carrier for use of VoIP over 3G.

Schedule St. HD
Device iPad
Category Productivity
Updated Feb 24, 2012
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Schedule St. HD

"Schedule St. HD" is the iOS’s standard personal organizer app "Schedule St.", provided by ELECOM Co., Ltd., optimized for a iPad's high screen resolution.
Equipped with TO DO and Text / Voice / Photo Memo, this is a high-performance personal organizer app designed to manage multiple calendars.

- TO DO and Memo are Standard Features
TO DO and Text / Voice / Photo Memo, which do not exist on normal calendars are available as standard features.
- Screen Configuration Optimized for iPad
Screen configuration optimized for a Tablet's high screen resolution.
Uses an interface which seamlessly connects your yearly calendar with your detailed schedule.
- Manage Multiple Calendars
Create multiple calendars, and switch between them easily.
Makes it possible to separate between business and personal use, even allowing separate management of family members’ events with their own separate calendars.
- Purchase Additional Design Refills
Additional designs and skins can be added for each calendar by purchasing new Design Refills.
By dividing designs for each calendar, it is possible to distinguish between different calendars at a glance.

* Free version shows Ad. By purchasing paid design refill, Ad is removed.
You can find design refill at refill list from menu.

For iPhone/iPod touch, you can use "Schedule St.".

[ELECOM Apps Web Site]

Tiny Expander
By MacinApps
Device Mac
Category Productivity
Updated Jun 17, 2011
Price Free
Download iTunes app link Tiny Expander

Tiny Expander is a small, but powerful utility that helps you extract many different archive types (over 25 different formats). It can expand Zip, 7Z, RAR, TAR and more (the full list of supported types you can found at our homepage). Also Tiny Expander allow you open encrypted archives.

Tutor for Lion
By Noteboom Productions, Ltd.
Device Mac
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 27, 2011
Price $4.99
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Tutor for Lion has received over 120 five star ratings worldwide! Over 4 hours of video!
***** "A great tutorial! ANYONE … who installs Lion should have this tutorial."
***** "A fantastic learning tool, easy to follow; very clear and concise instructions."
***** "This has to be the easiest way to learn Lion and I would highly recommend it."
***** "Easy to listen to. I thought the tutorial was great."
***** "Must-have tutorial for Mac beginners"

***** "Noteboom puts out the best tutorials. Dan has the gift of teaching so clearly."

If you are new to Macintosh or to Lion (10.7), this tutorial is for you. Learn how to control your computer with Tutor for Lion with over 4 hours of videos. Apple has introduced over 250 new features in Lion and we go over the major ones including Mission Control, Launchpad, Airdrop, Mail's new features, how to troubleshoot your Mac by booting into the Recovery HD, and more! We also cover the major changes you will see if you are coming from a Windows computer or from Snow Leopard. See how easy it is to use your Macintosh with Tutor for Lion!

Concepts covered include:
- OS X terminology.
- Major differences between PC and Mac.
- Major differences between Snow Leopard and Lion.
- Add and delete items from the window sidebar.
- Add and delete applications, files, and folders from the dock.
- Saving your documents where you what them saved, not where the computer wants them saved.
- See all the different ways to move your files and folders.
- Getting the most out of Mission Control and Spaces.
- Search your computer with Spotlight.
- Upload your photos using iPhoto.
- How the Mail application can be your friend.
- Burn disk with Burn Folders.
- Where downloads are saved.
- The four different ways to install applications.
- How to delete applications.
- Add a 'Tape' to the Calculator so you can see history.
- Share your media with other iTune users on your network.
- Find information fast by using the Dashboard.
- Personalize your computer with Desktop Pictures and Screen Savers.
- Adding and deleting printers and what printer options you have.
- Setting your computer up with multiple users.
- Adding parental controls to different accounts on your computer.
- What different security options you have.
- The best way to back up your computer.
- What non-Apple applications are a must have.
- Take control of your computer!

Videos included:
- Introduction
- Mac OS X Terminology and Interface
- Coming from Windows to Lion
- Coming from Snow Leopard to Lion
- Working with the Dock
- Deleting Files and the Trash
- System Preferences
- Finder and the Finder Window
- OS X Folder Structure
- Using Gestures
- Applications and the Launchpad
- Mission Control and Spaces
- Full Screen Applications
- Saving Files, Versions, and Resume
- Sharing Files with Airdrop
- Burning and Erasing CD's and DVD's
- Opening Recent Items
- Searching with Spotlight
- Using the Address Book
- Managing Events in iCal
- Working with Photos
- Using the Mail Application
- Surfing with Safari
- Downloading Files
- Using the Calculator
- Using the Dashboard
- Installing Applications
- Applications and the App Store
- Uninstalling Applications
- Emptying the Trash
- Printing
- Multiple Users
- Parental Controls
- Security and Privacy
- Screen Sharing
- Backing Up Your Computer
- Must Have Apps
- Troubleshooting
- Conclusion

We have been doing online video tutorials for over 5 years. Check out what people are saying about our video tutorials:

Get the most out of your Macintosh and Lion with this Video Tutorial!

By ExactCODE
Device Mac
Category Productivity
Updated Oct 27, 2011
Price $59.99
Download iTunes app link OCRKit

Convert any PDF or graphic file into searchable PDF, RTF, HTML and TXT.

OCRKit uses OCR -Optical Character Recognition- technology to recognize the text in PDF or raster bitmap image graphics.

Particularly useful for PDF received via e-mail, created by DTP, office applications, with a scanner or copier.

The following languages are supported by the OCR: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Norwegian.

The following image file formats can be read: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, PNM, BMP as well as OpenEXR.

The following file formats can be saved: PDF (Portable Document Format), HTML (HyperText Markup Language), RTF (Rich Text Format) and TXT (UTF-8 encoded plain text).

Home Inventory
By Binary Formations, LLC
Device Mac
Category Productivity
Updated Nov 11, 2011
Price $14.99
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Called "Spectacularly user-friendly" by Mac Format magazine and listed in Macworld magazine's "38 Great Mac Apps" and "Mac App Favorites" feature stories, Home Inventory is the full-featured, easy to use application for keeping track of your possessions. Use it for insurance purposes, to get organized and to manage your collections.

Key features include:


• Home Inventory Photo Remote, for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, connects to Home Inventory over WiFi and lets you wander around your home and add items and photos to your inventory without having to sit in front of your Mac making keeping an inventory fast, easy and fun. Supports barcode scanning.
• Backup your inventory and view it on the go with our new Home Inventory Mobile Backup app, available for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


• Keep track of information about your items such as the make, model, serial number, price, and much more.
• Use Home Inventory as a single place to store warranty information, receipts, manuals, and other information about your items to help you stay organized.
• Add your own custom fields to store the information you want about your items.
• Customize the item field layout to show only the information you are interested in. You can even have a different custom field layout for each category.
• Add as many photos to your items as you want.
• Store and view item receipts, so you have them when you need them.
• Use the dated notes feature to store repair histories and make other notes about your items.
• Store warranty information, including extended and supplemental warranty information.
• Attach digital copies of owners manuals and other files to your items.
• Create your own item categories, locations, and collections.
• The collections feature provides an easy way to organize related items, such as books, CDs, video games, and movies.


• Home Inventory's local backup feature can create tiered backups of your inventory on your Mac's hard drive, attached storage device, or a sync service folder, such as Dropbox or SugarSync.
• Backup and view your inventory on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with our free Home Inventory Mobile Backup app.
• Add a password to your inventory to help protect it from prying eyes.


• Home Inventory includes seven built-in reports that cover everything from highly detailed item lists to an in/out check list for moving.
• Create your own customized reports.
• Run a report and view it in Home Inventory's built-in report viewer, save it to a PDF file, or print it on your printer.
• Our warranty analysis report lets you know when warranties are about to expire and what items are no longer under warranty coverage.
• Use the coverage analysis report to find out if your valuables are adequately insured.


• Store important information about your homeowners, auto, and other insurance policies so it is readily accessible with the click of a mouse.
• Detailed reports of your valuables are available should you ever need to file a claim.
• Property coverage sub-categories allow you to setup the exceptions and limitations found in many policies, such as jewelry or business equipment.
• Coverage warnings alert you if the items covered by a policy or coverage category exceed its limits.


• Home Inventory's document-based approach lets you keep inventories for multiple homes.
• Automatically convert foreign currency amounts using current exchange rates.
• Add item photos and receipts using your scanner, iSight camera, or dragging and dropping images from your Mac's hard drive or other applications, such as iPhoto.
• Manage all of the photos and receipts in your inventory in one place using Home Inventory's Album View.
• Import and export item data using the popular CSV format.